Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1692

Zhao Hai look at these gather round his cultivator, shook the head, sighed said : not to think lightly that entered this foreign Space, has not run into other Interface people first, has not killed the transformation insect first, to must kill oneself Interface person first, oh, senseless. ««» »()” These gather round Zhao Hai cultivator, one hear of Zhao Hai this do not place the words of eye them completely, cannot help but complexion changes, that person of said loudly that then before spoke: Zhang Hao, dies to being imminent is unexpectedly obstinate argumentative, today you were die, suffered to death.” The hand wields, ring-like Magical Artifact direct Zhao Hai strikes, other cultivator were not wasting breath, various bright Magical Artifact, attacked toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields, Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation suddenly appears , covered all attack his Black Tiger Group cultivator in middle, Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation that this time he used was not Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation that good-looking but useless goods when Outer Sect competition used, this time he used but three-dimensional Sword Formation, moreover additional Strength of Faith, cloudy Yang lightning pond fully open Sword Formation. The mischievous sea considers as finished, these time besieges his Black Tiger Group cultivator, altogether eight, each, if in being counted beforehand Yan Wen, nine people coped with him, in other words, these time came in 15 people of foreign battlefield smelting trial, only then five people were not cope his, other people were these Core Disciple or various Great Clan send to kill his. In this case, Zhao Hai simply did not need to be polite with these people, turned into Undead Creature these fellows, provided Strength of Faith to him is the top priority. These cultivator quick present the issue were also on the minute, they presently enter in starry skies, but Zhao Hai actually disappearing trace. They know that they entered in Sword Formation. don’t know why, they felt that this Sword Formation has seen in there probably. However could not allow them to think, but Zhao Hai this time Sword Formation main attack, before these people did not have the complete response. Zhao Hai here began. These cultivator feel that these planet they hit directly, their immediately resists with Magical Artifact, but these cultivator presently, these planet the strength of dashing, unexpectedly extremely powerful, they unexpectedly cannot resist quickly, can only choose to make concessions. However they quickly presently. They may draw back roadless, all around planet presses toward them, blocked their all escape routes. Before long cultivator died in Sword Formation, was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai. Then several other cultivator, one after the other was killed by Zhao Hai. After waiting for that several cultivator dead, Zhao Hai waved, receives Sword Formation, went toward the forward flight. Zhao Hai just leave there, saw on a nearby tree a fluctuation, then the person's walked out from the tree, that person grew in the mouth to be mad. Has patted chest said : „the good formidable person, big killing aura. I entered came early, to avoid a tribulation fortunately. Otherwise was dangerous, has not thought really they unexpectedly were the same Sect, was that one Sect unexpectedly so fearful, did this people fight unexpectedly under so murderous scheme?” His voice just fell, hears a sound to transmit said : Black Tiger Group.” Did that person mutter said : Black Tiger Group? How to have heard? Who? Comes out!” Zhao Hai personal appearance appears in that person of not far away, look at that person of said : you very much will truly hide, what a pity could not have hidden the truth from me.” That person looks at Zhao Hai, complexion cannot help but changes, meets to begin to wield, flying sword appears in his front, this did not take in his Space equipment the sword, but on the back in his carrying on the back, he unexpectedly is sword cultivator. However his flying sword just shone, a feeling own throat pain, then eye one black, fell down, to dying he did not have understand, how Zhao Hai to kill his. Reason that Zhao Hai must kill this person with this method, the lord is because like this besides is sword cultivator, is Divergent Warlock , he hides that move in tree is not Spell, but is Divergent Technique, if not direct from the tree him, Zhao Hai can in the big tree run away him, that has troubled, therefore Zhao Hai has directed coming out from the tree him, one strikes, but kills.

After having killed that cultivator, Zhao Hai took in him Space, this turn around leave, he can affirm, around this in not others. Shortly after Zhao Hai leave, several cultivator successively to place that Zhao Hai had just fought, carefully looked around, dignified leave. Arrives at here cultivator, is Cultivation World here, each province most formidable Sect Sect's Disciples, their although was also Inner Disciples of Outer Disciple or new promote, but the experience actually be higher than general Sect cultivator, moreover Magical Treasure also Advanced level, therefore they after feeling here had the intense energy fluctuation to have a look, really present has fought person who the trace, does not have kill presently. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he leisurely and carefree toward forward flight, but simultaneously the Liquid Silver flying needle actually keeps departs from his body, the terrain income in this foreign Space to of Space map, simultaneously these Liquid Silver flying needles is also receiving in some plants in this Space Space. These plants after receiving Space, Space has the prompt sound to transmit, these plants unexpectedly all are the new varieties after variation, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, among here plants however has medicinal majority, can be used to refine medicine pill or makes medicinal liquid, moreover these medicine pill and medicinal liquid function unexpectedly also very strange, besides part is the normal medicine, other majority of medicine pill and medicinal liquid Cultivation Method is used for disguise unexpectedly. Few parts are being used make cultivator young. cultivator life very long, so long as cultivator forms Nascent Soul, must restore to oneself most peak condition, becomes by oneself young. Before has not formed Nascent Soul, cultivator is will age slowly, regarding male cultivator, this is not certainly considered as that any issue, ages ages, does not affect own body function in any case, but regarding some female cultivator, was actually not that a matter, the women were like to look good, they do not hope one aged, they hoped own forever young, attractive. Now Cultivation World here, has plenty medicine pill or medicinal liquid in face. However the effect is not ideal, but foreign Space here these look like very ordinary plants, unexpectedly is one type of most high grade in face medicinal herbs, this was really too astonishing. If makes these female cultivator know that this secret, feared that arrives at this foreign Space to take risk each time, will not be various Sect Outer Disciple or new promote Inner Disciples. Zhao Hai will not certainly say this secret, but he to was more curious to foreign Space, must know that he now all foreign Space are only and in Cultivation World connected foreign Space, compared with Inferior level one, then in these high level foreign Space, what can be? This made Zhao Hai more curious. Zhao Hai keeps toward forward flight. The distance that his Liquid Silver flying needle release goes to is also not very far, is adding on this foreign Space to be very big, he has not met any cultivator to the present unexpectedly, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Comes this foreign Space risk cultivator to be many. He walked such quite a while, but also release the Liquid Silver flying needle has not met cultivator unexpectedly, this is a little is not quite probably normal. Was in this time, on the suddenly Zhao Hai class needle flying needle, appears cultivator. This is black-clothed cultivator, appearance very unusual of this person, his body puts on is not the general cultivator robe, instead to likely is a Nocturnal clothes. black-clothed, lived including the bedding bag. The face is also keeping off with the a piece black cloth, only reveals two eyes. But at this time he is hiding on a tree, is staring at the front. In his front about fifty meters place, big snake coiling there, this greatly superfluously has about hundred meters to be long, the bucket ship is thick or thin, plate on a big tree, motionless, probably is sleeping to be the same. Zhao Hai cannot help but came the interest, personal appearance to move, entered in Space, a look at that person of snake, that black-clothed cultivator must cope with that big snake, Zhao Hai to wants to have a look at him whether to succeed.

That cultivator very has patience, he has been observing that big snake, that big snake lies in there, motionless, is only the body in tremor slightly, is breathing evidently, showed that he lives. A half hour passed by, in Zhao Hai when loses patiently, that cultivator moved finally, his hand extends, puts out weapon from Space, this weapon takes, Zhao Hai stares, the weapon that because this cultivator takes to is very special, unexpectedly is a lock sickle. Locks the sickle is one type of very special weapon, this weapon is divided into three parts, the sickle, iron chain, the meteor hammer, is being linked the meteor hammer and sickle by iron chain, is one type of Invisible Weapon . However this type of weapon is these Warrior uses generally, Cultivator cultivator is little useful this weapon, because cultivator can make weapon fly generally to offend somebody, locks the superiority of sickle in front of cultivator already complete did not have, therefore in Cultivation World, will be few people will use this invisible weapon. The lock sickle that cultivator takes is actually somewhat special, this lock sickle all over the body is the black, light not instead, is the same with his clothes. After that person puts out to lock the sickle, the hand grabs the sickle, fierce proceeding wields, that sickle immediately lets go, attacks toward that big snake. That big snake probably also some response, greatly in the snake head one has raised, but late, that lock sickle has hooked on his body. A that lock sickle hook on the body of big snake, that black-clothed cultivator immediately/on horseback pull locks iron chain of sickle, locks the sickle, one that big snake digging. That big snake body shakes, obviously this painful heavy, then a person cries out strangely, snake body unexpectedly fierce shot from the big tree, threw toward that cultivator, these acted extremely quick, his body was the plate on the big tree, how actually did not know, suddenly one shot, has stemmed from unexpected of that cultivator completely. That cultivator dumbfounded time, the big snake soon threw to him in front , a that cultivator complexion shape, two legs step on the big tree that he hides, the whole person like the big bird same has floated, simultaneously another in hand meteor hammer, pounds toward the brain of big snake. However that big snake is actually personal appearance shakes, changes in the in midair personal appearance, turned into a goshawk from a snake unexpectedly instantaneously, these, not only has let that cultivator meteor hammer, sickle shaking. This giant goshawk both wings wielded on have made one group of shadows directly, threw toward that cultivator, that cultivator has not thought that big snake met transformation unexpectedly, moreover transformation such rapidness, his personal appearance downward will sink unexpectedly, wants to fall to the ground evades that goshawk threw. However at this moment, that goshawk instantaneously was turning into the big snake unexpectedly, tail of big snake is the same like the whip, proceeds to wield from below, was pulling out on the body of that cultivator. Hears one, that cultivator one pulled out, his blood puffed out, in that blood is actually bringing the fragment of internal organs, obviously he had been seriously injured. However this has not ended, the big snake instantaneously turned into the goshawk, a goshawk claw grasped in the head of that black-clothed cultivator, that black-clothed cultivator head stressing a smashing. Then a goshawk loose eagle claw, angry Hawk Cry, from the sky is circling, obviously his present very angry.

Such change also lets Zhao Hai greatly surprised, he has not thought that between this goshawks and big snakes will change the body so will be unexpectedly quick, originally this will be the transformation insect, really formidable. Zhao Hai noted, that black-clothed cultivator strength was not just weak, although has not congealed Law Idol to come, but Zhao Hai can affirm that on that cultivator had certainly Strength of Faith, not so he was impossible to dive to big snake that near place, but not by big snake present, but was a pity that the strength of that big snake left the response of that cultivator, he then by big snake butchering. Cai'er look at screen said : has not thought really that this transformation insect formidable, Elder Brother Hai, how you do think so unexpectedly?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I to has been interested in the transformation insect, when I exited, that transformation insect catching in Space.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved appears in front of that goshawk not far away. That goshawk immediately present Zhao Hai, a point cried, direct Zhao Hai threw, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, the hand wielded, a giant wire netting, the direct that goshawk covered. That goshawk knows probably fiercely, body in airborne very flexible one revolution, one has let the Zhao Hai wire netting, then one turned into the big snake, bypassed the wire netting, in one time throws to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also present, this transformation insect, can only fluctuates between the goshawks and big snakes, feared that was also changing other inadequate thing, but Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, the hand wielded, Sword Formation appears , one gave the group that big snake in Sword Formation. That big snake Expert of strength although equivalent to Law Idol time, but Zhao Hai compared also to fall far short, although Zhao Hai has not used Law Idol now, was only Sword Formation of this type of enhancement version, the big snake that sufficed this big snake to receive one after another changed several times between the snake bodies and hawk bodies, still has not actually broken through Zhao Hai Sword Formation, moreover he had been stranded in Sword Formation completely. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, meets to begin to wield, Sword Formation turned into large net instantaneously, covered the big snake in inside, big snake although also struggled, is actually the futile effort, Zhao Hai has wielded, the big snake was drawn in Space directly.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;