Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1701

Beginning Chapter 626 generation of life and death Five days of in the blink of an eye on the past, sixth day early morning, Zhao Hai brought Storage Ring to look for Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng is preparing life and death stage there now, he also really fears Zhao Hai unable to catch up, just wants to send for calling Zhao Hai, actually presently Zhao Hai came. Zhao Hai has given Zhang Feng the ring, smiles said : good fortune not to fail in one's mission, First Senior Brother, this is these materials.” Zhang Feng looked at that Storage Ring one, nodded, received the ring, then Treasure Ship there prepared to Zhao Hai deep voice said :, let's go.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks with Zhang Feng outward, they arrived on Treasure Ship quickly, Hao Xing in Treasure Ship high grade they, they have been embarking, Hao Xing immediately notice drove the Treasure Ship person, Treasure Ship leave slowly the Phoenix's cry peak. Zhang Feng is bringing Zhao Hai, Hao Xing and three people stands in Treasure Ship bow there, look at keeps in mountain range that own under foot flies, the Zhang Feng cannot help but heroic spirit secondary rainbow living, turns the head to have a look to Zhao Hai said :, this is my Black Tiger Group, sooner or later one day, I must eradicate these Great Clan, making Black Tiger Group reappear magnificently!” The Zhao Hai three people simultaneously bow said : to be willing to be to Zhang Feng Senior Brother are ready to give one's life!” Zhang Feng laughs said : well, good, has you to assist, I believe that I will certainly succeed, when the time comes I not only need destroy completely these Great Clan, I also want the conquer roaring flame sect, conquer Wandering Soul Group, must make them submit to the under foot of my Black Tiger Group.” Zhang Hao and Hao Xing are also a expectation of face, Zhao Hai also pretends with their same expressions, but he were more than them a calmness, he knows that Zhang Feng must want to achieve that point, is very difficult. Since Black Tiger Group all previous dynasties, appears are too much startled Yanyan's Gang Master, but is these Gang Master, cannot eliminate these big guy in Black Tiger Group, do not say conquer roaring flame sect He Wandering Soul Group. However Zhao Hai believes that if Zhang Feng straight has trusted him, he to can help Zhang Feng, although this Black Tiger Group, definitely is not the Zhao Hai end point, but he actually by helping Zhang Feng well, this does not conflict. Zhang Feng looked at three people of one, laughs said : this is my first time harnesses Great Magical Artifact to participate in the life and death stage, HaHaHa, what response I to have a look at these fellows to have, but you when the time comes may probably be careful, I receive information, possibly some people will cope with me.” As soon as three people listened to Zhang Feng saying that gawked, Hao Xing complexion changed said : First Senior Brother, this information obtained from there, reliable?” Zhang Feng nodded said : „to be reliable, begins possibly is the Wandering Soul Group person, but behind this, possibly several Great Clan shadows, snort|hum, nothing but is several old foxes in that fox nest wants to cope with me, I to have a look, why they are keeping off my Great Magical Artifact.” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : First Senior Brother, be careful to well, after all now Senior Brother your subordinates Expert are not many, true Nascent Soul Stage Expert, has Senior Brother you, our Great Magical Artifact although are very strong, Expert that if the opposite party comes are too many, is a troublesome matter.” Zhang Feng smiles said : Little Hai your feel relieved, I already arranged, I said to Martial Uncle the matter, when necessary, Martial Uncle will send for on Transmission Formation through Treasure Ship supporting us, will not have the matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so best, but has not thought really that several Great Clan colluded with Wandering Soul Group unexpectedly really in together, what advantage did this have to them?” Zhang Feng coldly snorted said : fellow of one crowd of being shortsighted, they always thinks own method is high, can play with Wandering Soul Group in the stock palms, actually does not think, one, but their strength/Origin Qi damages severely, what do they take with Wandering Soul Group deal with? They think really Wandering Soul Group is a vegetarian? The idiots, one group of made the wisdom dizzy idiot.” Zhao Hai sighed said : they to be extremely greedy, their not understand, if the skin does not exist, what could the hair adhere to truth, if Black Tiger Group weakened, do not say Wandering Soul Group, even if the roaring flame sect will not let off this time opportunity, when the time comes they feared that fished the wool is less than one.” Zhang Feng coldly snorted, had not spoken, obviously he approves of the Zhao Hai words, he also thinks takes Hu Clan as these fellows, is really in Black Tiger Group a biggest malignant tumor. How many people said the voice, arrived on a very remote mountain, Zhang Feng ordered, making Treasure Ship draw back, Zhao Hai they puzzled look at Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng will show a faint smile said : you not to think that I will harness Treasure Ship to fly life and death stage there really directly? When we fly there, feared that was this time life and death stage showdown had already finished up, on this mountain I have made the person construct Transmission Formation, we passed Transmission Formation in the past.” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Zhang Feng saying that also he he the chuckle, the hand wielded, Qi Strength departed together, on the mountain a piece big stone one flew, in this big stone below, was Transmission Formation, this Transmission Formation was not big, small Transmission Formation that but ten people of using. Zhang Feng deep voice said : is then small!” Treasure Ship changes is instantaneously small, falls to Transmission Formation on, then flash of white light, Treasure Ship vanished in Transmission Formation. Waits for Treasure Ship, when appears , Zhao Hai presently they arrived at one with just that barren hill similar place, here is also a barren hill, a habitation does not have. Big!” Along with issuing an order of Zhang Feng, Treasure Ship turns into the normal size instantaneously, then goes toward the forward flight, after one hour, Treasure Ship draws back finally, Zhao Hai looked that this place he has not come, is his don’t know life and death stage. This life and death stage on a mountain, is a piece not big stone platform, about ten thousand square meters, look like not special, but Zhao Hai actually notes, this stone platform below, has piled up with repeatedly White Bone unexpectedly, this makes this stone platform look like Ghost Qi is dense, fearsome. Zhao Hai look at this place cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, here does not have the meeting temperament, is not the special place, but actually gives the Zhao Hai one type of Yin Qi very heavy feeling, Zhao Hai knows that is because here died the reasons of too many person, therefore Yin Qi such heaviness, but where here is, why can an ordinary barren hill, actually become the life and death stage? Moreover died these many people? When Zhao Hai is puzzled, the Zhang Feng sound conveys said : here is beginning the generation of life and death stages, most from the beginning, the life and death stage in here, most from the beginning the decisive battle life and death on the life and death stage, is Expert in various Great Sect, here is the source areas of all life and death stages.” One hear of Zhang Feng said that Zhao Hai one on understand, his deep voice said : no wonder Yin Qi such heaviness of here, unexpectedly is beginning the generation of life and death stages, First Senior Brother, how I feel here Spiritual Qi, probably compared with Northern Divergent Province there also on thickness some?” Zhang Feng turns the head look at Zhao Hai, said : of face appreciation Little Hai your youngster, these two fools, came beginning the generation of life and death stages are not once or twice, has not asked this question, beginning this generation of life and death stages, not on Northern Divergent Province, is not world 9 Province, initially the generation of life and death stages, on a giant island, this island is a place floating island, his momentarily on the sea floats, nobody knows that he can appears in there, want in this island, on can only pass Transmission Formation, in this island Spiritual Qi richness, but actually. About five days, will have every other a piece energy storm to blow from the island, the energy storm has blown time, so long as you are cultivator, so long as in your body also has energy, your suddenly body will perish, no matter you are high Expert, therefore in this island continuously uninhabited housing, does not have Monster Beast, because of this, therefore here will become beginning generation of life and death!”

Zhao Hai and Hao Xing they feel very shocked, in four people, besides Zhao Hai, Hao Xing and Zhang Hao knows some beginning generation of life and death strong matters, but they actually again come not to hear, initially the generation of life and death stages above a floating island, this are make them be startled unexpectedly really. Zhang Feng looked at several people of one, before deep voice said : „, Little Hai went to the life and death stage, said strictly that is only the Northern Divergent Province life and death stage, participates in the person of there life and death stage, but is Northern Divergent Province some Sect, but this initially the generation of life and death stages, are actually the life and death stages that Cultivation World 9 Province participates , the significance is extraordinary.” Zhao Hai they have cannot help but held breath a cold air, they have not thought, beginning this generation of life and death stage here, within however are 9 Province all Sect can participate. In this time, distant place several black spots sharply are flying toward life and death stage here, before long arrived at life and death stage here, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked, that several black spots unexpectedly are Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact anything shapes install has, these also Great Sword, this Great Sword extraordinary big, must grow into several points compared with Treasure Ship unexpectedly, but this Great Sword like other Great Magical Artifact, is not has the room, this looks like Great Sword one is the same ordinary flying sword, simply is not Great Magical Artifact, on Great Sword the although person are likely many, but all people stand. Above Great Sword, looks like free incomparable. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, that Great Sword appears , his surrounding Great Magical Artifact, has let toward both sides unexpectedly, probably is leaping the place to be the same to him, can look from this point, the person on that Great Sword, the status is not ordinary. Zhao Hai cannot bear to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, on that Great Sword is who? It looks like so rampant?” Zhang Feng deep voice said : is latter voice, that is the Heavenly Section person, the nature is rampant, they were rampant, nobody can be what kind of them, small bold, hung the Black Tiger flag!” Zhang Haoying, the hand has wielded, at the same time already prepared the good flag, departed from in his hand, hangs above the on the ship sole flagpole. But Zhao Hai because of Zhang Feng these words, is actually seething, he who keeps at heart has not thought that will run into the Heavenly Section person in here unexpectedly, Heavenly Section, in Cultivation World 9 Province, recognition first Great Sect, Sect's Disciples by hundred million ideas, strength extremely powerful. Heavenly Section by sword cultivator give priority to, all previous Sect Master was sword cultivator, One Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Technique, the end is, naturally, in Heavenly Section also has plenty extremely powerful other cultivator, even some Buddhism Cultivator will hire oneself Heavenly Section, obviously enticement of Heavenly Section big. In this time, that Heavenly Section Great Sword is drawing back finally, the person on Great Sword has swept all around one, has closed the eye, not the appearance that the world person pays attention. Did Zhang Feng look at Heavenly Section these people, deep voice said : Little Hai, you see? Great Magical Artifact that Heavenly Section uses? Is that Great Sword? That is actually not Great Magical Artifact, but is Heavenly Section leads Captain old flying sword, after his flying sword enlargement, was that Great Magical Artifact appearance.” Zhao Hai stares, then the complexion big change, he never expected can be this, then Great Sword unexpectedly is Portable flying sword of elder, how many minutes that can flying sword on compared with Treasure Ship even more larger, this also too formidable? Yes, if Zhao Hai release Liquid Silver comes, certainly can make that is bigger than Great Sword that but Liquid Silver is anything, that has the Space Law product, simply not by the restraint of here Law of Space, is adding on Liquid Silver to be able at will the transformation reason, therefore so will be big, but that Heavenly Section, can unexpectedly a flying broadleaf plants system to so degree, that too formidable. All flying Sword Technique, they can increase and change are young, but this has, for example a three feet azure|cyan front, he longest is impossible to grow about 30 meters, because in the long words, receives the material and formation and other limits, flying sword feared that wants Beng Lang.

Then must grow into several Great Sword compared with Treasure Ship unexpectedly, but has not collapsed, that explained that the material that this flying sword uses, formation in flying sword, absolutely is most top, fears is in Black Tiger cannot put out such material. Appearance that Zhang Feng sees Zhao Houjing, deep voice did said : present know? Heavenly Section these fellows, cannot annoy absolutely, our Black Tiger Group, in Northern Divergent Province there is also honored and popular Gang, but compares with Heavenly Section, missed far, Northern Divergent Province, originally was wasteland, the strength compared with Central Saint Province comes, to miss far, Heavenly Section feared that was casual branch Hall, can give to destroy completely our Black Tiger Group, therefore this Heavenly Section, absolutely was existence that our Black Tiger Group could not stir up.” Zhao Hai nodded, he cannot bear has swallowed the saliva, to be honest, he was blown, this Heavenly Section was really too formidable, Zhao Hai thought that Black Tiger Group has sufficed formidable, but Black Tiger Group was only Northern Divergent Province arranges Gang in hundred, this has let the strength of Zhao Hai to Cultivation World here, raised very high. After listening to Zhang Feng said Heavenly Section strength, Zhao Hai present, he some had lowered to the estimate of Cultivation World, did not say other, is only Heavenly Section, such formidable, what situation that entire will Cultivation World add strongly to? Zhao Hai some do not dare to imagine. In this time, distant place suddenly is transmitting an intermittent Sanskrit, the person who all hears this sound, such as washes Buddha’s radiance, making people feel that the mind is tranquil. Then Zhao Hai sees distant place a streak of golden light proximity fast, after waiting for that golden light near, Zhao Hai present, that golden light from incomparably huge wooden fish, that wooden fish probably was Monk hand-held wooden fish is unexpectedly same, behind also had a handle, Monk of one crowd of yellow frocks, stood above wooden fish, everyone grasped the buddha beads, lowered the head chanting sutras, that intermittent Buddha sound, was from their mouths. Eastern Buddha Province, Monk of Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery also came, has not thought that these time is the preaching elder leads unexpectedly personally, strange, but was a life and death stage fights to suspend mutually, why Heavenly Section and Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery such attaching great importance to?” !( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;