Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1721

Chapter 646 attack starts one day in the blink of an eye on the past, regarding cultivator, one day, is too short was too short regarding cultivator, but this one day, regarding Zhang Feng them, somewhat is long, because one day later they must to Ma Clan make a move. Zhang Feng sits in Treasure Ship, sits Zhao Hai in his opposite, Zhang Hao and Hao Xing, the iron hawk they by iron Zhan Tian moving, therefore Zhang Feng can only they discuss with Zhao Hai now. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do you have confidence really? Must know that these Transmission Formation may be extraordinary, if makes Ma Clan invite reinforcement from Wandering Soul Group there, we troubled.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, your feel relieved, I guarantee unable to have an accident, right First Senior Brother, my also good information to tell you, do you listen?” Zhang Feng stares, then laughs said : your youngster , did learn keep guessing with me unexpectedly? Then, any good information, any good specially good information, I not to let off you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, look at Zhang Feng said : naturally is good information, I that ghost's face ship that previous time we snatched fixing, that ghost's face ship could be used to fight, was good information?” Zhang Feng stares, then great happiness said : really? Can that ghost's face ship fight? This technique was good, leads me to have a look quickly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk, in does not see valley there to put, places does not see valley there nobody to go, naturally cannot by the person present.” Zhang Feng several people nodded, sit on the ship Transmission Formation to go not to see valley there. To did not see valley there, Zhang Feng has not actually seen the ghost's face ship, but felt that did not see the sanitary fill in valley probably is higher. The appearance that look at Zhang Feng they size up, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, do not look, in this.” Said that Zhao Hai hit one to howl, then Zhang Feng saw one crowd of big Old Mouse never to see in the valley to run, these big Old Mouse rapid welling up to garbage heap on, then big pile of big pile of trash of by these Old Mouse moving out. Before long the giving people a hard time big garbage heap vanished unexpectedly, Zhang Feng their dumbfounded look at all these, such scene, they are how regardless of not to have thought. Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng, shows a faint smile said :to be all right, First Senior Brother, these ate [gold/metal] Shu already don’t know in here many years, their very intelligent, after I came here not long after, they looked for me, fortunately, these fellow reasoning with, to have not lived anything to conflict, afterward I had used some methods, these Old Mouse subduing, them listens to now my

Zhang Feng nodded, looked at these Old Mouse said : these eats [gold/metal] Shu unexpectedly, has not thought that here unexpectedly so many eating [gold/metal] Shu, but these ate [gold/metal] Shu level too to train to spend lowly were too big, did not need, made them keep the here cleaning up trash.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk First Senior Brother, has a look, there is the ghost's face ship, I have not thought, in this ghost's face ship unexpectedly very beautiful.” Does Zhang Feng smile said : „? I to must look well.” Said, when entered the ghost's face ship first. Design Zhao Hai in this ghost's face ship has not undergone the too big modification, because he presently the design of this ghost's face deck cannot modify easily, each wall in ghost's face ship, each floor, like is meridians, the strength in ghost's face ship has linked, making the ghost's face ship achieve a whole, but this point his Treasure Ship could not achieve. Before reason that Treasure Ship can fight evenly with the ghost's face ship , because in the ghost's face ship by the Wandering Soul Group person had carried on the modification, some places changing, having made these meridians break, naturally cannot get up to connect doing of energy to use. Afterward Zhao Hai after asking Wandering Soul Group these cultivator, this understand what's the matter, originally Wandering Soul Group person, when carried on the migration, the in the gang has plenty important material, vanish from sight, these material very heavy wanted, these had ghost's face on the ship some materials, therefore made the person who many ghost's face helped, thinks ghost's face ship inside design can modify, if said strictly, the present ghost's face ship compared with beforehand ghost's face ship fighting strength is big regressed. Naturally Zhao Hai will not tell Zhang Feng these, before Zhang Feng, has not come the ghost's face ship, what in the nature don’t know ghost's face ship was. Visited three people to the ghost's face ship, presently this ghost's face ship inside design truly is inferior to Treasure Ship, but also was good, Zhang Feng happy looked around to look, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : well, Little Hai, you set up a great merit, a while I have given iron hawk Big Brother this ghost's face ship.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand, Zhang Feng now in full winning over iron hawk, but the iron hawk also really has the place that is worth winning over, therefore he did not oppose that Zhang Feng such does. Zhao Hai smiles said : First Senior Brother, I looked that the ghost's face ship first places here do not move, first lets the situation that iron hawk Senior Brother comes here familiar ghost's face ship, then tomorrow can, when coped with Ma Clan to use.” Zhang Feng nodded, deep voice said : you in here look at, I look for First Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai nodded, Zhang Feng then turn around walked. Before long Zhang Feng and iron hawk arrived in the ghost's face ship, an iron hawk face excited look at ghost's face ship, some little time let out a long breath, laughed said : my iron hawk also to have own Great Magical Artifact.”

do not blame iron hawk so excited, his although is iron Zhan Tian big disciple, but these time enters ten big Core Disciple quotas not to have his iron Zhan Tian to know that his strength is very strong, but iron Zhan Tian told him, because of his strength, he became ten big Core Disciple did not matter, gave several Junior Brother. The iron hawk manner is filial, naturally also complied, his is some is not quite at heart happy, look at own Junior Brother, each and every one had own Great Magical Artifact person, he naturally envying, actually has not thought that he such quickly had Great Magical Artifact. Zhang Feng can also divide to a tiger ship, but Zhang Feng has not actually wanted, he sat the treasure the heart to be used, moreover on Treasure Ship can install Transmission Formation, used convenient, the tiger ship was not good, therefore Zhang Feng has not wanted Treasure Ship. How the iron hawk was familiar with the ghost's face ship to use, one day passed, Zhang Feng their several people arrived at iron Zhan Tian there, iron Zhan Tian looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : time was similar, Li Lin, you prepared, after you moved for five minutes, we moved, time enough?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be enough, did not use for five minutes, one minute has been OK, my Transmission Formation went, your immediately attack on the line, five minutes was too long, I may unable to work as Ma Clan and person five minutes attack.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : that well, the present is 8.30, at exactly 9 : 00, we prepare to attack.” The people complied with one, Zhao Hai found a place to control one's breathing, he did actually to others looked that he was monitoring the Ma Clan there sound in the head. Ma Clan there had not realized obviously they disaster is imminent, why there should still do, Great Clan like Ma Clan, besides some strength not strong Clan disciple, is Clan handles the business outside, other majority of members stay in Clan this, because Black Tiger Group here Spiritual Qi very rich, they can practice in here well. Because nearest/recent does not have what smelting trial duty, therefore the Ma Clan majority of juniors in Clan, some juniors in the use of practice Magical Artifact, some juniors are actually closing up the practice. In originally ten big Core Disciple, one is Ma Clan disciple, because now the situation is special, Ma Clan that Core Disciple also returned to in Clan, naturally, his under the hand/subordinate also went back with him, can say strength that now Ma Clan is at centralized in Clan this. Ma Clan such does, to greet the Wandering Soul Group person, preparation then to the motion of Black Tiger Group, but they have not actually thought that this has happen to given iron Zhan Tian them, opportunity that their Clan wipes out. Time past bit by bit, among in the blink of an eye arrived at nine points, Zhao Hai one has stood, looked at iron Zhan Tian their said : Gang Master, I moved.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded. Zhao Hai without demur, the personal appearance moves, vanished in iron Zhan Tian study room, iron Zhan Tian immediately/on horseback said : motion, informs other Clan, all motions.” Along with issuing an order of iron Zhan Tian, gave people a hard time Black Tiger Group to move, minimum had 20 Great Magical Artifact to fly, 18 were the tiger ships, one was Zhang Feng Treasure Ship, last was actually the Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship.

Scout of Ma Clan also has plenty in Black Tiger Group, at this time, these scouts also presently the incorrect place, their immediately release the Transmission jade sword, reminded Ma Clan to pay attention, but at this moment, Ma Clan actually then lives the explosive sound, in their family all Transmission Formation completely destroyed was clean. But at this time Ma Clan had not even seen that some people's Transmission Formation to their family begins, Zhao Hai really will certainly not make these Undead Creature go to Ma Clan Transmission Formation, these Transmission Formation became Space the Coordinate in each and every one, Zhao Hai must move these Transmission Formation is really too simple. Not only Zhao Hai destroyed these Transmission Formation, but also all delivered to outside signalling jade sword Ma Clan to the truncation, all escorted to Ma Clan inside signalling jade sword also to be given the truncation by him, now Ma Clan turned into the deaf person and blind person. However Ma Clan also felt that does not suit, after all their Clan Transmission Formation was destroyed, if they could not have felt that does not suit, that did not match in Black Tiger Group bases. When when working as, in Ma Clan has heard sound of the intermittent alarm, then each and every one Ma Clan Expert flew high to fly, this flew, they naturally also saw there aggressive dashed to Great Magical Artifact that came, they naturally also know that the matter is not right. In Ma Clan immediately/on horseback also flew two Great Magical Artifact, one tiger ship that was ten big Core Disciple matches, but another was actually the Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship. Wandering Soul Group to a Ma Clan ghost's face ship, is prepares to make Ma Clan cope with iron Zhan Tian they to use, has not actually thought that iron Zhan Tian they began first, Ma Clan looked that the matter is not good, has with use this biggest secret weapon. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;