Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1709

Zhang Feng in the room, 13 Nascent Soul Stage Expert, sit in a circle in together, Zhao Hai, Hao Xing, Zhang Haozhan in the Zhang Feng side, Zhang Feng their front suspends a cup, in the cup is thinking of Spirit Wine. Zhang Feng holds up wine glass, thanked trust of several to that several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert said : my Zhang Feng, this was my Spirit Wine, please several taste.”. That several Nascent Soul Stage Expert had been sealed up Spiritual Qi now, but several people to do not have any excessive response, smiled has been holding up wine glass, they have bumped with Zhang Feng, this Spirit Wine in cup drinking. Zhang Feng here Spirit Wine, is Zhao Hai takes, the flavor naturally is very good, after several people have done one glass of liquor, left smell of alcohol, is high said : nice wine!” Zhang Feng also shouted smell of alcohol, smiles said : several, if likes, a while I make Li Lin send to several altars|jars to you, several liquor brothers, a while you also take several altars|jars, I must thank several today's help.” Xiao Feng, you are polite with me anything, but this liquor to is really to the taste, my iron hawk for these years, has not drunk such tasty Spirit Wine, you must many prepare a point to me.” Zhang Feng laughs said : this not to have the issue, I will prepare to several.” This iron hawk was iron Zhan Tian big disciple, Body Cultivator, the strength has achieved Nascent Soul Stage Peak, the defense unparalleled, super strong, in Black Tiger Group was known as that iron feather condor, the strength end was. How many people Zhang Feng with has had a drink together how many cups, this turns the head to Hao Xing said : small star, arrangement how? We must before energy several storms approach goes back, can not catch the time.” Hao Xing smiles said : to arrange. First Senior Brother invited feel relieved, after the ghost's face ship already by the partition, has loaded into Treasure Ship, our immediately can go back.” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, that is good.” However Hao Xing words. Is makes the iron hawk they stare, especially how many Wandering Soul Group people, how many Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul cultivator one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but complexion changes, to Zhang Feng said : Sect Master this is what Gu? The ghost's face ship is rare Magical Artifact, so disassembled too does not waste?”

Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said :everybody not to need to be worried that we can disassemble him, naturally can install him. When this time we must go back, Transmission Formation that uses, is quite small, the ghost's face ship definitely cannot go. Cannot keep here, therefore can only use this troublesome method. Iron hawk puzzled look at Zhang Feng is said : installing? That ghost's face ship may not be easy to install, Xiao Feng, can you have confidence?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother your feel relieved, is not a problem absolutely. Later if fixed, I deliver you a ghost's face ship, as your ride, how?” Reason that Zhang Feng said that because Black Tiger Group, when first several generations. suddenly left one to let Gang Master the resolution of authority big shrinkage, was Gang Master disciple cannot help but becomes core ten big disciple. Only can enjoy ordinary Core Disciple allowance, does not get open the entrance. Do not use the tiger ship. Before reason that Black Tiger Group Gang Master the authority was so big, was because in Gang Master disciple, definitely several Core Disciple, were people in ten big Core Disciple, these Core Disciple can open the entrance, be able to use Great Magical Artifact, the resources that in this case, Gang Master can utilize were also naturally more, Gang Master strength, the right to speak was also naturally big, the authority was also big. But initially this proposition, actually takes Hu Clan as Great Clan raises, at that time this proposition received the vigorous opposition of Black Tiger Group that generation of Gang Master, but took Hu Clan as at that time Great Clan, the strength extremely in the great strength, this proposition passed finally unexpectedly, but passing of this proposition, official symbol, the Black Tiger Group Gang Master authority greatly reduces, various Great Clan authorities, the big enhancement, becomes the Black Tiger Group contradiction biggest origin. Also for this reason, therefore the iron hawk their although is leader disciple, but the authority is not big, even does not have means open the entrance, can only exist by the ordinary Core Disciple status, otherwise by the strength of iron hawk, ten big Core Disciple first, feared that was his. Iron hawk one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : „said that before some people said that you do know crafting heavenly aptitude real?” You who Zhang Feng smiles not to speak said : how your leave alone I comes , to use, I ensure made one to you, several Senior Brother, you , to use, my person made one to you, but you must many and other time, after all this Great Magical Artifact was not good to refine.” As soon as iron hawk several people listened to Zhang Feng this saying on understand, Zhang Feng knew that crafting Expert matter real, several people were not asking, the iron hawk nodded said : well, we were waiting for your Great Magical Artifact.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, nodded, deep voice said :later several Senior Brother, if practices time, there is any need thing, although looks for me, brothers my nearest/recent a small wealth, moreover under the hand/subordinate also several capable people, no matter medicine pill or Magical Artifact, you open the mouth by all means. „

One hear of Zhang Feng said that the iron hawk to is two eyes one bright, then his hand revolution has put out huge Monster Beast, this only Monster Beast died, is Monster Beast of hawk, the wing of cyan, the golden claw and sharp mouth, understood at a glance that fighting strength is extraordinary. The iron hawk to Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, I was impolite with you, this is the Jinfeng hawk that my nearest/recent projects on, what do you have a look at to me to build up what thing? Other thing is unimportant, more importantly that to the wings, you also knows that my is not quick, I want that to refine pair of increase Magical Artifact to the wing.” Zhang Feng somewhat awkwardly looked at that only giant Jin Feng, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Xiaolin, did you to some crafting also strict research, how many thing you have a look at this Jinfeng hawk to build up to come?” Zhang Feng such asked Zhao Hai, naturally must have a look at Zhao Hai to make any thing to come, Zhao Hai looked at that only Jinfeng hawk one, deep voice said : returned to the First Senior Brother words, this only Jinfeng hawk was quite strong Monster Beast, one was the treasure, most ideal refinement method, built up whole body armor the entire only Jinfeng hawk, not only can increase, but can also increase the defense. The back has the wing, can increase, in the hand be able to build up to expand and contract the eagle claw, can, when weapon use. The head has the hawk helmet, not only can increase the defense, but can also eagle-eyed also refine in full body armor, but don’t know will have anything to do to use, naturally, this is the most ideal method, difficulty no less than of its refinement refines Great Magical Artifact, general Crafting Master is incorrect. If only an independent refinement pair of wing, to is possible, success ratio although refining full body armor is easier, Magical Artifact that but is ordinary than the refinement is difficult. Because the wing Magical Artifact of looks like increase, the difficulty of refinement is very high.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, he knows certainly that Zhao Hai said. Almost can refine full body armor this only Jinfeng hawk, otherwise he will not say. Zhang Feng turns the head to iron hawk said : First Senior Brother, you also heard, this is not easy. I can only as far as possible, but you can elect now. You want whole body armor, wants to want a pair of wing?” The iron hawk laughed said : this choice to be too simple. The fools want the wing, I naturally wanted whole body armor, building up of your feel relieved, if were defeated did not have anything, at the worst I in hit one and that's the end.” Iron hawk crafting, naturally does not will think anything, however Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert, is actually not weak Crafter, as soon as he listens to Zhao Hai this saying actually being startled. Crafting Master, not only the crafting success ratio, a design of Magical Artifact is also very important, good Crafting Master, sometimes can look from a design of Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact like Jinfeng hawk, in the general Crafting Master eye, possibly his hawk mouth, the eagle claw and wing will take to refine Magical Artifact, other spots possible on to discard, or will give to extract downward the hawk feather, the refinement will become Magical Artifact of attack shape, Crafting Master like this on is very good Crafting Master. But like Zhao Hai, said that must refine Complete Set full body armor Crafting Master with this only Jinfeng hawk, that absolutely was the person of crafting grandmaster rank, even if were the general crafting grandmaster, feared that cannot make such design. That Wandering Soul Group Crafting Master look at Zhao Hai, in the eye has revealed color of the doubt, must know that a Crafting Master level the height, has big relationship with his strength, builds up the god time Crafting Master, you are the level are very good, uncertain can't compare with ordinary Gold Core Stage Crafting Master, because of [gold/metal] Lianqi Crafting Master, can use pill fire, pill fire is the one type of flame that is produced by Gold Core, this type of flame uses very in a big way be regarding doing of crafting, can promote the crafting success ratio, but Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, can use three taste True Fire, three. Taste True Fire is pill fire also wants the formidable one type of flame, not only can increase the crafting success ratio, can enhance the Magical Artifact quality, even possibly makes Magical Artifact have certain special capability.

But the Zhao Hai strength, is only the Law Idol time, will he have such high crafting level? That Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage Expert, regarding this Li Lin the strength has had the suspicion. Zhang Feng has not actually thought of these, he to iron hawk said : good, has First Senior Brother these words, my feel relieved, I will find the person to help First Senior Brother you build up as far as possible, if succeeded is best, but do not report greatly hope too.” Said that he turned the head to look at several other people of said : your several, if had any matter, saying as soon as possible, my good a piece to ask the person managing.” Several people looked at one mutually, iron Zhan Tian three disciple, iron wing turned, have put out one pile of medicinal herbs said : Junior Brother, you said that my also impolite, this was the dragon tiger maintains life pill's material, altogether ten, you, so long as can help me build up a dragon tiger to maintain life pill to come, even if were you to I biggest help, how?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : not to have the issue, gives me.” Said that received these materials, looked at several other people of one, several other people shook the head, iron Zhan Tian two disciple iron ice forced smile said : we want to refine some thing, but the material has not gotten ready now, when we got ready the material to say.” Zhang Feng one hear of several people said that cannot help but smiles said : your present materials to me, remaining I have a look at me to you to make up, if I really cannot make up, I am informing you.” Several People sounds, have put out their thing, has given Zhang Feng, but also own request, told Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng also one by one should.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;