Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1704

Boom! throws! After a loud sound, that tour soul helped disciple Law Idol completely vanish, but that tour soul helped disciple, one pulled out at the scene, looked that tour soul helped the disciple pulled out flesh and blood fuzzy appearance, feared that was the present turned into a meat paste! Then Zhao Hai wields, that tour soul helps the disciple corpse already vanish from sight he, turned into Zhao Hai another Undead Creature. Actually just Zhao Hai that under the hand/subordinate was forgiving, otherwise that tour soul helps the body of disciple fear not only turned into meat paste to be so simple. But all around all noticed the person who this fight, some cannot believe result that they see, these also include Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng although is very confident to Zhao Hai, will not actually improperly belittle oneself, his very clear, Zhao Hai just congealed Law Idol not to have several days, but disciple that tour soul helps, congealed Law Idol already don’t know how long, his Law Idol is one moves, Zhao Hai to he, can the perfection quickly was very not easy, before he made Zhao Hai butcher disciple angry words that tour soul has helped, said that he also somewhat regretted, he feared Zhao Hai goes all out with disciple that tour soul helped, what if Zhao Hai had accident, that he on. Trouble. However Zhang Feng has not actually thought that Zhao Hai such has won unexpectedly, moreover only two moves have killed the opposite party, what strength is this? Was this too also strong? The discerning person on the scene are many, they know the disciple strength that tour soul helps is not weak, human-shape Law Idol, itself compared with Law Idol of beast shape in some, but disciple that tour soul helps, use is hungry ghost Law Idol, is in human-shape Law Idol quite strong one type of, moreover last move of time, disciple that tour soul helps. Bites trunk with the mouth of hungry ghost, is not the plan gives up. In fact this is the place of his brilliant. Because of hungry ghost Law Idol strongest attack, is the mouth of hungry ghost. However is this, he still striking to have killed by the Zhao Hai two moves, obviously the Zhao Hai strength is formidable how. All notes this Fighting Competition person, cannot help but has held breath a cold air. In did not dare underestimated Zhao Hai. If said really that Zhao Hai in this Fighting Competition, has not displayed too many thing. If he displayed anything. That is same, that is the strength, leaves the strength of average man! But the strength is Body Cultivator most important thing, many Body Cultivator are the strength synonyms, therefore Zhao Hai strength, this is not the strange matter. Looked weapon that Zhao Hai uses knows he was Body Cultivator. However strength as strong as Zhao Hai this, that somewhat was excessive. Now in mind of all people cannot help but remembers a few words, a strength falls ten meetings! Really is the Body Cultivator fighting method, a strength falls ten meetings! Zhao Hai after receiving that tour soul has helped the disciple corpse, looked that has not looked at the people, personal appearance flashes, already returned to above Treasure Ship. Zhang Feng uses one type of unusual look look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, are you really Body Cultivator?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, I in Lower Realm, have studied Buddhist Sect one type of Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, this Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, grows the strength specially, therefore my strength very formidable.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but laughs said : well, fantastic, if you are winning two, that quota has taken, but I am those words, if the matter may not be, do not exempt.” Zhao Hai nodded, but at this time another group of competition started, Zhao Hai defeats to swim soul to help that Inner Disciples matter, looked like a water drop integrates in ocean, including a little bit the o billows cannot raise.

After several rounds fights, in person who first round elimination already appears , this time eliminated, has not only died besides the small number of people wound, other most people fell direct butchering. However this first round although passed, however Inner Disciples also tens of thousands people of scene, in other words, the next round competition must carry on. The quick second round competition started, Zhao Hai also quickly started the second round competition, his match of second round competition, is small Sect disciple, that disciple Law Idol is also Law Idol of beast shape, is wooden, his Law Idol is snake-shaped, nimble and resourceful of snake, to Zhao Hai strength. Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, that cultivator also stern-faced look at Zhao Hai, obviously he notes the first round competition of Zhao Hai, therefore his attach great importance to Zhao Hai. They moved., that cultivator immediately starts to turn circle around Zhao Hai, very fast, moreover he turns circle is not sometimes quickly sometimes slow, sometimes sometimes near, making the person unable to hold rule Zhao Hai looks at this person of appearance, on understand this person of meaning, this person wants to use his flexible tactic, slowly him consuming, what idea is good, what is a pity, he has met Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai when he changes to third, a suddenly halberd wields, the trunk is moving, direct void pulls out, but that cultivator Law Idol actually probably is stands to make Zhao Hai hit, one on appears in the below of trunk, that cultivator has linked rebel opportunity not to have, Law Idol was broken, the person pulled out directly! A move of defeat enemy! Lets a move of defeat enemy who person difficult believes compared with the previous two moves of defeat enemies! This was too astonishing, the increasing number of people start to pay attention to Zhao Hai to come, these also include nine Great Sect people. Northern Divergent Province Ten Thousand Monster Sect lead(er) Captain is old, look at drew back returned to Zhao Hai on Treasure Ship, turned the head immediately/on horseback to his side person said : to send for this Li Lin origin, how he can suddenly appears in Black Tiger Group, not hear in Black Tiger Group appears such No. 1 character.” Some immediately people have complied with one, prepared. But nine Great Sect the people in several other Great Sect, has issued such order, not only they, even if some with Black Tiger Group same status Sect, or is inferior to Black Tiger Group Sect, moved, must look up the Li Lin status. not long after, the second round competition ended, this time remaining cultivator that can fight, less than ten thousand people, the third round competition started. But result that these time draws lots, makes all people be startled, because this Zhao Hai pulled out one in nine Great Sect disciple unexpectedly, was with him in one group, was Southern Barbarian Province ten thousand beast gates Inner Disciples, this person of beforehand two games of make a move twice, his Law Idol actually has been hawk Law Idol. Moreover has achieved moved Peak, immediately must turn into the metallography. Strength very formidable. Sees such result. All people stare, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so bad luck, pulled out such a match unexpectedly. This ten thousand beast gate disciple. His Law Idol although is a hawk, but that hawk actually very flexible. Moreover is quick, what most important is, the strength of that hawk is not weak. Before that two rounds competitions. Law Idol of his match, was grasped by his golden eagle Law Idol hawk, grasps broken. disciple of that ten thousand beast gate stands in there look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : youngster, your beforehand performance I also saw, to be honest. Really good, was a pity. You run into me, today also can only arrive at here, can run away life from my under the hand/subordinate, looked at your skill.”

disciple of Zhao Hai look at that ten thousand beast gate, has not spoken, the hand tight grabbing crossed spears, two eyes moves also motionless look at that ten thousand beast gate disciple. The people look at the performance of Zhao Hai, cannot help but nodded, facing ten thousand beast gate such strong disciple, the courage that Zhao Hai actually still one fights, no matter he is wins or loses finally, Zhao Hai sufficiently won the favorable impression of people. That disciple of ten thousand beast gates some beforehand swam soul to help that disciple same feeling now, that is aggrieved, was really too aggrieved, probably was you enters the political arena, but sang a single horn play finally, a good play, turned into his clown to perform. Ten thousand beast gate that people shouted angrily, hawk Law Idol came, then he has not stopped, flushed away toward Zhao Hai, two incomparably huge eagle claws, grasped toward Zhao Hai elephant shape Law Idol. Zhao Hai in hand halberd raises, the trunk wields, strikes likely hawk Law Idol pair of claws, after Boom! a loud sound, Zhao Hai personal appearance anxiously toward retreat, but that disciple of ten thousand beast gates, was shaken unexpectedly also the personal appearance to fly to draw back , the side this struck has put together evenly matched unexpectedly, this has stemmed from unexpected of all people. Before nine Great Sect disciple, with other Sect disciple to, by crushing sorrow potential of xing won, has not actually thought that these time to spelling, that disciple of ten thousand beast gates has not fought the winning side unexpectedly. That disciple of ten thousand beast gates was also startled, he has not thought that can be such result, such result makes his face pale, his very clear, these has won, because just this struck, will leave behind the stain on his body, this exhibitions in ten thousand beast gate affects to him, one thinks of here, disciple of this ten thousand beast gates has cannot help but gotten angry, he roared has been firing into Zhao Hai. But the Zhao Hai facial expression is still calm, no matter the disciple how attack of that ten thousand beast gate, he wielded his crossed spears keeping off, although looked like probably is he by the disciple comprehensive suppression of that ten thousand beast gate, but he actually defended strictly the gateway, does not have appearance that silk must defeat. This war, has brought to the attention of all people finally, cultivator that except for these fought, the vision of other people, by Zhao Hai this big field attracting. That ten thousand beast gate cultivator, after attacking the Zhao Hai more than 50 moves, finally some strength do not have negligently, attack has slowed down, but at this moment, Zhao Hai is actually two eyes twinkling brightly, then furiously a halberd wields, the strength of this halberd was unexpectedly bigger than before on several, that cultivator pressed not to guard anxiously, one shaking to fly by Zhao Hai. At this moment, Zhao Hai started to assault, the shape roared at once again and again, went into seclusion reflects the day, disciple unexpectedly complete falling of that ten thousand beast gate to leeward! disciple although of that ten thousand beast gate roars again and again, but still does not have the means that he completely was suppressed by Zhao Hai now, the result that this wants lets present all people dumbfounded. Zhao Hai has attacked more than 50 moves continually, does not have the appearance that a strength uses up, still incurs the move to assault, but disciple of that ten thousand beast gate, actually somewhat could not defend, when the 55 th move, the trunk in one time pulled out on the body of hawk, the personal appearance of hawk pulled out directly broke, all people did not endure, but with has closed the eye, they really do not want to look tragedy that following must live, but Zhang Feng was at heart painstakingly, he has not thought that strength unexpectedly such strong of Zhao Hai, this time Zhao Hai won although by his happy, But will also make their Black Tiger Group therefore offend the ten-thousand realms gate, then to Black Tiger Group, absolutely is not the good matter! When people when one time opens eye, actually presently Zhao Hai and that ten thousand beast gate disciple, them relative and vertical, the body cannot see to have any injured appearance. But on the face of that ten thousand beast gate disciple was actually 1 u left sentiment of the grateful, then he hid said : I to lose to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai also bows said : many to offend.” The first few words that after this is Zhao Hai goes on stage, to speak, but a Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, scene all these people of management, could not bear were approving one at heart, good that made.

Zhao Hai this dry was really too attractive, what making all people not think, Zhao Hai this looked like the person of cruel good nail, finally has actually put ten thousand beast gate that cultivator horses, not only has not killed the opposite party, but also with the opposite party polite, what because Zhao Hai must develop was Li Lin, therefore before him, ten points that has installed callous, a few words had not said that but at this time said to that disciple of ten thousand beast gates had to offend much, the although words were not many, but actually demonstrated that in Zhao Hai at heart, ten thousand beast gates disciple, Status in Zhao Hai heart, before him that two people who runs into are different, this lets that person of disciple of ten thousand beast gates, to Zhao Hai the heart of hate, has been short unexpectedly. After they draw back, cultivator of other all tube matters, were looking that the Black Tiger Group Treasure Ship look all changed, that is one type of is bringing a dignity, an appreciation, a envy, dreads promiscuously with one in the together complex look. one Sect thinks to rise, does not have strength formidable disciple is incorrect, but only strength formidable disciple is also one incorrect, good soldier, not necessarily is a good politician, but rising of one Sect, not only needs soldier, needs the politician, the Zhao Hai beforehand performance, looks like good soldier, but just after he spoke those words, actually and immediately/on horseback turned into a good politician, capable person like this, no matter puts in that one Sect, is very existences that is worth the person paying attention. These Great Sect people, somewhat were jealous Black Tiger Group, why Black Tiger Group met appears such outstanding disciple, this is really unfair. After waiting for on Zhao Hai returned to Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng makes an effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, then laughs, was a few words had not said that but Hao Xing and Zhang Hao were also face excited look at Zhao Hai, they were Zhang Feng hardcore supporters, but Zhao Hai just performance, to the Zhang Feng later show, but will play the important role. This time Fighting Competition, for struggle since the new foreign Space quota, if Zhang Feng has succeeded, will bring the huge benefit to Black Tiger Group, this will make Zhang Feng became famous in Black Tiger Group, true can with the situation that ten big Core Disciple compare favorably with. But if the quota has not struggled, or because of striving for the quota offended Great Sect the words like ten thousand beast gate, that Zhang Feng feared that also became the Black Tiger Group criminal. Before Zhang Feng fears this situation appears , therefore did not have absolutely prevented Zhao Hai to participate in Fighting Competition, but with ten thousand beast gate disciple fights time, Zhang Feng was really worried to death, he wants to make Zhao Hai win, feared that offended ten thousand beast gates, was really in a dilemma!!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;