Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1717

Chapter 642 is categorical Hu Liangchen looked at horse Feng one eyes, shows a faint smile said :Brother horse, sits, words that you just spoke, I also think very reasonable, now we make such not happily with iron Zhan Tian, later iron Zhan Tian will certainly not let off us, reason that today I make everyone/Great Clan make the choice, what response actually will be wants to have a look at these to have will have, but these people's responses will disappoint me somewhat horse Feng listened to Hu Liangchen saying that cannot help but gawked, then deep voice said : Hu Big Brother, the present situation is very serious, these fellows also never forgot to Black Tiger Group, you looked that we do want to take some actions?”. Hu Liangchen shook the head said : „the present not to be good, if we begin now, these fellow complete reversed image Black Tiger Group, now we have needed well wait / etc. said it, if they want hiring oneself iron Zhan Tian, we can destroy, two days we have been able to hold a time conference, making them take a stand, if they also think that hiring oneself iron Zhan Tian, the agreement of my hypocrisy, waits to discuss the revolting time with iron Zhan Tian, I was proposing that some excessive requests, iron Zhan Tian will be will not agree absolutely, I must stir up iron Zhan Tian first to begin to them., So long as iron Zhan Tian begins first, they certainly will depend to Wandering Soul Group, when the time comes Wandering Soul Group there, knows the strength that you and I gives is so big, that you and I to Wandering Soul Group, the status will not lower, did you say?” horse Fengyue was listens to Hu Liangchen saying that two eyes was brighter, finally he could not bear sigh that Hu Liangchen absolutely was an experienced and careful character, he nodded said : „to listen to Hu Big Brother instruction hastily.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : well, over the two days after you went back, do not send for monitoring these fellows, such will only cause the counter-effect, I contacted them, two days later, how had a look at their manner.” horse Feng nodded said : well, I listen to Hu Big Brother.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : well, you go back first, a while was called them, first urged them, has stood firm them, then two days later and other results, you can also relate with Wandering Soul Group there, making them first do not act rashly, if Wandering Soul Group attacked at this time, these fellows completely will reverse to Black Tiger Group there, when the time comes only trouble.” horse Feng nodded, stands got up to Hu Liang early morning gave a salute, this turn around walked, Hu Liang early morning look at horse wind leave, this coldly snorted, then has put out a jade sword, has input some contents in, released for flight.

Before long besides the horse wind, all Great Clan Patriarch arrived, after the people sit down, Hu Liangchen deep voice said : just situation everyone/Great Clan also saw, horse Feng must hire oneself absolutely wholeheartedly Wandering Soul Group, these year of Ma Clan exhibitions the rapidness of such, I think that is Wandering Soul Group supports in behind, now horse wind there has made me give to stand firm, I said two days later lets him and other information, I prepare tomorrow to go with iron Zhan Tian to discuss revolt, if iron Zhan Tian agreed that our requests, we first Ma Clan butchering, have given the iron Zhan Tian half gift, if iron. Zhan Tian did not agree that we through horse wind line, contact with Wandering Soul Group, what do you think?” Various Great Clan Patriarch one hear of Hu Liangchen said that stares, but their immediately responded, their these Great Clan, truly cannot press the treasure on a body of person, according to doing that Hu Liangchen said that absolutely is the safest method. People immediately nodded assent. Hu Liangchen looked at people said : „, since everyone/Great Clan agreed that I was impolite, below everyone/Great Clan discussed that condition that we must put forward, I think that first choice was the Core Disciple issue, I think that iron Zhan Tian will certainly propose Core Disciple issue, because of Core Disciple can open the entrance, the authority be too big, iron Zhan Tian will certainly not give up the request of Core Disciple, his several disciple, strength very formidable, if struggled, present ten big Core Disciple also not necessarily is his several disciple match, in the Core Disciple issue, we. Must make some concessions, but must retain certain strength, I think that divides into two Core Disciple, iron Zhan Tian can send for struggling the Core Disciple quantity, but must guarantee our five Great Clan minimum control five Core Disciple quotas, if he did not agree that has not resulted in discusses.” As soon as the people listened to Hu Liangchen saying that has gawked, then several everyone/Great Clan clansman complexion changed, Core Disciple although known as disciple, their authorities were very however big, in Black Tiger Group here, the Core Disciple authority compared with general long Eldest Child many, and because of be able the open the entrance reason, commodity also has plenty that Core Disciple can use, if one resigned five quotas, was is shearing their meat on equal to, they do not certainly want to agree. However also like Hu Liangchen said that if they did not make the concession in the Core Disciple issue, that iron Zhan Tian will not agree that this time discussion revolted, Core Disciple issue, battles of relationship to Gang Master with various Great Clan, if they did not yield, iron Zhan Tian was equal to is still built on stilts, iron Zhan Tian is will certainly not agree. Hu Liangchen looked at people one eyes, he also knows that the people are thinking anything, his deep voice said : everybody, Black Tiger Group Core Disciple we can control five be many, if let Wandering Soul Group control really the Black Tiger Group domain. You think that we can also control result in the Wandering Soul Group Core Disciple quota? Discussed with iron Zhan Tian revolts, we can also the protect five quotas, this retreat in order to advance, moreover did everybody has to think, now iron Zhan Tian how many disciple, very united, do they why such unite? Is because they do not have the authority, one, but they had the authority, knew the advantage of authority, they will also unite like the present? Does not do well them to hit first, this is also splits up the iron Zhan Tian in hand strength the one type of method.” As soon as the people listened to Hu Liangchen saying that cannot help but gawked, then nodded, they to were think that Hu Liang early morning this view very correct, Si family Patriarch nodded said : well, I agreed with the proposition of Hu Patriarch.” Other people also agree. Hu Liangchen looked at people said : „, since everyone/Great Clan agreed that was saying another matter, that is the Zhang Feng matter, Zhang Feng now makes such big move to come, we do not want to acknowledge that his status is not good, I mean, making Zhang Feng rise for one of the core ten big disciple directly, gives him the Core Disciple corresponding authority, but later had Core Disciple to establish with the Zhang Feng same merit, in the gang must such handle according to Zhang Feng, did everybody think?”

Various clan Patriarch one hear of Hu Liangchen said that stares, but their immediately responded, making Zhang Feng one of the ten big Core Disciple, superficially is probably good to Zhang Feng, in fact actually not so, now Zhang Feng although is not Core Disciple, but had the Core Disciple strength and status, because he is the exceptional case, therefore in the gang treats Core Disciple some regulation not to use his body, if makes him core disciple, in the gang can press him with this custom visibly. What most important is, Zhang Feng has become one of the Core Disciple, will rob a quota, they must resign five quotas in any case, presently Zhang Feng occupies one, iron Zhan Tian in hand has only saved four quotas on equal to, what opinion this point iron Zhan Tian possibly will not have, however his disciple? Won't they have the opinion? This is kicked upstairs, is splitting up the one type of method of enemy in addition. Thinks of here, the people cannot help but sighs one, high, is really high, has the name of Black Tiger Group first wise worthily, this plan uses, the trace, making the enemy think one took advantage, on own initiative has not actually fallen into the trap. The people have thought through this point, naturally also has nodded assent, Hu Liangchen looked that the people agreed that also on understand people understand his meaning, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : third, we wanted in the gang to guarantee that the industries of our Great Clan will not be taken back by in the gang, are most our these industries to pay part of taxes to in the gang every year, 3/10 of this tax our industry revenue, everybody, Black Tiger Group wants loose, our Clan want to unfold, not only can plan own small scheme, to be honest, in this regard, we also real can't compare with iron Zhan Tian, iron Zhan Tian in this point. On does stronger compared with us, now our Black Tiger Group must to Wandering Soul Group this powerful enemy, we should also shed a blood the time.” The people have gawked, they have not thought that really Hu Liangchen actually will say, the peucedamum early morning regarding is very good heavy, because of this that own industry looks, therefore he multiple has the conflict with iron Zhan Tian, now suddenly does one need to pay the three layers tax to come up? This is unreasonable. Hu Liangchen looked at these Patriarch one, then sighed said : if the skin does not exist, what could the hair adhere to! When the Wandering Soul Group person gives under me passes the spy finally, my finally understand this truth, we are the Black Tiger Group people, when to cannot change, but Wandering Soul Group these fellows, reason that gives back to our several faces, because we are the Black Tiger Group people, if our Black Tiger Group still unites, is still formidable, taking advantage of a Wandering Soul Group courage, he does not dare that the words, these years, our these fellows, but wholeheartedly is thinking unfolds own Clan, regarding the in the gang matter, can drag to tow, can not manage on does not manage, in the gang has been not as before now, If, us were this way dangerous, entire Black Tiger Group was also dangerous.” The people also nodded, these year of Black Tiger Group momenta are not as before, before the roaring flame sects dare repeatedly, on provokes, when if the beforehand roaring flame sect does dare to provoke Black Tiger Group? Hu Liangchen sighed said : present Black Tiger Group to arrive at the life and death moment, Wandering Soul Group these fellows will certainly begin to us, these years our although continuously did against and iron Zhan Tian, but Black Tiger Group after all was our older generations, hundred fought the vertical base industry, contradiction between we and iron Zhan Tian, but was our Black Tiger Group own matter, if the bystander wanted to bribe Black Tiger Group, my Hu Liangchen did not comply.”

Hu Liang early morning although is a mild-mannered and cultivated good-hearted person appearance, but this saying said that was categorical, making people feel his determination. The people also hear in the heart a heat, their ancestors, when old person that many are Black Tiger Group creates to help to have, they naturally do not hope that Black Tiger Group such perished, therefore Hu Liang early morning this saying, they are the shall be gratefuls as a personal favor. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;