Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1693
Chapter 618 unusually presently That big snake enters Space, hears in Space to transmit sound speaking sounds: Presently may the transformation fight biochemistry beast, wait to Inferior level, in has the life form chip, can record the life form shape, then produces changes the body, but automatic Level Up, but oviparious reproduces, withdraws the transformation ability, join to Space life form, withdraws successfully, join succeeds.” Original Zhao Hai not too this prompt sound, when comes back, when hears fight biochemistry beast several characters, in one hear also has the life form chip, Zhao Hai did not have the means to be calm. The fight biochemistry beast, the life form chip, these thing should belongs to high science and technology plane thing, how possible appears in here? This what's the matter? The Zhao Hai flashes body entered in Space, look at stood before him that goshawk, this goshawk was that transformation insect, because just Laura they did not like the appearance of snake, therefore made him turn into the appearance of goshawk. Now Cai'er their several people are standing in the front of goshawk, curious look at this goshawk, this goshawk now by Space surrendering, therefore very docile. However this goshawk actually about 50 meters high, stand in there absolutely is a colossus. But Cai'er their several flutter before airborne, chirp was saying anything. Zhao Hai one hear, Cai'er they are also were discussing the matter of this fight biochemistry beast, is very obvious, the matter of this fight biochemistry beast, gives to shake heavily them. Cai'er they grew with the Zhao Hai time, matter of contact were also many, naturally knows that this fight biochemistry beast is any thing, this fight biochemistry beast, should not generally appears in Cultivation World thing, because Cultivation World civilization is Cultivation Civilization, in own potential give priority to one type of evolution way. But fight biochemistry beast generally is only appears in Science and Technology Civilization, is thing that the one type of help person fights to use, strict, this fight biochemistry beast, can only be 50% life form, because they have the life form chip, can be the product of half machine. Has Zhao Hai flown Cai'er what kind of their side said : „? Can carry on communicate with him?” Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said :can carry on simple communicate, I just had asked that their don’t know are came from there, because to his here, don’t know is many generation of biochemistry is beastly, already don’t know own source he, but this biochemical beast belongs to most Inferior level one type of, they can only change between two shapes, compared with their higher 1st level, can change in five shapes, moreover appearance that can change the adult, in high 1st level can change in ten shapes, Advanced level can change 50 types. The shape, most Advanced level can hundred change, but he also said that in this Space, but also does not have the biochemical beast that appears hundred have changed, in this Space, the strongest biochemical beast is ten changes.( Water radical elder brother The water radical elder brother selects point) ”

Did Zhao Hai nod said : how to let his Level Up?” Cai'er smiles said : this to be simpler, before they absorbed energy Level Up by themselves slowly, is very slow, but after present to Space, his gene was improved, join some Insect Race genes, they have been able through eating thing now absorb energy, then by own Level Up, moreover they are any thing eat, after thing that eats, but can also turn into part of oneself body this thing characteristics, for example can make them eat the metal, after they have absorbed the metal, becomes by own defense and attack formidable, moreover their Bone. Becoming the hardness like metal.” Zhao Hai nodded, thinks that deep voice said : makes Universal Machine design almost most to suit the biochemical beast evolution plan to come, then feeds them according to that plan, making these thing fighting strength strengthen, do you have presently? Because this thing 50% is the machine life, therefore cannot produce Strength of Faith, happen, forms the main action corps with Undead Creature, I a little am grieved, later used this fight biochemistry beast to be good.” Cai'er has complied with said : well, this matter I manage, I will make them enter quickly is formidable.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : walks, first goes to the room, I to have a look, here has many this fight biochemistry beast.” Several people of returned to room, looked at screen one, now map of income to Space were presently more, and has been able to see that some cultivator have been fighting with the biochemical beast, naturally also some are fight between cultivator and cultivator. Laura sits in the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, now what to do can? Are you only look at?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally not, the light was look at does not have the meaning, mister they hits, when they hit tired, we were exiting to tidy up them, I to have a look, so-called killed the transformation insect, can help person precise Law Idol what's the matter.” Laura nodded said : I to is thinks that this is opportunity, these time enters to the foreign Space person may be many, Elder Brother Hai you can definitely these fellows butchering, making them turn into Undead Creature, provides Strength of Faith to you, but these biochemical beasts receive in Space, after preparing is used to fight, right Elder Brother Hai, you can also have a look, whether these killed biochemistry beast, turns into Undead Creature, moreover we can also make Universal Machine analyze, lets the biochemical beast massive reproductions, looked attractively that biochemical beast likely Insect Race can whether be the same, is divided into the type them, branches out one. Being used fight that the part, the special meat, saves.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : first had a look saying that if these biochemical beasts cannot provide Strength of Faith to me, that made Space try to grade them, if these biochemical beasts can turn into Undead Creature, can provide Strength of Faith to me, did that classify is the same.” Laura nodded, refers to screen said : looking that opportunity came.” opportunity that Laura said that is on the screen in cultivator and a biochemical beast of battle, that biochemical beast receives this point in Space to be similar to Zhao Hai obviously, can only two change, but that cultivator comes Great Sect obviously, Magical Treasure are innumerable, moreover very careful is discrete, finally that biochemical beast killing.

The biochemical beast in dying is any appearance, is any appearance, after appears will not die, appears the true body situation, in fact, biochemical beast first transformation can be said as his true body, the situation of not having a true body. That only by the biochemical beast that cultivator kills, in dying, is the fierce tiger shape, therefore is maintaining on one hear the fierce tiger shape. Under the attention of Zhao Hai, after sees that biochemical beast was killed, suddenly from his body emits yellow light, then a yellow point departs from the body of biochemical beast, has flown into that cultivator within the body directly, that cultivator after absorbing the yellow point, any ill response, instead to has not been excited of face. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, his do not understand what's the matter, the personal appearance moves, Zhao Hai already appears in front of that cultivator. That cultivator saw Zhao Hai obvious stares, then without demur, immediately command(er) his Magical Artifact was flushing, this cultivator Magical Artifact although has plenty, but he is most commonly used, is Might biggest Magical Artifact, is actually a bronze mirror. Because Zhao Hai saw that cultivator and combat process of biochemical beast, therefore his attack style completely understand to this bronze mirror, this bronze mirror is attack very simple, main can present say white light actually, the anchorage by the enemy who white light covers. Like attack style Zhao Hai first meeting, therefore his very careful, moreover he prepares to get so far as in Space this bronze mirror, research well. This Zhao Hai has used Sword Formation similarly, but his quickly minute presently, that cultivator truly is very difficult entangles, but his hard to deal with primary cause is that bronze mirror. Zhao Hai was very high to the estimate of that bronze mirror, but he is some are underprepared, because he has not thought that bronze mirror, unexpectedly is Faith Magical Artifact. So-called Faith Magical Artifact, is one type of alone thing Magical Artifact that Cultivation World here has, this Magical Artifact Zhao Hai actually also one, before is , that he obtains crescent moon shovel. But in Cultivation World here, is not who can use Faith Magical Artifact, Faith Magical Artifact is the Zhao Hai name, in Cultivation World here, Faith Magical Artifact has another name, called Sacred Artifact. Cultivation World here manages Strength of Faith also to call the Saint strength, can therefore use Strength of Faith Magical Artifact to call Sacred Artifact, but this Sacred Artifact generally is Magical Artifact that Gold Core Stage Expert can use, Sacred Artifact and general Magical Artifact are different, Sacred Artifact because of can the blessing/additional support Strength of Faith reason, therefore Might huge.

Reason that only then Gold Core Stage above cultivator will use Sacred Artifact, did not mean the person who the Law Idol time or builds up the god time has more than enough Sacred Artifact, Sacred Artifact with the general Magical Artifact biggest difference on Strength of Faith, you do not have Strength of Faith also to use Sacred Artifact actually, such words can only regard general Magical Artifact to use Sacred Artifact, does not have the means to show Sacred Artifact huge Might. Strength of Faith also makes Gold Core Stage following cultivator not use the Sacred Artifact primary cause, Gold Core Stage following cultivator, Strength of Faith that they can obtain is not many, uses Magical Artifact with Strength of Faith, will consume Strength of Faith, general cultivator that will use Sacred Artifact with many Strength of Faith, kept to practice. Now this with cultivator that Zhao Hai fights, has actually used Sacred Artifact, moreover obvious he blessing/additional support Strength of Faith on this Sacred Artifact , can only explain a point, the status of this person is not ordinary. The Zhao Hai thoughts phonograph, among in the blink of an eye thinks that understand these matters, in the hand had not actually stopped, his very clear, is such person, one, but you offended him, that must branch out the life and death to come, otherwise one, but makes him exit, he will mobilize his back strength to cope with you, such only trouble. But that with cultivator that Zhao Hai fights, is at heart the secret pain, for this time smelting trial, he took the trouble to think, even his father has given back to his many Strength of Faith, gave him Sacred Artifact to decide the light microscope, he thinks that Sacred Artifact in hand, this time smelting trial was absolutely safe, has not actually thought that just came in didn't have long time to run into an able hand, his deciding light microscope actually took the opposite party not means. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;