Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1710

Zhang Feng sits in own in the room, somewhat awkward look at Zhao Hai, they returned to the Phoenix's cry peak, the iron hawk they also walked, but that several Wandering Soul Group person, keeps on Treasure Ship now, Zhang Feng gave them several to divide the a piece forbidden area in on the ship, did not make others approach them, making them move in there. Is good is good because of the cultivator patience, that several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, has been used to the life of closing up, naturally also has been used to this life style. Zhang Feng embarrassed look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this, is really a little embarrassed, you looked that these took these many work to you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : First Senior Brother to be too polite, these should do, I went back research, as soon as possible handled the matter.” Zhang Feng nodded said : you to go, I think that the new foreign Space matter, it will not take long can, when the time comes you also probably go, if has not completed do not worry.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : First Senior Brother to be good on feel relieved, you did not need to worry for this matter, it will not take long, all will have completed, this was good opportunity, moreover to that several Wandering Soul Group person, First Senior Brother you must early prepare to be good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : feel relieved, this I will process, has not thought really that so was relaxed obtained five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, I have not thought really that they will surrender unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert is also a person, if they want the matter are more, therefore so will be good to win over. Ok, First Senior Brother, I go not to see on valley there dull several days, crosses several days to come back.” Zhang Feng nodded said : to go. This several days I will not make you disturb your.” Zhao Hai has stood, to Zhang Feng gave a salute, took Zhang Feng to their thing, turn around was walking, to outside directly on returned to in Treasure Ship, then personal appearance in a flash, returned to in Space. Has made Cai'er process to Space Zhao Hai these materials, he actually sat there. The look at screen, on the screen is that several Wandering Soul Group person. Did Laura sit in Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? You make Zhang Feng Senior Brother win over that several Wandering Soul Group person, what has to attempt?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to have the idea, that was Nascent Soul Stage Expert. If I gave to surrender them, then very much had the advantage to us, I think that they can Strength of Faith that I provided, was more certain.” Laura they have smiled, they very know about Zhao Hai. Knows that Zhao Hai is one cannot be incapable the early person, especially that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert, he is continuously greedy. Several people spoke, Zhang Feng looked for iron Zhan Tian. Said to iron Zhan Tian this life and death stage there fresh matter, iron Zhan Tian one hear also stares. He has not thought, this time life and death stage. Actually lived these many matters, new foreign Space, chasing down of Wandering Soul Group, hiring oneself of Nascent Soul Expert, the ownership of ghost's face ship, actually in such a short time, lived these many matters, really has not thought. Waited for Zhang Feng saying that iron Zhan Tian look at Zhang Feng said : this matter must well operation, not only need increase you prestige in Black Tiger Group to be so simple, we even can also through this matter, making you obtain the even bigger authority, when the time comes I must make your several Senior Brother go to your there to help you, snort|hum, Hu Clan these fellows, think that your several Senior Brother keeping off beside ten big Core Disciple, can limit their unfolding, my being bent on having by them head.”

The Zhang Feng also understand iron Zhan Tian resentment read, the iron Zhan Tian situation was needless saying that he was Black Tiger Group Gang Master, cannot by own several proud disciple, the good family backgrounds, this really somewhat not can be justified unexpectedly, therefore he is regarded as opportunity Zhang Feng the matter. Zhang Feng naturally cannot have any opinion, the iron hawk the strengths of their several people he is very clear, can make the iron hawk they help him, regarding Zhang Feng, absolutely is only then the advantage does not have the fault, he naturally will not oppose. In the afterward several days time, Zhang Feng participates in the life and death stage, was Black Tiger Group won a matter of new foreign battlefield quota, already by some people knew, this matter, immediately has caused very fierce reaction in Black Tiger Group. Regarding any Cultivation World person, a new foreign battlefield, has big doing to use regarding Black Tiger Group, but they are clear, moreover is in one level foreign battlefield, this is huge regarding any one Sect advantage, Zhang Feng the great merit could not avoid. But iron Zhan Tian seizing the chance is difficult, one gave Zhang Feng to expand the mountain gate/entrance authority, this authority can be either big or small, big, you can expand your mountain gate/entrance, by own influence seize the opportunity expanded, even can absorb many cultivator becomes your under the hand/subordinate. Is small, you are also one type of expand in many moves of two people, this was mainly look at you to have the big ability, expanded mountain gate/entrance so to be good to expand? You are rich, must have the talented person line, who you will not have money to invest into your follower, these cultivator want to invest into your follower, naturally will be hopes to obtain, will give commodity more commodities that they will divide compared with in the gang, if you will not have money, will unable to make that many commodities, that naturally also nobody will hire oneself you. The people were so, like the Zhang Feng Phoenix's cry peak, if Phoenix's cry peak, only then a Zhang Feng person assumed personal command, that was you incurs to is also useless in many Outer Disciple. Ten Outer Disciple do not compare in one disciple, ten Inner Disciples feared that is also can't compare with Core Disciple, therefore mountain gate/entrance powerful or not, looks these Expert quantities. Most from the beginning Hu Clan they also really have not been regarded as any serious matters Zhang Feng this time expansion mountain gate/entrance, but along with the matter of young man, making them rude awakening. After Zhang Feng obtains expanded the mountain gate/entrance authority, iron Zhan Tian his most proud seven disciple sends to Zhang Feng, making the Zhang Feng Phoenix's cry peak one many seven Nascent Soul Stage cultivator to assume personal command, such strength, was more formidable than Black Tiger Group any Core Disciple mountain gate/entrance. However this has not calculated that afterward Zhang Feng starts some massive absorption Inner Disciples and Outer Disciple. Almost does not limit the quantity, these Hu Clan their several Great Clan frightening, they are afraid is not the expansion of Zhang Feng this frantic, how because Zhang Feng in expands. In a short time is impossible to catch up with their these process innumerable year of loose Great Clan. What they fear is the Zhang Feng financial resource, the expansion needs money, Zhang Feng these much money of there getting so far as, this makes Hu Clan they feel very strange. Original Hu Clan they think that the Zhang Feng money is iron Zhan Tian gives, therefore their immediately convened Elder Assembly, has carried on a check regarding the finance of Black Tiger Group, actually their main points go to iron Zhan Tian. Do they want to look up iron Zhan Tian have to divert the government money. However result of check is actually looking that makes them lose greatly, they have not thought that has not looked up iron Zhan Tian any to divert the government money unexpectedly good the card play, the Black Tiger Group financial conditions also. But made Hu Clan their these Great Clan more accidental situations live. Iron Zhan Tian was actually calling this opportunity, claimed must come into the open the finance of Black Tiger Group, perfectly clear that each income and expenditure, must include, moreover wants to make a bookkeeping to be detailed every month. Let in Black Tiger Group all cultivator, knows that Black Tiger Group every month income many, disbursement many, lets the Black Tiger Group person. Had known about the finance of Black Tiger Group.

Iron Zhan Tian the proposed equal to has given various Great Clan numerous strikes, before various Great Clan, is to use some in the gang loopholes. Carries on some black income, slowly expands itself. Now an iron Zhan Tian such lane, their later income big reduced, this regarding various Great Clan, is not the good matter. However they want to oppose that is not good, because the proposition of iron Zhan Tian worked as all gang members saying that obtained Black Tiger Group gang members one to approval, if they opposed, greatly will lose the popular support, this regarding them was not the good matter. These Great Clan have a dream has not thought that iron Zhan Tian the condition can be unexpectedly Zhang Feng gives iron Zhan Tian, but Zhang Feng the proposition that obtains from Zhao Hai there, can say that the real Zhengkeng these Great Clan people, are Zhao Hai. Ten day that later comes back initially generation of life and death stage there, returned to of Zhao Hai from Space above Treasure Ship, but in these ten days, Zhao Hai continuously at matter of doing , is same, that five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, turns into his under the hand/subordinate. crafting regarding Zhao Hai was really too simple, making Universal Machine process to be OK, simply did not need him to begin, manufactures medicine pill to be also same. However the matter is actually very difficult, that turns into his under the hand/subordinate that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert, Zhao Hai can certainly use the simplest method, that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert butchering, turns into Undead Creature them, that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert naturally have become his under the hand/subordinate. However does actually meets by Zhang Feng present, that is absolutely incorrect, Zhang Feng can allow Zhao Hai to have the even bigger authority, even has incurred the general Inner Sect disciple authority, but if that five Nascent Soul Stage Expert must receive Zhao Hai control, Zhang Feng will be will not comply absolutely, therefore this method will be unusable. The second method was quite difficult, that with Enlightenment Profound Technique, has led into the path of virtue that several Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, makes their complete was brainwashed, making them regard the god Zhao Hai, produces Strength of Faith to Zhao Hai. This point is not that easy matter, that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert, although Spiritual Qi by the seal, spiritual force was also greatly affected, but they after all are Nascent Soul Stage Expert, each is the heart like the iron stone, Zhao Hai wants to lead into the path of virtue they, easier said than done. However Zhao Hai decides such to do, he does not want to lose this time opportunity, this time opportunity is really fantastic, if he must give up, really has been a pity, that is five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if such gives up, later don’t know will have when also opportunity, what most important is, he thinks that control this strength, increases the self-preservation for oneself the strength. Zhao Hai to that several Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, Enlightenment Profound Technique that uses, is that type very slight, making people unable to feel that in influencing subtly, slowly leads into the path of virtue they. Is good is Zhao Hai constructs because of Treasure Ship, how he possibly does not leave room for maneuver, in adding on that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert Spiritual Qi by the seal, had been responded slowly, naturally does not have presently the Zhao Hai movement, unknowingly move. Ten days later, Zhao Hai has completed finally to these five Nascent Soul Stage Expert control, makes their complete was led into the path of virtue to brainwash, became he most faithful under the hand/subordinate. After having led into the path of virtue ten Nascent Soul Stage Expert, Zhao Hai came out from Space finally, returned to on Treasure Ship, then from Treasure Ship, looked Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng now is very busy, reason that because mountain gate/entrance expanded, the matter that he must handle is also complicated, although has iron hawk several people to help him, but he is still busy is the foot hits the back of the head.

When Zhao Hai looks for Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng is handling some mountain gate/entrance matters, heard that Zhao Hai came, his immediately puts the starting head matter, called own quiet room Zhao Hai, but outside the Zhang Feng room these people who waited for Zhang Feng to summon, Li Lin that puzzled look at Zhao Hai snatched, don’t know this Li Lin was any status, why he came to obtain summon of Zhang Feng. Afterward inquired knows that was always summoned by first Zhao Hai to here, even if Hao Xing must, this let some new join Phoenix's cry peaks cultivator, had many guesses to the Zhao Hai status, naturally, not having one to be reasonable. Zhao Hai after Zhang Feng arrived at his quiet room, Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : what kind of?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „to do well.” Said equally same is taking thing outward, first is full body armor of hawk, this set of full body armor is whole body armor, all over the body is armor piece that the hawk feather makes, the head is the hawk mouth hard helmet, carrying on the back is the hawk feather wings, the under foot is the hawk feather fights the boots, but full body armor both hands there, actually cannot see anything to come, but Zhao Hai has poured into point Spiritual Qi in, a pair of eagle claw one has wielded, the golden eagle claw, understood at a glance that the attack strength is extraordinary. This set of full body armor was really too attractive, even if were Zhang Feng clearly know this set of full body armor had to advocate, actually still could not bear stubbornly was staring at this set of full body armor, wished one could to appropriate to oneself this set of full body armor, naturally Zhang Feng will not do, if he has done, he was impossible becomes the mountain lord of Phoenix's cry peak. Besides full body armor, most remarkable is medicine pill of ten longan sizes, these ten medicine pill all over the body golden yellow, each medicine pill independent places in a jade box, on medicine pill faint hears the sound of Dragon's Roar tiger's roar, ten dragon tigers maintain life pill. The dragon tiger maintains life pill, in Cultivation World is one type of very famous medicine pill, this medicine pill has two effects, one, healing, the general wound, the dragon tiger maintains life pill to make you restore within the shortest time, even if the internal injury, its treatment result is also other medicine pill several times, even if internal organs was shattered, so long as you eat up the dragon tiger to maintain life pill, can make you live for one month, if you can in one month, find Heaven and Earth Treasure in these fables, perhaps really can the protect life. Second is to increase fighting strength, if you have met one match who you are stronger , the dragon tiger maintains life pill, can in increase your fighting strength instantaneously, lets your fighting strength growth doubled and re-doubled, this wanted you to defeat opportunity of match naturally also to increase, can play the effect of maintaining life. The dragon tiger maintains life pill, a pill two uses, to be divided into Dragon Li and tiger strength, when wound treatment is the dragon strength, increases Spiritual Qi is the tiger strength, this is the dragon tiger maintains life the origin of pill name.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;