Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1695

look at that Zhao Hai and Laura they smile bitterly at present this is hundred meters big snake, they were really don’t know must say that any was good. This big snake is not Zhao Hai received that biochemical beast to Space most from the beginning, but is that they feed is only small the beast, this Little Thing was just born time, looks like little mouse is the same, but is about two days, under feeding that they keep, has grown into one unexpectedly has been hundred meters big guy, because Zhao Hai also fed was slightly beastlier the reason of metal, this big snake, took in that in Space more formidable than Zhao Hai absolutely. This big snake also can only have two types now changes the body shape, one type of is the snake, another one type of is the hawk, reason that will have these two types changes the body shape , because before he completely is that biochemical beast study, that biochemical beast is these two types changes the body shape, but this biochemical beast after seeing the two shapes of that biochemical beast, unexpectedly these two types changed the body shape on learn, probably he inborn on is such same, Zhao Hai knows that this is the one type of instinct of biochemical beast Zhao Hai also knows the Level Up ways of these biochemical beasts now, they by absorbing energy, in outside world, they possibly can only like cultivator, absorption energy slowly, Level Up bit by bit, but the biochemical beast in Space is different. Because the gene has improved, they can through eating thing come Level Up, moreover like Insect Race, any thing eats, is eating [gold/metal] Shu the gene in addition, these biochemical beasts can eat including the metal unexpectedly, moreover can transform the metal as uses, this makes Level Up of these biochemical beasts quick, strength. However if the biochemical beast wants to turn into human-shape before by that biochemical beast such that Zhao Hai massacred, can use cultivator Magical Artifact, that must eat the person is good, but other animal did not use, so long as made him look that animal several they can turn into that animal appearance, free activity. Moreover biochemical beast that two changes like this type, is a shortcoming, that is their volume cannot become smaller, can only in the situation of same level volume, transformation back and forth, to five changed, can change volume allow|let can be either big or small. Now this biochemical beast already quickly to the situation that five changed Zhao Hai has not thought must look for cultivator to make him eat he wants to make five of this biochemical beast change is beast has been OK, if had cultivator dead , he also wants to turn into Undead Creature that cultivator, provided Strength of Faith to him. look at this big guy, Cai'er of turning the head of Zhao Hai forced smile to Cai'er said :, do as you please, I am exiting to transfer the extension.” Cai'er, hand has wielded, big pile of Bread Fruit appears of nearby this big guy this big guy yawn, one sufficing hundred people eats one day of Bread Fruit one to give swallowed down, is not swallowing one husk. Zhao Hai shook the head, turn around flew, over the two days his although has put on the attention this biochemical beast, however outside situation, he has not put down, just outside these biochemical beasts, majority had been killed by the Zhao Hai person however cultivator that meets he not polite, massacres directly. Zhao Hai massacres these biochemical beasts, mainly wants to obtain these biochemical beasts regarding the feeling of carcasses, after to facilitate itself, condense Law Idol. Reason that Zhao Hai wants that many Law Idol , because his Doppelganger wonderful - the reason of law, his Doppleganger Profound Technique, is adding on also Doppelganger Divergent Technique, these methods enable him to be able at any time Incarnation myriad, if these Doppelganger use Law Idol to attack the enemy, he needs many Law Idol to be good, passes through practice method that Zhao Hai can go all out. But spiritual Rubik's cube of his within the body now is also more and more, now already quickly to thousand situations, but after each Law Idol forms, can produce a design in Rubik's Cube small surface, now Zhao Hai Law Idol is too few, has only occupied in Rubik's Cube few part, now therefore he goes all out thinks some much study Law Idol. But these cultivator were also butchered over a hundred to be many by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai from these cultivator there, has gotten so far as many good thing, especially some quite special formation, these formation Might very enormous, and has certainly special use, fixed light that looks like beforehand Zhao Hai massacres that cultivator that uses to be the same, that is one type of can presently white light, decides the person in one type of formation of optical field, not only can the anchorage person, but can also anchorage Monster Beast, anchorage Magical Artifact, so long as in any case were covered by that white light lives, you on and other by anchorage. Zhao Hai, therefore after collecting these formation, wants these formation join to Great Magical Artifact, uses in opposing the enemy, even if not join to Great Magical Artifact , can also join to Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, let Sword Formation change even bigger.

Considers to be the same, if Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, suddenly turned into one giant fixed light, then flash of white light, in the formation surrounded all cultivator, by the anchorage, can only stand in there waits for Zhao Hai to kill, what situation can that be? Even if not turn into giant fixed light Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, is only on join fixed light some flying sword, can let entire Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, the change are more, Might Naturally Zhao Hai everyone does not kill, he is not a hormicidal mania, even if these biochemical beasts, Zhao Hai does not see one to kill one, regarding Zhao Hai, trying that this hands over practices with the murder , is same, becomes by oneself stronger, homicide these biochemistry beasts, are because these biochemical beasts change wild beast that the body becomes, he has not felt, therefore the homicide that biochemistry beast, on has been able to sense to wild beast Law Idol that he has not obtained, but homicide these cultivator, is for these cultivator in hand Magical Artifact, sometimes is some cultivator in hand Magical Artifact is quite special, he will not go, more often, he will only massacre is turned into the human-shape biochemical beast. However these to have not let off by corpse Zhao Hai of biochemical beast other cultivator massacre, attains in Space, has fed these biochemical beasts in Space. Time day-by-day past, one month passing half, Zhao Hai has killed many biochemical beasts these days, but regarding cultivator, he has not killed many, biochemical beast that therefore fell by the homicide, throws Space, fed to be beastly to the Space in biochemistry. The biochemical beast in Space were many, these biochemical beast very unusual they do not have the female and male division, only is the grown biochemical beast, can spawn, therefore after these days show, the biochemical beast in Zhao Hai Space may be really many. Besides biochemical beast harvest Zhao Hai has practiced more than ten beast shape Law Idol now, moreover obtained 13 special Formation, and turned into three-dimensional formation these Formation, these harvests were not small, if adding on these plants that foreign Space obtains, harvest of that Zhao Hai on even bigger. These plants to the function is limited, but with is not small regarding doing of biochemical beast, these biochemical beast liking very eat foreign Space plants, moreover after having eaten , the before strength of biochemistry also will become stronger this is Zhao Hai, has not thought. Now this foreign Space here, did not have no thing to be able in attracting the Zhao Hai interest, and has, Zhao Hai did not prepare to begin now, after he prepared, was beginning, this foreign Space map received in Space to come in any case now, he later wants to come momentarily to come. Time day-by-day past, Zhao Hai was still feeding these biochemical beasts in Space, to let these biochemical beast better survivals Zhao Hai made Cai'er prepare several planet specially, making these fellows go to the there survival, to prepare the later fight time was using. Handles these matters, Zhao Hai present, oneself nothing may do, looked at the time, entered to foreign Space here already more than 20 days, draws near should go back, now enters foreign Space these cultivator that but has not died, the majority started the round trip to walk. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in a gate there not far place, then slowly flies toward gate there, quick arrived at gate there, he looked at all around one, the personal appearance moved, flew from the gate. Zhao Hai comes out to fly to go toward Black Tiger Group formation disk there, that lead(er) Captain old in there, that lead(er) Captain old looked at Zhao Hai to fly, probably being startled, look at Zhao Hai, probably at once don’t know must say that any was good.

Zhao Hai to that elder gave a salute, then turn around stood that elder not, that elder was still actually sizing up Zhao Hai, some little time, he could not bear open the mouth and said finally: Zhang Hao, do you have to see our Black Tiger Group other people in foreign Space? With that Yan Wen who your together goes in?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Returns to the words of elder, I have not seen other people, the here surface was too big, wants to run into other people really not to be easy, strict Junior Brother after going, has separated with me, later I in have not seen him, I also am worried about him.” All people know that Zhao Hai this is opening the eye to talk nonsense, his how possible person not to have met, foreign Space although is not small, the person who however goes are also many, must say that has not met, that pure pulls in the ghost. Black Tiger Group lead(er) Captain old does not believe that before that strict article, to `, surface thinking highly, looked that does not have the peaceful good intention, but at that time `, Faith Yan Wen, he at that time also thinks probably `, died, has not actually thought that he was actually living, but Yan Wen did not have to have with his together comes out, looked like that Yan Wen was more unfortunate than fortunate. Thinks of here, that lead(er) Captain never by to eye `, high looked at one, is looking at `, face calm the innocent appearance, leads Captain old at heart cannot help but one cold, his understand, Yan Wen by this `, planning, before his all performance were install, this person of was too scary. Led Captain always to turn the head not to dare to look at Zhao Hai, exceed looked that he more was scared, Zhao Hai look at leads the Captain old appearance, showed a faint smile, a few words had not said that but standing of calm in there. In following several days time, one after another has other Sect disciple walked out, some Sect only then 1 or 2 disciple came out from inside, some are disciple have not come out. However various Sect also already became accustomed to this situation, was saying definitely in here disciple, is not extraordinary existence, therefore simply nobody cares. To that day of gate closure, that immediately was bringing Sect disciple leave, but Black Tiger Group these time entered to the foreign disciple altogether 15 people, came back actually only then three, but must be counted Zhao Hai. After leading Captain is always leading Zhao Hai their returned to Black Tiger Group Transmission square, on immediately/on horseback lets their leave, like the foreign risk, in Sect does not have what reward, likely is not some are duty or the competition that Sect brings honor, this foreign risk, to Sect not any advantage, what therefore Sect naturally will not reward. Zhao Hai sits Transmission Formation returned to directly Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance, Zhang Feng nearest/recent in mountain gate/entrance here, Treasure Ship has stopped in mountain gate/entrance here, now Zhang Feng has traded in the Battle Slave administrative office own mountain gate/entrance, all matters processed in their mountain gate/entrance. Before Zhang Feng, reason that did not like returning to Black Tiger Group , because his in hand does not have Great Magical Artifact, returned to Black Tiger Mountain here, will be pressed a head by these Core Disciple, might as well are merry outside. However now is different, he had Great Magical Artifact, had the energy, naturally in assuming own mountain gate/entrance, before because of him in in the gang, many people was not wants to hire oneself he , can only be passes through his under the hand/subordinate to solve, now was good, he assumed in the gang, these want to hire oneself his person, naturally can come his mountain gate/entrance directly, in adding on in recent time hired oneself his person to be quite many, therefore Zhang Feng on simply fighting the angry administrative office has moved to own mountain gate/entrance.

Zhang Feng these days attention outside situation, he has known Zhao Hai their this several days will come back, he feared really Zhao Hai has any matter, therefore this several days, so long as is Transmission Formation there has the sound, he will pay attention, these time is also same, Transmission Formation there flash of white light, Zhang Feng immediately noted, then he saw `, appears on Transmission Formation. Zhang Feng at heart one happy, he knows certainly that this Zhang Hao is Zhao Hai, because genuine his yesterday has also seen, is closing up on Treasure Ship, how possible appears on Transmission Formation. Zhang Feng although at heart very happy, but has not actually displayed, has sat in own in the room, is waiting for Zhao Hai, his very clear, currently entire Black Tiger Group don’t know has many eyes to stare at him, unusuality that extremely if he displays, by presently, these people will certainly get suspicious, that is not good. Therefore he deferred to the past convention, sat is waiting for the arrival of Zhao Hai in own in the room, because the Zhao Hai present status is Zhang Hao, Zhang Hao was only under the hand/subordinate that he received newly, he did not break the truth that went to greet. Zhao Hai also knows that the Zhang Feng thoughts, he has not been angry, to all around nodded, walks toward Zhang Feng in the room, is proceeding, suddenly person appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai looked, knew that this person of Zhang Feng depends on heavy under the hand/subordinate Hao Xing. Zhao Hai has seen Hao Senior Brother to Hao Xing gave a salute said : hastily.” Does not have the wheel calls or the manner, is without change with genuine Zhang Hao. Hao Xing two eyes curious look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : First Senior Brother to be in wait for you, goes quickly.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : is, thanks a lot Hao Senior Brother.” Said that walks toward the Zhang Feng room, but Hao Xing look at Zhao Hai back, the facial expression was more curious. «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;