Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1706
Chapter 631 with

Zhao Hai although had not seen this Eastern Saint Academy cultivator begins, but Eastern Saint Academy that cultivator every action and every movement, cannot escape the eye of Cai'er, Cai'er they already feared that the scene participated in the fight cultivator, the process of fight has recorded, then has analyzed, no matter any person became the Zhao Hai enemy, their immediately can assign out that cultivator fight material, then analyzed, designs under the level that Zhao Hai exposes now, was most likely to defeat the opposite party plan. Mixes &\; Does not have. Shoots the window to be broad Considering) But Zhao Hai these time cultivator the fight between with this Dongsheng Academy, is a tie that Zhao Hai wants, because he has analyzed, after this fight, if he among the fight with that Eastern Saint Academy cultivator is the tie, that two have the possibility simultaneously to enter to new foreign Space very much goes. It can be said that their this time fight although are called the tie, but can also call win-win, because other cultivator decided the victory and defeat, this time altogether 753 nine Great Sect cultivator, obtained entered the qualifications of foreign Space, but other Sect cultivator, altogether 237 cultivator can enter to new foreign Space. Also in other words, these time enters to foreign Space cultivator, finally the member is not 1000, but is 990, Zhao Hai is also one in these 990 people. But such result Zhao Hai needs, he Eastern Saint Academy offending is too ruthless, obtained entered the qualifications of foreign Space. If this cultivator is not Eastern Saint Academy, even if there is strength with level, Zhao Hai can also butcher him, but such will offend Eastern Saint Academy, Zhao Hai will not be dry. As for this time tie, can offend that Eastern Saint Academy cultivator, Zhao Hai does not care, even if offended that cultivator to be also what kind, so long as did not offend Eastern Saint Academy to be OK, a cultivator manner that Eastern Saint Academy governed, Zhao Hai has not cared. Zhao Hai is clear, if behind him butchered Eastern Saint Academy cultivator, so long as not by person present, will not have the matter, but if he butchered that Eastern Saint Academy cultivator face to face, that offended Eastern Saint Academy, therefore Zhao Hai this game has chosen playing a drawn game. Reason that Zhao Hai dares to defeat ten thousand beast gates cultivator, but only plays a drawn game with Eastern Saint Academy cultivator, because of Zhao Hai understand, these so-called bright gate big factions, sometimes compared with some Monster Cultivator being small-minded, but people in ten thousand beast gate, has been called the barbarian by the Cultivation World person, they respect Expert, advocates the strength, so long as he uses the strength to defeat the opposite party, the opposite party will not mind

sometimes, what the civilization person cares is the face, but some people, what they care is only the strength, face anything, regarding person, simply being unworthy nickel. Zhao Hai has taken back own halberd slowly, is bowing said : thanks a lot Senior Brother under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving to that Eastern Saint Academy cultivator.” Then the personal appearance moves, returned to above Treasure Ship. But that Eastern Saint Academy cultivator, is actually complexion complex look at Zhao Hai, he knows that this fight, was Zhao Hai has won actually, the bystander has not possibly looked what's the matter, but his actually very clear, wielded in the Zhao Hai last halberd, he prepared with Zhao Hai perished together, is Zhao Hai in finally, received started, simultaneously halberd moving of his left hand slightly, although movement very slight, but he actually saw, his understand Zhao Hai what is this, the meaning of Zhao Hai is to tell him, he can while hitting his, under kept off his fan., But he does not have such to do, takes a drawn game. Eastern Saint Academy the cultivator will certainly not say these, but looked at Zhao Hai one, turn around returned to in the middle of Eastern Saint Academy team. Really, looks like in all people, this fight is the drawn game . Moreover the final result is also the drawn game, but he and Zhao Hai was determined to have opportunity to enter foreign Space. After such result comes out, the Black Tiger Group people were cheering, Zhang Feng are also let out a long breath, Zhang Feng very clear, Zhao Hai these time successfully too fresh wanted regarding him, later he status in gang will become higher, because big gate faction like Black Tiger Group, you , to have the status in the gang, looked, not only your strength, had your influence, had you contribution to Gang. This time he could be said as is in the gang has made the tremendous contribution, was in the gang strives for one to enter to the new foreign Space quota, this regarding the Black Tiger Group show was very advantageous. Each new foreign Space by presently, cultivator that enters most from the beginning, is very dangerous, but similarly, entries of these cultivator, is also huge regarding the contribution of this person of Gang. New foreign Space, inside is any situation nobody knows that inside has anything commodity, nobody knows that but these enter to that foreign Space person first, not only can obtain in Space some most precious commodities, can record that Space material, after to prepare own Sect, enters the person use of that Space. Naturally, regarding Zhang Feng, the most important point is, so long as made Zhao Hai enter that Space, that Space immediately will turn into his back garden, this regarding Zhang Feng, was very important. Zhang Feng turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, today Elder Brother I must well thank you, your quota, regarding me was really too important.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „should, Senior Brother does not need to care.” Was saying, Ao Wushuang previous time appears on the life and death stage, he looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, the quota has decided that below puts Access Command Token, before is superior, please come here to receive Command Token.”

990 winners, one after the other to the life and death stage on, received a piece Jade Token from arrogant incomparable there, when Zhao Hai time, Ao Wushuang looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : „are you Black Tiger Group Li Lin? Good, can break through in the short time to the Law Idol boundary, can have such strength unexpectedly, is really rare.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to dare, senior has said.” Ao Wushuang showed a faint smile, puts out a piece Jade Token to give Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai received Jade Token , bowed, draws back returned to on Treasure Ship. Zhao Hai is taking that Jade Token , is actually the facial expression changes, this Jade Token just Zhang Feng delivered to record his status that Jade Token , but is very obvious, this Jade Token again has been refined now, Jade Token although or originally that a piece, but the function actually completely changed Although originally that Jade Token is used to record thing, but this Jade Token , is actually used to indicate the status now, originally whose spiritual force can search into to this Jade Token , but on this Jade Token has very special energy now, not only this energy spiritual force, other energy, undergoes the Expert refinement obviously. But reason that Zhao Hai meets the facial expression changes, because of the time, that refines this Jade Token person, can in such a short time refine 1000 Jade Token , obviously is not very easy, indicated that person is Expert, Expert of absolute crafting grandmaster rank. Expert of this crafting grandmaster rank, meets appears unexpectedly in this place, this is really somewhat strange, general crafting grandmaster Expert, is various Sect treasures, is impossible to make him come out easily, but now this crafting grandmaster appears in here, only then one type of explained that this practices Sect is also Expert, he protects oneself absolutely does not have the issue. It seems like these Great Sect low yun are really not general deep, the Zhao Hai returned to Zhang Feng side, has given Zhang Feng that Jade Token . At this time all people led Command Token, Ao Wushuang to look at people one eyes, deep voice said : that new appears foreign Space, we have not known that the turnover time of Item body, was asking the person to survey, Command Token, was your relation Command Token, so long as after there is information, we to you present signalling jade sword, the jade sword will find you, hopes that everybody do not lose, I believed for one month to have letter, everybody please return.” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, this foreign Space when opened, opens how long, can carry on the survey?” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, when this foreign battlefield opens, every time opens how long to carry on the survey, like our Sect, has the person who special studies this survey, their survey although cannot 100% preparations, but preparation can also achieve about 90%, was very good, like foreign Space that this type first time opened, survey time careful, will not leave absolutely wrong, the preparation degree can achieve over 95%, you were good on feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : First Senior Brother, that do we go back now?” Zhang Feng nodded, looked at all around said : here is not the long-erm place, we walked.” Said that his immediately ordered, Treasure Ship slowly went toward retreat, after having drawn back section of road, starts to transfer the bow, additional leave.

When Zhang Feng their leave, one is Great Magical Artifact of Skull shape is made by Bone, was following closely their footsteps leave, moreover was pursuing Zhang Feng their Great Magical Artifact. Great Magical Artifact becoming famous of this skeleton , the known as ghost's face ship, the ghost's face ship is Wandering Soul Group advertisement Magical Artifact, he by puts together the system after refinement monster beast bone all over the body, because in each monster beast bone, his spirit Soul Refining, therefore ghost's face ship, when fights truly, can release millions and millions Malicious Ghost help him fight, fighting strength or very formidable. Moreover that because the entire ship is refined all over the body by monster beast bone, therefore hull very light, very fast, his can definitely arrange to Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact top ten this row, must know in this Great Magical Artifact, but includes day Sword Sect flying sword. Zhang Feng after the ship starts, led Zhao Hai they to arrive in the ship in his room, after several people sat down, Zhang Feng turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this time you during fight Wandering Soul Group offending pain, later must add carefully, Wandering Soul Group these fellows, were not typical thing, one, but they , to cope with you, that will be will use nothing which is not it.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, after does not use, these fellows had feared that now pursued.” Zhang Feng stares, then deep voice said : broadcast picture!” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;