Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1720

Chapter 645 hands over give you Hu Liangchen status is not ordinary, especially in Black Tiger Group here, in Black Tiger Group here, in almost all Great Clan, only knows that Hu Liangchen, don’t know iron Zhan Tian, all Great Clan people will give Hu Liangchen face, but the iron Zhan Tian face, not necessarily is easy-to-use in various Great Clan. Mixes &\; Does not have. Shoots the window to be broad Considering) Hu Liangchen leads Zhao Hai to walk toward Ma Clan in that Ma Clan person, three people just walked few steps, horse Feng already stride welcomed. horse Feng to a Hu Liangchen ritual, just about to speaks, Hu Liangchen beckoned with the hand said : to say to inside.” horse Feng nodded, is directing Hu Liangchen and Zhao Hai walks toward inside. Three people quick arrived in study room, this is horse wind study room, three people arrived in study room, Hu Liangchen looked at Zhao Hai one, before deep voice said : flower, goes to person look in all directions with Ma Clan.” Then turns the head before horse wind said : this is my eldest grandson spends money recklessly, this time I am lead him to come your here to transfer the extension, Brother horse should not be offended.” horse Feng laughed said : Brother Hu this is said that the there words came, originally this was actually another grandson, normally please do not invite, my immediately made the person bring the flower to go to transfer the extension in all directions.” Hu Liangchen smiles said : so on thanks a lot horse disciple.” Zhao Hai bows to the horse wind said : thanks a lot horse Patriarch, Grandfather, that Off I go. Hu Liangchen nodded, Zhao Hai then outward walks, horse Feng immediately has also drawn on a Ma Clan person, making that Ma Clan person lead Hu Liang early morning the extension extension in all directions, but Hu Liangchen remained. After Hu Liangchen and other Zhao Hai leave, this today we saw iron Zhan Tian one time to horse wind said :, has tested his manner, has not thought that iron Zhan Tian this is not tactful, to the present this time, so was still strong, it seems like we must early prepare, today I am wounded in battle to come, was hopes before the flower, can keep your here some time, the brother your here must carry on prepares.” horse Feng listened to Hu Liangchen saying that immediately understand Hu Liangchen meaning, in his opinion, Hu Liang early morning this is fears Hu Clan suddenly by attack, therefore kept one after to Hu Clan, before also had spending money recklessly, regarded a proton the meaning. horse wind immediately/on horseback said : Brother Hu, the situation has not been in that situation, when Wandering Soul Group army arrives after a period of time, iron Zhan Tian insufficient to ponder, this several days on hidden one hidden was good first.” Hu Liangchen nodded said :I to fear that iron Zhan Tian there had realized, that was not quite easy to do, Brother, over the two days do not have the too big movement, in order to avoid stimulates to iron Zhan Tian, if made him present anything, ahead of time moved, to us was also very disadvantageous, even if were we arrived at Wandering Soul Group there, if in hand did not have what strength, feared that will be will not have any status. Mixes &\;

Shoots the window to be broad Considers) ” horse Feng nodded, his also understand this truth, Ma Clan although is the Wandering Soul Group support establishes, reason that but Wandering Soul Group supports Ma Clan, to cope with Black Tiger Group, one, but Black Tiger Group did not have, the words that Ma Clan the strength greatly damages, Wandering Soul Group will certainly not let off Ma Clan, if a dog the old and weak to cannot bite, that can only be butchered by the hunter has eaten the meat. Therefore Yu Hu Liangchen said that must maintain the strength the procedure, they also very approve, therefore he also nodded said : well, I will pay attention.” Hu Liang early morning look at horse wind said : over the two days we must little make the contact, iron Zhan Tian realized that anything, our nearest/recent wanted to be lower-key, before I want to let the flower, keeps Ma Clan, for convenience relation.” Some horse Feng actually his plans, he must contact with Wandering Soul Group, if before spending money recklessly, places here, is some is not quite really convenient. Therefore he shook the head said : brother, your meaning my understand, but does not have that necessity, so long as your there has anything to move, your jade sword comes, the brother I fully coordinates certainly.” Hu Liangchen listened to horse Feng saying that pretended very grateful appearance said : brother you saying that the brother I was not good because of saying anything, such decided that if later had any matter, we must with drawing back, only by doing so, can ensure our benefits on biggest degree.” horse Feng nodded, Hu Liangchen turned the head to be good to horse wind said :, Brother horse, I did not remain in here, I went back, kept here too long time, easily by iron Zhan Tian present, if our there had anything to move, I can immediately/on horseback inform Brother horse you.” horse Feng nodded, deep voice said : goes to come back Hu Clan Young Master quickly.” immediately had the servant to comply with one, turn around walked, before long Zhao Hai with Ma Clan person returned to study room, before Hu Liangchen has seemed like optional said : how spent, the Ma Clan botanical garden in our Black Tiger Group is very famous, today broadened the outlook?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „, used Nine Palace as the base, implied Eight Trigrams changes, had the technique of invisible, extraordinary, youngster has little talent and less learning, can see one or two of change, felt luckily.” Hu Liangchen laughs said : your this child, sees with Formation related thing, infatuated not by, your Grandpa horse the botanical garden of family, so is can it be that easy to look at understand.” horse Feng is actually laughs said : there, before the flower, really the great ability, sees the differences of my this botanical garden, in our family that several do not make every effort to succeed, if there is a flowered first 50% ability, I was also well satisfied.” Hu Liangchen smiled said : to result in Brother horse, we let us not flatter in here mutually, I walked, had the matter I to give you to receive a letter.” horse Feng has complied with one, set out delivers to Transmission Formation there Hu Liangchen and Zhao Hai, Hu Liangchen leads on Zhao Hai Transmission Formation turn around to walk. When Hu Liangchen and Hu Huaqian walk, side the horse wind person's Patriarch to horse wind said :, you looked that what meaning this old fox does arrive at the bottom today is?”

horse Feng sneers said : definitely to be rebuffed in iron Zhan Tian there, presently they with Black Tiger Group already not about good possibility, knows that our Ma Clan with is quite near, wants to depend, but also wants to leave behind the grandson who Wandering Soul Group walks works as the hostage, snort|hum, my can such as he hope, this time first-class honor we have settled on, later our Ma Clan, to Wandering Soul Group there is Great Clan, but their these Black Tiger Group Great Clan, on and other were being suppressed.” Then horse Feng turns the head Second Brother to that person of said : of his side, the Wandering Soul Group there relation how? several days time You Bang in can the person come?” horse Feng Second Brother immediately/on horseback said : in having about five days can come, Transmission Formation has prepared, they do not think that our entire gardens were huge Transmission.” horse Feng nodded, the broach stands, in immediately that spends money recklessly before his Second Brother said : what doesn't have presently?” horse Feng the Second Brother shows a faint smile said : absolutely not to have, garden there Transmission Formation, places underground, he is impossible presently, but that youngster to has some research to Formation, but formation of our family here arrangement, many are Wandering Soul Group there formation, he does not know also normally.” horse Feng nodded said : not presently well, before the Wandering Soul Group person has not arrived, cannot absolutely presently Transmission Formation secret, even if Hu Liang early morning they cannot let him presently.” horse Feng the Second Brother has complied with one, horse Feng looked at his Second Brother said : Ma Clan reaches, looked at this time.” Hu Liangchen brought Zhao Hai returned to Hu Liang, before Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to turn into has spent money recklessly the appearance, Hu Liang look at person Zhao Hai said : Li Lin, was the situation early morning what kind of? Can clarify?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be clear, Hu Patriarch does not need to be worried.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : to walk, our iron removal Gang Master there, you said well the situation.” Zhao Hai nodded, they sit Transmission Formation to go to iron Zhan Tian there, now these Patriarch already returned to respective Clan, iron Zhan Tian there only remaining Zhang Feng and iron hawk several people. Iron Zhan Tian several people looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately/on horseback said : what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile: Absolutely does not have the issue, has not thought that Ma Clan these time has made such big resolution unexpectedly, under the garden of their family, is huge Transmission Formation, can Transmission Great Magical Artifact, it seems like that this Wandering Soul Group probably fight us, certainly will send Great Magical Artifact to come.” Iron Zhan Tian they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, Zhang Feng was look at Zhao Hai said : may clarify? Do other places have Transmission Formation?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : has clarified, will not be absolutely wrong, but I thought them also in preparing, they will begin in less than the several days time, we must begin, should better also quickly, their Transmission Formation there, has plenty person look at, if wants seal activated their Transmission Formation, should better before we moved at that moment began, like this they are want to de-archive are not easy, I was responsible for biggest that Transmission Formation, other Transmission Formation, after I can send Undead Creature, by Undead Creature in Transmission Formation there self-exploding, fell the Transmission Formation destruction.” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, Transmission Formation hands over give you, must destroy to me Transmission Formation, making them absolutely unusable.”

Zhao Hai complied with said : is, First Senior Brother feel relieved.” Iron does Zhan Tian turn the head look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, Li Lin possibly grasps?” Zhang Feng showed a faint smile said : Li Lin saying that certainly, his lies, Martial Uncle will not be good on feel relieved.” Iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai one, he is really some not understand, why Zhang Feng if trust he, but he had not asked that his don’t know Zhao Hai person, but about Zhang Feng actually very knew that Zhang Feng never handles the matter that has not grasped, since he said that will not have the issue. Hu Liangchen also somewhat accidental looked at Zhao Hai one, he has not thought really that Zhang Feng so will be high regarding the appraisal of Zhao Hai, he cannot help but was careful regarding Zhao Hai. Iron Zhan Tian turned the head early morning said : we to reach an agreement to Hu Liang, tomorrow moved, must immediately Ma Clan this malignant tumor eradicating, first discounting was saying the claw that Wandering Soul Group extended.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : this to arrive should, keeps Ma Clan definitely is being a disaster, is the don’t know Wandering Soul Group person, how to collude with Ma Clan.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : this ease in doing, has killed Ma Clan these people, then gave me to be good him, perhaps when the time comes we can also give Wandering Soul Group to come one greatly pleasantly surprised.” The people looked at Zhang Feng one puzzled, Zhang Feng have shown a faint smile said : I to have the means to make Ma Clan these deceased people say the truth, when the time comes we were making Li Lin play the role of the Ma Clan person, Wandering Soul Group these fellows deceiving, us and others in there, was giving them to come ruthlessly.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;