Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1712

Dense of Chapter 637 ghost's face research of Zhao Hai in Space that ghost's face ship, research this ghost's face ship time, Zhao Hai has to recognize, the design of this ghost's face ship be very good, entire ghost's face ship is spells really by Monster Beast Bone, but each a piece Monster Beast Bone, refined in energy of Monster Beast whole body that Bone, can say after refined, that Bone, on Monster Beast of equivalent to that only heyday, very formidable.( Water radical elder brother The water radical elder brother selects) Waits for these Monster Beast Bone, spells after together, use one type of cloudy can the line, link these Bone in together, making these Bone a whole, this turned into the ghost's face ship. The ghost's face ship can use Crystal Stone to take power, can use to make the monster soul in Bone absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to take the power, Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi that but these monster souls absorb, the majority will become own strength, only then little partially can become the power of ghost's face ship, therefore truly to fight time, the ghost's face ship needs to use Crystal Stone to make the power. But the monster souls in ghost's face on the ship these monster beast bone, listen to receive Spiritual Qi are also not the loss in vain absorptions, that is also the one type of practice way of monster soul, these monster souls can carry on the practice with this method, when uses the ghost's face ship to carry on the fight, these monster souls will turn into the method of one type of attack and defense. If according to this view, that time is longer, fighting strength of ghost's face ship should also be more right, however the actual situation is actually not this, when manufactures the ghost's face ship, Monster Beast that uses, the strength is not equal, some Monster Beast strength very formidable, some actually very general, however after making the ghost's face ship, because can cloudy the reason of line, therefore Monster Beast the assignment of strength average to each a piece beast bone on, therefore these Monster Beast after making the ghost's face ship, the strength is almost same. However Monster Beast also had a innate skill saying, the innate skill quality, decided a Monster Beast strong and weak directly, after the ghost's face shipbuilding became, part of monster souls absorbed energy becomes quick, but another part of monster soul, absorbed energy actually becomes very slow, although had can the line assign energy cloudy, but the time grew, met the energy uneven situations between appears two beast bone. If energy between two beast bone are uneven, is very big regarding the influence of ghost's face ship, finally does not do well the entire ghost's face ship to collapse, therefore Wandering Soul Group there to guarantee fighting strength of ghost's face ship, they will carry on a time large-scale energy absorbing to the ghost's face ship every year, the way of this energy absorbing is, in all monster soul energy to the ghost's face ship, has delimited a bar, crossed energy of bar, must pull out, has not achieved energy of bar, supplemented that this way has created these Monster Beast in ghost's face ship, the degree of practice is very slow, fighting strength was not strong. But Zhao Hai in has analyzed after the ghost's face ship, reason that reached a conclusion, ghost's face ship there energy meets appears this situation, the problem is appears cloudy can online, but this can cloudy the line, in Wandering Soul Group biggest secret.

So-called cloudy can the line, actually dark attribute energy, the complete substantialization, making him like the electric wire can the electric conduction one type of dark attribute energy line. This type can the production of line, probably very formidable dark energy be good cloudy, dark energy that this type can the line need cloudy not only stronger, moreover must pure be very good, if in these dark energy, includes too impurity, that does cannot be able cloudy the line. Before Wandering Soul Group, in the control domain, there is a a piece certainly Yanggu, dark energy in valley very pure, not only can make massive dark energy, but also the practice of very suitable Wandering Soul Group person, Wandering Soul Group momentarily can set out more than hundred ghost's face ships at that time, moreover these ghost's face ships long time nourishing of process dark energy, fighting strength very formidable, in helped disciple be numerous in addition, received that Yanggu to practice the help of sacred land certainly, each and every one strength formidable, almost uninhabited dares to annoy. At that time, Wandering Soul Group was let in Cultivation World absolutely, existence of any strength headache, but also for this reason, therefore Wandering Soul Group was Fei Yang/flying upwards was domineering at that time, very rampant, finally has violated the popular anger, was collaborated to give to defeat by Cultivation World several Great Sect, Yanggu directly was changed the terrain certainly, in cannot gather dark energy, in calling Yin Qi of Cultivation World here custom, because of information of Yanggu, the Wandering Soul Group strength reduced certainly greatly, in adding on Wandering Soul Group these formidable ghost's face ships, was wrecked at that time, the Wandering Soul Group strength was not as before. Place that now Wandering Soul Group is, is not they help most from the beginning in the site, after they are, sends here, because of present Wandering Soul Group in site here also Yin Land, can produce Yin Qi, although might as well certainly Yanggu, but also is the better than nothing, but also Yin Land that because they are at now, in Yin Qi has plenty impurity, hatching that therefore manufactures not very pure, they have to every year conduct some inspections to the ghost's face ship, if the pure hatching, the nature on can the strength averages of all monster souls, that be increased by the strength of entire ghost's face ship. Naturally, these that Zhao Hai knows, all do not analyze from ghost's face on the ship, even if dies of exhaustion him, he cannot analyze these many thing, reason that he knows these, knows from the Wandering Soul Group these cultivator mouths. Previous Zhang Feng they and Wandering Soul Group wars, besides that five Nascent Soul Stage Expert, other Wandering Soul Group cultivator, but was all given to massacre by them, these massacred cultivator, naturally also became Zhao Hai Undead Creature, Zhao Hai naturally also knew these matters. The truth, hears this information Zhao Hai very happy, because this entire dark energy, in his Space has, place that in his Space, these Undead Creature are, is all the dark energy place, can definitely refine to be able in there well cloudy the line, so long as there is one these to be able cloudy the line, that ghost's face ship will not have any issue. Is beginning to start in the Zhao Hai preparation original that ghost's face ship, manufacture again, Cai'er suddenly reminded his Zhang Feng to come.

Zhao Hai gawked, immediately responded, the personal appearance moved, appears in did not see the valley in that Cave Mansion, at this time Zhang Feng just walked from Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai immediately moved forward to meet somebody. Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand, has not made Zhao Hai salute, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time comes is the notice said that new foreign battlefield has the letter, in having one month of you can go, I was asking that your one time, can you come out from inside really at any time?” Zhao Hai stares, his puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : „did First Senior Brother, why such ask? Had an accident?” Zhang Feng with Zhao Hai walks toward Cave Mansion, while to Zhao Hai said : „, this time foreign Space, with your previous going not too, there that previous time you go , the gate is opens for one month, in this month, you momentarily can come out, however in this foreign Space, he is one time only opens for five days, five days later closes, one year later in opening, then for ten years later in opening one time, in other words, cultivator minimum in addition must on in dull one year, if you cannot. Words that momentarily comes out, that also wants , in stays the last year, this year time, was too dangerous in, not only inside has unknown Monster Beast, has other Sect cultivator with you for the enemy, I do not hope that you have any accident, if you cannot come out, you should better not this foreign Space.” Zhao Hai stares, then deep voice said : First Senior Brother feel relieved, I ensure can come out at any time, even I can also , as you go, so long as you sit in Treasure Ship, I have the means to bring you.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that this let out a long breath said : so is best, you must remember, I don't care you in present anything, in brief all take protect their life as the standard, if there is a danger, you momentarily come out from Space, absolutely do not have any recall.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Zhang Feng sat on the multipurpose clouds at this time, looked at ground a piece monster beast bone, these monster beast bone naturally were ghost's face on the ship part, folded from ghost's face on the ship. Zhao Hai is placed these thing in here, tells Zhang Feng, he is in research these thing. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai appearance one, then shows a faint smile: First did not want research these thing, preparation one next month later motion well, this thing did not worry, was right, these Magical Artifact that you refined, First Senior Brother they were very satisfied, but I have not told them your status, now my under the hand/subordinate person were many, person many mixed, your status cannot expose.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, this should be, my status cannot say that otherwise feared is not only Hu Clan they can look for me, even if will be other Great Sect will not let off me, I do not want to become other Great Sect crafting and refining pills tool.”

Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile, pats right that Zhao Hai shoulder said : you said that your feel relieved, I will definitely not make you turn into one only to know that the crafting tool, you must believe First Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I naturally to believe First Senior Brother, was First Senior Brother you wants to be many, First Senior Brother feel relieved, I ensure made clear the situation in that new foreign Space, First Senior Brother, you said that we can that foreign Space occupying, became our rear bases?” Zhang Feng stares, then shook the head said : to fear that is not good, because of foreign Space there, can come and go out besides you freely, other people are not good, even if with Transmission Formation, does not have the means to enter to foreign Space, before some people had tried, finally that person disappeared in Transmission Formation, in foreign Space appears , henceforth has not actually been missing.” Zhao Hai stares, then has smiled bitterly next step: Was I have taken for granted, if can that simple foreign Space occupying, these person of Great Sect already began.” Zhang Feng forced smile said : you also really spoke incorrectly, before had many Great Sect, has seized these foreign Space, but afterward among these foreign Space suddenly had closed, moreover one has closed for about hundred years, when hundred years later that foreign Space opened time, there all cultivator died . Moreover the death time was very long, what most important was, these cultivator have not received any attack, not by any trace of fight, on that inexplicable died, therefore, in Sect does not dare to occupy outside Domain Space.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;