Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1711

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month o2 date ~ More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~ the sixth Chinese ~ ~^ 6 ooks &\; Chapter 636 has a change of heart for on Iron hawk they several people of dumbfounded look at their front thing, what in front of the iron hawk naturally is suspending is full body armor of one set, known as golden eagle armor, the defense capability of golden eagle armor is very strong, is quicker, no matter long-distance flight, the dodging extension of short distance organizes, very good, the effect is very good.( -&\; 1 t \; >\; - network point On the attack eagle claw that adding on the both arms can spring automatically, attack strength very formidable of this type of eagle claw, the very suitable Body Cultivator use, can say that had this to the eagle claw, can let above fighting strength enhance one level of iron hawk. But on this full body armor the ability is also to also let the person envies, that is on the hard helmet had been refined eagle-eyed, that pair of eagle-eyed, had been made eyeglasses same thing by Zhao Han, but this thing use on even bigger, he has been able to see the enemy strength formidable, can look at the flaw of enemy style, absolute practical. The iron hawk is unable to put down feels this set of full body armor, this set of full body armor advantage has stemmed from unexpected of iron hawk, to the help of iron hawk is very big. What most important is, this set of full body armor can refining arrive in within the body, slowly nourishing, the nourishing time is long, full body armor Might is big. But in front of iron wing look at is actually suspending row of ten dragon tigers maintain life pill, the dragon tiger maintain life pill's effect very formidable, but also because of this, therefore this medicine pill refinement degree very difficult, because of the difficult refinement, therefore his material has prepared for a long time, actually does not dare to find the person to refine. Afterward one hear of Zhang Feng said that this has given Zhang Feng medicine pill, is disappears Zhang Feng to help him refine successfully medicine pill, in ten can succeed, he was well satisfied, has not actually thought that ten refined unexpectedly successfully. But thing that several other fellow Martial Brothers, requests, has refined successfully, fully has met their requirements, these materials that they lack naturally also by Zhang Feng making up. The iron hawk looked at that full body armor some little time, this full body armor receiving, then turned the head to his Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, the thanks a lot words, Elder Brother I did not say that looks like I to is the same, before who you said should not be so polite with us, now we do not need to be so polite with you, we are the whole families, later has any matter, you open the mouth by all means that so long as is Senior Brother I can achieve, I will help you.”

Zhang Feng smiles said : Senior Brother to be too polite, looked like you said that we were the whole families, did not use such politely, received thing, later had any need words, although looked for me, so long as I can accomplish, I will help you handled. //- &\; 1 t \; >\; -//( &\;-&\; 1 t \; >\; -- &\; 1 t \; >\;- Iron hawk how many people nodded, after the iron wing receives the dragon tiger maintained life pill, look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, are how many fellows what kind of? What matter hasn't made?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : Third Senior Brother on feel relieved, that several fellows very honest, does not have the noisy matter, they do not dare to make the matter, this several days I already under the flexibility that they drink, has gotten down the five poisons gu, they later think that does not listen my not to be good.” The iron wing then nodded said : under gu way although to be not quite good, but is very useful, the five poisons gu refines very difficult, how do you refine?” Zhang Feng smiles said : this time to build up the five poisons gu, I have gotten down many skill, was set that five poisonous insects is not only easy, is good is able because of my in hand, has succeeded finally, now the five poisons gu under to their bellies, had ensure cannot have the son of matter.” The iron wing smiles said : to hear that this five poisons gu, the gu person cannot want two hearts, not only will not be injured, will also be helpful to their practices, but one but had two hearts, a gu main intention, can make him be poisoned to perish, no matter high Expert is useless, real?” Zhang Feng forced smile said : speaks the truth, I also real don’t know, I know that refinement method of this gu insect, very sinister and ruthless, I was also the first use, how the effect, have a look at the several days later situation.” The iron hawk knit the brows said : „, if, has opportunity, solved to them this Gu Poison, with this method control person, eventually was not the long-term plan, received the person, when took having a change of heart as on, that several fellows were Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if gave to compel them really anxiously, came a fight in which both sides perish, sufficed our headache.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, so long as their family clansman gives to bring to our here to come, after that does not need to fear that they betrayed, when the time comes must give remove their gus.” Iron wing deep voice said : Xiao Feng, you said in the past that can prevent the new ghost's face ship, real? Can achieve really? Must know the ghost's face ship Great Magical Artifact that but in entire Cultivation World became famous, is very quick.” Zhang Feng smiles said : feel relieved, prevention Jobs is done of ghost's face ship started really in fact now, you did not need to be worried.” The iron wing nodded, look at Zhang Feng said : „your Crafting Master friend how? Credible? This is very essential, that is extraordinary existence, if he made the person poach, that loss was big.”

Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, definitely not, that person absolutely reliable, will not be poached, you have not seen him, what person therefore and don’t know he is, but I have not been able to lead you to see him now, waits later to have opportunity, I lead certainly you to see him.” Iron wing in saying anything, Zhang Feng looked at several people of said : I already in in the gang Duty Hall duty, the main letter service is to collect various complete Monster Beast, level the higher the better, preservation completely is better, the time of killing has not gotten for 30 days, so long as the Monster Beast quantity has sufficed, after that we can make the massive ghost's face ships.” Iron wing knitting the brows head, look at Zhang Feng said : really? Must know that ghost's face ship is not good to construct, ghost's face ship no matter in refinement method, formation that in records, is Wandering Soul Group not the secret of passing on, before according to legend Wandering Soul Group, Great Sect that but in Cultivation World knows how things stand, because afterward offended too many people, was collaborated to encircle by several Great Sect, this falls the aspect of today, then ghost's face ship, in Cultivation World, was their Identity Mark, obviously this thing the place of formidable, heard that many Great Sect people, want to obtain refinement method of ghost's face ship actually not to take, on can look from this point comes out., The importance of ghost's face ship.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I think that is not a problem, all right, you did not need to be worried.” Was saying a jade sword has flown into the Zhang Feng room, stopped the Zhang Feng front, Zhang Feng spiritual force searched toward in stares, then complexion changed, turned the head to the iron hawk their several people of said : several Senior Brother, previous time said that must go to the new foreign Space matter to decide, this present foreign Space was ten years opens, open time before was different, before , some Inferior level and Intermediate level foreign Space, the gate one opened on is about one month, but this time this foreign Space situation actually. Different, this time foreign Space, the open time is five days, five days later gate closure, one year later the gate in one time opens, the time of opening is also five days, said that must send cultivator to enter that foreign Space, one needs one year, one year later can come back, our Black Tiger Group has a quota, because this is first time large-scale sends cultivator to go, therefore sent the person unable to be others, can only be snatches to that cultivator of quota, looks like this time opportunity, can only. Was Li Lin went, time also one month that the distance gate opened, one month later, sent Li Lin to go to that new foreign Space.” Iron hawk they, as soon as listened to Zhang Feng saying that also the knitting the brows head of gently, iron hawk deep voice said : did go for one year? This regarding cultivator is a very big test, moreover Li Lin is cultivator that you compare to settle on, if died in foreign Space, that was a pity.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother your feel relieved, the Li Lin strength I am confident, he ensure cannot have the matter.” In fact Zhang Feng when hearing this foreign Space situation, he is really confident to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is different from other cultivator, that gate regarding other cultivator was to say is sole passage, but regarding Zhao Hai, that gate existed in name only, simply any doing has not used, Zhao Hai wants to enter enters, finds out leaves, therefore he in the foreign Space security, can guarantee absolutely. The iron wing frowns said : person, regarding Li Lin this person your feel relieved? Can he be reliable? Air/Qi of that person of gloomy and cold, I do not like.” Zhang Feng one hear of iron wings said that was laughs said : this Third Senior Brother you to be able feel relieved, Li Lin will definitely not have any issue, this point I can guarantee.” The iron wing nodded said : that to be good, these time regarding you absolutely is opportunity, if Li Lin can give to clarify that foreign Space situation, but if that foreign Space is very useful to in the gang, your status will be further improved, the prestige is also the further promotion, this living very to you wants.” Zhang Feng nodded said : is, Third Senior Brother asked feel relieved to be good, I will not let off this opportunity, three Senior Brother, my something must go with Li Lin explain/transfer, accompanied only a moment.” Several people nodded, Zhang Feng has then stood, turn around walked.

Waited for Zhang Feng to fly on Great Magical Artifact, on Transmission Formation through Great Magical Artifact to did not see valley there, did not see valley there to be called the forgotten place by the Black Tiger Group person worthily, there is given to forget, besides Elder Hu of handymen hall, nobody will remember that place, nobody will remember Zhao Hai name, because of the nearest/recent Zhang Feng movement, the people have aimed at Zhang Feng the vision, Zhao Hai, not worthy of mentioning Outer Disciple, was already given to forget. Only then knows that Elder Hu of some inside stories, know Zhao Hai status, now call orthometric height of Zhang Feng in Black Tiger Group, the human spirit is just prosperous, others don’t know, but Elder Hu actually knows, but Zhao Hai Zhang Feng very important under the hand/subordinate, Zhang Feng, but over and over again has come to see Zhao Hai, now the status enhancement of Zhang Feng, the Zhao Hai status naturally must enhance, only then he still remembers that has a Zhao Hai person, the time pays attention is not seeing valley there. However finally does not see valley there very safe, Zhang Feng they do not have appears , Elder Hu somewhat is for a while puzzled, afterward he presently, did not see valley there probably already nobody, only then several Undead Creature still move the trash in there, even if this he does not dare to neglect, the time pays attention not to see the valley there situation. tp1endtips( More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~ the sixth Chinese ~ ~^ 6 ooks &\; &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;