Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1686

Zhao Hai has packed off Hán Bùlí, he to the Black Tiger Group situation, compared with former understanding some, has been able saying that now now Black Tiger Group was in the one type of very dangerous situation, in has spy, outside has the powerful enemy, if, that Black Tiger Group were really this way dangerous. However he actually anything cannot do now, the Black Tiger Group situation compared with complex that he imagines, these Great Clan, each is strength formidable, he now is also not these Great Clan matches, thinks that is changing the Black Tiger Group present situation, can only depend upon Zhang Feng and Han Clan. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, static sitting had been pondering in there how must help Zhang Feng and Han Clan, to did not say that Zhao Hai has the big favorable impression to Black Tiger Group, but is his status, enters Cultivation World from him by the Battle Slave status, after becoming a Black Tiger Group member, his body had been ironed the Black Tiger Group mark, he wants to erase this mark, is almost impossible. Only if he wants to work as Rogue Cultivator, however in Cultivation World here, what Rogue Cultivator is not the Ruyi Scepter a batch person, does not have the advantage to his later show. Moreover now he already by Zhang Feng and Han Clan to the attention, he has wanted to become Rogue Cultivator, that is almost impossible, no matter Zhang Feng or Han Clan, are impossible to put his leave. Therefore his Zhao Hai wants to cross well in Cultivation World here, that can only keep in Black Tiger Group to wield, because his present strength is insufficient, wants the independent show is impossible. Actually by the Zhao Hai present strength, wants leave Black Tiger Group easy, because Space received in nearby map Space now, Wandering Soul Group and roaring flame sect there sectional map took in Space. He can definitely enter to Wandering Soul Group and roaring flame sect, is thinking means leave from there. However Zhao Hai actually knows one cannot do, his although has the Space support, however in Cultivation World here. If you do not have a support of big influence, but works as Rogue Cultivator, wants to unfold is very difficult, even if that type the big city city that is used to trade, although in name is Rogue Cultivator control, but the major influences have their spokesman in there, one, but presently Zhao Hai must rise, suppression that these people can go all out. When the time comes he took a person to resist several big influences, Zhao Hai feared that could not have achieved this point. Therefore now Zhao Hai can only stay in Black Tiger Group here, helping Zhang Feng they Black Tiger Group handling, lets Black Tiger Group strength slowly. He can live comfortable. Has thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, opened the eye slowly, Laura they somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, how don’t know Zhao Hai this is. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes. Shows a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved, my good, but has not thought of the Black Tiger Group here situation complex unexpectedly such. It seems like we must bear patiently are good some time.” Laura nodded, Black Tiger Group here situation. Truly somewhat stems from complex that they anticipate, especially that Hu Clan. It looks like that Hu Clan is in Black Tiger Group a biggest malignant tumor. However this malignant tumor was unable to eradicate now, because Hu Clan Expert is also Black Tiger Group Expert, if really Hu Clan extinguishing, that Black Tiger Group has also met strength/Origin Qi to damage severely, what most important is, now by Zhang Feng and Han Clan strength, simply has not managed to eradicate this malignant tumor. If Hu Clan compelling, them might directing in Black Tiger Group Wandering Soul Group anxiously very much, at that time Black Tiger Group troubled. ««» »()

Now the Black Tiger Group here aspect on quantity is a dead end, moreover pulls one to move the dead end of whole body, Hu Clan does not have iron Zhan Tian and Han Clan that the ability copes with now, but Han Clan does not have the means to cope with them. although said that Hu Clan gangs up with Wandering Soul Group, however Hu Clan person also understand, if they helped Wandering Soul Group they give to tidy up iron Zhan Tian, that Wandering Soul Group turned head to tidy up them, Wandering Soul Group was not the friendly stubble, breaking faith and abandoning righteousness this matter, Wandering Soul Group little has not done, moreover very adept. But same iron Zhan Tian and Han Clan how Hu Clan they, therefore both sides can say that now has achieved the one type of balance, one, but this type balanced to breaking, no matter that side broke, that entire Black Tiger Group will be certainly in great confusion, when the time comes in the gang the civil strife, outside had the powerful enemy, Black Tiger Group feared that was really has difficultly. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but puts out a signalling jade sword, wrote down with the process that Hán Bùlí meets him, then wrote must obtain Strength of Faith and request of Law Idol practice method, this let out the jade sword. This jade sword to Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai does not want to hide the truth from Zhang Feng in this situation, if because of this with Zhang Feng appears any contradictory words, that has been possible not to be good. Moreover Zhao Hai also very clear, great kindness was the enmity, sometimes, your graciousness to a person was too big, not necessarily was the good matter, now Zhao Hai to Zhang Feng although did not say that had great kindness, but was Zhang Feng has actually solved many troubles, if his Wu Yu/desire nothing did not have asking, Zhang Feng instead attended the meeting to be terribly suspicious and fearful, therefore Zhao Hai request Zhang Feng specially gave him Law Idol practice method and Strength of Faith, what such Zhang Feng instead to will not be suspecting. Moreover Zhao Hai also said to Zhang Feng, Hán Bùlí wants to help him make a Strength of Faith matter, he does not want to hide the truth from Zhang Feng at this matter, because on the present, his Zhao Hai, no matter in Zhang Feng in the Han Clan person at heart, is not very heavy wants, most at least he in Zhang Feng can't compare with Han Clan at heart, in the Han Clan person at heart, he does not have Zhang Feng to be important, if he is hiding the truth from Zhang Feng at this matter, Zhang Feng with a Han Clan ventilation, was only knowing on what, but he will only end up to turn out a being unpopular everywhere and with everybody region. Zhang Feng received the Zhao Hai jade sword quickly, after seeing clearly the content in jade sword, Zhang Feng cannot help but has also gawked, then he gently wrinkled the brow, finally was actually Shu opened the brow, showed a faint smile said : not to think that the nose of Han Clan so worked unexpectedly, he he, this was also good, later Han Clan wants to support others, wants to consider Little Hai existed, has not thought that whom I was useless Little Hai to win over, has actually won over strongest one in the side, HaHaHa, interesting, was too interesting, Strength of Faith, Han Clan this was. To win over Little Hai. You give one, I give two, snort|hum.” Said that Zhang Feng has stood, walks outward. Looked at one to stop to outside him in in midair Treasure Ship, he can receive Treasure Ship, but he such has not actually done, because he likes this feeling, he likes gaining ground sees that feeling of Treasure Ship, that makes him steadfast. Looked at Treasure Ship, on the face of Zhang Feng cannot help but has shown the smiling face, the personal appearance moved. He appears on Treasure Ship, currently Treasure Ship here had some people, these people have some are Battle Slave, some are actually the people in Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance. Zhang Feng has set up several Transmission Formation on Treasure Ship, is directly connected with his mountain gate/entrance, his these under the hand/subordinate in mountain gate/entrance shifted on Treasure Ship many, later this Treasure Ship was his second business location. Under this several days he is cleaning up that Battle Slave administrative office, so long as did well. He can arrive at Treasure Ship coming up work, Battle Slave administrative office there was idling. Zhang Feng such choice actually not wrong, like ten big Core Disciple, will regard that Great Magical Artifact that they can use is another work point. Inside thing of preparation, are not less than their mountain gate/entrance. Moreover these thing will not take, they must use Great Magical Artifact time. Comes up to be able the immediately/on horseback use. Now Zhang Feng such does, now his these under the hand/subordinate in move thing toward Treasure Ship on, on although Treasure Ship already by Zhao Hai interior decoration, thing that but Zhang Feng needs to prepare are also many, for example Crystal Stone needs to prepare many, all kinds of medicine pill, even Zhang Feng has still arranged Craft Room on Treasure Ship, Alchemy Room, all come according to the mountain gate/entrance standard.

Zhang Feng these under the hand/subordinate look at him to come up, immediately welcomed, saluted to Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand, these people went to be busy their, only then a person has not walked, this person of medium grade stature, appearance very handsome, in hand was taking a folding fan, stood in the Zhang Feng side, smiles said : to Zhang Feng Senior Brother, did you come up? Such two days both could not wait.” Zhang Feng white that person of said : little wasted breath, these time comes up to have the proper business, the small star, takes two to live in Strength of Faith to come, is taking Law Idol practice method to come out.” Was called the person of small star by Zhang Feng is Inner Disciples, named Hao Xing, but he is not that type practices innate skill good Inner Disciples, participated in several times Inner Sect competition, finally can only sway in the middle, does not regard Core Disciple, cannot fall, when Outer Disciple, can only be very ordinary cultivator, naturally, besides is longer much the point. Also because of his long handsome, therefore this youngster had also become famous in Inner Disciples, because this youngster special will entice the woman, female disciple in Black Tiger Group, but made him spoil much. However this youngster also had made afterward a trouble, he when entices a woman, had not inquired that the details of opposite party, don’t know that woman is a ten big Core Disciple under the hand/subordinate person is intimate, finally after he good woman to have managed, that woman tells him the truth, but at this time being intimate of that woman has chased down to come, this may frighten unbearably him, his immediately ran away, finally Zhang Feng has rescued his life, he also on smooth became Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate. After he has become Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate, has displayed own talent, this youngster although normally looks like careless, however in the logistics management is actually very skillful, the mountain gate/entrance management of Zhang Feng in good order, Zhang Feng many family properties, feared now is this youngster is clearer than Zhang Feng. Also because of this, therefore Zhang Feng thinks highly of him, he dares to crack a joke with Zhang Feng, now one hear of Zhang Feng said that takes two Strength of Faith , he nodded, before long takes thing that Zhang Feng wanted, the service of two Faith, said was actually two small made of jade formation disk, these two formation disk is used to deposit Strength of Faith, in Black Tiger Group here, Strength of Faith, on equivalent to 100 disciples the strength of pray, but this made of jade small formation plate, in happen to can save 100 disciples the strength of pray, therefore on was regarded. Strength of Faith putting tool. Besides these two formation disk, is a piece jade slip, in this jade slip, is record the process and matters needing attention of Law Idol practice, Hao does Xing thing to Zhang Feng said : Senior Brother, this thing want to use to whom?” Hao Xing is Zhang Feng trusted aide, the Zhang Feng has plenty matter is being open about the facts him, however the Zhao Hai matter, Zhang Feng has not told Hao Xing, Hao Xing although has guessed correctly a point, but is actually not very clear. Zhang Feng stared Hao Xing said : not to ask randomly, after this matter, was telling you.” Said that Zhang Feng turn around walked. Hao Xing look at Zhang Feng back, puzzled said : mysterious, don’t know First Senior Brother is nearest/recent, the menopause? Hey, but also let alone, was really interesting with the word of grandson blind person study in the past, has not thought this person was old, will denaturate unexpectedly also the standard, interesting.” Zhang Feng nature don’t know Hao Xing arranges him in back, he took Strength of Faith returned to Battle Slave administrative office there, immediately is sitting Transmission Formation, flash of white light, vanished in Transmission Formation, the next quarter, he appears in did not see the valley. Zhao Hai has not thought that Zhang Feng meets after the wedding unexpectedly does not see the valley originally, looked at Zhang Feng to come, his immediately came out from Space, moved forward to meet somebody, Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai, he he chuckle said : good youngster, such quickly to study Law Idol? Also good, your youngster foundation hits good, now study Law Idol has also been OK, but first do not worry, Law Idol is not one day refines, condenses the Law Idol process, is the need realizes from experience slowly, gives you, this is two Strength of Faith, this is Law Idol practice method, do not worry, research slowly.”

Zhao Hai has complied with one, asking Zhang Feng to sit down to Cave Mansion, then he has put out several liquor jug to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, these altar|jar Spirit Wine gave to you, this was in one type of Spirit Wine that Lower Realm moment I fermented, although Spiritual Qi was not extremely numerous, but the flavor, was First Senior Brother, should enjoy to be good, not?” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : to be many on your youngster wicked idea, good, this liquor I accept, but has reached an agreement, Strength of Faith I cannot give you, every month can only to you two, these two Strength of Faith you probably refining well, realizing from experience well, wait for you true after congealing Law Idol, I was giving you some Strength of Faith.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, thanked First Senior Brother, Hán Bùlí Big Brother also said that must make one to you, as the matter stands I was useful share Strength of Faith, he he, I was more conceited than general Inner Disciples.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, deep voice said : nearest/recent you did not want to make Magical Artifact and material first, made some medicine pill, my in hand medicine pill had a little, if there is any special medicine pill, must make, these medicine pill had big using.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, First Senior Brother feel relieved, I later specially make medicine pill.” Zhang Feng nodded, then deep voice said : Han Clan can be said as one group with us, you can many contact with them, but you must pay attention, Hán Bùlí status although keep secret, if Hu Clan to Han Clan attention, be careful has been given the present clue by them, you may probably remind his Hán Bùlí.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Zhang Feng has then stood, deep voice said : my there matter were too many, moreover was staring at the person were too many, cannot stay for a long time in here, I walked, had any matter, first informed me.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Zhang Feng turn around walked.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;