Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1696

Reason that Hao Xing will have such facial expression , because he is Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate, minority knows that Zhang Hao person in Great Magical Artifact, Zhang Hao in Great Magical Artifact, but here appears Zhang Hao, that only has been able to explain that this Zhang Hao is others assumes a false identity, moreover this matter or Zhang Feng arrangement. Although Zhang Feng in letting Hao Xing knows Zhang Hao in Great Magical Artifact, makes Hao Xing know that he arranged the person to replace Zhang Hao to take risk to foreign, but Zhang Feng has not made Hao Xing know the Zhao Hai true status, therefore Hao Xingcai to Zhao Hai so curious. Zhao Hai arrived at Zhang Feng room in front of the door, has not waited for him to knock on a door with well-illuminated, the Zhang Feng sound conveys said : to come.” Zhao Hai pushed the door to walk. The Zhang Feng room seems like not very big, here is not quiet room, is only a living room, Zhang Feng is sitting in there is waiting for Zhao Hai. Saw Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng waved said : to come with me.” Said that behind quiet room toward room walks, Zhao Hai also followed Zhang Feng, after they arrived at quiet room, Zhang Feng then said : how Little Hai? Harvests how?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : harvest to be very big, I currently regarding Law Idol condense, had some attainments, after the preparation goes back, closed up some time.” Zhang Feng nodded said : "OK, to close up also well, goes back, is bringing two Strength of Faith to walk, was right, these time goes to foreign battlefield there, has person of attack you? ” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have, but also are many.” Said that his hand one near, the strict article their several Undead Creature appears in the Zhao Hai surroundings, Zhao Hai to Zhang Feng said : these are attack my person, is in Black Tiger Group, but was given to butcher by me.” Then Zhao Hai waves, received these people, turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother. Later looked like we cannot really the go it alone, was too dangerous.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „. Too dangerous. Like this Little Hai, you later keep here, this is I to a status that you make, you later used this status to be good. This is Inner Disciples, but several years ago he offended me. Was given to kill by me, I his Identity Card keeping, this matter nobody know. You use this status to keep side me now. Once for a while returns does not see valley there to have a look also and that's the end.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Zhang Feng suddenly finds out such draws on, but he nodded said : this to be also good, does not see the valley there trash to have Undead Creature to tidy up, I also meet Space Divergent Technique. there has any situation, I can the earliest possible time hurry back. So long as received some trash my Space, I can decompose the synthesis in there.” Reason that Zhao Hai agreed that proposition of Zhang Feng , because he does not want always to stay in does not see valley there, follows in the Zhang Feng side, opportunity has a look in Cultivation World in all directions, moreover does not need to fear that exposes own status, if he also stays in does not see valley there, can only be look that in all directions hides, that also has any meaning, therefore he also agreed with the proposition of Zhang Feng.

But reason that Zhang Feng will have this proposition, one is to fear Zhao Hai has the danger, now Black Tiger Group too many people are staring at him, accidentally if some people of discover Zhao Hai follow him is very near, that has troubled, therefore he must the Zhao Hai belt in the side, second be to fear some people contacts Zhao Hai, if makes these Core Disciple know that the Zhao Hai status, runs up to does not see valley there to go to close Zhao Hai, or seizes Zhao Hai directly, that he may on crying the place has not cried. One hear of Zhao Hai comply such passes quickly, Zhang Feng also relaxed, then said : this Inner Disciples called Li Lin, was not the famous character, this person was Body Cultivator, entered Inner Sect didn't have long time, but also did not have completed the study Law Idol, afterward offended me, had been killed by me, his appearance to was also very ordinary, but the skin was very black, therefore you must change your skin color, in did not have other, believes that in Black Tiger Group the energy remembered his person few, you on by his status appears in my side, will not have the person to suspect.” Zhao Hai nodded said : "OK, First Senior Brother, I go not to see valley there to arrange first, then immediately goes back. ” Zhang Feng nodded said : to go, was right, first goes to Treasure Ship there, otherwise slightly boldly feared that was can never come out.” Said that laughs, Zhao Hai has also laughed, now Zhang Hao also in Treasure Ship, if Zhao Hai walked from Transmission Formation directly, that wants, but also turns the twists and turns in the fee , after having smiled, Zhao Hai to Zhang Feng gave a salute, turn around walked, went to Treasure Ship there directly. After Zhao Hai to Treasure Ship on, directly the place that goes to close up, opens this month of arriving good, closes up the practice regarding cultivator is very ordinary matter, one month is not long, therefore he crosses to is very comfortable. Zhao Hai because of the present or Zhang Hao appearance, when enters to that room that opening closes up has not knocked on a door, if knocked on a door to expose weaknesses, therefore he pushed the door to walk directly. Zhang Hao looked at Zhao Hai to come, in looked at Zhao Hai with his exactly the same appearance, he also stayed, because Zhao Hai appears time he cannot appears , therefore his don’t know Zhao Hai has played the role of him, played the role of any appearance, now looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, he really very shocking, he has not thought that Zhao Hai played the role of such looks like that he played the role of unexpectedly. The Zhao Hai look at Zhang Hao dumbfounded appearance, cannot help but at heart laughs in one's heart, then probably slightly an appearance, then held the fist in the other hand said : this you to invite to Zhang Hao, caught up to ask you what kind of person? Why snatches my appearance, enters my room? You may know, but this room Zhang Feng Senior Brother gives me, if lets Zhang Feng Senior Brother discover you, you must die without doubt, but also invited you fast leave.” Zhang Hao listened to Zhao Hai saying that felt a dizziness, because has looked like, the look, the facial expression, the expression, the movement, all the looks like, Zhang Hao even had one type of in the feeling of looking in a mirror. Does the Zhao Hai look at Zhang Hao appearance, how laugh said : „the Brother Zhang master? Shape that I snatch?”

Zhang Hao then recovers, he one has stood, gathered round Zhao Hai to transfer two, said : that this expressed admiration looks like, has looked like, I said when your youngster will not give to butcher me, then played the role of my appearance, mooched in in the gang?” Zhao Hai laughs said : that to be possible perhaps, you may probably be careful a little.” Said that they have laughed, Zhang Haoke did not fear that Zhao Hai will butcher him, then plays the role of his appearance, because his status obvious being inferior Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not need to do, said it, he is also very good with Zhao Hai relationship, he knows that Zhao Hai is not such person. After having smiled, Zhang does Hao then to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time go to the foreign risk to be what kind of? Harvests to be big?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Harvest is good, it is estimated that in also really possibly concentrates Law Idol to come after a period of time, but also dangerous that you are don’t know, this time our Black Tiger Group altogether went to 15 people, my goodness, eight are copes my, I early have the protection, feared that was given to butcher by them.” Zhang Hao listened to Zhao Hai saying that can concentrate Law Idol, but also somewhat envied, but one hear of Zhao Hai said that he has cannot help but gawked next step: What's the matter?” Zhao Hai entering told Zhang Hao to the foreign Space situation, told Zhang Hao the matter of strict article, Zhang Hao hears is the complexion number changes, he now was understand, these time was also Zhao Hai goes, if he went, feared that already died in foreign Space. Zhang Hao was also only Outer Disciple, Zhang Feng said that now will make him Inner Disciples, but his present strength truly does not suffice, needs well one to be good in practice. Moreover he has not absorbed Strength of Faith now, does not have the Zhao Hai that strong strength, now entered to foreign Space goes, does not have a point advantage to him, will die in inside. Waits for the Zhao Hai lecture, Zhang Hao cannot help but let out a long breath said : really has not thought that foreign Space unexpectedly such danger, what fortunately this going is you, if I goes, that feared that already died in inside.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to result, did not say that this, First Senior Brother has gotten so far as a Inner Disciples status to me now, makes me follow in his side, did not see valley there to give Undead Creature, I must return do not see valley there to tidy up, then came back in according to another status, your status Waist Token took away, on this recorded you to go to foreign to take risk, you later in want to go, not opportunity.” Opened to receive Jade Identity Card, shook the head said : I not to go, went to there is very truly easy to break through, but the poor life was also easier not to have, I did not have your a few tricks, I did not go.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, sound said : I walked, but will be quick, but when the time comes you possibly did not know me.” Said to laugh, personal appearance flashes vanished. Opens direction that bold look at Zhao Hai vanishes, shows a faint smile, must say that he does not envy Zhao Hai, that is impossible, but he with Zhao Hai relationship also very good, he hopes Zhao Hai good, therefore he not because of this matter, but heart fresh obstruction. Zhao Hai returned to did not see valley there, the hand wields, has taken away large quantities of trash, this does actually to Zhang Feng looked that simultaneously Zhao Hai also many ate [gold/metal] Shu to receive returned to in Space, explain/transfer one that two have been responsible for the trash Undead Creature several, this in time appears in Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance there. Before Zhang Feng, has given him a piece Jade Identity Card, this Jade Identity Card is Inner Disciples Li Lin Jade Identity Card, meanwhile has Storage Ring before Li Lin . Moreover the record jade slip of Li Lin appearance, this jade slip specifically is not used to record the Li Lin appearance, he is used to record a fight of Li Lin. Zhao Hai looked at this Li Lin, this Li Lin height with him almost, wears a black cultivator clothing/taking, but his in hand weapon is actually quite special, is two short halberds, these two short halberds are black black hair are bright, more than one meter are long, understands at a glance heavily, is adding on Li Lin is Body Cultivator, he walks completely is the route of short war. Moreover the skin of this Li Lin is very black, the appearance is ordinary, not having any special place, Zhao Hai to play the role of him to come, to is very easy. Zhao Hai optional carried on to adjust to own appearance, was making to be blacker own skin, the slight change one own height, one has hung toward own body Li Lin Jade Identity Card becomes.