Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1690

Half a month time in the blink of an eye on the past, for half a month, Zhao Hai ten points calm, he received Zhang Feng to his jade sword, Zhang Feng told him, went to the quota of foreign risk to determine, asking him not to need to be worried. Zhao Hai to does not have what good worry, foreign he is unnecessary, going is because curious, did not say that will not have very huge damage. Instead to is the sound of Zhang Feng half a month, lets Zhao Hai attention , for half a month, Zhang Feng movement very big, he one recruits several hundred Inner Disciples also over a thousand Outer Disciple to enter his mountain gate/entrance unexpectedly, this really somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng so frantic expansion own influence, why this is, Zhao Hai somewhat does not think understand, phenomenon that such expansion, will certainly create the good and evil intermingled, to the later show very disadvantageous. However Zhao Hai actually cannot say anything, he also knows, in these people that Zhang Feng gathers, has plenty is looks for Zhang Feng, like the person, so long as will investigate thoroughly their backs not to have issue general Zhang Feng not to reject, because Zhang Feng entered a rare show time now, if he will keep off too many people in out of the door, on will give people the feeling of one type of too end stance/framework/shelf, he in wants to gather the person on not to be easy. Zhang Feng has the idea of Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai does not want many inquiries, his present although very by attaching great importance to of Zhang Feng, but Zhang Feng also takes seriously his decomposition synthesis ability now, regarding his other abilities, are not many, if he who Zhang Feng understands now currently many excessively participation during the conduct of Zhang Feng, will have the feeling that one type of competes. Therefore Zhao Hai has not had any appraisal to this matter, has not urged Zhang Feng. To this day that must leave, the person who this Black Tiger Group must go to the foreign risk, does not have Zhao Hai one. Nine Outer Disciple, five new promote Inner Disciples. That nine Outer Disciple, are the outstanding people in Outer Disciple, they are qualified for Inner Sect, but that five recently Inner Disciples, was started to absorb Strength of Faith, prepared condense Law Idol. Zhao Hai after receiving information, has made into itself Zhang Hao the appearance. Then arrived in Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance, Zhao Hai thinks that whose appearance is dressing up itself, was really too relaxed, his body himself had this transformation Divergent Technique. Therefore he can very relaxed turns into itself anybody, even must remove the bottom compared with Hán Bùlí. But Zhang Feng there has also prepared, genuine Zhang Hao is hiding in Great Magical Artifact now, he also knows the own present strength is insufficient, if goes to the foreign risk. That has the dead Unborn aspect, must know that aspect risk, the most fearful enemy is not these transformation insects, but is other Sect cultivator. In Cultivation World here. Various Sect cultivator, but also because cares about opposite party Sect. sometimes does not live the conflict, but actually varied to foreign. To foreign there, anybody became your enemy, even if cultivator of same side is also same. The reason that creates this situation has two \; first, because is greedy, no matter that Sect cultivator, even is same side cultivator, wants snatching opposite party thing, lets opposite party thing, turns into own thing, but foreign there, but nobody manages them, in there you can optional attack anybody, even is a same side people.

The second reason because of the transformation insect, transformation insect , not only can attack of other mold against people, be able to turn into anybody's appearance, such as said that your same side people, is actually the transformation insect changes, therefore to foreign there, who you have not been able to trust to believe. Because of such reason, therefore foreign there becomes very dangerous, if no good that a few tricks do not go, Zhang Hao confessed own not that qualifications. Moreover to be honest, Zhang Hao to own status very clear, although said that he is locally born Cultivation World cultivator, is not the Battle Slave family background, but mentioned the status in Zhang Feng heart to come, his Zhang Hao has fallen far short compared with Zhao Hai, especially after Zhao Hai has delivered Zhang Feng Great Magical Artifact, his Zhang Hao was the sycophancy cannot catch up with status of Zhao Hai in Zhang Feng heart. Therefore regarding the Zhang Feng arrangement, making Zhao Hai replace his status to go to the foreign risk the matter, he is an opinion does not have, does not dare to have. When Zhao Hai by opening bold appearance appears in Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance, Zhang Feng in he, genuine Zhang Hao on Great Magical Artifact, Zhang Feng is knows that when he sees Zhao Hai appears , is one is indefinite, because after Zhao Hai change appearance, looks like him with Zhang Motai, simply is exactly the same, temperament, the look, is not the least bit off. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : small bold, is you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is, First Senior Brother, I plan to participate in the foreign risk.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng on understand, this is Zhao Hai not wrong, his look at Zhao Hai appearance, was really don’t know said that any was good, he presently Zhao Hai looks like a mystery, you also some don’t know many were forever pleasantly surprised are waiting for you. However Zhang Feng has not wasted breath, nodded, has referred to nearby Transmission Formation Dao: Through this Transmission Formation, goes to in the gang first, is being led you to go to gate there by the in the gang elder, has remembered, to foreign, do not believe anybody, so long as dares to approach your person, no matter the in the gang person or the Outer Sect person, should not be polite, kills!” Zhao Hai nodded, has arrived on nearby Transmission Formation, flash of white light, vanished in Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance, Zhang Feng look at Transmission Formation, muttered said : to hope that you came back safely.” Actually must say really that Zhang Feng does not want to make Zhao Hai go to the foreign risk, because he feared that Zhao Hai has any matter, if Zhao Hai had an accident, regarding him, lost is too big.

However he also knows, if he has blocked Zhao Hai not to make Zhao Hai go, that Zhao Hai will possibly have the response to him, regarding cultivator, most important the promotion of strength, other is fake, but the foreign risk is opportunity, if he prevents, Zhao Hai definitely will not go, but the understanding fresh obstruction, such counter- is not beautiful. flash of white light, Zhao Hai appears in Transmission square here, this is a very big Transmission square, often has cultivator to come and go in there, the Zhao Hai present appearance, understands at a glance is ordinary disciple in Black Tiger Group, naturally also nobody pays attention to him. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, actually crosses not far away, is setting up a piece token, above writes foreign risk assembly point very simple, now several cultivator are standing in there, a person is Gold Core Stage Expert, looked like old, wants to come is the elder of this team leader, remaining several were to build up cultivator of god time, has not arrived at the Law Idol time. It looks like Black Tiger Group to this time smelting trial is not very meticulously, has only sent a Gold Core Stage elder team leader, in fact also was really makes Zhao Hai guess right, Black Tiger Group regarding this time smelting trial also was really not very meticulously, because of these true Great Clan disciple or the talents, in the gang meets key training, will not allow him to attend such smelting trial \; first, because too the danger, two on are because harvested too few. Therefore participates in the foreign risk, is some little potential, but the potential is not very big, or struggles to break through to the Law Idol person, like the person, that in the gang does not grasp one after another, naturally cannot too well-respected. It can be said that the foreign risk is Great Clan cannot have a liking, but bottom level small cultivator cannot feel such exists, person who all participates in the foreign risk, in the in the gang a little method, but the method in the hard person, how such person in the gang possibly does not send Expert to lead. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, gradually walked, to assembly point there, has bowed said : to see the elder to the elder of that team leader, opens to come to report.” That elder looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, wait a minute, two people have not arrived, left to together.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, peaceful standing in the one side, actually presently surrounding cultivator, in using one type of somewhat unusual look look at he, in the looks of several people, actually is also bringing killing aura. Person who eyes Zhao Hai looked at that several eyes to bring killing aura, he knows that several people were several other Core Disciple send certainly to cope his, his present status is Zhang Hao, was accepting of Zhang Feng, nearest/recent Zhang Feng because of the Great Magical Artifact matter crest of wave very vigor, if these Core Disciple natures want completely all means to attack Zhang Feng, but he has become these Core Disciple target. Why uses that unusual look look at as for other cultivator he, Zhao Hai also almost can find out a general idea to come, the issue leaves on the body of Zhang Feng, Zhang Hao is the person who a Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate comparison must use, now the person in entire Black Tiger Group almost knows that Zhang Hao was Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate, must know that now in Black Tiger Group, wants to become the Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate person may be many, therefore these disciple heard that he was Zhang Hao, the nature can have the thoughts of some differences. At this time, Outer Disciple has arrived at Zhao Hai, bowed said : to see bold Senior Brother to Zhao Hai, Senior Brother, this foreign take risked, how did we compose one team?”

Zhao Hai look at this Outer Disciple, he knows that this person of thoughts, this person wants through him, then with looking for Zhang Feng, invests into Zhang Feng follower. Zhao Hai has not refused, to show a faint smile said : well, heard foreign, but very dangerous, we form a team, can increase several stratagem which ensures success.” That cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: thanks a lot Senior Brother, Senior Brother, called Yan Wen below, hopes that later Senior Brother looked after much.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Junior Brother to be too polite, to foreign, we must look after mutually, I look at Junior Brother your strength, probably also wants on strong some compared with me, when the time comes feared that wanted you to take care of me.” Strict article quickly said: there, there, Senior Brother you were too polite.” They in happy that here chatted, in that several look at Zhao Hai eyes had killing aura cultivator, was actually coldly snorted one. Zhao Hai looked at that several people of one, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but Yan Wen actually gathers Zhao Hai ear in a soft voice said : Senior Brother, you may probably be careful that point that several fellows, I thought that they harbor evil intentions probably.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, but killing intent in eye is flashes does not have. Zhao Hai killing intent does not go to that several people, but to Yan Wen.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;