Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1699

Chapter 624 Rejuvenation Pill becomes Zhang Feng one hear of Hao Xing said that cannot help but face one red, but he exhibits First Senior Brother dignified said :little to waste breath quickly, asked that you select the matter on such talkative, if it seems like Little Hai makes really this thing, we fear cannot eat up, I see Martial Uncle, this matter must be counted Martial Uncle one to be good Hao Xingdian nod said : „, not only Gang Master, Han Clan should better also be counted one, we made thing, channel that in hand has not sold, but Han Clan these year of although have hidden in secretly, but their in hand business, are not less than Hu Clan, we can borrow the Han Clan marketing channel, sold thing.”. Zhang Feng nodded, then turns the head this several days to Hao Xing said : to disturb Little Hai, prepares a little Strength of Faith, Little Hai wants to attack the Law Idol boundary.” Hao Xingying said : this I have managed.” Zhang Feng nodded, turn around walks toward in the room, through in the room Transmission Formation, went to iron Zhan Tian study room directly, discussed the newly-made medicine pill matter with iron Zhan Tian. Zhao Hai does not have to a matter interest that Zhang Feng and Hao Xing discussed that so long as has been OK the formula and to Zhang Feng, regarding any condense Law Idol, but was a pretence under pretext, what precise Law Idol was straight regarding him was too relaxed, but reason that he such anxiously condense Law Idol, was being the strength that because he shows now was really too low, later he and person opposed the enemy, if also displayed this to strength, but that suffered a loss very much. Do not forget him to follow now in the Zhang Feng side, later must the enemy to not be definitely weak, if he also not as soon as possible was left Law Idol by own condense, later opposes the enemy unavoidably wants the hands tied feet tied. Zhao Hai has thought that he wanted condense Law Idol, reason that this time he prepares condense to leave elephant shape Law Idol, Zhao Hai wants condense to leave elephant shape Law Idol, for coordinates Li Lin this status, Li Lin is Body Cultivator, sees often Body Cultivator by the strength greatly, Zhao Hai later must by the Li Lin status, the life a long time, to coordinate the Li Lin status, he naturally may use elephant shape Law Idol. Law Idol has compatibility with a person, for example you are Assassin, you best with snake-shaped Law Idol, if you must use elephant shape Law Idol, that will not make you wield 100% Battle Force. Conversely, by strength famous cultivator, you practice beast shape Law Idol the time, best uses elephant shape, like is in itself the strength big to drafting, the people said Dragon's Strength, Dragon's Strength, that meaning in other words, only then the strength of dragon can be bigger than the shape, obviously the people regarding image force big India are striking root in the hearts of the people how Therefore Zhao Hai has selected elephant shape Law Idol, naturally, he cannot elephant shape Law Idol shining now, after must wait till him to finish has closed up, is good. How Zhang Feng to with iron Zhan Tian and Han Clan discuss that Zhao Hai simply being disinclined manages, in its, does not seek its politics, these are Zhang Feng this matter of worrying, is not he.

Three days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai from their in the room walked out, to the Zhang Feng room outside, outside the Zhang Feng room, have been standing two Inner Disciples, these two Inner Disciples strengths are not bad, arrived at the Law Idol time, moreover can feel from their aura, they arrived at the Law Idol time already sometime. Zhao Hai also knows that these two Inner Disciples do not guard a gate to Zhang Feng in here, but prepares to seek an interview Zhang Feng, but Zhang Feng is busy now, therefore has not seen them spatially, they can only wait in here. Two Inner Disciples also saw Zhao Hai, they know Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai to come, nodded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai returned the salute, just about to stands in there , etc., saw the Zhang Feng door to open suddenly, then the Zhang Feng sound conveyed said : Li Lin to come.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, held the fist in the other hand to that two Inner Disciples, walked. That two Inner Disciples look at Zhao Hai back, cannot help but a envy, they waited for Zhang Feng to summon already sometime in here, but Zhang Feng had not actually seen them, but Zhao Hai actually just came Zhang Feng to summon, can look from this point, in Zhang Feng at heart, Zhao Hai was much more important than them. However they also only dare to be jealous Zhao Hai, they cannot have other any idea to Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng is very strong, moreover Zhang Feng is not the Buddhism believers, if offended Zhang Feng, has them to receive. Did Zhao Hai enter the Zhang Feng room, how Zhang Feng flushed look at Zhao Hai said : that cut Little Hai? Can begin to materialize?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, puts out a piece jade slip to give Zhang Feng, deep voice said : has given, First Senior Brother, this was the formula and refinement method, according to this on came, not mistakenly.” Zhang Feng received Zhao Hai in hand jade slip, spiritual force searched toward, immediately saw a formula, afterward was refinement method, when put any medicinal herbs, how various medicinal herbs must process, has the purity that what crucial moment wrote, this was Zhang Feng has not thought absolutely. Zhang Feng is taking jade slip, face shocking look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : decomposition to synthesize Divergent Technique is not that simple, his although cannot let know how directly in can build up such medicine pill, but First Senior Brother do not forget, I many scraps turning into the material, in this process, I know that these scraps the issues left in there, as the matter stands the accumulation experience slowly, I can know that some medicine pill Magical Artifact refinement method, believes that I will write this refinement method that came out am not wrong.” Zhang Feng nodded, receives jade slip said : Little Hai, this time I must well thank you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „should, First Senior Brother was too polite, was right, this gives you, the here surface is thinks to be able to refine 10,000 medicinal herbs in face medicine pill, even if counted the failure rate, can obtain several hundred medicine pill, has these several hundred medicine pill, suffices First Senior Brother you to use last a while, after I go out, is decomposing these waste pill, then takes medicinal herbs in foreign there.” Zhang Feng received Zhao Hai to give his Space Bag, nodded said : well, this gives me to process, was right, this gives you, this is 100 Strength of Faith, should enough make your condense leave Law Idol, when jade slip has some condense Law Idol attainments, is possibly helpful to you, you are attractive.”

Zhao Hai has complied with one, nodded, received Zhang Feng to give his Space ring, then bowed said : that I to close up to Zhang Feng, said goodbye.” Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai has then drawn back. Zhao Hai left the Zhang Feng room, returned to own room, then immediately has put out a signalling jade sword, has recorded some contents in, let out. This jade sword to Hán Bùlí, he told Hán Bùlí to close up some time, before his magnificent was Li Lin time, told Hán Bùlí, now tells Hán Bùlí, he must close up. Zhao Hai does not want to hide the truth from Hán Bùlí own status, Hán Bùlí is his friend . Moreover the back also has Han Clan, this is very big to his help, because of adding on Han Clan with Zhang Feng is the ally, hides the truth from Hán Bùlí at this matter, simply is not needing. After informing Hán Bùlí, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, has deposited Strength of Faith jade formation disk to take these, has given Laura them, making Laura they absorb. Laura they will be naturally impolite, they also know that Zhao Hai simply does not lack this Strength of Faith, therefore everyone divided many Strength of Faith, started to absorb. Absorbs Strength of Faith not to have what danger, but Zhao Hai regarding Zhang Feng is actually very grateful, must know that 100 Strength of Faith were many, in Black Tiger Group, general Inner Disciples, one month can obtain Strength of Faith, but Zhang Feng one has given unexpectedly Zhao Hai 100, obviously he attaching great importance to degree to Zhao Hai. Following some time Zhao Hai calm in Space, look at Zhang Feng they are busy outside. Zhang Feng after Zhao Hai closes up, immediately had found his under the hand/subordinate Alchemy Master, has given these Alchemy Master the formula and medicinal herbs. very detailed that because Zhao Hai decides the refining pills process, in adding on this medicine pill refinement degree is not very difficult, therefore three days later, Zhang Feng has attained the first furnace successfully in Yan pill, this type in Yan pill looks like all over the body the green, emerald green emerald green, very beautiful, Zhang Feng looks at this medicine pill so attractively, can make the woman reply the youth, therefore takes known as Rejuvenation Pill to this medicine pill. Rejuvenation Pill was refines successfully, but Zhang Feng now also don’t know this is medicine pill effective, finally he has given Hao Xing Rejuvenation Pill, making him give old female cultivator this medicine pill. Meaning of Hao Xing naturally also understand Zhang Feng, therefore he looked for a semblance has looked like 50-year-old Gold Core Stage female cultivator, delivered Rejuvenation Pill after her, added that was spends one that the strength obtained with all one's heart in face medicine pill, very effective. female cultivator to this medicine pill immunity is almost zero, is adding on Hao Xing this fellow although to be loose, but to the woman is actually really good, therefore that woman had not suspected, medicine pill eating.

After eating first day does not have what response, but on that female cultivator some white, overnight has actually grow darked, next day, the wrinkle on face changed pale, third day, that female cultivator restored the appearance when she was 20 years old. But this matter also in Black Tiger Group female cultivator, one caused a stir, almost all female cultivator have gotten Hao Xing, wants to ask that Hao Xing got so far as this medicine pill from there. Hao Xing first time facing some time headaches of woman, but he said according to the instruction of Zhang Feng, he told these female cultivator, this medicine pill called Rejuvenation Pill, he was buys in a medicine pill shop in city, that medicine pill shop that he said that naturally was Han Clan Medicine Shop, but nobody knows that was the industry of Han Clan. But at this time, Zhang Feng and Han Clan and iron Zhan Tian continually hand, at leaving an auction of Black Tiger Group quite far city, public auction Rejuvenation Pill, altogether ten, these ten Rejuvenation Pill, are not the together auctions, but is divided into the ten times auction. Other place Gang female cultivator did not say that Black Tiger Group female cultivator hears this information at that time on crazy, almost in Black Tiger Group a little status female cultivator, brought own family belongings to run up to that in the city, the preparation pats Rejuvenation Pill. But they make such big noise, naturally also has alarmed other Gang, but the people in these Gang, heard that these women come for Rejuvenation Pill, has not cared, after all that is to the woman in medicine pill that the face uses, in the Old Master sons to these Great Sect, anything has not attracted gravitational force. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;