Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1698

Chapter 623 makes money to plan When Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate suddenly presently Zhang Feng don’t know from starts, many trusted aide, this trusted aide almost will follow daily in the Zhang Feng side, is almost same as the status of Hao star, even must be higher These people thought Hao Xing because of this matter vitality, but has not actually thought that the appearance that Hao Xing not only has not been angry, conversely, has the appearance that a little bit flatters to that person, this makes Zhang Feng all under the hand/subordinate feel very strange. Afterward inquired that understand what's the matter, according to legend this person called Li Lin, was Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate very important doing, afterward Zhang Feng will send to complete very important duty, therefore in Zhang Feng appears , now duty has not completed, he also on appears in the Zhang Feng side. But those who surprise people are, this person of strength is not very strong, has probably not congealed including Law Idol, but is a such person, actually very by attaching great importance to of Zhang Feng, this is all person puzzled reasons. Had seven days of Zhao Hai to the Zhang Feng side, these seven days, he has followed in the Zhang Feng side, Zhang Feng to his under the hand/subordinate all knows Zhao Hai, to establish status of Zhao Hai in Phoenix's cry peak, therefore has made him follow in own side. Naturally he, after Zhang Feng, will let Zhao Hai Steward, he Zhao Hai belt in side, there are to let the meaning of Zhao Hai familiar business. Zhao Hai these seven days, to were has known about the Zhang Feng strength, the Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate strength was very strong, moreover control some industries, but Zhao Hai actually presently, the income of these industries are not very high, reason that Zhang Feng now is so rich, part was come from these industries, but another part, was actually the Gang Master support gives him. This regarding Zhang Feng is weak spot, Zhao Hai this several days was also considering that puts out to select thing to come, making Zhang Feng do to do business, increases the add some income. The Cultivator four essential factors, law, companion, the wealth, this wealth is to refer to the wealth, if Zhang Feng cannot be formidable in the financial resource, his simply does not have the means to win over more people, can say that now Zhang Feng has been resting on one's laurels, moreover he could not eat how long. Zhang Feng also knows that his situation, he knew own appears the economic crisis, but he did not have the means that he could not compare other ten big Core Disciple, ten big Core Disciple had the support of these Great Clan, time of these Great Clan in Black Tiger Group were very long, the industry of in hand were innumerable, money to come who they had supported these Core Disciple, but he did not have, even if he currently has the support of iron Zhan Tian, but iron Zhan Tian was Master of a gang, had too many eye look at, if his Tanzania in excess, that on the means obedience, when the time comes these Great Clan under agitating one, iron Zhan Tian can only. Passive. Therefore now Zhang Feng was also worrying for the matter of money that because of his very clear, the matter of this money must solve by him. On this day handled on matter, Zhang Feng looked at one to follow on hand in his Zhao Hai, how deep voice said : Little Hai? Follows in my this several days, what has present? Somewhat was tired of?” Zhao Hai shook the head, deep voice said :to not bothersome, but after these days read the materials of some Senior Brother under the hand/subordinate industries, I present an issue, that is Senior Brother probably somewhat is unable to make ends meet, in other words, Senior Brother you have been resting on one's laurels now, moreover Senior Brother in hand feared that did not have many initial capitals to eat

Zhang Feng stares, then has smiled bitterly next step: Has not thought that unexpectedly such quickly present, good that you said that now I truly was have been resting on one's laurels, moreover many initial capitals may not eat, I also for this matter was worrying that now, Black Tiger Group by producing various Monster Beast pill became famous, Monster Beast pill of our Black Tiger Group refinement, in entire Northern Divergent Province very famous, but these channels have not grasped in my in hand, but by these Great Clan control, the industry of my under the hand/subordinate, many were some medicinal herbs habitats, can only be gives these person to provide some source materials, because these fellow. Suppression specially, these industries of my in hand, the income are really not many, hard to deal with.” The Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, showing a faint smile said : suddenly First Senior Brother, my here to has road of the becoming wealthy . Moreover the road of this becoming wealthy can be said as Cultivation World unique, so long as there is the road of this becoming wealthy, First Senior Brother certain source of wealth is billowing.” Zhang Feng stares, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what source of income? Your youngster wicked idea also is really many.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : First Senior Brother, you know that in this world the who money should better gain?” Zhang Feng has gawked, his present although is managing many industries, but he after is cultivator, in Cultivation World here, almost does not have no Merchant aristocratic family and so on, all spoke by the strength, therefore Zhang Feng was not good at regarding the management, he was naturally impossible to know that Zhao Hai these words were any meaning. The look at Zhang Feng appearance, Zhao Hai had not replied with him that then said : some people said that in this world, the woman and child's money should better gain, in Cultivation World here, wants to make child's money not to be easy, but Cultivation World here female cultivator is actually many, must make their money, is actually not difficult.” Zhang Feng puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : make the female cultivator money not to be difficult? Why is this?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, women are like to look good, this point you also know, but cultivator life very long, but person actually aging slowly, but many female cultivator, after getting old, little took a walk outside, because of them because of the reason of age, but became ugly, although now Cultivation World here, has plenty in face medicine pill, but the effect, probably was not very good, if we can promote one to make the woman more attractive medicine pill, I think that these female cultivator not at any cost will certainly buy this medicine.” Zhang Feng stares, he has not thought of this point, in fact Cultivation World here, regarding the need of any woman, a simply not point consideration, this is a piece is almost equal to the blank market, if takes really this market, do not say these Great Clan can't compare with he, even if entire Black Tiger Group, in the financial resource, feared that did not have the means compared with him. Rich enemy! In Zhang Feng mind suddenly has emitted such a few words, because of Zhang Feng very clear, in Cultivation World here, the female cultivator quantity has many, if lets these female cultivator frantic, his wallet will start to rouse. However Zhang Feng immediately has thought an issue, these that his look at Zhao Hai said : you said are very good, but all these are based on medicine pill, if did not have that medicine pill, all are the empty talk.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother do not worry, this point did I possibly forget? This First Senior Brother sends me to go to foreign Space there, but also was goes really right, foreign Space there plants, although looked like with our Cultivation World here is similar, however there plants medicinal, actually with our Cultivation World here complete was different, I divided to pity these plants medicine's essence, these plants, had very strong cosmetology to do to use, so long as we could do well, can make one type of medicine pill, this medicine pill not only can let these young female cultivator, became attractiveness, can by these on young female cultivator, become young, Senior Brother, if we. Causing medicine pill words, you said that these can female cultivator frantic?”

Zhang Feng dull look at Zhao Hai, some little time he let out a long breath said : Junior Brother, aren't you are deceiving me? foreign Space does there have this medicinal herbs really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turned has put out a jade box, then the jade box entered Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng gawked, but opened the jade box. In the jade box is very ordinary herbal medicine, this herbal medicine in Cultivation World here has plenty, is the one type of famous medicine, the named mountain seven, this type of mountain seven are one type of outline plants, Ye He spends to be used as medicine, the leaf long seven pieces, spend seven petals, was born on the mountain, therefore famous mountains seven. This medicinal herbs various Great Sect have the planter, is one type of very universal thing, on each cultivator will take several bottles of mountain seven powder, specifically is used to treat the flesh wound. Zhang Feng puzzled look at this mountain do seven, turn the head what special place this mountain seven to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is not our here mountain seven, is the foreign battlefield there mountain seven, don’t know First Senior Brother can you refining pills, if your meeting, you can try this medicine the disposition, this medicine medicine's essence with our Cultivation World here mountain seven medicine's essence complete is different, he is mainly is used to wrinkle.” Zhang Feng has gawked, then his immediately has torn down mountain side seven leaves, then has put the mouth, has chewed gently two. Zhang Feng although specialize is not refining pills, but is cultivator, the simplest distinguishing medicine he can, but cultivator Bian Yao, so long as chews with the mouth, can probably distinguish this medicinal herbs medicine's essence, after all medicinal herbs is also the one type of energy form, what cultivator regarding energy is very sensitive. Zhang Feng has chewed that mountain 72, complexion changes, because of him presently mountain seven long exactly the same of this mountain seven although with Cultivation World here, but medicine's essence is actually completely different, this mountain seven li (0.5km) have the one type of very strong activeness, when this activeness is actually not that wound treatment activeness, but another one type of he has not paid attention to activeness, wants to come is wrinkles the function that Zhao Hai said. The intention moves, after refining that mountain side seven, Zhang Feng gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : medicine's essence not to be truly different, this mountain seven your bring out how many? Can we in the Cultivation World here planter?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : my bring out are not many, moreover I do not think that in the here planter is the good deed, First Senior Brother, the foreign there environment looks like with Cultivation World here very much, however the same medicine, medicine's essence can actually live such big change, that explained that foreign there has the differences with our here, but everyone/Great Clan has not noted, if we foreign mountain seven types in our here, feared that will be final mountain seven medicine's essence changes, therefore I did not approve that will plant foreign medicinal herbs in our here.” Zhang Feng frowns said : not to plant this medicinal herbs words, our raw materials will have the issue, even if must do this business, feared that is impossible long-time?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, you have forgotten my another Divergent Technique?” Zhang Feng stares, then look at Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : you said that Space Divergent Technique?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Space Divergent Technique, he he, First Senior Brother, so long as is I have gone to the place, I can with Space Divergent Technique in going one time, foreign there am no exception, not to have the gate, there I also to go now to go, my Space Divergent Technique is different from Space Divergent Technique of other people, Space Divergent Technique of other people will possibly have very strong defense and attack ability, my Space Divergent Technique does not have, but can actually disregard existence of Space barrier, therefore, after us , can definitely regard foreign Space there is our Medicine Fields, how many wants medicinal herbs, on. Wants many medicinal herbs, HaHaHa.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also a happy expression of face, when his then Zhao Hai said : that this type in face medicine pill, your what thinks that can cause the formula?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : to me three days, three days of I can give you formula and refinement method, medicinal herbs that but can also use to your large quantities of refining pills, but this afterward, I must close up some time, moreover hopes that First Senior Brother can prepare several Strength of Faith to me, I want to congeal Law Idol.” Zhang Feng nodded said : you not saying that I must such do, comes compared with other matters, the congealment of Law Idol is most important, you prepare, I give you to prepare Strength of Faith.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai leave, actually somewhat could not sit still, in the room that he keeps roves, some little time, deep voice said : small star, quickly get lost to me.” Hao Xing in own in the room processing matter, he was Zhang Feng most is depending on heavy under the hand/subordinate, the everyday matter, cannot like Zhao Hai such, daily following in the Zhang Feng side, he also like oneself present life in fact. Now one hear of Zhang Feng call him, he stares, Zhang Feng although is scolding him probably, but to Hao Xing of Zhang Feng very understanding is actually very clear, Zhang Feng this is happy, if the Zhang Feng vitality, simply will not scold him. Hao Xing personal appearance moves, immediately appears in Zhang Feng in the room, he looked that Zhang Feng in the room stamps the appearance of step, eyeball has almost not stared, Zhang Feng has been calm, the performance like today, he is the first time sees, Hao Xing puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, What happened to you? What matter has?” Zhang Feng look at Hao Xing, the hand wields, doorkeeper has closed, then deep voice said the plan of Zhao Hai, then his look at Hao Xing said : small star, your youngster most understands the woman, you said that if according to the plan of Little Hai, we whether to solve the problem on our finance?” Hao Xing look at Zhang Feng, with eye look at of one type of like looking at idiot he, such look, Hao Xing first time uses on the body of Zhang Feng, then Hao Xing said : I said First Senior Brother, troubles you, you later do not practice time, can find a time to understand these women? If there is this medicine pill, I dare saying that you do not use other thing, does not need to pursue the woman, so long as toward leaving takes this medicine pill, these women can line up climbs up your bed, if you sell this medicine pill, I dare saying that you in the future will be the Cultivation World richest person, will have money compared with these Great Sect, because of this medicine pill, will look like such that Little Hai will say, can really by these woman frantic!” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;