Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1708

although that protective shield intensity is not very strong, however regarding Nascent Soul Stage Expert, is not weak, that after is Great Magical Artifact protective shield, even if in ordinary intensity, weak does not arrive at that to go, that Nascent Soul Stage Expert wants to defeat that protective shield, snatches the ghost's face ship, is not an easy matter. At this moment, Zhang Feng suddenly said loudly: Li Lin, returned to on the ship goes, harnesses the ship, hits!”. Zhao Hai has complied with one, has attacked two moves tightly, then leaves retreat, drew back returned to directly above Treasure Ship, then the personal appearance moved, to Treasure Ship inside. With the Wandering Soul Group person, Wandering Soul Group did not keep the person to look at the ship, Zhang Feng linked one to look that the people of ship have not remained, in his opinion remained to look at the ship, was actually same, if the Wandering Soul Group person must snatch the ship, he on exposed Treasure Ship can the shrink characteristics, directly Treasure Ship receiving in his Space Equipment at the worst. However now look at them to be in the upper hand, but the person seizing ship of Wandering Soul Group let alone, can their ghost's face ships protect two say. However Wandering Soul Group ghost's face on the ship that protective shield, if not enter quick breaking, that will possibly create side issues, must know, in Nascent Soul Stage Expert attack, but also has self-exploding Nascent Soul this attack style, if Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert, two firmly decided, self-exploding Nascent Soul, the encirclement rings of their this seven person may probably be broken, when the time comes lets Wandering Soul Group person returned to ghost's face on the ship, that this they the ghost's face ship that might snatch cannot snatch. Therefore among the intention phonographs, Zhang Feng has thought of Zhao Hai. Treasure Ship is the Zhao Hai manufacture, he most understood Treasure Ship, therefore makes him set sail, absolutely does not have the issue. Is adding on Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, in hand has many Undead Creature, this Treasure Ship wants, a relying on person is incorrect, making Zhao Hai go, Zhao Hai can make Undead Creature help him set sail, that is more relaxed, does not go like the faction people. A school on several people, sends Zhao Hai, a person can handle. Because has such idea, therefore Zhang Feng will send Zhao Hai returned to Treasure Ship to start. Order of Zhang Feng very short, but the meaning is actually very understand, he sends Zhao Hai to set sail, hits the ghost's face ship with Treasure Ship, protective shield of ghost's face ship dashing. When the time comes that Nascent Soul Stage Expert, can seize the opportunity enter to the ghost's face ship, massacres the on the ship person directly, the ghost's face ship taking. So long as the ghost's face ship taking. Even if makes the Wandering Soul Group person run away several, was completely the entire merit. Precious degree of ghost's face ship, but be higher than several Nascent Soul Stage Expert. Idea of Zhao Hai also understand Zhang Feng. Therefore his immediately returned to above Treasure Ship, then immediately entered the Treasure Ship power house, simultaneously release large quantities of Undead Creature have helped him starting Treasure Ship.

Original Zhao Hai does not need such to do, but he has done, because of his very clear, after waiting for Zhang Feng their returned to on the ship, should be able to feel these Undead Creature aura, if he anything does, useless Undead Creature, possibly they will actually be given by Zhang Feng presently, Zhang Feng they are Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, each and every one strength formidable, regarding energy and aura very sensitive, if made them presently that not good. This Zhao Hai use is some ordinary Undead Creature, the strength is not very formidable, therefore Zhao Hai has not let these Undead Creature, direct inputs energy toward Treasure Ship, but made part of Undead Creature open big gate of storeroom, took Crystal Stone in storeroom, has put on the ship power in the formation, moved power. Power moves, Treasure Ship immediately under Zhao Hai command(er), is similar to the flowing light is together same, overran toward the ghost's face ship, with a bang sound loud noise, protective shield immediately of ghost's face ship has broken, entire ghost's face ship hit in the future will draw back. But that Nascent Soul Stage Expert, while this opportunity, the personal appearance moved to pursue, he was preparing to have a look, hit that place the time, presently ghost's face on the ship had actually been hit large hole, that Nascent Soul Stage Expert great happiness, drilled from that large hole directly. When by Nascent Soul Stage Expert formidable Divine Sense, now to the ghost's face ship that on this has not guarded against completely, naturally is such as the tiger enters wolf pack, he already present several Wandering Soul Group people, but the person present situation of that several Wandering Soul Group is actually somewhat strange, these people lie in there unexpectedly are motionless. That Nascent Soul Stage Expert flies Wandering Soul Group these person of there, looked at these person of one, presently these Wandering Soul Group people, by just hit shaking fainted in the past. The plan that Nascent Soul Stage Expert do not capture, the hand wields, directly that several Wandering Soul Group person butchering, this flew from ghost's face on the ship, join to regiment. But at this time actually departed one group of people to come from Treasure Ship, this crowd of person flashes bodies entered in the ghost's face ship, the ghost's face ship receiving. Two Great Magical Artifact, slowly toward retreat past. Zhang Feng naturally saw this situation, but he has not managed, but stepped up own attack, steps up with several Nascent Soul Stage Expert attack along with him, tactical situation already complete control in their in hand, Wandering Soul Group these Nascent Soul Stage Expert, but is making final struggling.

But other Wandering Soul Group these ordinary disciple, actually by the Black Tiger Group people who Hao Xing led butchering, besides the fight of Nascent Soul Stage Expert there, the entire battlefield has subsided. At this time that several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert, knows that they were difficult to run away today died, several people were ruthless, in this time, a jade sword fell to Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng gawked, but immediately/on horseback searched toward in spiritual force, has swept jade sword inside content. Looks at jade sword inside content, Zhang Feng cannot help but stares, then complexion one happy, turns the head look at that several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert said : several, today's situation several also saw, if such is spelling, to several, does not have what advantage, so long as several are willing to help my Zhang Feng, my Zhang Feng assures his security, several what do you think.” Was saying Zhang Feng while waved, several other Nascent Soul Stage Expert slowly have also drawn back, but still gathers round Wandering Soul Group that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert. That several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert one hear of Zhang Feng said that stares, but they also know, in this type has been short in 50% situations compared with the opposite party, today thinks that is flushing, is almost impossible, if they really by Zhang Feng killing, that is the person of dying [say / way] disappears, all up with! cultivator takes seriously own Dao doctrines very much, if there are if possible, they hope that their Dao doctrines can forever inherit, in adding on the cultivator life is long, therefore cultivator also compared with ordinary person fearing death, so long as one point of fresh hopes, they do not want dead, therefore hears the proposition of Zhang Feng, Wandering Soul Group that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert, the sentiment of what display dislike, was only under one, then has pondered. Zhang Feng look at their appearances, then said : several also know that our Black Tiger Group situation, what I said is makes several help me, but does not help Black Tiger Group as elder, so long as several want, I can release sound of the wind/rumor, say that several died in battle, but several actually by another status, still living well in world, I ensure doesn't send several make a move to deal with people in several Clan, don’t know several what do you think?” The facial expressions on how many Nascent Soul Stage Expert faces are somewhat loose, how many person of appearances Zhang Feng looks, then deep voice said : how many, you perhaps think that at the worst you can also Nascent Soul self-destruct, then run away, how many what I want to say, now the ghost's face ship was snatched in hand by us, our in hand equal to had two Great Magical Artifact, everybody thinks that you can result in Great Magical Artifact quickly? Even if were several ran away, lost the responsibility of ghost's face ship to by several take, several that was ready to subject to a penalty?” That several Nascent Soul Stage Expert complexion change, Zhang Feng these words truly were to the point on, good, they are Nascent Soul Stage Expert, however in Wandering Soul Group, like Nascent Soul Stage Expert also many, they in Wandering Soul Group is not the extraordinary character. But ghost's face ship in Wandering Soul Group, but extraordinary existence, is the Wandering Soul Group honor, if Wandering Soul Group investigated really loses the Great Magical Artifact responsibility, they are difficult to run away it to investigate. Remembers Wandering Soul Group to make mistakes the punishment of disciple to that several people cannot help but have had a shiver.

How many person of said : Zhang Feng looked at how many, if you were calling we have not guarded, wants self-exploding, that also somewhat opportunity can run away, but we currently had the protection, how many think your self-exploding, how many stratagem which ensures success but can also have, but can also run away? Naturally, several, if has hired oneself I, said that definitely is incorrect, I will seal up several Spiritual Qi, then please several handle two matters as throwing describes, when the time comes several are official join we, I to several corresponding respect, several will regard ordinary disciple same will not shout to drink, how several will think?” That several Nascent Soul Stage Expert looked at one mutually, saw becoming less crowded from the opposite party eye, if a Zhang Feng condition does not raise, but makes them hire oneself, they possibly also think that Zhang Feng will have any plot, but Zhang Feng said now that they instead to were not suspecting. Zhang Feng look at several people of said : several, how you think under proud, if several agreements, I seal up several entire Spiritual Qi, I can use Heart Demon Oath, assures several securities.” That several Nascent Soul Stage Expert one hear of Zhang Feng said that finally open the mouth and said: Zhang Feng, you are also an honored and popular character, if you are willing to use the Heart Demon Oath word, our several hire oneself you also to be possible, but I hope that you can like you say, must have the corresponding respect to us, moreover when necessary, we several people of Clan, brings to your governing, without guaranteeing our several people of Clan safe, you cannot announce that absolutely our status, are you possible to achieve?” Zhang Feng laughs said : my Zhang Feng one word is as heavy as nine tripods, naturally can achieve, my Zhang Feng to my Heart Demon Oath and ensure now several securities, think the means to receive under my governing several Clan as soon as possible, without achieving, will not let several status expositions absolutely, and gives several corresponding respect, such as disobeys this oath, when I the demon fire burns the heart dead!”( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;