Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1703

The sixth hundred 28 chapters are overbearing Whish! Scene in an uproar. Mixes &\; Does not have. Shoots the window to be broad Considering) The view of Ao Wushuang has really shocked, place of appears new smelting trial, nine big gate factions are willing to take, has let person accident, those who surprise people are, they select with this way since the person of new Space smelting trial unexpectedly, surprised people. At this time the Ao Wushuang sound in one time conveyed said : naturally, even if from selected 1000 people to enter Space in everybody of sitting, that definitely has plenty person could not go, therefore this life and death stage uses today, sent including our nine big gate, in all Sect, can send out Law Idol time disciple in Inner Disciples to participate in this time life and death stage, finally superior 1000 disciple, no matter that Sect, had to enter to the new Space authority, under select disciple on please various Sect, everybody remembered, the quota did not limit.” Said flashes body returned to in the Heavenly Sword Sect camp. Ao Wushuang said that this saying, the scene and former clamoring completely different, an entire scene peace, all Sect people, understand the meanings of nine Great Sect, all people at heart have been criticizing now, this there is any good deed, obviously is nine Great Sect, wants to work as the whore, wants to set up the one type of acrobatics of memorial arch! Zhang Feng also lowly scolded said : me to know that nine Great Sect person good intentions, have not thought these fellows were unexpectedly shameless to this situation!” Zhao Hai has also smiled bitterly, he now also the meanings of understand nine Great Sect, to be honest, nine Great Sect table manners were really enough ugly. Nine Great Sect such do, looks like probably in giving all Sect opportunity, making all Sect have opportunity to enter to that Space, but actually actually not so. Nine Great Sect matter Prophet this matters, have made the completely safe preparation, bringing Inner Disciples of many Law Idol time to come, was struggles the quota, but other Sect actually do not know that this information, they naturally did not have what preparation, some Sect have not even brought Inner Disciples of Law Idol time to come, this was a unfair place. Second is, nine Great Sect Law Idol time disciple, strive to excel compared with other Sect disciple on many, lets nine Great Sect Law Idol time disciple, with the Law Idol time disciple competition of other Sect, this is in itself unfair. Nine Great Sect organize this competition, nothing but wants to make their disciple kill a batch nine Great Sect disciple.

However they do not want to handle the matter obviously certainly, nine Great Sect this bring out disciple, the total probably is about 900 people, they gave back to various Sect to leave behind 100 quotas However 100 names, the Sect quantity of scene adds, feared that is hundred thousand he, even if removes these not to bring Law Idol time disciple Sect, the disciple quantity that various Sect can send out, feared that has met also hundred thousand, the hundred thousand individual, snatches 100 quotas! Feared that does not need nine Great Sect to begin, various Sect first put together to be life and death. overbearing, this belongs to nine Great Sect overbearing! Zhao Hai sighed, turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, making me go to battle, on the ship not appropriate person.” The complexion same ugliness of Zhang Feng, this Black Tiger Group it can be said that did not have the preparation, on the ship already not the qualified person, thought a while, Zhang Feng shook the head said : not to be good, you cannot go to battle, I looked through Transmission Formation, sent the letter to in the gang, making in the gang send.” Zhao Hai looked at all around one, shook the head said : not to be good, I did not agree absolutely, First Senior Brother, you think not to have, now Hu Clan and Wandering Soul Group collude in together must cope with you, but Transmission Formation on Treasure Ship, prepared for that time, if has exposed now, will let opposite party all preparations, they were beginning, we danger, therefore Transmission Formation absolutely cannot move now, First Senior Brother, making me go to battle, I guaranteed, if the matter may not be, I simply on admitting defeat, this general headquarters?” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but also frowned, some little time said : good, makes you go to battle, but Little Hai, you may probably remember, if the matter may not be, immediately/on horseback admits defeat, we rather give up these time since opportunity of new Space smelting trial, you cannot have the matter absolutely.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother feel relieved, if the matter may not be, I will not show off power, but this quota I actually must decide.” Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : „I have not cared about that quota, compared to you with you, that quota fart was not.” At this time the arrogant incomparable sound in one time conveyed said : to ask various Sect to deliver to my here to come your disciple list, I will collect with nine Great Sect representatives in several other, carried on to group to draw lots, everybody invited.” Zhang Feng coldly snorted, in hand has put out a piece jade slip, has input Li Lin this name, then has delivered to Ao Wushuang there jade slip. Before long Ao Wushuang received in hand all Sect jade slip, simultaneously the personal appearance moves, already appears on beginning generation of life and death stages, simultaneously several other representative also appears in nine Great Sect disciple on beginning generation of life and death stages. After nine people came to power, after all around line a round ritual, the Buddhist Sect chanting sutras elder has put out a metal jar, had demonstrated like the people, the people are not strange to this jar, this type of jar is cultivator specifically is used to draw lots to use, this jar can install spiritual force of person.

Then nine Great Sect representatives, besides the chanting sutras elder, everyone have extracted jade slip from inside, is one, is not one. Also in other words, presents cultivator that now all names were reported that had been divided into eight groups, is drawing lots to fight by these eight groups of people. This eight groups simultaneously carry on the competition, 1000 disciple that finally wins entered to foreign Space the person who tried to practice. The quick people group by group got up, all people all are disciple of Law Idol time, does not have the Zhao Hai accident, nine Great Sect disciple, have almost not pulled out together, nine Great Sect same Sect disciple, has not pulled out together, various Sect people at heart are criticizing, does not have what means. disciple of Zhao Hai look at these Law Idol times, disciple of these Law Idol times have has the weakness, strongest naturally is these Great Sect disciple, their Law Idol mostly moves Law Idol of rank, in other words their Law Idol upper part can the movement get up, to metal also one pace, even in nine Great Sect disciple, but also appears Law Idol of several metallography ranks. But other Sect disciple, situation was quite miserable, Law Idol that these disciple, uses, mostly is wooden, achieves very few, is this difference, possibly how victorious nine Great Sect disciple? Quick that fights finished, all and other Sect disciple of nine Great Sect disciple to war, defeat without any exception. After first successive several, finally was one's turn Zhao Hai to enter the stage, but the Zhao Hai match was very interesting, unexpectedly was Wandering Soul Group Law Idol time Inner Disciples. This also is really the personal enemy meets, not in part of ones duty is jealous, Zhao Hai has not thought that own First Stage fight, the match can be the Wandering Soul Group person unexpectedly. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to have an action to perform, Wandering Soul Group that person jumped, said loudly: Black Tiger Group youngster, comes out to suffer to death!” This was clarifying has applied makeup, moreover equal to had no consideration for face with Black Tiger Group. Zhang Feng look at that Wandering Soul Group disciple, unusual said : Little Hai, if there are if possible, butchered him to me!” Zhao Hai knows that Zhang Feng moved the real anger , he but nodded, then the personal appearance moves, appears in front of that Wandering Soul Group disciple. Now what because he acts is cold blood Wuqing/ruthless Li Lin, therefore Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, two short halberds have attained in hand, two halberds selected have selected Wandering Soul Group that disciple, the short halberd of right hand looked like the hand is then same, swung swinging gently. Wandering Soul Group that disciple sees the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but complexion changes, his hand wields, in hand were many a white streamer, simultaneously his Law Idol also appears , this Inner Disciples Law Idol, unexpectedly is not Law Idol of beast shape, but is human-shape Law Idol, but Law Idol is actually an appearance of malicious ghost, this malicious ghost skin and bones, what is extraordinary is Big bellied intestinal fat, two eyes incredibly big, the mouth often, hungry hungry the sound, this unexpectedly is hungry ghost Law Idol, moreover looks at that Law Idol appearance, unexpectedly one. Moves.

Zhao Hai drinks one lightly, a shocking shape roar transmits, greatly appears outside the body of Zhao Hai, but this Giant Elephant stands in there is motionless, looks like the wood. Looks at Zhao Hai this Law Idol, that Wandering Soul Group disciple, has cannot help but gawked, then laughs said : trivial wood to pick the person, dares with be the enemy, you must die today!” Zhao Hai is actually moves has not moved, but two eyes stubbornly is staring at that Wandering Soul Group disciple, that Wandering Soul Group disciple one presently Zhao Hai does not speak, felt that senseless, this scolded the weaponry to take two people to abuse each other is interesting, only then a person scolded in there, that had any meaning. That Wandering Soul Group disciple maliciously is staring at Zhao Hai, then calls out one, in hand hungry ghost banner wields, hungry ghost Law Idol yelled said : hungrily!” Then that skinny such as the skeleton common claw, direct Zhao Hai grasps. Zhao Hai proceeds to wield, a halberd cuts, on the movement along with his halberd, that elephant shape Law Idol also finally moved, elephant that giant nose, on draw off toward the claw of that hungry ghost. The Boom! trunk pulled out on the claw of hungry ghost, the original people think that Zhao Hai will suffer a loss, after all Zhao Hai Law Idol was only wooden, but opposite party Law Idol was actually moves, has missed the entire big level. However the result actually stems from unexpected of all people, after that trunk has selected the claw of hungry ghost, unexpectedly directly the claw of that malicious ghost scattering, simultaneously that Wandering Soul Group disciple is complexion changes, a blood has spurted, had been injured unexpectedly. Law Idol and cultivator are closely linked, Law Idol had an accident, cultivator naturally will not feel better, at this moment, the Zhao Hai personal appearance proceeds to tread, this such as the Giant Elephant anger, everything may become vulnerable, one step has killed that Wandering Soul Group disciple , is also a halberd wields, simultaneously shouted: Strength pulls out thousand honored!” Along with his sound, the trunk gets up in one time, by the potential of withstanding great pressure, toward that Wandering Soul Group disciple hungry ghost Law Idol draw off. That Wandering Soul Group disciple complexion crazily changes, he knows that now hid already without enough time, can only meet the approaching enemy furiously, he also gave a loud shout, malicious ghost Law Idol shouted loudly said : hungrily!” in hand big mouth, welcomed toward the trunk, must bite the trunk with the mouth unexpectedly! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;