Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1715
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More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~-&\; 1 t \; >\;-~ ~&\;. Zhao Hu in Space, in coldly look at foreign Space fresh all, this situation is too riding, in foreign battlefield here, simply does not have what custom, all calculation by strength, nine Great Sect people, reason that must kill other Sect cultivator, for is makes these cultivator the situation in this Space do not report, such other Sect cannot obtain the firsthand material, at this foreign Space here show, on will fall behind various Great Sect one steps, various Great Sect to other Sect, will maintain the superiority. Love channel: Cultivation World most Wuqing/ruthless, in here, your strength is weak, certainly will come under attack, because has defeated you, they can obtain more commodities, obtained more commodities, their strengths will be stronger, can live is longer. Zhao Hai has not cared about these, after waiting for these cultivator to walk, he received in all cultivator corpses Space, then turned into Undead Creature. After these matters processed, Zhao Hai on immediately/on horseback release Liquid Silver in view of this foreign Space investigated, this investigation likely was not to Black Tiger Group investigation such, in Black Tiger Group there, Expert was numerous, even if Little Thing like Liquid Silver needle also were very difficult to escape these Expert spiritual force, therefore Zhao Hai used the Liquid Silver needle, was cautiously. However in this foreign Space does not have no Expert, Zhao Hai simply not to need to be worried about anything, therefore his simply does not need carefully, to let out the Liquid Silver needle, full investigation entire foreign Space. This foreign Space very big . Moreover the Monster Beast strength of here surface is not weak, general Monster Beast had almost the strength of Law Idol time. Extremely few part of Monster Beast, had the Gold Core Stage strength. A such place is is truly more suitable cultivator of Law Idol time is the here smelting trial, they not only can obtain the experience of life and death preying in here, can obtain many commodities. Did not say that light after is these cultivator massacre Monster Beast, thing that obtains, was very extraordinary. Time day-by-day past, the in the blink of an eye five days of time on the past, gate official Guan Bi, the gate that iron hawk look at closed slowly, the mood very complex. He knows Zhang Feng regarding as important Li Lin.(! although Zhang Feng has not said that when he manner with Li Lin speech made the iron hawk look at some clue, he knows that Zhang Feng regarding Li Lin attaching great importance to degree, was higher than Hao Xing and Zhang Hao. Regarding this point. The iron hawk also felt that , opened that not to be no need to say curiously, he was only Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, the ability of although management is very strong, but the strength was too weak v phoenixes not to take seriously him, to did not have anything. But Hao Xing is different, regarding Hao Xingtie hawk they are have some understanding, but Hao Xing the person under Zhang Feng own self-preservation. Moreover continuously having a high opinion of, normally Zhang Feng not, when Phoenix's cry peak. The wind called the peak there matter is Hao Xinglai processes, obviously Zhang Feng and attached great importance to relying on Hao star.

However now Zhang Feng treats the Li Lin manner is actually attach great importance to. although Zhang Feng is concealing degree that this type attaches great importance to, but iron hawk hundred years of old fox present also iron hawk most curious place, he will be some understand, why Li Lin will not really receive Zhang Feng such attaching great importance. Also because of presently Li Lin very by attaching great importance to of Zhang Feng, therefore the iron hawk will maintain life pill to hand over Li Lin the dragon tiger, because of iron hawk very clear, Li Lin such by attaching great importance to of Zhang Feng, had certainly the place of his uncommonness. Now looked that the gate has closed, but Li Lin has not come out, the iron hawk not only relaxed, and somewhat was worried that his immediately started Magic Formation, flash of white light, vanished above the platform. Meanwhile, Transmission Formation there flash of white light on Treasure Ship, iron hawk appears on Treasure Ship, his appears on Treasure Ship, saw that Zhang Haozheng stands in the one side, Zhang Hao is special waits probably his, sees the iron hawk, immediately/on horseback bows to the iron hawk said : iron hawk Senior Brother, First Senior Brother in the room wait for you.” The iron hawk nodded, arrived at room of Zhang Feng with Zhang Hao on Treasure Ship, enters the room on Treasure Ship, the iron hawk stares, because he presently Zhang Feng in the Treasure Ship room is, had Zhang Feng, Hao Xing and Li Lin , is he with opening boldly. Because iron hawk reason he saw Li Lin, he sees with one's own eyes Li Lin to enter to that foreign Space, also has not seen Li Lin to come out, how Li Lin on suddenly appears in here? When iron hawk is puzzled, Zhang Feng he he chuckle said : comes, First Senior Brother, quick comes quickly, I introduced that gives you to know personally.” look at Li Lin that the iron hawk is perplexed, but sat, he believes that Zhang Feng will know in heart. After the iron hawk sits down, Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, has not called the person.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moves, restored the true self, then bows said : Zhao Hai to see iron hawk Senior Brother to the iron hawk, this is Senior Brother gives my dragon tiger to maintain life pill, now returns in full to owner.” The iron hawk stares, but he is said : originally unexpectedly is the technique of changing external appearances only, but I think your this Cultivation Method, is not compared with Hán Bùlí that youngster difference, this medicine pill delivers give you is your, you are remaining.” Zhang Feng Ha Ha knows said : greatly First Senior Brother, you receive, speaks the truth with you, this medicine pill slightly regrets the system, your this medicine pill, regarding him, does not have any attracting gravitational force.” The iron hawk stares, then puzzled look at Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng with a smile said to the iron hawk the Zhao Hai status, iron hawk dumbfounded look at Zhao Hai, he has not actually managed the Law Idol letter, that oneself surface advance party bumps into looks like very ordinary cultivator, constructs Treasure Ship unexpectedly, manufactures golden eagle armor, refines the dragon tiger to maintain life pill's person. Waited for Zhang Feng saying that look at Zhao Hai that iron hawk then two eyes shone, mouth said : has not thought again and again, really has not thought that unexpectedly was you, all were you do unexpectedly, good, good, fantastic.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : besides these, Little Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , these foreign Space, so long as he has gone in one time, momentarily can go, momentarily can come out, that gate regarding him is ornaments, therefore he meets appears in here.”

The iron hawk nodded said : originally is this, no wonder. Xiao Feng, how didn't you tell the iron wing them this information?” Zhang Feng sighed said : First Senior Brother, was not I do not want to tell, but was I must add carefully. The Little Hai status was extremely sensitive, one, but makes Hu Clan they know that Little Hai status, our troubles were big, did not say Hu Clan, if makes these Great Sect know that Little Hai ability, you said that what consequence will have?” The iron hawk has gawked, then nodded said : is, this matter truly should be more careful.” Zhang Feng deep voice said : today I introduce Little Hai to you. Is makes you know that his status, does not need to be worried he in the foreign Space situation, you wanted carefully all.” The iron hawk nodded, deep voice said : I knew. Has the small graduated arm type ability, what I have to be good to worry that Little Hai, foreign Space there situation how?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is not quite good, these Great Sect cultivator. Now takes various Sect as the unit, has been divided into nine groups, is investigating in Space there, but other Sect cultivator. Is been similar, had the fish of several dew nets they killed. However cannot turn any storm to come, can these people live for one year not to say. Monster Beast in that Space, the strength is not weak . Moreover the quantity is numerous.” Iron hawk look at Zhao Hai said : „said that there very dangerous, or do not go.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, this is opportunity, there, because Monster Beast are many, I am preparing to butcher several Monster Beast, builds up the monster soul bone these Monster Beast, manufactures the ghost's face ship easily-to-use.” The iron hawk stares, then two eyes bright said : „can you now manufacture the ghost's face ship?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is, the situation of ghost's face ship, I have almost made understand, if the previous time is not because the time is too tight, I that ghost's face ship that we obtained cultivating, now is opportunity, I release massive Undead Creature, went to foreign Space there, letting them the foreign Space there situation, the complete record, I used this year time, gave to do well that ghost's face ship, like this others will not doubt my this identity.” Zhang Feng nodded said : this to be also good, you keep on the ship, goes not to see valley there?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I go not to see valley there, after I fix the ghost's face ship, I am decomposing some materials as far as possible, is manufacturing some Treasure Ship.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he nodded said : that well, this matter looked your, I will prepare all, on the wait for you ghost's face ship and Treasure Ship.”

Zhao Hai nodded, to iron hawk gave a salute said : First Senior Brother, iron hawk Senior Brother, I first asked to be excused.” They nodded, Zhao Hai the flashes body vanished in in the room. Looks at Zhao Hai information, iron hawk then let out a long breath, turns the head look at Zhang Feng, laughs said : Xiao Feng, your youngster really has the method, can invest like the Zhao Hai type capable people into your subordinates, your youngster really has the big destiny.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : is my luck is also good, after Little Hai in First Stage fights, I with he talked, he said his ability, therefore my immediately made in the gang him, but also delivered to him did not see valley there, his didn't take long, gave me this Treasure Ship to make the gift, HaHaHa.” The iron hawk shows a faint smile said : no wonder among your present suddenly such to have the energy, has small graduated arm type one to be able crafting, can refining pills Expert, you have anything to be good to worry that good, so long as there is Little Hai, Hu Clan with these people, feared that cannot jump really several days.” Zhang Feng cold sound said : Hu Clan, they dare to collude with Wandering Soul Group to cope with me unexpectedly, this is helps taboo, is equal to the revolting gang, waiting, sooner or later I must come new account old debts together to calculate to them.” Iron hawk deep voice said : be more careful to well, Hu Clan these people are not good to deal with, moreover now you have killed Wandering Soul Group that many people, by the dispositions of Wandering Soul Group these people, will not let off your, therefore now you, no matter goes to there, must add carefully is good, you cannot have the matter now, the nearest/recent ten big Core Disciple these people were too peaceful, this not too their doing winds, I feared what likely they will have plot.” Zhang Feng nodded, is an anxious color of face.( To be continued.. More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~-&\; 1 t \; >\;-~ ~&\;. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;