Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1684

Chapter 609 spoke frankly that considers Han Clan, in Han Ren study room, that information of Han Ren in front of look at, in the information about Lower Realm of Zhao Hai at the matter that handles, after also about Zhao Hai to Cultivation World, matter that handles. Read h-u-n to mix * h-u-n «» with me please keep firmly in mind Zhang Feng obtained the Great Magical Artifact matter, Han Clan first knew . Moreover the morning of compared with anybody knowing, Han Ren was not a fool, told him from Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai will decompose synthesizes Divergent Technique, in arriving at Zhang Feng suddenly had Great Magical Artifact, in this matter he has thought that others possible don’t know Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact made from there, but Han Ren immediately has actually thought of Zhao Hai. After knowing this matter, Han Ren immediately perused Zhao Hai all materials, carefully looked, because can refine Great Magical Artifact Zhao Hai, is worth him such attaching great importance to absolutely. After having read the Zhao Hai material, Han Ren also really present some issues, hundred treasure suddenly in Zhao Hai join rise, and has defeated great Spirit Race at one fell swoop, obtained great Spirit Race Giant Spirit Treasure Ship refinement method, but he understands, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship refinement method, separates the refinement probably, then assembles, is associating to Great Magical Artifact that Zhang Feng uses is also ship-shape, if Han Ren also understand what's the matter, that he on were really not an idiot. When cultivator, Zhao Hai because of the Mu Yu matter, an angry slaughter the matter of entire Buddha, Han Ren also knew, to be honest, he really more and more cannot completely understand Zhao Hai now, Zhao Hai although superficially probably is ordinary cultivator, moreover works little has extremely in the high-sounding talk time, but also because of this, therefore then lets his body, in the bedding bag the one layer thick dense fog, having made him more curious. Han Ren has shut a while eye, then deep voice said : goes not to leave to me to call.” In Darkness had one to comply with one, then in not having the sound, has heard the sound of footsteps on hearing outside before long, that sound of footsteps just arrived at outside Han Ren study room, Han Ren came on said :, do not knock on a door.” The voice just fell, Hán Bùlí pushed the door to walk, bowed to Han Ren said : Third Uncle, did you look for me?” Han Ren nodded, looks at Hán Bùlí said : not to leave, your does nearest/recent have Zhao Hai there?” Hán Bùlí somewhat puzzled look at Han Ren, Han Ren to the matter that he becomes friends is very seldom manage, but Zhao Hai is actually the exception, this is Han Ren several times asked that matter about Zhao Hai, Hán Bùlí has recorded is unclear, but can look, Han Ren to Zhao Hai attach great importance to. Hán Bùlí shook the head said : not to have, this several days because of a little matter, therefore has not gone to Little Hai there, how Third Uncle? Does Little Hai have the issue?”

Han Ren stares said : he naturally not to have the issue, I am held responsible you, why doesn't contact with? Your nearest/recent does not have duty, most important duty contacts with Zhao Hai, understand?” Hán Bùlí one hear of Han Ren said that actually stares, then complexion changes, his look at Han Ren said : Third Uncle, you should better talk clearly with me, why makes me contact with Little Hai, I really regard the friend Little Hai, does not think that he was used.” Han Ren one hear of Hán Bùlí said that cannot help but slightly stares, was looking at the Hán Bùlí appearance, Han Ren suddenly understand, Hán Bùlí has regarded the friend Zhao Hai, but was not that value line of duty object, therefore was he must be disadvantageous to Zhao Hai, feared that will be Hán Bùlí will not comply, only if were Zhao Hai posed the threat to Han Clan. The Han Ren look at Hán Bùlí appearance, sighed lightly, deep voice said : did not leave, do not misunderstand, making you contact with Zhao Hai, do not use him, in fact made you be on good terms Zhao Hai, must when necessary, our Han Clan, if asked him, he can help our.” Hán Bùlí one hear of Han Ren said that actually stares, then face inconceivable look at Han Ren said : „did Third Uncle, you speak incorrectly? Our did Han Clan ask Little Hai? How is this possible?” Han Ren stared Hán Bùlí one, drinks said : what not to be impossible, Zhao Hai ability, can it be that you can know that Zhang Feng just obtained Great Magical Artifact, this matter do you know?” Hán Bùlí nodded said : to know, this matter has caused not the small stir, heard that several Great Clan people ran up to Hu Clan to go, HaHaHa, but was really lively.” Han Ren stared Hán Bùlí one, sneers said : that you to know that Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact does come from there?” Did Hán Bùlí shake the head said : this my to know? The Third Uncle, you will not say that Zhang Feng that Great Magical Artifact, does have relationship with Little Hai?” Han Ren stared Hán Bùlí said : naturally to have relationship, Zhao Hai had one type of Divergent Technique, calling the decomposition to synthesize, he can some Fei Diao thing, decompose the material that can use, was synthesizing good thing, did you know this Divergent Technique value?” One hear of Han Ren said that Hán Bùlí immediately understand, he knows Han Ren these time is not cracks a joke, moreover continuously in Han Clan this everyone/Great Clan Patriarch big Hán Bùlí, his naturally understand Zhao Hai this Divergent Technique precious place.

Han Ren looks at Hán Bùlí to nod, his then said : Zhao Hai in entering to Cultivation World shortly, invested into Zhang Feng, therefore Zhang Feng will arrange to not to see valley that place him, you think that by Zhao Hai the ability of the decomposition synthesis, in did not see the valley that place, isn't that like a fish in water? But entered in Zhao Hai to does not see valley there not long after, Zhang Feng has resulted in such Great Magical Artifact, must say that this Great Magical Artifact with Zhao Hai it doesn't matter, did you believe? What most important is, Zhao Hai when cultivator there, has manufactured the experience of Great Magical Artifact, now your understand?” Hán Bùlí nodded said : understand, no wonder Little Hai to was matched not to see valley there, a point does not care, instead to also the happy appearance, is this reason, so looks like, Zhang Feng has regarded as important to him , will otherwise not butcher these Battle Slave.” Han Ren nodded said : Zhang Feng to he naturally regarding as important, because the previous time you used the alias to contact several times with Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng invited our make a move, must tidy up you, I asked personally, explained that Zhang Feng then said the Zhao Hai matter, otherwise you think that you can also look like now free and unfettered to be so comfortable, Zhao Hai ability too formidable of the decomposition synthesis, you also unexpectedly told his your status, if later in our family had any matter to ask Zhao Hai to help, was also good to open the mouth, if when the time comes in said to Zhao Hai, that may. It is not easy to do.” Hán Bùlí nodded said : is, Third Uncle, my understand, your feel relieved, I knows how must do.” Han Ren then nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to be good, you get down, has remembered, this matter do not tell anybody, besides you, I, Little Hai and Zhang Feng, I do not hope anybody to know, if made the bystander know, to Little Hai not any advantage, understand?” Hán Bùlí nodded said : Third Uncle on feel relieved, this weight I know that will not say, I walked, looked for Little Hai to drink.” Said that turn around walks. The Han Ren look at Hán Bùlí appearance, cannot help but shook the head, then smiles, he also really very much envies to Hán Bùlí, cultivator, can in Cultivation World this place, hand over a good friend, that is not the easy matter, but Hán Bùlí has actually handed over a Zhao Hai such friend, this is the reason that he envies. Moreover simultaneously Han Ren also feels to the Hán Bùlí luck somewhat surprised, the Hán Bùlí luck is really fantastic, his practice innate skill was not much, has eaten that many medicine pill, this arrived at Gold Core Stage, but the heaven has actually given his ability of changing external appearances only, let him in Han Clan such Great Clan, can be popular. Now has given him a Zhao Hai such good friend, really wants to make him not admire his luck not to be good. Thought of here, Han Ren cannot help but he he the chuckle, in his opinion, Hán Bùlí turned in the friend with Zhao Hai, this to Han Clan was only then the advantage did not have the fault, he will certainly not prevent. A gift that Zhao Hai and don’t know, oneself give, made unexpectedly entire Black Tiger Group is unstable, this is he has not thought that he now the understanding Black Tiger Group was too few, therefore he has not cared about these, still in research own these Magic Formation. In this time, Transmission Formation there flash of white light, Zhao Hai attention one revolution, presently is actually Hán Bùlí, his immediately came out from Space, moved forward to meet somebody, to Hán Bùlí said : Han Big Brother, how you so to be far away idle today?”

Did Hán Bùlí laugh said : this not to ask you to drink? Walks, we went to say.” Zhao Hai one hear of Hán Bùlí this saying, have other matter obviously, he has not said anything, nodded, walks toward inside with Hán Bùlí. Entered in Cave Mansion, after they sit down, Hán Bùlí look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I asked that your matter, Zhang Feng that is Great Magical Artifact, you give to him?” Zhao Hai stares, then his puzzled look at Hán Bùlí, must know that he gives the Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact matter, only then Zhang Feng, Zhang Hao and his three people know, moreover after Zhang Feng goes back, butchered other these Battle Slave, a possibility of revelation does not have, does Hán Bùlí know? Changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai one on understand, Hán Bùlí knew certainly with Zhang Feng, this matter he only possibly from Zhang Feng there knows, thought of here, Zhao Hai does not have to plan to hide the truth from Hán Bùlí, he showed a faint smile said : is, was I delivers him.” Reason that Zhao Hai such definite Hán Bùlí definitely from Zhang Feng there knows that is because he has Faith to himself, when he looks at Great Magical Artifact to Zhang Feng, does not see nearby valley this, was already given by him with the Liquid Silver needle gives to cover entirely, these Liquid Silver needles not only can monitor around this, can block others' spiritual force, even if Zhao Hai in does not see valley here to make overturned the heavens, outside person is impossible to know, therefore Zhang Feng is gets so far as Great Magical Artifact information from his here, is impossible from don't the channel revelation exits, can only be passes from Zhang Feng there exits, but Zhao Hai Believes, Zhang Feng not his matter in all directions chaotic biography. Since were Zhang Feng says, that represented Hán Bùlí is not being a bystander, most at least he was also Zhang Feng here person, therefore Zhao Hai direct confident acknowledgment. But Hán Bùlí has not actually thought that Zhao Hai analyzed these many thing from his a few words, he cannot help but gawked, laughing said : suddenly good, good youngster, to be then honest enough, your this friend I was do not have deliver in vain.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;