Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1705

However Zhang Feng has not actually thought that Zhao Hai simple a few words, this matter solving, moreover perfect that very solves, ten thousand beast gate although lost now, however their at heart actually not necessarily some multi- blame Zhao Hai, after all this matter, if, cannot blame the head of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not killed that ten thousand beast gate Inner Disciples, has shown due respect for the feelings very much. It can be said that the Zhao Hai procedure, making the Zhang Feng biggest anxiety vanish, so long as this time Zhao Hai snatching that entered to the new foreign Space quota, he status in Black Tiger Group, certainly big promotion. But Zhang Feng thinks not only also this point, if Zhao Hai can enter to that new foreign Space in , after that foreign Space on equal to was his latter wreath, in that foreign Space had any thing, was his, when he wants to take when takes, when wants to want, when wanted, simple, because Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , this was the Zhang Feng most happy place. although various Great Sect are paying attention to Zhao Hai now, but fights must continue, so long as that 1000 people of quota one minutes have not determined that the fight will not stop, but now fought entered to fourth round, this also will be the last round. If calculates according to the population, four rounds fights are impossible to select 1000 people, however the actual situation is actually, four rounds fights select 1000 people are very normal, because of a top three round fight, even if the winner, has paid very big price, some winners were seriously injured, not having the means to continue to fight. That could not be wins, at most is mutually wounded, therefore these four rounds select 1000 people, is very normal. Because the mutually wounded situation is not infrequent. The quick Zhao Hai fourth round match has designated, his match is the person who east the Saint helps, the eastern Saint gang is one that four Saints help, but before four Saints help , is actually entire Cultivation World biggest Gang, stretches across four Great Province, has innumerable branch Hall in other each province, the Cultivation World first big influence that deserves. However such Gang, actually by bystander hitting dispersion four Gang. But is internal strife, became has been divided into four Gang, separately is east the Saint, the western Saint. The south Saint and northern Saint, from unified Gang, split four Gang. The although four Saints helped to be divided into four Gang from Gang, but the strength still did not annoy, became Eastern Saint Province. Western Saint Province , Southern Saint Province , in Northern Saint Province this state biggest Gang, can with the Eastern Buddha Province Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Southern Barbarian Province ten thousand beast gates, Northern Divergent Province Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Great Sect that under Wonderful Sound Pavilion of west ghost sect shares the honor. Words that however must speak, four Sacred Sect any independent Sect. Impossible and other Sect compares with Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery or ten thousand Beastman, but will not miss are too many, was adding on four big Sacred Sect although to split, but the brothers, one place is in difficulty, the four directions helped after all, therefore four Sacred Sect were very special can use, even if were Heavenly Sword Sect, does not dare provoking easily. Four Sacred Sect Core Disciple, study generally is Profound Sect Righteous Sect Cultivation Method, each and every one strength very formidable, but their Inner Disciples study actually not necessarily is Profound Sect Righteous Sect Cultivation Method, but Profound Sect Righteous Sect Cultivation Method that Zhao Hai this meeting disciple of the Eastern Saint Province, actually studies. This Eastern Saint Province Inner Disciples, puts on is not the general cultivator cultivator clothing/taking, but is a meek clothing/taking, the head tied ponytail the head in the top of the head with a golden head harness, the hand operated folding fan, seriously was natural extraordinary. Four Sacred Sect were also called four Sacred Academy by the Cultivation World person, these four Sacred Academy first institutes one certainly, respectively be zither and chess, picture, but Eastern Saint Province to become famous.

Finger Technique, Eastern Saint Province many disciple use the pen to take weapon, the disciple that but Zhao Hai meets today, actually does not take weapon with the pen, his in hand folding fan is weapon. Cai'er they have paid attention to the fight of this Eastern Saint Province cultivator, this Eastern Saint Province cultivator fighting strength is not weak \; first, because of his Law Idol, his Law Idol is a book, next is his in hand folding fan, his in hand folding fan, is very good Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai look at this Eastern Saint Province cultivator, a in hand pair of exceed point, good a Warrior ritual, then stood still motionless, east that Sacred Academy cultivator, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile, the in hand folding fan jogging two, have shown a faint smile said : this Black Tiger Group Junior Brother, you were the practice talent that my entire life only saw, can with your such talent war, really below being honored, but Junior Brother may probably be careful, I am under the hand/subordinate will not be forgiving!” Zhao Hai look at this Eastern Saint Province disciple, deep voice said : please grant instruction!” That Eastern Saint Province cultivator, showed a faint smile said : please! saying that drank one lightly, appears around his body. Then that cultivator, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Junior Brother, meets to incur.” Said that person opens the mouth to recite: Fish play lotus Ye Dong, fish play lotus, fish play lotus, fish play lotus Ye Bei, in fish play lotus leaf!” Along with his words, five incomparably huge kois, departed from his, swims away toward Zhao Hai, along with that fish only hovering, pink color lotus flowers, the deep green lotus leaf, appears at their back, these five kois swims away toward Zhao Hai from four sides. So long as Zhao Hai is not an idiot, he knows that these five kois are not look at are attractive, the Zhao Hai in hand crossed spears at one fell swoop, were calling that several kois also not to he encircles, koi of a halberd toward him in front of cuts, Zhao Hai elephant shape Law Idol a loud roar, nose of in hand toward his forefront koi draw off. That koi tail swings, body shifts instantaneously, within however one made Zhao Hai this strike, but Zhao Hai this struck, like held horse Fengwo, that several people of strip kois sped up instantaneously, flushed away toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously mouth of several kois, several water lines struck toward Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, does not draw back instead enters, proceeds to flush away, east his target direct that Sacred Academy cultivator, but at this moment, these in koi the lotus flower and lotus leaf of appears , immediately have actually encircled, composes a defense line in Zhao Hai with that cultivator, but at this time, these koi also turn around killed toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai complexion changes, deep voice said : sound moves eight sides!” As the Zhao Hai sound falls, elephant shape Law Idol nose fierce attracts toward , the belly of elephant increases instantaneously, then big mouth, a giant roar spreads from his mouth! Roar! With a giant shape roar, elephant shape Law Idol all around Space lived an intermittent distortion, this is not true Space is twisting, because of sound wave attack, making the air that four struck have the distortion.

Along with this great roar appears , movement cannot help but of five kois, but these lotus flower and lotus leaf actually cannot help but downward one volt. But at this moment, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, directly toward flushing away, arrived at east that in front of suddenly Sacred Academy cultivator, in hand crossed spears furiously downward cuts. Eastern Sacred Academy that cultivator has not thought obviously Zhao Hai will rush to here to come, but he in the shortest time responded, the in hand folding fan raises, welcomed toward Zhao Hai. Along with this movement, a giant fan shade, departs from in his hand, welcomes the trunk that the overhead has depressed. Boom! a loud sound, the trunk was pounding in a leaf of shade, the fan shade vanished, but that folding fan also Sacred Academy cultivator in hand from that departed. Then Zhao Hai second strikes comes afterward, eastern Sacred Academy that person, the personal appearance sharply toward retreat, Zhao Hai actually step by step follows closely, a halberd halberd strikes toward that cultivator. That cultivator withdraws although is not slow, however obvious he by growing perceptibly cultivator, has not evaded the pursuit of Zhao Hai eventually, three was pounded by Zhao Hai one after another on his Law Idol, pounds his Law Idol to shiver all over. But at this time that cultivator koi arrived at Zhao Hai Law Idol behind, that several kois not awfully same overran toward Zhao Hai elephant shape Law Idol, rumbling several, Zhao Hai Law Idol lightly is also trembling, appearance that probably momentarily must break. However Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, still one by one pounds toward that Eastern Saint Province cultivator Law Idol on, probably does not give to break opposite party Law Idol, on appearance of vowing not to rest. Expert that the scene such as Zhang Feng this moves, looks at the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but has shown a facial expression of appreciation, these people are Expert, their naturally understand why Zhao Hai must such anxiously assaulting, even can be said as the mutually wounded fighting method, because this is Zhao Hai the place of brilliant. All people can look, Zhao Hai strength, east Sacred Academy cultivator with that there is a disparity, but east that Sacred Academy cultivator, has the weakness, his weakness is, his Law Idol attack is quite slow.

East that Sacred Academy disciple Law Idol attack, is that type encircles slowly, looks like a standing net is the same, slowly ties down the enemy, finally enemy entangling. If not the response of Zhao Hai is quick enough, killing to that east in front of Sacred Academy cultivator, moreover rather two defeats, must defeat east that Sacred Academy cultivator Law Idol, this Zhao Hai was walks right, this was his sole defeats that cultivator opportunity. At this moment Zhao Hai attack was quicker, five strike one after another, by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, pounds toward eastern Sacred Academy that cultivator Law Idol on, after five strike, eastern Sacred Academy cultivator Law Idol broke finally, east that Sacred Academy cultivator complexion changes, a blood has spurted, but at this time Zhao Hai Law Idol also with a bang sound broke. However attack Zhao Hai these koi also vanish from sight, the Zhao Hai halberd is actually the overhead of overhead east Sacred Academy cultivator toward that pounds, that eastern Sacred Academy that cultivator is actually face ruthless color look at Zhao Hai. The suddenly Zhao Hai halberd stopped, stopped on an eastern Sacred Academy that cultivator three cuns (2.5cm) place, but before eastern Sacred Academy cultivator , after letting go these that departed fan, to the cerebellum of Zhao Hai was about three cuns (2.5cm), this was a true mutually wounded war, was good both receives to stop because of final both sides, otherwise two person feared that must die in this. Naturally, this is the views of other people, Zhao Hai will certainly not tell them, even if were east the Sacred Academy that cultivator folding fan strikes really in the head of Zhao Hai, he will not have the matter, naturally this saying he will not tell anybody. Moreover the beforehand fight, although looks like probably is the fight that both sides display their wisdom and bravery, actually all in Zhao Hai during grasps, including Zhao Hai each attack, each one type of of opposite party responded, all in Zhao Hai during grasps.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;