Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1716

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month o3 date ~ More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~-&\; 1 t \; >\;-~ ~&\; dushu 1 a # Chapter 641 has made the choice In Black Tiger Group Hu Clan meeting hall, is sitting several people now, the ages of these people look like are not small, is a person was the beard was whiter, however his was in high spirits, moreover now was old, actually still gave people the feeling of one type of old handsome fellow, understood at a glance young time, certainly was a handsome man. This person of Hu Clan Patriarch Hu Liangchen, Hu Clan although is Hu Clan comes, but their Clan practice is actually one type of Dual Cultivation Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method is a man and a woman they also practices generally, moreover they one, but practices, this life lives and dies together, mind connection, very overbearing. Also because of this Cultivation Method reason, therefore Hu Clan men very charming, but the woman very handsome beautiful, is some rare good-looking man beautiful women. But Hu Clan and cultivates Cultivation Method , is not only useful to the Hu Clan talented person, so long as carries on Dual Cultivation with the Hu Clan person, no matter you are the person of that clan, will profit a great deal, therefore each Hu Clan has suitable spirit cultivator must carry on the marriage the time, the bystander will snatch the broken head. However Hu Clan has own one marriage means that bystander simply turns does not begin, even if occasionally has the several times politics to marry, that also marries into Hu Clan, or will marry into the wife's household Hu Clan, the Hu Clan not Dual Cultivation Cultivation Method to divulge to an outsider. Also because of this characteristics, therefore Hu Clan cultivator is very hard to deal with, because they are couple together move generally, no matter the match is a person is ten people, they have moved, will not separate. But Hu Clan this generation of Patriarch Hu Liangchen, are person of Transcends Tribulation Stage big Expert, he is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, his wife naturally is also Transcends Tribulation Stage, therefore bystander regarding Hu Clan dreading. Naturally this Hu Liangchen most becomes famous is not his practice, to be honest, his practice, in Hu Clan such Great Clan, belongs to medium grade on, is not that extremely talented, Hu Liangchen is most famous, is his strategy, his was called the Black Tiger Group first wise, can look from this point, his strategy had high fame how. However now this Black Tiger Group first wise, is actually tightly frowns, the surface has the worried look, therefore this will have such performance, because of the performance of Zhang Feng nearest/recent. Zhang Feng open wide the entrance, absorbed in Black Tiger Group many young Expert, iron Zhan Tian they have sent Zhang Feng there the iron hawk, this made Hu Liangchen have the one type of very critical sense of crisis. Comes Hu Liangchen to think, even if gave Zhang Feng one to expand the mountain gate/entrance authority, he will not turn any storm to come, after all Zhang Feng in hand had how much money, he knows that in his opinion, by the Zhang Feng financial resource, even to expand mountain gate/entrance not to be impossible. However he has not thought that the Zhang Feng unexpectedly really have money expands mountain gate/entrance, he thinks that this money is iron Zhan Tian to Zhang Feng, his immediately makes the person audit, so long as present iron Zhan Tian that has to divert the government money the phenomenon, their immediately can iron Zhan Tian chasing off the stage.

Finally makes him be greatly disappointed, they not only cannot the capture iron Zhan Tian handle, but also makes iron Zhan Tian seize the opportunity difficult, making their these Great Clan lose seriously, absolutely is try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it. But what makes his anxious is, he asked Wandering Soul Group person make a move to cope with Zhang Feng, however the Wandering Soul Group person does not have information to the present, this made him have the one type of unlucky premonition. Before he with the person agreement of Wandering Soul Group, wanted, when Zhang Feng participated beginning the after war of generation of life and death stages, to Zhang Feng make a move, at one fell swoop gave to eradicate Zhang Feng, afterward Zhang Feng came back safely, moreover obtained a new foreign battlefield quota, he thought the Wandering Soul Group person, because of new foreign battlefield matter, but not to Zhang Feng make a move, but he presently is not afterward right, because transmitted information from Wandering Soul Group there, Wandering Soul Group participated beginning the person of generation of life and death stages, actually did not have in returned to Wandering Soul Group, this absolutely was not normal. Hu Liangchen when obtains this information, the first feeling is not good, if the Wandering Soul Group person, does not have returned to Wandering Soul Group, that only then one type of explained that these people had the matter, but reason that these people had an accident, had one type of to explain, Zhang Feng! These Wandering Soul Group people certainly are when must cope with Zhang Feng, matter that has, in other words, was Zhang Feng these Wandering Soul Group people killing. although reached this conclusion, but Hu Liangchen is actually point happy does not get up, he is very clear, Wandering Soul Group these fellows, is not the person of reasoning with, cooperates with Wandering Soul Group, is seeking an impossibility, this point Hu Liang early morning very clear, but Wandering Soul Group has also been finding the excuse to want control he, but was given keeping off with all sorts of methods by him. However this Wandering Soul Group these people have an accident, regarding Hu Liangchen, is not good information, Wandering Soul Group these people are is absolutely impossible to let off Zhang Feng, after all now although does not have what evidence, but Zhang Feng begins possibly is biggest. Similarly, the Wandering Soul Group person will not let off him, Wandering Soul Group these people, already wanted to look to give a pretext control he, currently that has the ratio Wandering Soul Group person well to give a pretext by attack, if the Wandering Soul Group person can let off this opportunity, they were not the Wandering Soul Group people. Also just as is such that he thinks, Wandering Soul Group these people, have been exerting pressure to him now, if he should not, fear that will be the Wandering Soul Group person will not let first off him. His very clear have the status in Wandering Soul Group these person of hearts is anything, he is dogs in Wandering Soul Group these person of eyes, betrayed the original Master dog, now the Wandering Soul Group person needs this dog to nip Black Tiger Group, making Black Tiger Group become weaker and weaker, good and other opportunity at one fell swoop Black Tiger Group swallowing, if this dog is not obedient, that Wandering Soul Group person, will be will not let off his, dog that because Wandering Soul Group does not need not to be obedient. Hu Liangchen has hesitated some little time, this turns the head look at people said : everybody, the present situation you also knew, Wandering Soul Group these fellows feared that was could not wait to compel us to begin, what opinion did everybody has?” In sitting is in Black Tiger Group some famous Great Clan, can say that they are representing the Black Tiger Group majority of strengths, if they have hired oneself really Wandering Soul Group, that Black Tiger Group definitely will not be the Wandering Soul Group match. These Clan although normally are only the Hu Clan horse gazes, but they after all are only some alliance characteristic associations, is not hall of the word, therefore at this time, Hu Liang early morning must solicit the suggestions of everyone/Great Clan. These Great Clan people all were silent, nobody spoke, all people were lowering the head, probably has the endless concern to be ordinary. Hu Liangchen looks at their appearances, cannot help but at heart a anger, his then said : we asked Wandering Soul Group make a move to cope with the Zhang Feng matter, now feared that has exposed, the game soul will help not to let off us, but similarly, Zhang Feng they will not let off us, everybody, the present is setting firm resolve time, must break from now with Wandering Soul Group dealings, wholeheartedly worked as the good Black Tiger Group person, must give to overthrow Black Tiger Group, from now became the Wandering Soul Group person, everybody, must set firm resolve.”

These Great Clan Patriarch shake at heart, they have not thought that the matter was in this situation unexpectedly, it seems like that the Wandering Soul Group person, truly was the preparation begins. To be honest, everyone/Great Clan has not prepared, they have not thought that what choice now good to make. Good, their these years are continuously with iron Zhan Tian in the struggle, but that is the Black Tiger Group internal matter, although they borrowed the part of Wandering Soul Group strength, but they regard the goon to use Wandering Soul Group, if they hire oneself really Wandering Soul Group, helping Wandering Soul Group give to destroy completely Black Tiger Group, they have not wanted. These Great Clan people are not silly, reason that their very clear, now Wandering Soul Group takes seriously them, that is because they are the Black Tiger Group people, one, but they became the Wandering Soul Group people, can Wandering Soul Group so be polite to them, that may not talk clearly. In Wandering Soul Group also has own sleeping influence always, if they have hired oneself Wandering Soul Group, how Wandering Soul Group these established influences will visit them? They certainly in these established influences with Wandering Soul Group will live when the time comes the contradiction, this did not mean that they are willing to live the contradiction with the opposite party, because of benefit. Their these Black Tiger Group people, one, but hires oneself Wandering Soul Group, first Wandering Soul Group these High level not feel relieved they, because they are the rebel, they in Black Tiger Group are because too sticks together, finally Black Tiger Group Gang Master was built on stilts by them, Wandering Soul Group will certainly draw this lesson, the differentiation they, by that time, can they also guarantee today's status as far as possible? Moreover the Black Tiger Group domain is not smaller than Wandering Soul Group, Wandering Soul Group these established influences, will certainly not let off this to arrive at the fat of their mouth, but their these original Black Tiger Group people, will not give up the benefit in oneself hand, contradictory naturally also produced. But at that time, they may not have Black Tiger Group to make the backstage, equal to is their these fellows, lives the conflict with Wandering Soul Group directly, the final result, feared that will be will not be wonderful. If they do not hire oneself Wandering Soul Group, that must gather with iron Zhan Tian, completes to cope with the preparatory work of Wandering Soul Group, on strength by their present, if cooperates with iron Zhan Tian, resigns part of benefits and authorities, can definitely preserve itself, even preserves the entire Clan majority of benefits. In adding on them after is the Black Tiger Group person, in Black Tiger Group ingrained, to Black Tiger Group in all very familiar, even if they resigns part of benefits , can definitely in Black Tiger Group leisurely by. So looks like, keeps in Black Tiger Group, thin Black Tiger Group, to is a good choice, to this matter how is the manner of don’t know iron Zhan Tian. These Great Clan Patriarch, among intention phonographs, have thought through these, Hu Liangchen at heart, actually with them almost, but he has not said that because he is also in doubt these Great Clan is any opinion. Hu Liangchen looked that the people have not made noise, will open the mouth, Patriarch suddenly open the mouth and said of Si family: Since everybody does not want to say that my say a few words, the opinion of our Si family is, does not approve to hire oneself Wandering Soul Group, but by our existing strengths, carries on to discuss with iron Zhan Tian revolts, iron Zhan Tian this person, although sinister idea are many, but he is Body Cultivator, he solves the matter, likes going straight there and coming straight back, my meaning is, we have clarified the carriages and horses, discussed with iron Zhan Tian that now the attack of Wandering Soul Group compels in eyebrow Czech Republic, if iron Zhan Tian agreed that we are still Black Tiger Group one, but we have our condition, that on is thin. Our Great Clan status, he cannot extremely in the suppression, such as want him not to agree that must be ruthless, that regarded as another matter.” Si a family Patriarch this saying exit / to speak, immediately has provoked many person's responses, they approved that the proposition of Si family Patriarch, to be honest, they want to work as their earth overlord in Black Tiger Group, does not want to go to Wandering Soul Group there to work as the dog to others. Appearance that Hu Liangchen looks at the people, understand their thoughts, but he probes said : everybody, must with iron Zhan Tian discuss that revolts is also not that easy matter, do not forget, we had many conflicts with iron Zhan Tian before, iron Zhan Tian was the present said that did not suppress us, later? This is matter perhaps.” Was saying Hu Liang early morning while is paying attention the responses of various Great Clan Patriarch, various Great Clan Patriarch frown, only then a person, is actually the belt happy expression, Hu Liang early morning immediately noted that person, that person was Ma Clan Clan, horse Feng! Ma Clan in Black Tiger Group, can only be medium grade Clan, but rising of their Clan is actually ten people of rapidness, moreover they rise, has hired oneself Hu Clan this, is Hu Clan they and Wandering Soul Group relation, is their Clan is an intermediary completes, can say that in all Clan, Ma Clan and Wandering Soul Group are nearest/recent Clan that walks. Peucedamum good early morning suspected that Ma Clan possibly is chess piece of Wandering Soul Group these year of arrangements in Black Tiger Group, now looks like, this guess, may be extremely.

Hu Liang early morning in the eye twinkling brightly, had set firm resolve, but was he deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan thinks really?” At this time horse Fengzhan, looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, you must thinking well, that iron Zhan Tian not be the magnanimous character, if later iron Zhan Tian coped with us, what to do we can? Allows to be oppressed? But hires oneself Wandering Soul Group to be not so, now we have greatly the strength in the hand, the Wandering Soul Group well arrangement our, when the time comes will not certainly have enjoyed the endless riches and honors, Clan President abundant does not fade.” horse Feng just said that Patriarch of other each clan clans, complexion changes, horse Feng thinks one touched the people, then said : everybody, Wandering Soul Group before gave our guarantee, everyone/Great Clan also knows, so long as we hire oneself Wandering Soul Group, they will certainly not treat unjustly our, if we do not agree, waits for Wandering Soul Group army to arrive, that wanted burn both jade and common stone.” Various Great Clan Patriarch complexion are changing, in the eyes of all people flashes through killing intent, Hu Liangchen looks at this situation, knows that the crucial moment was similar, his immediately/on horseback said : everybody, this is not a small matter, everybody please first return to each clan, with the family member discussed well is making the decision, what do you think?” People simultaneously has complied with one, has stood, Hu Liang early morning actually to horse wind deep voice said : Brother horse, you, and remains, I had the words to tell you alone.” horse Feng listened to Hu Liang early morning such a saying, a immediately/on horseback face happy expression has complied with one, remained, but other Clan Patriarch, were actually two eyes twinkling brightly, has not said anything, turn around walked. tp1endtips( More attractive novels, txt downloading ~ on please ~-&\; 1 t \; >\;-~ ~&\; dushu 1 a # &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;