Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1707

As the Zhang Feng sound falls, the picture that in living room that is used to monitor, immediately vanished, turned into a giant screen, above also turned into a picture of small standard small standard, Zhang Feng then said : surveillance outboard.” Screen immediately turned into greens, then the picture like the radar, green ray from this move to that head, below also appears the proportion completely, has worn green luminous spot appears on the screen. This luminous spot is in the screen, is the Treasure Ship position, then red luminous spot appears behind the Treasure Ship position not far away, flashes flashes braving red light. thing of this outboard scanning, is not Zhao Hai installs, but under the help of Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng asked in the gang Crafting Master installing. although said that Zhao Hai can install thing better sweep unit of one ratio to on the ship like the radar, but he has not actually done, he does not want to display was extremely versatile, now he displays was too dazzling, receives Zhang Feng to attach great importance to more and more, he more attached great importance to by Zhang Feng, the Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate person more is jealous him, he does not want to become is the target of public criticism. The content on Zhang Feng look at screen, coldly snorted said : „is really the fellow who Wandering Soul Group these are haunted by the ghost, since they court death, we gave them one to teach well.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : this Wandering Soul Group these people, made the completely safe preparation to cope our, we must add carefully are good, will otherwise possibly have very big loss, this Wandering Soul Group also put up Great Magical Artifact to come.” Zhang Feng nodded, has put out the a piece jade sword. Has input some contents in, let out, before long on on the ship Transmission Formation flashed with brilliant rays, several cultivator appears in Transmission Formation there. These cultivator are Nascent Soul Stage Expert, understood at a glance that is in the gang sends to help Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng welcomed his room several people, please after several people sit down, bowed said : thanks a lot several Senior Brother to help to several people, these time must make these little rascal pay the price.” These cultivator are the iron Zhan Tian apprentices, several people are Body Cultivator, Body Cultivator can achieve Nascent Soul Stage, their fighting strength also will want on strong some compared with general Nascent Soul Stage Expert. However iron Zhan Tian these apprentices, are not that type can the Commander general situation person, is adding on them is the iron Zhan Tian apprentice, paid attention to their people too many. Their also not suitable sits to the Zhang Feng present position, therefore iron Zhan Tian then Zhang Feng lifting. These people practice the madman fortunately, regarding the authority is not craving, therefore with the Zhang Feng place, these person although are Body Cultivator however besides two. Several other people of statures are not very tall and big, two statures are very thin are smaller, this arrives stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. In several people he he chuckle said : phoenix Junior Brother, you did not need to be polite with us. But these little rascal these years have not been short to us disturb, Master is pressing. I already tidied up them, now has such opportunity. How can I not tidy up them well one?” Zhang Feng smiles said : these time certainly to make several Senior Brother the foot hidden, behind us with a ghost's face ship!” Another person of coldly snorted said : today I have destroyed their ghost's face ship, I looked that what response Wandering Soul Group these fellows will have? Does he also really dare to make war inadequately with our Black Tiger Group? If they dare to make war, that arrived, I noticed that time Hu Clan had anything to give a pretext is preventing us to begin with Wandering Soul Group.” These years in Black Tiger Group, the sound that request and Wandering Soul Group battle against enter have not broken, but take Hu Clan as these Great Clan, continuously opposition this matter, therefore are iron Zhan Tian, do not have point means that make iron Zhan Tian these apprentices very aggrievedly. Zhang Feng deep voice said : several Senior Brother should not be negligent, this Wandering Soul Group must cope with me, certainly will send out some Expert, we be careful a point to well.”

At this time Zhang Feng looked at monitor, turned the head to several people of said : several Senior Brother, we exited, these fellows pursued, it seems like they want to keep in this island me.” Said Zhang Feng, when has stood first, directing several people to walk outward, the quick several people arrived in the deck of stern, Zhao Hai and Hao Xingzheng stands in here, saw that several people came, they are busy at saluting to them. Zhang Feng has not exposed the Zhao Hai status, but these two to his several Senior Brother said : you should also know, this is Hao Xing, this is Li Lin, I most efficient two under the hand/subordinate, Zhang Hao, below.” Zhang Feng that several Senior Brother, nodded to them, they are not that very good at express their person, said it, Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate, does not have no relationship with them, warm how therefore they have not shown. Zhao Hai and Hao Xing have not cared, these people are Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, if normally they see Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, feared that is the opposite party links to be disinclined 0.1. Zhang Feng they feared now the vision has aimed at the Treasure Ship rear not far away, there one group of dark clouds erect quick is approaching, Zhang Feng they know that is not the dark clouds, but is Ghost Qi. Zhang Feng coldly snorted said : tone, we move forward to meet somebody, I to have a look, their ghost's face ships are fierce to any degree.” As Zhang Feng leads, Treasure Ship flings curved, moved forward to meet somebody toward the ghost's face ship, simultaneously Treasure Ship also mentioned high. The ghost's face ship there person present Zhang Feng Qi chart, the ghost's face ship had not reduced, flushed fully, but this simultaneously ghost's face on the ship many Ghost Qi have braved, that jet black such as Ghost Qi of black ink, the entire ghost's face ship wrapping. When two Great Magical Artifact are quick, ghost's face on the ship Ghost Qi, flew from the ship directly, turns fierce ghost's head that huge Ghost Qi has composed, direct Treasure Ship throws. Zhang Feng coldly snorted said : blessing/additional support protective shield, hits fully to me, I to have a look, their ghost's face ships hard to any degree.” Along with issuing an order of Zhang Feng, on Treasure Ship emits golden light layer upon layer, this golden light turned into one layer golden protective shield finally, Treasure Ship protecting in middle. Ghost Qi ghost's head that protective shield just on Treasure Ship, ghost's face ship appears came has hit on Treasure Ship. with a bang sound, Treasure Ship protective shield shook two, directly hitting to disperse ghost's head that Ghost Qi composed. This Treasure Ship protective shield at that time Zhao Hai in manufacture, inside on in addition many formation. And has Light Element Magic Formation, this Magic Formation is one type of masculine energy, with Ghost Qi that Yin Attribute energy, happen to repels one another, Treasure Ship mentioned energy now biggest, Ghost Qi ghost's head naturally cannot put together Treasure Ship, one was given to hit to disperse by Treasure Ship. Then Treasure Ship is having potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, has hit toward ghost's face on the ship. The ghost's face ship also mentioned at this time highest, two ships leave very near, has hit suddenly together.

with a bang sound loud noise, Treasure Ship and ghost's face ship hit directly in together. protective shield on Treasure Ship broke, but ghost ship outside Ghost Qi simultaneously dissipated, was Treasure Ship and frontage of ghost's face ship meets the tough head-on with toughness. Zhang Feng felt that a tremendous strength has uploaded from the hull, jumps the upward that his personal appearance top, but also jumps. Afterward this strength on vanish from sight, but the Treasure Ship hull actually has not lived the too big change, is only bow there, slightly some hollow. But their opposite ghost's face ships were also hit go toward retreat. With place that Treasure Ship bumps into, several monster beast bone were hit directly. Must know that monster beast bone after the careful refinement of Wandering Soul Group. That monster beast bone degree of hardness no less than Magical Artifact, now unexpectedly directly by Treasure Ship hitting. Obviously this hit, strength big. Two Great Magical Artifact this draws back, in has not actually hit toward together, because both sides try, opposite party Great Magical Artifact in the degree of hardness, under oneself, is no one does not occupy in the strength cheaply. But both sides do not want to be caused the too big damage by their Great Magical Artifact, therefore has the tacit understanding very stopped clashing with Great Magical Artifact, Expert of both sides flew from Great Magical Artifact, threw toward the opposite party. Can look, this Wandering Soul Group to cope with Zhang Feng to has gotten down the initial capital, from that ghost's face ship, altogether appears five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, then gushed out ten Gold Core Stage Expert, such strength is not weak, must know Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if places in general small Sect, that is the Supreme Elder level existed, the status is very high, even if Gold Core Stage cultivator, during various big gate send, is the ordinary elder level existed. It seems like Wandering Soul Group these time must to Zhang Feng in the deathtrap, otherwise not send out these many Expert, but they have not thought that Zhang Feng these time is also prepared, one from Treasure Ship departed about eight Nascent Soul Stage Expert unexpectedly. Both sides although saw that the lineup of opposite party stares, but did not have the time to make them think now that many, both sides immediately fought in one. But at this time in both sides Magical Artifact other Expert, flushed from respective Great Magical Artifact, returned into to fight in the circle, these people flew, Zhang Feng their here inferior immediately has demonstrated that they not only did not have the opposite party to be many in the population, but also wanted the inferior opposite party to plan in the strength, it seems like real very sufficient of Wandering Soul Group this preparation, inquired including the Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate middle and lower level strength clearly. Is good because in the High level strength, Zhang Feng their this must press the opposite party, Zhang Feng blocked opposite party five Nascent Soul Stage Expert with four iron Zhan Tian disciple, other three Nascent Soul Stage Expert, complete suppression Wandering Soul Group ten Gold Core Stage Expert. Wandering Soul Group these time sends, obviously is some elites, ten Gold Core Stage cultivator, have tied down Black Tiger Group three Nascent Soul Stage Expert unexpectedly. Must know that Nascent Soul Stage and Gold Core Stage although is only missing 1st level, but the strength actually missed ten times to continue, in the normal situation, Nascent Soul Stage Expert, can cope with ten Gold Core Stage cultivator, will not have the person of any issue, only then some top Gold Core Stage cultivator, can in Nascent Soul Stage cultivator in hand multi- support a while, or escaped with life, that is regarded be the peerless talents. But now Wandering Soul Group three Gold Core Stage cultivator, give to tie down Black Tiger Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert unexpectedly, obviously these ten Gold Core Stage cultivator, are in Wandering Soul Group the essence sorts to elect thin. However Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate also not to be trifled with, these time with disciple that in Zhang Feng comes out, several are Black Tiger Group Inner Disciples, Gold Core Stage Expert like Hao Xing, there are seven.

Because in Wandering Soul Group these Gold Core Stage cultivator, by that three Nascent Soul Stage Expert blocking, in Wandering Soul Group the present did not have Gold Core Stage Expert to cope with Hao Xing they, disciple although indignant strength resistances of other these Wandering Soul Group, but actually falling slowly to leeward. But Zhao Hai these time has not displayed extremely in conspicuity, he with a Wandering Soul Group Inner Disciples war, finally although the opposite party suppressing, but actually cannot solve the opposite party immediately, performance although is also remarkable, does not have to be too many Cai'er the place. The war of both sides has also alarmed some people on island, but these people do not want to be meddlesome, nobody wants to come to grab the bargain, after all both sides of fight are also strength good Sect people, moreover these two Sect have a grudge, they do not want to offend these two Sect, therefore other Sect people, have swept the battlefield with spiritual force, retreated on immediately/on horseback. But at this time, Black Tiger Group these Nascent Soul Stage Expert finally were also in the upper hand, especially that three with Nascent Soul Stage Expert of ten Wandering Soul Group Gold Core Stage cultivator to war, occupies the absolute winning side, killed that ten Gold Core Stage cultivator, was an issue of time. If lets these three Nascent Soul Stage Expert, that ten Gold Core Stage cultivator to exterminate, balance reversed image Black Tiger Group this scope of that victory, however Wandering Soul Group these Nascent Soul Stage Expert, actually by Zhang Feng their several people tying down, even also fell leeward, in this case, they were want make a move to help that several Gold Core Stage cultivator not be impossible. Also about 20 minutes, Wandering Soul Group that ten Gold Core Stage cultivator one after another had been killed, that three Nascent Soul Stage Expert immediately has set aside the hand, their immediately sent out two people to support Zhang Feng they, remaining Nascent Soul Stage Expert, have not come to help Zhao Hai they, but was the personal appearance moves, killed toward the Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship, he was actually wants to capture the ghost's face ship. Wandering Soul Group these Nascent Soul Stage Expert saw that this situation cannot help but roars again and again, although some ghost's face on the ship also people are guarding the ghost's face ship now, but how the strengths of these people possibly compare with Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if made that Nascent Soul Stage Expert kill on the ship, that consequence was dreadful. However they are to help now also helplessly, Wandering Soul Group these five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, by Black Tiger Group seven Nascent Soul Stage Expert to sphering stubbornly, do not say has rescued, the self-preservation is difficult. But at this time in Hao Xing the leadership of their several Gold Core Stage cultivator it, Zhao Hai they also had been carrying on cleaning up to Wandering Soul Group some low level cultivator . Moreover the work that cleans up returns very smooth, after all the deaths of ten Gold Core Stage cultivator, to these low level cultivator morale, the attack were very big. But at this time Black Tiger Group that Nascent Soul Stage Expert has killed nearby the ghost's face ship, in the ghost's face ship looks at the person of ship, the access of ghost's face ship closing, simultaneously started on the ship protective shield, because the person of inside control ghost's face ship was too few, therefore protective shield although of ghost's face ship got up, the intensity was actually not.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;