Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1697
Chapter 622 Li Lin is going on stage Phoenix's cry peak that Zhang Feng mountain gate/entrance is, in recent time very lively, because of the Zhang Feng crest of wave vigor, therefore everyday comes Phoenix's cry peak here Black Tiger Group disciple also has plenty. But Zhang Feng sends two Outer Disciple to greet under the Phoenix's cry mountain now, so long as some people come the Phoenix's cry peak, is not causes trouble, they want polite welcome. However was Zhang Feng has issued such order, in that two Outer Disciple that under the mountain greeted is also an arrogance of face, must know that now in Black Tiger Group, saying was the person of Phoenix's cry peak, that was not high looks at one. Two Outer Disciple that today is responsible for receiving a guest, just sent off several to come the here visit Outer Disciple, these Outer Disciple are comes Phoenix's cry peak here to inquire that actually, having a look at Zhang Feng also to receive the person, was a pity, some that they come late, now Zhang Feng Phoenix's cry peak here was not receiving the person. Before Zhang Feng for the show, one received many people, the person who now he receives has sufficed many, if in receiving, that several Great Clan feared that must unable to sit still, therefore Zhang Feng was not receiving the person to enter mountain gate/entrance, but to all visited his person, actually very polite, will deliver some Crystal Stone and medicine pill and so on thing, became friends with the person. That two receive a guest disciple, after having packed off these Outer Disciple, Outer Disciple said : Senior Brother Liu, I look at this am not the means that these fellow simply are gets money, First Senior Brother has in many thing, insufficiently to these person of minutes, I looks to have the words of time, should look like First Senior Brother to respond.” These First Senior Brother don’t know that Senior Brother Liu forced smile said : Yao Junior Brother, you said? First Senior Brother is clearer than anyone, but can have any means that before First Senior Brother, show was too slow, now cannot receive too many people, therefore can only win over few people with this method first, but First Senior Brother had Great Magical Artifact, this meteorology was different, I believe that sooner or later one day of First Senior Brother certainly to press these Core Disciple.” That Yao Junior Brother nodded, just about to speaks, suddenly their present distant place cultivator non-stop flew, very fast, they do not dare to neglect, immediately has stacked the smiling face. Before long cultivator stopped in front of them, they looked that this cultivator gawked, this cultivator appearance very ordinary, skin dark, was flashing iron cyan radiance, looked is Body Cultivator, moreover this person of strength very uncommon, body Qi was imposing, complexion ice-cold, looked is not the affable lord. These two cannot help but jumps at heart, they received a guest these many days, causing trouble did not have, today this person evidently probably is not the good way of doing things, will not be will cause trouble? Their cannot help but is vigilant at heart. / «» / «» advertisement entire writing txt downloading That black surface cultivator arrives in front of them, to their deep voice said : Zhang Feng First Senior Brother can in mountain gate/entrance?” That two cultivator one hear of this black surface cultivator said that cannot help but has gawked, this black surface cultivator although expression ice-cold, but actually manages Zhang Feng to call First Senior Brother, the expression respect, is not causes trouble likely.

Senior Brother Liu quickly said: Senior Brother invited, First Senior Brother truly in mountain gate/entrance, what matter does Senior Brother hit First Senior Brother to have? Can the little brother notify?” Black surface cultivator nodded said : to ask Junior Brother to look like the First Senior Brother notification, Li Lin gets through the First Senior Brother explain/transfer matter, came back.” That two Outer Sect cultivator one hear of black surface cultivator said that cannot help but stares, at heart cannot help but let out a long breath, deep voice said : is, asking Senior Brother to sit to inside small hall slightly, little brother immediately letter.” Black surface cultivator nodded, has arrived by mountain corner/horn stone hall there along with that two cultivator, sat. This black surface cultivator naturally is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai when looking at this Li Lin combat process, presently this Li Lin very cruel militant, cold blood Wuqing/ruthless, temperament is more like Assassin same ice-cold, therefore Zhao Hai received oneself that temperate appearance, became killing aura is steaming, facial expression ice-cold. After that Senior Brother Liu invited Zhao Hai sat down, immediately puts out the jade sword, has input some contents in, immediately toward must fly. But on the mountain receives the person of jade sword, was Hao Xing, Hao Xing with Zhang Feng already for a long time, he understood Zhang Feng, just after that fake bold leave, Zhang Feng called in him the room, the arrangement has given him very unusual duty, let him, if received the Li Lin arrival information, immediately told him. Hao Xing heard this information at that time time, feels very shocked, because the Hao Xing in Zhang Feng mouth, he knew exactly that Li Lin enters Black Tiger Group Inner Sect compared with Hao Xingwan, this person is cruelly good to kill, moreover is deceitful, cold-hearted, after entering Inner Sect, hires oneself Zhang Feng, however in hiring oneself Zhang Feng not long after, wants to betray Zhang Feng, hires oneself another Core Disciple, actually by Zhang Feng present, then has executed, is Hao Xingxin arrives at Li Lin to be executed shortly . Moreover the corpse was fired the ash, how among suddenly appears Li Lin? However Hao Xing had not asked that but had mind filled with Hu Yi returned to own room, in he was puzzled time, received that Senior Brother Liu jade sword. Looks at the content in jade sword, Hao Xing stares, his immediately has stood, has arrived at Zhang Feng room in front of the door, deep voice said : First Senior Brother, you made the matter that I paid attention have information.” Zhang Feng nodded said : to go for me to get down, meets him, do not ask any question.” Hao Xingying, turn around flew toward the mountain under. Before long Hao Xing arrived under mountain, distant he noticed that in the Phoenix's cry Yi cool hall sits a black-clothed person, another two Outer Disciple stand in there, the manner is respectful. Saw that background, Hao Xing has gawked, because that back actually with him remembers that the Li Lin back was exactly the same, this made Hao Xing somewhat puzzled.

Hao Xing personal appearance in a flash, entered in the cool hall, when he saw the Zhao Hai frontage, cannot help but gawked, then complexion changed, because Zhao Hai played the role has looked like, no matter the appearance or temperament, did not have any flaw, if Hao Xing did not see with one's own eyes Li Lin dead nearby oneself, he thinks certainly that this was Li Lin, however after before has seen that fake, he can affirm that this person was not Li Lin, certain was others plays the role. Zhao Hai saw Hao Xing, immediately has stood, held the fist in the other hand said : to see Hao Senior Brother to Hao Xing.” Hao Xingdian nod said : walked, First Senior Brother in wait for you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, flies with Hao Xingwang mountain on. But that two Outer Disciple actually had a scare, they know certainly Hao Xing, knows that Hao Xing is Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate first trusted aide, has not actually thought that today this person is Hao Xing greets unexpectedly personally, it seems like that this person of status not general that. Some of their fear, before fortunately, is not impolite to this Li Senior Brother Lin, otherwise feared that had difficultly, they wiped away sweat, that Yao Junior Brother to Senior Brother Liu said : Senior Brother Liu, you said that this Li Senior Brother Lin was who? How before we had not heard in the gang did have such No. 1 character?” This Senior Brother Liu shook the head said : also really don’t know, but, Li Senior Brother Lin at heart is not evidently low in First Senior Brother status, later has met carefully.” Yao Junior Brother nodded, their status to this Senior Brother Li was more curious. But at this time Hao Xing also in look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was actually cold a face, could not see any expression, this let Hao Xing doubt, because Li Lin before has not died was such expression, this also looked like. Before long they arrived on the mountain, arrived at Zhang Feng room in front of the door, has not waited for them to speak, the Zhang Feng door opened, the Zhang Feng sound simultaneously conveys said : to come quiet room to see me.” They complied with one to walk, entered Zhang Feng quiet room directly. They entered Zhang Feng quiet room, presently Zhang Feng is standing in there, two eyes curiously is sizing up Zhao Hai, looked said : that while expressed admiration I said Little Hai, I thought the technique of your youngster this disguise, was stronger than Hán Bùlí that youngster, I have given you a material, you made such to look like unexpectedly, probably, my look at a little at heart wool, changed the original appearance, met with Hao Xing this youngster.” Zhao Hai complied with one, intention moved restored the original appearance, then turned the head to see Hao Senior Brother to Hao Xing gave a salute said :, below Zhao Hai.” Hao Xingleng, then „the Junior Brother given name I early had hearing to Zhao Hai returned the salute said :, when previous Senior Brother look at you, I know that you are Senior Brother under the hand/subordinate, has not thought of your not family skill, good, good.” Zhang Feng showed a faint smile said : small star, the Little Hai status absolutely do not pass on, later is Li Lin, beforehand Zhang Hao was also he, you know that was good, do not say to anyone, even if were you says the matter of how old are you wetting the bed, do not say the Little Hai status, understand?” Hao Xing has not thought that Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai unexpectedly such attaching great importance, he now also don’t know Treasure Ship is the Zhao Hai refinement, the Zhang Feng words he must listen, therefore his although is puzzled, but has complied with one.

Zhang Feng look at Hao Xing appearance, deep voice said : small star, your possibly don’t know I why to Little Hai such attaching great importance, Little Hai matter, only then I, young three of us know with Little Hai that Little Hai meets one type of Divergent Technique, this Divergent Technique decomposes the synthesis, Little Hai can build up waste thing, the material that turning again can use, and synthesizes medicine pill and Magical Artifact, therefore I sent not to see valley there him, moreover you think that Treasure Ship was there comes? After Treasure Ship Little Hai refines, gives to me.” What? Is Treasure Ship the Little Hai refinement? How is this possible?” He He, not to be how impossible, Little Hai in Lower Realm, the manufacture excessively are many Great Magical Artifact, but Treasure Ship separates to refine, then assembles, Little Hai naturally ** completes, now knows why I so did take seriously Little Hai? Your youngster is best to slide is selecting Little Hai, if later wants to refine medicine pill that Level Up uses, directly looks for Little Hai, to refine Magical Artifact also to look for Little Hai, if Little Hai is sad, hey, your youngster had difficultly.” Zhao Hai of Hao Xing also dull look at face smiling face, Zhao Hai smiling face very temperate, gives one type of such as to wash the feeling of spring breeze, with just cold-hearted Li Lin completely different. What most important is, he is shocked in the Zhao Hai ability, the decomposition synthesis, this is the how enviable ability, no wonder Zhang Feng so takes seriously him, ability that he really has attach great importance. Said in one hear of Zhang Feng, Hao Xing quickly said: I do not dare to offend him, Little Hai, later the two brothers are well intimate, Elder Brother I introduced that several attractive female cultivator give you.” Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai one hear of he said that laughs, in Zhang Feng quiet room, the laughter is intermittent at once. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;