Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1688

Zhao Hai paid attention to first curiously this formation disk, this made of jade formation disk looks like very refined, probably an artware, formation disk is not big, be only the palm of the hand size, hollows out the design, very beautiful, currently in formation disk, has flowing that golden light keeps, looks like attractive. Zhao Hai paid attention to this formation disk Formation Rune, this formation disk is Strength of Faith of simplified version stores up formation, no wonder can such use. Saw that this Zhao Hai also lost the interest, the intention moved, spiritual force searched toward formation disk, quick contacted a very familiar with strength on him, was Strength of Faith, but this Strength of Faith compared with his Strength of Faith, was really misses far, if Zhao Hai in hand was taking Strength of Faith in the formation disk, was a water drop, that Zhao Hai Strength of Faith was piece of ocean, two simply did not have what commeasurability. A Zhao Hai intention revolution, has absorbed in that Strength of Faith own body, moreover a response does not have, golden light on that formation disk also vanished, turned into ordinary Jade Disc. Zhao Hai in wants own Strength of Faith, to pour into to formation disk, presently simply is useless, his Strength of Faith can only he use, wants in pouring into formation disk cannot pour into. look at Zhao Hai that Laura their several people have decided that wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to have anything to respond that presently a Zhao Hai response does not have, this disappoints them cannot help but somewhat. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : this Strength of Faith to be too few, for me simply was useless, this, later they were giving my Strength of Faith, absorbed to you, here also had two, Cai'er, Laura, you came first.” Zhao Hai Strength of Faith can only he use, Laura they have more than enough, this is the Zhao Hai worry, now was good, these Strength of Faith although that Black Tiger Group provides are few, but they use to Laura also yes. Moreover Zhao Hai also prepares an understanding Black Tiger Group this putting Strength of Faith method slowly, how Black Tiger Group is collects these Strength of Faith, moreover can give the person to use at will, if knows that this method, later he can process his Strength of Faith with this method, such Laura they had Strength of Faith available. Megan they to had not opposed, in any case, they have Strength of Faith to absorb, who early who is late same, but Laura is Big Sister that the females deserve, making her attract that first is happen, but Cai'er say nothing, entire Space has depended on her to come command(er), making her attract nothing. Cai'er and Laura also no declining, sweeps formation disk that Zhao Hai has handed over, spiritual force searches into, has absorbed, before long they absorbed Strength of Faith cleanly, but they to did not have the too big response, but felt the body comfortably. This is also because they have lived in Space, in Space has almost not polluted, does not have toxin, therefore transform of this Strength of Faith to their body is not very obvious.

Visited them to absorb Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : in having half a month, we must exit foreign, these time went to foreign, must pay attention to the foreign there environment, I to was very curious, this Cultivation World on was such boundless Continent? This I actually am some do not believe.” Laura they nodded, they have experienced boundless Universe, but actually absolutely does not believe that Cultivation World here can be piece of boundless Continent, in their opinion, that is impossible, therefore they to foreign there are also very curious. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this several days everyone/Great Clan not to do that many work, rest well, I believe that foreign there, had has been busy, moreover these time went to foreign, not only but the Black Tiger Group person, entire Cultivation World will send some young Expert to go, happen to experienced the Cultivation World various Sect strengths.” Laura smiles said : Cultivation World 9 Province to send, that certainly very ripe noisy, when the time comes feared that was the battle was unavoidable, what happen to seize the opportunity looked at the Cultivation World here various Sect attack methods is.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, we now the understanding Cultivation World here were too few, happen to can use this opportunity, understanding well.” And puts down Zhao Hai to practice in Space does not show, in saying Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng these time is harnessing Treasure Ship returned to Black Tiger Mountain, is actually demonstrates, he must make in Black Tiger Group all people know, his Zhang Feng, there is Great Magical Artifact, moreover was not in the gang matching, was he gets so far as. Before Zhang Feng, human spirit in Black Tiger Group is not low, after all can blatantly with the character who ten big Core Disciple speak the last words, this lets some ordinary gang members in Black Tiger Group, to Zhang Feng matching clothing/taking. However ten big Core Disciple have Great Magical Artifact, but Zhang Feng does not have, although Zhang Feng opened mountain gate/entrance, however looks like in these people, the Zhang Feng strength must miss on some compared with ten big Core Disciple. Because of this, Zhang Feng to Great Magical Artifact so rigid, now was good, Zhang Feng also had own Great Magical Artifact, moreover gets so far as, this significance may be different. Not wrong, your ten big Core Disciple are receives living of in the gang to regard, can obtain the tiger ship that in the gang provides, but that is the in the gang convention, you have taken the advantage on status. But the Zhang Feng strength is the same with ten big Core Disciple, but is he does not want to enter the Core Disciple circle, therefore has not provided the tiger ship. However now Zhang Feng have gotten so far as Great Magical Artifact, this explained anything, this explained that the Zhang Feng in hand strength, had the possibility to cross ten big Core Disciple very much, this made one of the prestige in Zhang Feng in helping middle and lower level disciple in time was promoted.

In fact not only lower-level disciple, even if these Inner Disciples, now also has to consider status in the Zhang Feng heart again. Before Zhang Feng has won over and trained many Inner Disciples, but these Inner Disciples are because wants to become Core Disciple, wants to obtain many practice commodities, therefore mostly the extension threw to ten big Core Disciple under the hand/subordinate finally went, representative was the [gold/metal] because just. Therefore afterward Zhang Feng won over is some can Inner Disciples, looks like Hao Xing is the same, their strengths are good, however in Inner Disciples, can only be good, they want Level Up to become Core Disciple, is almost is impossible, such disciple had won over much by Zhang Feng. But the person who Core Disciple there, Zhang Feng wins over has been short, the Core Disciple circle, is almost ten big Core Disciple world, these ordinary Core Disciple, hired oneself ten big Core Disciple, Zhang Feng has wanted to win over, is unable to start. Said that because of Zhang Feng status reason, the Core Disciple status be higher than Inner Disciples, even if Zhang Feng has the strength to treat as an equal with ten big Core Disciple, however looks like in these Core Disciple, by own Core Disciple status, hires oneself Inner Disciples, on this face somewhat cannot pass. In having is, these Core Disciple some do not believe that the Zhang Feng strength, Great Magical Artifact, is often representing a strength of person, ten big Core Disciple Great Magical Artifact although are in the gang matching, but in the gang is actually nonrecoverable, so long as ten big Core Disciple reign for day, that Great Magical Artifact is their, but Great Magical Artifact fighting strength, but compared with ten cultivator, even 100 cultivator are high, this is the one type of deterrent. Great Magical Artifact Zhang Feng weak spot! Now was good, Zhang Feng had own Great Magical Artifact, this made Zhang Feng strength immediately from before be different, these hired oneself the Zhang Feng person naturally are happy extremely. However the beforehand people heard that Zhang Feng has resulted in Great Magical Artifact, what actually don’t know is, some people do not even believe that Zhang Feng will have Great Magical Artifact, therefore Zhang Feng these time opened Black Tiger Mountain Great Magical Artifact, making all people have a look, his Zhang Feng really had Great Magical Artifact. Zhang Feng stands in the Treasure Ship bow, look at slowly close Black Tiger Mountain, at heart an intermittent excitement, many years, because does not have Great Magical Artifact, his Zhang Feng has been pressed a head by ten big Core Disciple, now he to wants to have a look, ten big Core Disciple also take anything to press him. Hao Xingzhan in the Zhang Feng side, deep voice to Zhang Feng said : Senior Brother, immediately must enter the Black Tiger Mountain range, you looked that we do descend in there?” Zhang Feng deep voice said : first returns to mountain gate/entrance, stops Treasure Ship in mountain gate/entrance there, making all people have a look, I must go to Martial Uncle there.” Hao Xingying, had not been saying anything.

In this time, suddenly Zhang Feng was feeling that front black spots proximity fast, Zhang Feng is gawking, fixes the eyes on looks, black spots that approached, increasing slowly, is a tiger ship, moreover this tiger ship, Zhang Feng also knew that is Sima Yin Long ride. Zhang Feng stares, then on the face has revealed strange smiling face said : Sima Yin Long, he came unexpectedly, does he want to do? To make war with me directly, has destroyed my Great Magical Artifact? Small star, prepares, opens the Crystal Stone room, I to have a look, his does Sima Yin Long dare to go all out with me.” Hao Xingying, immediately turn around walked. Now Hao Xing cannot help but admires Zhang Feng to come, if he, in the Zhang Feng position, one, but obtained Great Magical Artifact, definitely meets immediately returned to in the gang to show off, but Zhang Feng such has not actually done, but adjusted the person to get up Great Magical Artifact outside, and commodity that used Great Magical Artifact on adjusted on Great Magical Artifact, but also made them be familiar with an operation of under Great Magical Artifact, because Treasure Ship attack very simple, was only dashes, all almost equal to were familiar the operation, on will fight, therefore currently they use the Treasure Ship fight, has not been a problem. But at this time Zhang Feng was leading their returned to in the gang, if they have not prepared, perhaps that Sima Yin Long suddenly appears , really will make to be caught off guard them, now, they actually do not fear. Sima Yin Long in the tiger eye place of tiger ship, tiger eye there is two giant halls, the eye makes with red Crystal, very formidable defensive power, moreover can see outside scenery, but Sima Yin Long stands in here, the look at distant place slowly close Treasure Ship. He knows that Zhang Feng comes back today, he wants to have a look, what son Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact is, he is very curious, simultaneously he also wants to Zhang Feng demonstration of authority, he to let Zhang Feng understand, Great Magical Artifact that you obtain, compared with the tiger ship, missed far! In other words, Sima Yin Long is hits the face of Zhang Feng today! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;