Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1689
[Gold/Metal] because of standing in Sima Yin Long, facial expression complex look at getting closer and closer Treasure Ship, he has been able to look to arrive in bow there Zhang Feng. ««» »()

The [gold/metal] because has not been thinking, Zhang Feng can unexpectedly with own strength gets so far as Great Magical Artifact, initially his leave Zhang Feng the time, thinks that Zhang Feng impossible to compare with ten big Core Disciple, but now looks like, Zhang Feng does not compare ten big Core Disciple difference, moreover slowly has caught up with ten big Core Disciple unexpectedly, this is he has not thought. Also because of this, therefore his mood very complex, because he betrayed Zhang Feng after all, now saw that Zhang Feng is getting more and more sight, his naturally cannot be too happy. Zhang Feng although made Hao Xing they prepare, but he on one on attack Sima Yin Long, he does not want to take a look at Sima Yin Long to do, was adding on him is very confident to Treasure Ship. In fact when conducts the experiment to Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng felt that was very surprised, because of this huge Treasure Ship, unexpectedly ratio his unexpected flexibility, not only can in the shortest time advancing, retreat, even can also control to translate, same place tone, function very formidable. Because of this, therefore Treasure Ship attack although very sole, but Zhang Feng is very confident to Treasure Ship, he believes that by the Treasure Ship strength, even if to the words on tiger ship, will eat big owing not necessarily. Moreover Zhang Feng has experimented Treasure Ship, Treasure Ship very fast, even if the tiger ship if single Lundu does not have the means compared with Treasure Ship, therefore he was not worried. The battle between Great Magical Artifact. Is different from small Magical Artifact, small Magical Artifact is person command(er), so long as you used, that will go to the situation of having at one's command. Countless changes. But Great Magical Artifact is different, is Great Magical Artifact a person operates generally, this had decided he strikes definitely is impossible extremely in complex, because of extremely in complex attack, will only reduce speed attack, such words not only do not have the means attack enemy, will also become by oneself passive. Therefore Great Magical Artifact attack generally is very simple, like Treasure Ship. Only then one type of attack style Great Magical Artifact, does not have what quite strangely. Treasure Ship slowed down slowly, Sima Yin Long looked at the Zhang Feng appearance, the corners of the mouth has cannot help but shown a strange smiling face. deep voice said : „does what? imagine me to demonstrate? I to do not think that because just, transmitted orders, in addition, the tiger throws!” The tiger throws. one type of attack Fang Shi of tiger ship, when with this type, the tiger ship can add, then in leaps. The whereabouts movement, the main attack strength is two front claws. [gold/metal] Zheng has responded to one. immediately has put out jade sword, transmitted orders. But Zhang Feng also wants to chat a few words with Sima Yin Long. He thinks that Sima Yin Long must fight him, will hit one to sweep shouts, because of here, but Black Tiger Group, they are also the honored and popular characters, how the polite speech can say a few words, actually not think that Sima Yin Long does not press the sign principle to play a card unexpectedly, comes up to attack. Zhang Feng although does not have the tiger ship, but regarding the tiger ship he is very familiar with, do not forget, but his Martial Uncle Black Tiger Group Gang Master, naturally has the authority to use the tiger ship, Zhang Feng in tiger on the ship, had also seen the tiger ship fights, therefore regarding the movement of tiger ship very familiar. He looks at the tiger ship suddenly in addition, moreover foreleg also the movement of uphold, he knows that Sima Yin Long wanted attack, Zhang Feng immediately/on horseback said loudly: Zuo to dodge, after he falls, is depending toward right, gives him to come ruthlessly. ««» »()” Now Treasure Ship is not quick, moreover Zhao Hai already had also thought that to facilitate Zhang Feng regarding Treasure Ship command(er), he has given some Zhang Feng metal token, these metal token only then on Treasure Ship useful, on Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng can with oneself in hand that metal token, lead the same metal token person to order to on the ship any, that person of immediately will hear, looks like one type of communication device is the same.

This metal token has plenty, even if were on Treasure Ship has been filled with the person, metal token also sufficed, Zhang Feng does not need like Sima Yin Long, but also needs to order with the signalling jade sword. Along with issuing an order of Zhang Feng, Treasure Ship by one type of with his huge build completely different flexible degree, flashes toward left gently, happen to have let the tiger ship throws. Sima Yin Long has not thought of Zhang Feng unexpectedly this such flexible, when he stares, Treasure Ship in one time has depended, depends, might as well said hits, Treasure Ship with own right broad side, hit the tiger ship to be the same. Boom! two Great Magical Artifact collided together in in midair, a side had a mind, a side had no intention, the tiger ship unexpectedly hitting to shake then to stand by Treasure Ship. However Zhang Feng does not have seize the opportunity to chase down, but is the look at tiger ship, laughs said : Sima Yin Long, today my is happy, did not accompany you to play here, on that day had the time in fruit well.” Said a Treasure Ship in addition, vanish from sight. But Sima Yin Long actually stands in tiger on the ship, complexion is somewhat ugly, he has not thought that Treasure Ship unexpectedly such Spiritual Qi, can within that short time, make these movements unexpectedly, this somewhat stems from his anticipation. Sima Yin Long present, some oneself underestimated Zhang Feng that Great Magical Artifact, this by Zhang Feng don’t know Great Magical Artifact that got so far as from there, the impossible ratio to have resulted in the tiger ship of Black Tiger Group careful manufacture, but he actually presently, probably has made a mistake now, probably Zhang Feng that Great Magical Artifact, not compared with the Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact difference. Treasure Ship that look at goes far away, on the face of Sima Yin Long a dignity, deep voice was looking like because of said : to the [gold/metal] this Zhang Feng really has also made a name, walked, goes back.” [gold/metal] Zheng has responded to one, has not made Sima Yin Long see his eye that complex facial expression. But two Great Magical Artifact in in midair this short confrontation, by Black Tiger Group some Inner Disciples and Core Disciple seeing, when knows that Zhang Feng must bring Great Magical Artifact to come back, these Inner Disciples, with the Core Disciple attention Zhang Feng sound, they have known that ten big Core Disciple will certainly not let Zhang Feng that smooth returned to Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance, therefore they are waiting for seeing a play, wants to have a look, what Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact to the degree is level. Just Treasure Ship and confrontation although of tiger ship very short. However these people actually saw, to be honest, these people did not favor Zhang Feng Treasure Ship, but actually changed the idea now. No matter Inner Disciples or Core Disciple. They are not the fool, the Great Magical Artifact battle, they have also seen some, but dexterous hand dislike that Treasure Ship displays, is higher than general Great Magical Artifact one section absolutely, although just possibly because of Sima Yin Long some reasons of having a low opinion of the enemy, what however is undeniable, Treasure Ship fighting strength is absolutely uncommon. These these Inner Disciples and Core Disciple. To Zhang Feng the Great Magical Artifact, has to estimate again, cannot obtain the person of Inner Disciples recognition, the heart already in slowly depended toward Zhang Feng there. Ten big Core Disciple are not who receives oneself follower. They choose the person very strict standard, wants the strength to be very strong, but must have the potential they to receive, therefore many Inner Disciples want in into Core Disciple under the hand/subordinate, is impossible. But Zhang Feng will actually not haggle over these. Because his status is inferior to ten big Core Disciple, if he in nitpicking, he has a possibility person unable to receive very much, therefore Zhang Feng receives the person almost not to select. But some Inner Disciples want to hire oneself Core Disciple. Some people's gathering to Zhang Feng has not been caring, even declined. However after seeing Treasure Ship, they somewhat transformed the idea.

In Cultivation World here. The strength is representing all, after Zhang Feng had Great Magical Artifact, will represent his strength to promote a big truncation, when the time comes will be he is still only Inner Disciples, his status, will also be without change with Core Disciple, in adding on Zhang Feng also one, when Gang Master Martial Uncle, Zhang Feng in the competition of Core Disciple, has appeared has the superiority. Zhang Feng naturally also knows that has plenty person in look at he, he wants is this effect, now the effect is not, Sima Yin Long comes to curl his face, has not actually thought that was given to curl the face by him unexpectedly, his too happy. Quick Zhang Feng Black Dragon has helped own mountain gate/entrance on returned to, after his mountain gate/entrance, his immediately stopped in Treasure Ship the mountain gate/entrance front square, was used to stop Great Magical Artifact like the square generally, Zhang Feng did not have Great Magical Artifact before, but he, when constructed mountain gate/entrance, has constructed such a square, because he believes that he one day certainly to have Great Magical Artifact, just before Zhang Feng, have not thought that on this day can was so quick. After Treasure Ship stops, Zhang Feng then turns the head to Hao Xing said : small star, you arrange the everyone/Great Clan rest, I must see Gang Master, if some people look for me, said that I saw Gang Master, if they wanted to visit Great Magical Artifact, can make them visit, that one layer and beyond power that level except that I lived, other several layers can make them visit at will.” Hao Xingying, Zhang Feng then from Great Magical Artifact, then sits Transmission Formation to go to iron Zhan Tian there, he must with iron Zhan Tian discuss that delivers Zhao Hai to go to the foreign risk the matter. When Zhang Feng appears in iron Zhan Tian study room, iron Zhan Tian is manipulating a piece jade slip, on that jade slip is an information, but the content of information was just short fighting of Zhang Feng and Sima Yin Long. Looked at Zhang Feng to come, iron Zhan Tian nodded said : to come to Zhang Feng, sat, just fought with Sima youngster? How feels? If uses Great Magical Artifact really to, how the victory and defeat can?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : mutually wounded, my Treasure Ship, quick restores fighting strength, but he is not good.” Iron did Zhan Tian come the interest, said : what's the matter?” Zhang Feng micro several days smiles said : my Treasure Ship, because is assembling in together, can within the shortest time, he tear down the department of damage, is exchanging the good components, like this my Great Magical Artifact can restore fighting strength in person of the shortest time, but the tiger ship wants to fix, feared that not so is easy?” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, the characteristics of his very clear tiger ship, such that if said like Zhao Hai, that tiger ship wants to fix in a short time is impossible, but Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact can actually fix in a short time, the disparity, is very fatal. Iron Zhan Tian is Zhang Feng feels happy, his look at Zhang Feng said : what matter does this time have?” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, when had for half a month is the foreign risk, I wanted a quota.” Iron Zhan Tian asked continually had not asked that nodded said : well, gives you one, but your nearest/recent must be careful, these family fellow look at you such noisy will not manage, must use this time opportunity, just you directed the matter that on Long Zaitian fights with Sima, but many people saw, can seize the opportunity win over some people, but must look for some feel relieved.” Zhang Feng nodded said : is, Martial Uncle feel relieved, I know how must do.”

Iron Zhan Tian nodded, look at Zhang Feng said : your nearest/recent crest of wave is very abundant, I heard that the Hu Clan person has prepared to begin to your some under the hand/subordinate, you must pay attention to some, your under the hand/subordinate go out the management time, finally does not want the go it alone, will otherwise possibly have the danger.” Zhang Feng nodded, to an iron Zhan Tian ritual, turn around walked. After returned to mountain gate/entrance, Zhang Feng immediately returned to own Cave Mansion, then arrived in quiet room, sat, he must let his heart calm, because he was too excited. Today that short fighting with Sima Yin Long, let Zhang Feng true understand the great strength of Treasure Ship, but he has also felt grateful to Zhao Hai, but simultaneously, he also attached great importance to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has only used short some time, refined Great Magical Artifact of no less than tiger ship, this was the astonishing strength, if were giving Zhao Hai some time, will have many Great Magical Artifact appears , the light thinks that all over the sky Great Magical Artifact situation, Zhang Feng on the feeling to own heart not means calm. Deeply has attracted several tones, finally by own mood calm slowly, he is known one a little extremely in taking for granted, Great Magical Artifact although is good, but small Magical Artifact is the mainstream, but no matter what, he thought one are lucky, has met Zhao Hai unexpectedly, moreover can unexpectedly that smooth Zhao Hai income, Zhang Feng has believed that this is for these years, the most correct matter that oneself do. Matter of foreign risk, he basically has solved now, regarding the Zhao Hai security, he was not worried that although he only sees Zhao Hai make a move one time, but Zhang Feng actually believes that Black Tiger Group these Outer Disciple, feared is few is the Zhao Hai match, by the Zhao Hai present strength, goes to the foreign battlefield, is absolutely appropriate. What most important is, he has given back to Zhao Hai Strength of Faith, so long as there is Strength of Faith in the hand, Zhang Feng believes Zhao Hai certainly to be able safe from the foreign battlefield. Now Zhang Feng has decided to train Zhao Hai with emphasis, several people of although his beforehand key trained, several betrayed him finally, moreover whom he also vowed as before does not train in the key point, but he is willing to be Zhao Hai makes an exception, because Zhao Hai is worth him such doing. In Zhang Feng , in own quiet room is thinking these matters, entire Black Tiger Group has caused a stir , when this time bang compared with knowing Zhang Feng had Great Magical Artifact must make a stir, after all Zhang Feng had Great Magical Artifact, everyone/Great Clan had not seen, what Great Magical Artifact also in the [say / way] was not, but all people believe that Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact impossible strong tiger ship, but today performance of Zhang Feng, actually by these person understand, his Great Magical Artifact, not to be trifled with!( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;