Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1713

Chapter 638 disciple buys and sells Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Feng said that also gently knit the brows said : originally is this, it seems like cannot seize these foreign Space, but First Senior Brother you also want external not to choose a base to be good, Wandering Soul Group that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert, each behind not small Clan, you , to give to receive their Clan people, must have a good place to arrange, if not meet their Clan people, that they are forever impossible to help you, if they finally in you are most necessary their, one. Is a traitor, that troubled. /- &\; 1 t \; >\; Advertisement -&\; 1 t \; >\;- Zhang Feng knit the brows said : this to arrive is really an issue, now Phoenix's cry peak there, the has plenty people are staring, if toward there arrangement person, immediately by person present, such has troubled, is this base, can construct in there?” Zhao Hai thinks that then shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, I to have a good base, but this base, needing for a long time can do well.” Zhang Feng one hear of did Zhao Hai say cannot help but said : good base? there? Safe?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : absolute security, in horizon, close at hand.” Said on these monster beast bone of Zhao Hu ground a finger. Zhang Feng stares, then two eyes one bright, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : you saying that Great Magical Artifact?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, Great Magical Artifact, ghost's face ship here, I did not have the means now his shrink, but in this ghost's face ship also many attire people, Treasure Ship can actually change is small, if our anti- Treasure Ship change is small, then installs to the ghost's face ship, in that ghost's face ship wants to install innumerable Treasure Ship, can form a micro world, but First Senior Brother you are Master of a Realm of that world, you arrive at there, that world follows to arrive at there, moreover all in that world turn over to your control, what kind of?” Zhang Feng two eyes one bright, somewhat could not sit still, from multipurpose Yun stands, walked two on the ground, then turned the head you saying that to Zhao Hai said : that can succeed? If can succeed, how many people I most can have?” Zhao Hai smiles said : definitely not to be a problem, if the success, that First Senior Brother, you want many under the hand/subordinate to have many under the hand/subordinate, perhaps can also unfold two disciple boundaries, provides Strength of Faith to you.” Zhang Feng one draws back, pulling two eyes bright look at Zhao Hai, some little time deep voice said : „, if, that arrives is really a good matter.” To be honest, Zhao Hai said for quite a while, most touches him on final these words, the disciple boundary is also the disciple dull place , the so-called disciple, is these gives various Great Sect to provide Strength of Faith, only knows person who pray, but various Great Sect, regarding control of disciple are very strict, open the entrance the person like Zhang Feng, is impossible to have the disciple. But Strength of Faith that these disciples can provide, is the Cultivation World here most important practice resources, moreover this resources Zhang Feng lane, he only cannot from the Black Tiger Group neighborhood to Strength of Faith, this also be the place that he most is worried about, one, but Strength of Faith in Black Tiger Group had problems, his Phoenix's cry peak feared that must crash. In fact not only Phoenix's cry peak, Black Tiger Group here all open the entrance disciple, one but their Strength of Faith cut off, their mountain gate/entrance immediately will also crash. Such that but if said according to Zhao Hai, changes some Great Magical Artifact the become a Saint disciple boundary, his equal to had own Strength of Faith habitat, in that case, he later must they do against with Hu Clan , some energy.

although said that iron Zhan Tian is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, however on provision of Strength of Faith, actually cannot to him too many help, Zhang Feng now more and more think that Strength of Faith will become he will unfold the biggest hindrance. If looks like does, that this matter that really Zhao Hai said that has been solved, a he biggest hindrance also vanished, this to his show, important. Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, I thought that you think gets so far as the Saint chart to come from there, Great Magical Artifact is not a problem, so long as has solved the foreign Space there matter, Great Magical Artifact I try to find the solution, but Great Magical Artifact constructs, you must have the disciple to be good.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, what you understand Cultivation World here was too few, in Cultivation World here, had special sells the disciple, you did not need to worry for this matter completely.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled does said : sell the disciple? How can this disciple sell?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : disciple is also the Cultivation World here one type of very important commodity, naturally some people have sold, Great Sect like our Black Tiger Group, has own disciple training system, but some small Sect, do not have their disciple training system, therefore the person of this selling disciple naturally produced.” Zhao Hai puzzled said : „does this disciple produce? How also do some people sell?” Zhang Feng sighed said : these is also a poor man, disciple on idea in a slave, even might as well slave, because they had been brainwashed completely, they were one group of good-for-nothings, they most from the beginning were also cultivator, but was for various reasons, turned into the disciple, they reproduction and pray, already complete did not have any ability, some people, specially got so far as some and other low level cultivator, then became them stupid, then made them have a child, after their children lived, immediately will be brainwashed, changed the become a Saint disciple, this slowly on. Has become the one type of industry.” Zhao Hai sighed, in fact this matter, he was also not first time heard that similar matter, in that Space since birth, he wants to manage cannot control. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback tidies up mood said : that this, First Senior Brother, after I hold the foreign Space matter, immediately comes back, full manufacture Great Magical Artifact, when the time comes you can sell some Faith, do you look what kind of?” Zhang Feng nodded said : this to be also good, but you in entering before foreign Space, first makes some Rejuvenation Pill to come to me, if no fund that Rejuvenation Pill provides, I do not have money to sell the disciple.” Zhao Hai Ha Ha knows said : greatly well, First Senior Brother asked feel relieved to be good, this matter gave me to be solved.” Zhang Feng nodded said : this matter do not take too long time, practice well, was thin own life saying that first, since we have set this side show strategy, do not worry, took your time.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Zhang Feng had then beckoned with the hand, walked outward, then got up Transmission Formation, leave. Waited for Zhang Feng leave, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Space, manufactured in Rejuvenation Pill thing Space to have, so long as now Zhao Hai time can manufacture massive Rejuvenation Pill to come, Zhao Hai has not cared Rejuvenation Pill now, he now ghost's face ship of main manufacture.

Manufactured the ghost's face ship to be easier regarding Zhao Hai, in Space various Monster Beast had is, moreover he can definitely make the ghost's face ship with one type of Monster Beast beast bone, the ghost's face ship appears strength not balanced situation, will not be adding on cloudy that he manufactured to be able the line, was purest cloudy can the line, therefore he must manufacture the ghost's face ship, that was quite easy. However now Zhao Hai has not wanted to be so free, he prepares to fix the ghost's face ship that snatches first, waits comes back after foreign Space, in the massive produce ghost's face ship, when the time comes he can say that these beast bone, grasp from foreign Space, nobody knows in any case. Even if must repair the ghost's face ship, does not need him to act, has Universal Machine, gave Universal Machine to be OK, after matter explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space. Laura they now in the look at screen, on the screen that several Wandering Soul Group Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, that several Wandering Soul Group cultivator, now completely became Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, was fed the five poisons gu, now Laura they in the response of look at that several cultivator. The response of that several cultivator is very normal, besides can provide massive Strength of Faith to Zhao Hai, normally simply could not see that they have anything to change, this is also most lets Laura their happy place. Laura they looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you make Zhang Feng First Senior Brother sell the disciple to want today to do? To obtain these relationship collections and assigns Strength of Faith Magic Formation?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : any matter not to hide the truth from you, good, I must obtain these Magic Formation, now Strength of Faith of Space city were too many, my simply has more than enough, has plenty Strength of Faith had not been used, more was wasted, if can these Strength of Faith as centralized as your several on, believes that will have the advantage to you.” Laura looked at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this was too troublesome, even if no Strength of Faith, our live isn't also good? Can probably to us make Strength of Faith to do? You look at we absorbed Zhang Feng First Senior Brother providing these Strength of Faith, did not have the feeling to leave anything to come specially, I looked or consider as finished.” After Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : wait for you had Strength of Faith, you know Strength of Faith was good, did not spend any matter in any case, the convenience has managed, you did not need to manage.” Laura nodded, has not made noise, is only gently by the shoulder of Zhao Hai, lived such long time with this man, what person this man is, can she don’t know? Zhao Hai loves their ways possibly not like other man that obviously, but he will be always best to them, wants completely all means that for they are good, she can understand Zhao Hai the way, liking way. One month in Space unknowingly on the past, Zhao Hai already that ghost's face ship cultivating, has meanwhile manufactured completely to be the Space ghost's face ship, moreover ten points degree that manufactures, even must succeed compared with the ghost's face ship of first edition. Other was Rejuvenation Pill, Zhao Hai has not manufactured too many, one month, he only manufactured 10,000 Rejuvenation Pill, this regarding Space, was only less than one hour of output. One month later, Zhao Hai to Treasure Ship above, came out from his in the room, went to Zhang Feng there, gave Zhang Feng 10,000 Rejuvenation Pill, the ghost's face ship he has not given Zhang Feng, now is not the time, then they sits Great Magical Artifact with Zhang Feng, in one time arrived beginning on floating island that the generation of life and death stage institutes were. This is also these Great Sect regulation, all the person of foreign battlefield, must arrive at the floating island here set, then Sect that is by all floating island cultivator, sending out an elder to lead this cultivator, sits Transmission Formation to go to that foreign Space to open the gate place, other people do not permit to do. Zhang Feng harnesses Treasure Ship is arriving at the floating island the time, other Sect people arrived, can look, other Sect, regarding this time matter also attach great importance to, many Great Magical Artifact arrived at floating island here, these are most remarkable, naturally is nine Great Sect people, their population are most, other Sect population come compared with nine Great Sect, appeared extremely is poor.

Zhang Feng they arrive at not long after, several other Sect Great Magical Artifact arrived, after nobody arrives, Ao Wushuang in appears on beginning generation of life and death stages. He looked at all around one, raised sound said : „the present to be qualified for in 990 cultivator to new foreign Space to arrive, below asked various Sect to be qualified for and leads his elder to foreign Space cultivator, came to life and death stage here, we prepared to walk.” Zhang Feng turns the head First Senior Brother to nearby iron hawk said :, these time troubled you, so long as you delivered to Li Lin foreign Space, can immediately/on horseback come back, did not use in he.” The iron hawk nodded said : well, Junior Brother invited feel relieved, I guaranteed Li Lin safe delivered to foreign Space, didn't need me to wait for him to come out in there really?” Zhang Feng smiles said : not to need, one year, this year time, you can handle many matters, does not need the time waste in there, Li Lin, you to add carefully.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, they have flown life and death stage there with the iron hawk. Besides nine Great Sect people, other Sect majority like Black Tiger Group, an elder are leading cultivator, but that elder, generally is Nascent Soul Stage, is only occasionally several Sect, Elder Assembly is leading two, or three cultivator appears , therefore is bringing over cultivator appears Sect, that elder will appear not in part of ones duty will have the face, will look at the iron hawk to criticize. Ao Wushuang looked at the person to be in attendance, this deep voice said : good, the person has arrived in full, various Sect people can go back, the person who everybody must go, please come with me.” Said that is getting more than 1000 people, flies toward the floating island other aspect, but nine Great Sect Great Magical Artifact, immediately blocks wanted with various Sect Great Magical Artifact, although caused that various Sect criticizing, take them to have no alternative. Various Sect people under receiving as agent for somebody else of Ao Wushuang, toward the forward flight one hour, this have drawn back on a mountain, other mountain gate/entrance of this mountain on with floating island does not have what difference, is growing some malnutritions plants, can see piles of quarry stone everywhere, really does not have what good attention place. To this mountain on, Ao Wushuang proceeded to wield, strong winds have blown, the ground giant stone get lost randomly, before long, huge Transmission Formation on appears in the front of people, this person of Transmission Formation very big, has been able to hold fully about 2000 people. After Transmission Formation appears , Ao Wushuang turns the head to people said : everybody, on please Transmission Formation, here can direct delivers to gate there everybody, to gate there, everybody has been able to arrange, returns to Sect Transmission Formation, I ensure the place is sufficient.” The people naturally cannot have any opinion, one after another ship entered on Transmission Formation, after all people came up, Ao Wushuang then got up Transmission Formation, flash of white light, all people disappeared in Transmission Formation. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;