Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1700
The sixth hundred 25 chapter of rejuvenation raging tides crazy, Northern Divergent Province female cultivator crazy! Northern Divergent Province female cultivator for same thing, but frantic, that is Rejuvenation Pill. Auction that Zhang Feng and Han Clan organize, already past ten days, that auction, ten Rejuvenation Pill, have sold the thirty thousand Mid Grade Crystal Stone price finally, such price, compares many established medicine pill on absolutely expensive many. Most from the beginning, only then Black Tiger Group female cultivator is tendering, but afterward other Gang female cultivator occasionally also will insert a foot, but the price one was high they to draw back, finally had Northern Divergent Province, Spirit Snake hole female cultivator pats Rejuvenation Pill, but this Rejuvenation Pill, she was pats to give her Master, to celebrate her Master birthday. But Rejuvenation Pill formidable place, passes from Spirit Snake hole there. That female cultivator regards the birthday present to give her Master Rejuvenation Pill that he patted, her Master life was very long, completely was a Elderly Lady appearance, entire was white, on the face has been covered with the wrinkle, the although strength , the life was still very long, but the appearance looked like is actually gradually old. When that female cultivator Master, Rejuvenation Pill eating up third days later, turned into a 20-year-old young married woman appearance unexpectedly, this was in all female cultivator the Spirit Snake hole gives to be startled. The Spirit Snake hole is Northern Divergent Province here is very special Sect, their first-generation Sect Master are the snake monsters, therefore acquires fame, but the Spirit Snake hole here most major characteristics are not the Monster Cultivator establishment, but is Spirit Snake hole there only receives female disciple, Spirit Snake hole male disciple does not receive, only receives female disciple, therefore the Spirit Snake hole in Northern Divergent Province is very famous Gang. But reason that the Spirit Snake hole is famous, is they did not oppose that Sect's Disciples with other Sect Dual Cultivation, can say Spirit Snake hole and Northern Divergent Province many Sect, is relations by marriage relationship, in Northern Divergent Province here, disciple of Spirit Snake hole, will be the unusual person will offend. Also because of this, therefore Spirit Snake hole there information very quick, other Sect lived any matter regarding Spirit Snake hole there, knows is very clear. Because of this characteristics, the Rejuvenation Pill effect has therefore spread over entire Northern Divergent Province within the shortest time, female cultivator of various Northern Divergent Province factions after obtaining information, first has carried on the confirmation, after the complete confirmation, Northern Divergent Province female cultivator immediately crazy, they start frantic is seeking for Rejuvenation Pill, inquired Rejuvenation Pill information. But Zhang Feng their seize the opportunity in hand several hundred Rejuvenation Pill, has actually sold out in the way of auction, but these several hundred Rejuvenation Pill prices also start increasing successively, last Rejuvenation Pill, has laid out the fifty thousand Mid Grade Crystal Stone sky-high price unexpectedly fifty thousand Mid Grade Crystal Stone, even if the large Gang faction like Black Tiger Group, Inner Disciples, one year of year presents also several thousand Mid Grade Crystal Stone, in other words, Rejuvenation Pill, a equivalent to Black Tiger Group ordinary Inner Disciples ten years of year presents! although said that Inner Disciples is impossible only the depending year to present to practice, however such high price, truly frightens many people.

But Zhang Feng they are dumbfounded look at this price, at heart finally trembles greatly Crystal Stone held own belt-bag, simultaneously kept secret regarding the Rejuvenation Pill background. Because Han Clan itself does the intelligence, therefore the matter of security is they have been being done, but after seeing this price, Han Clan immediately has additionally appointed the manpower, has carried on combing again to the Rejuvenation Pill outflow channel, will not make the person know absolutely that Rejuvenation Pill is from their hands flows. After several hundred Rejuvenation Pill sell, not only has not made this rejuvenation unrest tribulation coldly, instead to is makes this fire fever more prosperous, even has burnt several other Great Province. But at this time Zhang Feng actually regretted, he regretted that he worried to sell these medicine pill went, now Zhao Hai is still closing up, but his in hand did not have to refine the Rejuvenation Pill material, Rejuvenation Pill official being out of stock. This was out of stock to be possible on equal to to break money, Zhang Feng there could bear, now Zhang Feng wishes one could daily defending out the Zhao Hai room, feared that disturbs words that Zhao Hai closed up, he wished one could, Zhao Hai grasping. Zhao Hai closes up for one month later, his room there transmitted very fierce energy fluctuation, Zhang Feng one is alarmed, but he not startled counter- happy, because he was too clear, this energy fluctuation represented Zhao Hai precise Law Idol to succeed. Really, after that energy fluctuated good, disappearance slowly, then the Zhao Hai door opens, he from in the room walked out. Zhao Hai just one walked from in the room, hears the Zhang Feng sound to transmit said : Li Lin, sees me.” Zhang Feng has no alternative but to be anxious, Rejuvenation Pill was out of stock quick ten days of the person, that is money that. Zhao Hai knows certainly that what situation Zhang Feng there is, but he closes up for one month to come out, he cannot Zhang Feng this just be out of stock, his immediately came out, wasn't that too skillful? Therefore he has not worried, when closes up for one month later, he causes the Spiritual Qi fluctuation fake that Law Idol has congealed, this goes out. Really, he just went out, Zhang Feng horse Ru summoned him, he had not said anything, but pretended an appearance, immediately to the Zhang Feng room. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback said : how? But succeeded?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to succeed.” Zhang Feng let out a long breath, then immediately/on horseback said : what Law Idol?”

Zhao Hai said : elephant shape Law Idol, you also know that my present status is Li Lin, he is Body Cultivator, therefore I have chosen elephant shape Law Idol.” Zhang Feng frowns, then sighed said : Little Hai, pressed you, but you congealed elephant shape Law Idol, this was influential to your later cultivation level, you were not necessary so, Body Cultivator congealed other Law Idol also to have.” Zhao Hai smiles said : First Senior Brother feel relieved, I when cultivator there, cultivated the body . Moreover the strength is not weak, but few people know that therefore concentrates elephant shape Law Idol, to does not have the too tremendous influence to me, you do not need to be worried, right First Senior Brother, that medicine pill refinement in face how?” Zhao Hai knows that Zhang Feng such anxiously is looking for him, what are actually more is for the Rejuvenation Pill matter, therefore his initiative directed on that the topic. Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that the facial expression on face changes, immediately/on horseback turned into the appearance of beaming with joy, he smiles said : well, good very much, this Rejuvenation Pill all end product medicine pill have sold now, received a big pen, HaHaHa, such short some time, these Rejuvenation Pill income, quickly compared favorably with a piece Medicine Fields one year of assembling.” Zhao Hai also smiles said : to come back Senior Brother to give a name to call Rejuvenation Pill to that medicine pill, to is also worthy of the reputation, how many medicine pill First Senior Brother these has time altogether sold?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Several hundred, other built up to abandon, now Rejuvenation Pill was out of stock, Little Hai did you look?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : good, my present immediately goes to take some medicinal herbs to come, when I come back, has been processing these waste pill, First Senior Brother do not worry.” Zhang Feng nodded, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to him, then personal appearance flashes, vanished in same place, place that Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai vanished, let out a long breath. Zhao Hai has not exited to walk from his in the room, is just right for his regard, if outside Zhao Hai arrives in leave, possibly by person present, but now his room, was used Spiritual Sense separating by him, in the room situation others do not have the means present, Zhao Hai is just appropriate from here leave. Before long Zhao Hai on appears , in his hand took an air abstention to raise, previous Zhang Feng gave his, Zhao Hai has handed over in the hand of Zhang Feng the Space ring said : First Senior Brother, this was refines the material that 10,000 Rejuvenation Pill needed, First Senior Brother, I thought Rejuvenation Pill, we cannot one time sell too, if sold too, is not valuable, First Senior Brother should set a quantity to Rejuvenation Pill, for example one month supplied many, only then such Rejuvenation Pill can maintain the high price, if under one produced goods too many, feared that was this price on must be pulled down..” Zhang Feng stares, the way of this hungry sale he also really first time heard, but he is not one stupidly receives is, changes mind thinks that one on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he also thought this saying very reasonable, this Rejuvenation Pill looks like high level Magical Artifact is the same, because few, therefore everyone/Great Clan will struggle, if the entire avenue is, who also struggles, therefore he nodded, deep voice said : good, this I can process.” Zhao Hai then said : that First Senior Brother gives me these waste pill, I process, First Senior Brother, that waste pill absolutely do not flow to outside, must recycle completely is good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : feel relieved, does not have the class to exit, all has recycled, altogether has refined many medicine pill, succeeds many, is defeated many, has the record and ensure cannot make a mistake.” Was saying Zhang Feng while has put out several very big jade bottles, has given Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knows that in this jade bottle is Rejuvenation Pill waste pill.

Zhao Hai received these waste pill, that I processed these medicine pill to Zhang Feng gave a salute said :, First Senior Brother, said goodbye.” Zhang Feng stopped by calling out his said : hastily under Little Hai, you do not need to synthesize pill these waste pill, so long as decomposed the become a useful person material to be OK, I made these Alchemy Master refine, this can also make them practice acquiring a skill, five days later, some life and death stages to the war, you went with my together.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but nodded said : is, I knew, five days of time, I ensure these waste pill, decomposes the become a useful person material.” Zhang Feng then nodded, beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng, turn around left the Zhang Feng room. Zhao Hai just one came out from Zhang Feng in the room, Hao Xing walked on the front surface, Hao Xing sees Zhao Hai, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you may be went out, comes quickly, do I have the matter to look for you?” Zhao Hai look at his appearance, puzzled said : what matter? You are not look for First Senior Brother?” Hao Xing shook the head said : is not, looks specially your, my nearest/recent has gotten so far as some Creator Pill material, wants to ask you to help to lane, do you look to be good?” Zhao Hai said : Creator Pill? That is Advanced level medicine pill, can arrive yes, but the time must be very long, my this several days must handle the First Senior Brother matter first, then goes to life and death stage there with First Senior Brother, when the time comes is helping you make, ok?” Hao Xingdian nod said : line, Taihang, I must also go to life and death stage there, when the time comes you must make to me were good, first handles the First Senior Brother matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, held the fist in the other hand to Hao Xing, goes to own room. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;