Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1702

Chapter 627 new Space In Zhao Hai is taking a look at these Buddhist priests time, Zhang Feng could not bear open the mouth to say the status of these Buddha people, these Buddhist priests unexpectedly were the people in Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Please keep firmly in mind Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Eastern Buddha Province first Great Sect, Buddhist Sect big faction, is entire Cultivation World, is next to Heavenly Sword Sect Great Sect, the follower Buddhist priest is also counted by the 100 million, extremely powerful. Zhao Hai turns the head puzzled to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother? Has what issue?” Zhang Feng frowns said : just Heavenly Sword Sect person appears , I have not thought too accidental, Heavenly Sword Sect each an elder, almost can be turned into Great Magical Artifact by own saber . Moreover the Heavenly Sword Sect person very much likes the fight of this type of life and death stage probably, almost every time beginning generation of life and death stages to the war, Heavenly Sword Sect will have the elder to participate . Moreover the people who every time comes will not be few, but, Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect was different, Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect disciple, because is Buddhism Cultivator, is must swear off corruptly, is angry crazily, but this bets Buddhism and Daoism disciple general does not moisten, occasionally has Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect disciple comes here, is heard that Battle Slave strength formidable, has a look to receive in Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect, person but who Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect first time sends, but is Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect some disciple, these time comes is actually an elder, moreover famous chanting sutras elder, it seems like that this time life and death stage fight not simple that.” Was saying, a distant place intermittent wonderful happy sound transmits, this sound very interesting to listen, probably the heavenly music is the same, but hears this sound, Zhang Feng is actually the complexion big change, deep voice said : retreat.” Treasure Ship retreat slowly, to the beginning generation of life and death stages by far. Zhao Hai they puzzled look at Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng look at people said : there is not we can go, Heavenly Sword Sect, Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect, came Wonderful Sound Pavilion now, these three Sect that is not we can stir up, if also stays in there, courted death.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Zhang Feng, but Hao Xing they hears Wonderful Sound Pavilion this name, is the complexion big change, becomes very difficult looks. Zhao Hai look at several people, don’t know they are such expression, the Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Wonderful Sound Pavilion are why different from Heavenly Sword Sect with Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Heavenly Sword Sect belong to Sword Dao Righteous Sect, they handle affairs although overbearing, but the Dao Sect faction, in this situation, cares about the face after all, they not to our make a move, but Wonderful Sound Pavilion is different, Wonderful Sound Pavilion is Western Demon Province biggest Sect, but listened to the name you to know, this was Ghost Cultivator Sect.” Zhao Hai stares, to be honest, he now regarding the Cultivation World here material was too few, Zhang Feng gave his material, only to comparison detailed that Northern Divergent Province said that other states did not have what record, therefore he regarding the situations in other states, was not completely understand. Please keep firmly in mind Wonderful Sound Pavilion, before Zhao Hai, has not heard, he has not really thought that has Sect of this kind of name, can be Ghost Cultivator Sect unexpectedly.

Reason that the Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Wonderful Sound Pavilion has this name , because town faction giving up study quiet ghost wonderful sound in their gate acquires fame, the quiet ghost wonderful sound is the one type of sound attacks Spell, attack strength very formidable, and has the Spiritual Attack ability, most suits Ghost Cultivator, Wonderful Sound Pavilion Ghost Cultivator, gives up study with this with, dominate Western Demon Province, becomes Western Demon Province biggest Sect.” Stopped to here Zhang Feng, his then deep voice said : Wonderful Sound Pavilion, because is the Ghost Cultivator Sect reason, their starting matter comes, has been unscrupulous, if we offended Heavenly Sword Sect or Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in here, their immediately possibly will not begin to us, but if we offended Wonderful Sound Pavilion, that Wonderful Sound Pavilion these fellows, will certainly not let off our, immediately will strike to kill us at the scene.” Zhao Hai stares, then gently knit the brows said : Heavenly Sword Sect and Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery does not manage? They did not say that the famous family is honest? How not necessarily their Eliminate the Demons and Protect the Principles?” Did Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Eliminate the Demons and Protect the Principles? Who is the demon? Is our Black Tiger Group or Wonderful Sound Pavilion? You think that Heavenly Sword Sect these people in Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, will offend Wonderful Sound Pavilion for us? Moreover beginning our Black Tiger Group generation of Gang Master is a Black Tiger monster, in the eye of Heavenly Sword Sect and Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Wonderful Sound Pavilion with our Black Tiger Group, belongs to the Evil Sect outlet, if our two Sects hits, in their opinion, that is the Demon Path internal strife, they will not manage, refers to erratically is still applauding.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that now unexpectedly became the Evil Sect outlet in Righteous Path eye, but changes mind thinks that he has also felt relaxed, in Cultivation World here, simply did not have a no Righteous Path saying, your strength, you were Righteous Path, your strength was weak, you were the Evil Sect outlet. These Great Sect, on seem like is enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven outwardly probably, the matter that handles is also open and aboveboard, open and aboveboard, however in them after the person is any appearance, but also did not say, feared that also wanted Evil Sect some compared with some so-called Evil Sect outlets. Wonderful Sound Pavilion appears , lets Gang like Black Tiger Group, withdrew from a distance, to the beginning generation of life and death stage there nearest/recent place, the remaining some did not only fear Wonderful Sound Pavilion Sect to exist. How many minutes at this time Zhang Feng complexion by dignified, deep voice said : continually west the ten thousand beast gate and our Northern Divergent Province of state Ten Thousand Monster Sect also arrived, moreover there are four Saint academy also send people to come, the war of this time life and death stage, was really uncommon, however what's the matter? Why before, our hasn't information received?” These Sect that Zhang Feng said that does not have one is to stamp stamps the feet, entire Cultivation World must tremble level Great Sect that three tremble, now these level Great Sect, get together to initially generation of life and death stage here, this is really somewhat thought-provoking. Zhao Hai is not quite possibly familiar with other Sect, but regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect, he knows, Ten Thousand Monster Sect there is one by level Great Sect of Monster Cultivator give priority to body, similarly is Northern Divergent Province biggest Sect , compared with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Black Tiger Group cannot really be regarded anything.

Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng said : „can First Senior Brother, now what to do? Told Gang Master this information?” Zhang Feng nodded said : that is affirmation, this matter must tell Sect Master, if otherwise had an accident , our Black Tiger Group preparation does not have, that is not trouble.” Was saying in Zhang Feng these times, suddenly person's shadow appears on beginning the generation of life and death stages, this person of white cultivator clothing/taking, has looked like about 30 years, but very handsome, the manner is uncommon. Zhang Feng sees that person, look cannot help but concentrates, then deep voice said : unexpectedly is he, Heavenly Sword Sect Core Disciple unparalleled sword Ao Wushuang.” This Ao Wushuang name Zhao Hai has not certainly heard, one hear of Zhang Feng said that Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : his strength is very strong?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Is very strong , is not only very strong, the strength of this fellow, even if in Cultivation World, is counts absolutely, an unparalleled sword rarely has the rival, from making a debut participates in big or medium war more than 1000 until now, does not have a defeat, has 153 is the one against ten above fight, such person was not only one very strong on can cover.” Ao Wushuang obviously is sword cultivator, his carrying on the back carries the scabbard, but his sword actually in the scabbard, Zhang Feng immediately understand, this Ao Wushuang had not feared that now is this Heavenly Sword Sect team leader, his sword is turning into the Great Magical Artifact appearance, is stepping on the cultivator under feet of these Heavenly Sword Sect. After Ao Wushuang appears , looked at all around Sect one, then deep voice said : I know that now many people in strange, why our nine Great Sect simultaneously appears in here, this matter we beforehand will not have mentioned with anybody, is a proposition of our nine Great Sect, we planned that in nine Great Province all Sect, selects 1000 Inner Disciples, participates a smelting trial, therefore our nine Great Sect will get together in here.” One hear of Ao Wushuang said that all people do gawk, select 1000 Inner Disciples to carry on the smelting trial? This good deed? Feared that is this time smelting trial will not be simple, nine Great Sect strengths very may fierce, do not say 1000 Inner Disciples, even if 10,000 Inner Disciples they can also elect, certainly is this time smelting trial very dangerous, do nine Great Sect people, want to make other Sect disciple work as the cannon fodder? Ao Wushuang looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : this time is our Heavenly Sword Sect disciple, when exits to try to practice, present Space rift, but in this Space rift, is one with Cultivation World connected subspace, there is also foreign Space, present foreign Space, in this Space had not had anything, that disciple does not dare extremely in thorough, because has plenty strength not weak Monster Beast in that Space, not compared with various gates Inner Disciples difference.”

To various here Sect person understand, that place that Ao Wushuang said that simply was a natural smelting trial field, gave the Cultivation World cultivator preparation smelting trial field specially, all people discussed with their person at once, entire beginning generation of life and death stage here, have filled one type of humming sound the sound, only then nine Great Sect people, have not made noise, obviously they already knew this matter. Various Sect people eyes that Ao Wushuang looked at these discuss, coughed lightly, the sound that this coughs lightly is not probably loud, is actually complete has covered that humming sound the sound, clear incomparable passed to the ears of all people. When people calm, Ao Wushuang deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan also listened, there regarding Cultivation World, is institute of the excellent smelting trial, but the there limit, Law Idol rank above Expert, not having the means to go, but there Monster Beast, the strength is also very strong, is not the person of Law Idol time, feared that has gone, does not have the means to live coming out, therefore our nine Great Sect discussed that from various Great Sect, selects 1000 Law Idol time disciple, enters carries on the smelting trial to that new foreign Space , is also finds out that foreign Space situation., Therefore our nine Great Sect appears in here, why as for ahead of time has not informed everybody, I think that everybody is also clear, if we said, feared that will be everybody does not believe that moreover this time smelting trial, will want regarding various Sect very heavy, but can enter that smelting trial Space, that must depend on the luck, will therefore later want to enter that Space to carry on the person of smelting trial, only then presented the people in various Sect, not to these Sect, on not in this row.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;