Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1691

Chapter 616 strikes to kill Yan Wen Reason that Zhao Hai will reveal killing intent to come to the strict article , because looks like in Zhao Hai, the strict article wants to cope with his cultivator compared with these hatefully, because strict article although like several other cultivator, had not looked that in his look is bringing killing aura, but Zhao Hai can actually through Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique, presently on the strict tattoo to his hostility, not compare that several cultivator to be few, even are more, in other words, the strict article approaches him, simply does not have the peaceful good intention, is not to seize the opportunity join to the Zhang Feng influence, but was must kill him, then in framing by planting stolen goods on a calamity. Has to recognize, Yan Wen act in a play very much, but he actually meets Zhao Hai that has been able to act in a play, Zhao Hai already presently Yan Wen to his hostility, but he has been acting in a play with Yan Wen. Now Yan Wen also makes him be careful these people unexpectedly, Zhao Hai knows that strict article this is to come with this method with his close relationship, making him not suspect him, when the time comes he can seize the opportunity in his back coming a blade. When Zhao Hai is thinking these, two cultivator walk, these two cultivator cultivation level obvious compared with on other person high some, Zhao Hai understand at a glance, these two cultivator, are two Inner Disciples, although enters certainly Inner Sect not long after Inner Disciples. That elder noticed that two people arrived, this deep voice said : set, the person were in attendance.” Zhao Hai looked at that two cultivator one, that two cultivator somewhat arrogant look at Zhao Hai their eyes, notably they have not paid attention to Zhao Hai, but that two people look at the Zhao Hai look, is actually somewhat bad. Zhao Hai looked on understand, this came two enemies, he had several enemies in any case, did not care are many these two, he arrived at Transmission Formation there with these elders, all people got up Transmission Formation, Yan Wen also closely followed in his side. flash of white light, Zhao Hai now their appears on a mountain, this mountain is not very high, toward words that under the mountain looks , the elevation should about three kilometers, but this mountain actually very steep, is almost becomes cylinder-shaped, but the summit of this mountain is draw , the surrounding area has about ten mu, now summit here appears many cultivator, these cultivator respective collars one group of people, have been standing in there, and does not have to take a walk. In summit, very enormous Stone Gate, Stone Gate has about the kilometer high, the width has also been 500 meters, looks uses ** the strength manufacture, on Stone Gate is carving all kinds of Monster Beast, looks like very beautiful. In most place above, is carving two large characters that the stone top, gate! Zhao Hai stands in there is sizing up all around other Sect these cultivator, these cultivator strengths are also similar to the cultivator strength that Black Tiger Group these time sends . Moreover the quantity mostly is also same, not 15 people.( Water radical elder brother water radical elder brother novel network selects com) Led Captain always to look to measure all around one, turned the head their deep voice said : and other Heaven Realm gates to open to Zhao Hai, you must with yourselves quickest entered to foreign goes, you have remembered, after entering foreign Space, all people were your enemies, wants to be thinks was living words, should not be polite.” Said that has not been making noise, these Black Tiger Group cultivator, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, has not enlarged some distances on own initiative.

This is Yan Wen arrives at Zhao Hai said : Senior Brother, this time our two want together to move, like this is living hope also greatly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Junior Brother not to say badly, this time we want together to move, otherwise feared that was very difficult to live.” That elder heard their words obviously, he has swept their one eyes, has not actually made noise, looks like in that elder, Zhao Hai this time was dead, so was unexpectedly easy to believe Yan Wen words, thinks that undead was also difficult. Zhao Hai also felt the that Elder vision, but he has not moved, still stood in there, calm look at gate there. At this time often had Transmission Formation to flash white light, obviously also had the base its Sect person to arrive, but all people have not gone to greet with other Sect, even if were two getting to know each other well Sect, was only distant arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to greet. Time past bit by bit, after two hours, almost all Transmission Formation there people, have stood the person, takes a broad view to look, the place of ten mu surrounding area, had been given to pile up with, all person look at gates positions. Also one hour, Zhao Hai had felt wind getting bigger and bigger on this mountain, then in sky dark clouds secretly arrange, but gate there was entire by the dark clouds covering. He then hears one, the dazzling one divided together in the gate middle, a gate middle dark clouds tumbling, then crack appears slowly. Beginning this crack is very small, more than one meter are long, but afterward crack actually getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, finally this crack unexpectedly and Stone Gate was equally high, creates then the crack from middle splitting slowly, finally entire Stone Gate there turned into shiny black large hole. Looked at this large hole appears , led Captain old immediately/on horseback said : motion!” All people immediately moved, going all out of flushes away toward that cave entrance there. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he follows in these people slowly flies toward cave entrance there, he also knows some customs of this foreign smelting trial, this cave entrance exists for one month, a day are not many, day of many, in this month, cultivator can come and go out that cave entrance freely, but the transformation insect does not have the means to come out from that cave entrance , because of this, therefore there was called the gate by cultivator. But reason that these cultivator must go advanced, after is feared goes, by person sneak attack that will go to advanced, all everybody will strive to be the first, did not fear that cave entrance will seal.

Some strict article worried following in Zhao Hai said : Senior Brother, we also quickly, more stay in behind, will be been bigger by sneak attack opportunity.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we to pass now also not necessarily can go, might as well do not worry, after waiting for all people to go, we were going in wait / etc., these are cultivator impossible to defend in cave entrance there not?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yan Wenzhen thinks clash first, but thinks one obtained ‚’ with great difficulty trust, Yan Wen the plan that gives up itself going to advanced. Zhao Hai and Yan Wen leisure flies toward gate there, other cultivator actually rush to be first toward forward flight he, the good gate is big enough, otherwise these people must crowd may not. Now gate there although is somewhat crowded, but can also successfully pass, moreover gate there although pushes very much, actually nobody begins, obviously these cultivator also know the custom. This cylinder-shaped mountain, called the gate mountain, the gate on gate summit, opens every five years one time, Cultivation World this has Sect to send 15 or below 15 disciple going in smelting trials, in foreign Space, how you to hit good, however in gate mountain here, actually did not permit to begin, who dares to begin, was always tidied up you by your Sect lead(er) Captain. Quick all came gate mountain here cultivator to run into the gate, only then Zhao Hai and Yan Wen remained finally, these elder look at Zhao Hai and Yan Wen, in the eye were bringing surprised, their not understand, why Zhao Hai and strict article can be so steady. Looked at a completely empty gate summit, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : to walk, we went.” Yan Wen a bitterness and astringency, he felt at heart his plan resembled him to be a little wrong, now he enters to foreign Space, has killed Zhao Hai, feared that is also can only use quickly, this time smelting trial was wastes. Thought of here his hatred even bigger to Zhao Hai, but he has not revealed that but has complied with one, followed one to enter foreign Space in the Zhao Hai side. Enters to foreign Space, Zhao Hai and Yan Wen stares, they think that in this foreign Space, certainly is jet black one piece, or is a wilderness, to completely various crises. However after coming, they presently have made a mistake, in this foreign Space is not spacious, here to can describe with songs of birds and scent of flowers that grows some towering big trees everywhere, the distant place is having the creek in static flowing, in distant place mountain faint appears , all unexpectedly appears such beauty. When Yan Wen also when feels shocking, his suddenly felt that an own chest pain, Yan Wen stares, then stops first one to look that saw his chest there appears sword tip, the blood was following sword tip to keep was flowing outward.

Yan Wen turns the head to look, actually presently look at of Zhao Hai face smiling face he, Yan Wen cannot bear a blood spurt, look at Zhao Hai, fierce said : why?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to approach me is also wants to kill me, he he, I just first began, what? you think really I did believe you? Believes that you want to hire oneself First Senior Brother, therefore approaches my? youngster, you were too tender, depended on you, wants to hide the truth from my eye, I thought that after you were wanted to kill me, is using our beforehand relationship, infiltrated to the First Senior Brother side, to scout who others worked as.” Yan Wen cannot think of the righteousness look at Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai said is absolutely correct, he is having such plan, but he has not thought that will lay bare the truth by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields the flying sword article in the chest to depart severely, Yan Wen the blood looks like flood that opened the sluice gates is the same, falls in torrents, Yan Wen is actually a two eyes advantage, he knows that he died, his heart by a Zhao Hai sword puncturing, but cultivator his Life Force formidable, he currently also has strength of the striking. When Yan Wen prepares to begin to Zhao Hai carries on strikes finally, actually presently a Zhao Hai palm pats in his head, these looks like probably is not heavy, but Yan Wen actually felt that Qi Strength one has crashed in his within the body, to the racket has dispersed last Spiritual Qi that he just raised, strict article two eyes turns, in the future but actually will go. Zhao Hai actually waves, directly Yan Wen receiving in Space, turned into Undead Creature. When he just received in strict article Space, hears a sound of racket palm of the hand, Zhao Hai goes along the prestige, other that several in Black Tiger Group reveal the hostility to Zhao Hai cultivator, now that several cultivator, Zhao Hai encircling in there, Zhao Hai have stood with the gates the person, obviously they early had to prepare, must to Zhao Hai in the deathtrap. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, in these cultivator, on deep voice to Zhao Hai said : vicious and merciless, the thoughts are meticulous, worthily by the person who Zhang Feng settles on, has real skill, what a pity, you today must die!” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;