Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1722

20 Great Magical Artifact that horse wind complexion pale look at is encircling slowly, he knows has several, is several other Great Clan Great Magical Artifact, to the present horse wind naturally also on entire understand, his also understand, why Hu Liangchen will bring to spend money recklessly to come them to transfer, that simply is not sees somebody off qualitative, but prepared to find their family and Wandering Soul Group interlinked Transmission Formation in there, then destroyed, obviously, they have succeeded very much, they had found the family and Wandering Soul Group Transmission Formation, and destroyed. Thinks of here, horse Feng cannot help but intermittent cool, he thinks hides at heart Transmission Formation in the below of garden, nobody can see, has not actually thought that was given to destroy unexpectedly directly, that Transmission Formation could not use now, Ma Clan also lost final disappearing. At this time 20 Great Magical Artifact also Ma Clan encircling, followed behind 20 Great Magical Artifact, enormous and powerful Black Tiger Group cultivator, Ma Clan encircling watertight. horse Fengzhan Ma Clan ghost's face ship ship top, Black Tiger Group people said : that look at presses slowly iron Zhan Tian, Hu Liang early morning you may have courage and come to talk with me.” HaHaHa, horse Feng, arrived at this time, what but also there is to say? Good, I listen, you have any last words.” Along with the voice, big human-shape appears in an above of tiger ship, coming person iron Zhan Tian, iron Zhan Tian to stand on tiger's head of tiger, on said loudly: Hu Patriarch, others mentioned by name to see you, you also came out with his say a few words.” Hu Liangchen voice conveys said : he he, since Gang Master words, horse Patriarch such has the sincerity, I naturally very do not show due respect for the feelings.” Said Hu Liangchen already appears on tiger's head of another tiger ship. Looked at their appears , said : that horse Feng clenched jaws mean and shameless Hu Liangchen, you planned with the iron Zhan Tian cooperation in my unexpectedly I also that trust you, your this villain.” Hu Liang early morning look at horse Feng appearance. coldly snorted said : my villain? horse Feng. Your this rebel, our several Great Clan although somewhat have been contradictory with iron Gang Master, but we after all are the Black Tiger Group people, our roots are Black Tiger Group. But you, actually want alliance Wandering Soul Group. The plot captures my Black Tiger Group base industry, the rebel like you, has any qualifications loudly to shout before me does not call. Kills you. However to put down a rebellion.” horse Feng listened to Hu Liangchen saying that cannot help but hated, loudly shouted said : Black Tiger Group already the dead end, you also held Black Tiger Group not to put, sooner or later must die along with Black Tiger Group together, just wait. So long as Wandering Soul Group army arrives, you will die without the burial ground.” Snort!” Iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted. look at horse wind said : horse wind, I remember that initially you are handymen disciple, afterward old Gang Master looked that you are one may make the material , to promote you are Outer Disciple, were afterward many related photo, you can smoothly become Inner Disciples, afterward old Gang Master died during meditation, I had taken over Black Tiger Group, self-examined that has not treated unjustly you, your turn around has hired oneself unexpectedly Wandering Soul Group, but also is dead set on copes with our Black Tiger Group, the villain of no news like you, has what appearance to save in Heaven and Earth.” horse Feng is actually a point does not care, coldly snorted said : „the road of Cultivator, originally goes against heaven's will the conduct, the division of what gentleman villain has, the gentleman lives in Cultivation World is not long, if I do not hire oneself Wandering Soul Group, the there Ma Clan so big family property, hires oneself Wandering Soul Group, can obtain so many advantage, why can't I hire oneself Wandering Soul Group?” Iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted said : Wandering Soul Group, how many big gate but was sent chasing down stray dog, their does there have our Black Tiger Group to be good? You rather hire oneself unexpectedly Wandering Soul Group, doesn't keep in Black Tiger Group?” horse does Feng sneer said : to keep Black Tiger Group? You do not have a look at Black Tiger Group now are any appearances, you struggle me to fight, keep doing, Black Tiger Group these years, strength not only does not have the big progress, instead to a little bit retreat, with such Gang, but also there is anything to disappear, with Gang that has not disappeared, can it be that a wise behavior, my horse wind mechanism calculates completely, but has not thought that Hu Liang early morning they really have a blindly devoted heart to Black Tiger Group.” Iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted said : my Black Tiger Group constructed the gang tens of thousands years, every large or small disturbance don’t know after many, so was can it be that easy to give way, horse Feng, today's words sufficed many, you must die!”

Hu is Liang early morning look at horse wind said : you still thinking Wandering Soul Group reinforcement? Did not need to wait, the signalling jade sword that your release went, had gotten down by the truncation, Wandering Soul Group there simply could not receive you by attack information.” Iron Zhan Tian cold sound said : kills, eliminates the rebel, does not remain.” The iron Zhan Tian personal appearance moves, when threw toward the horse wind first. Great Magical Artifact although uses the power and prestige, but copes with Nascent Soul Stage above Expert with Great Magical Artifact, will have the effect not necessarily, Nascent Soul Stage Expert, each and every one strength formidable, acts extremely quick, moreover Great Magical Artifact after the movement gets up, although is not slow, is impossible to achieve small Magical Artifact to be so flexible, looks like a person, you noticed from afar a tank flushed to you, you can be ahead of time avoid, but the tank transforms inconveniently, wants to overtake you not to be easy. Nascent Soul Stage Expert to Great Magical Artifact, looks like the average person to getting up the tank is the same, even to getting up the tank is much more relaxed than the average person, after all Nascent Soul Stage Expert strength extremely powerful, Great Magical Artifact wants to hit to kill Nascent Soul Stage Expert not to be simple directly. Great Magical Artifact copes with Nascent Soul Stage Expert to be difficult, do not say that coped with Transcends Tribulation Stage big Expert, no matter iron Zhan Tian or horse Feng, were Transcends Tribulation Stage big Expert, Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, in Cultivation World here, was the topest level existed, they, a person even can rip open Great Magical Artifact directly, strikes to kill inside person, therefore Great Magical Artifact regarding these Expert, simply was a point with does not have. Therefore must cope with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, only then Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert make a move the line of seas have hidden in Space, look at outside fight, he has wanted to know that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert begins is any appearance. Sees iron Zhan Tian horse Fengpu to go directly, his personal appearance moves, fierce tiger phantom appears beyond of his body, then an iron Zhan Tian fist strike left. Sees his outside the body that only fierce tiger face upwards scream loud and long, then personal appearance one vertical, horse Fengpu goes, fierce tiger throws to be possible the right and wrong with small with, along with the fierce tiger personal appearance. winds and clouds all around surges, such as the tiger's roar wooded mountain is common. But horse Feng moved at this time. His also coldly snorted. Personal appearance in a flash, outside his body unexpectedly appears slowly tornado, tornado is getting quicker and quicker, transmits the intermittent sound of ghost howling then tornado to vanish from the tornado. Malicious Ghost appears outside his body. This only Malicious Ghost fiendish features, height eight arms. Each arm such as the tentacle of octopus equally is soft, flutters, however in the forefront of these eight arms. Is actually growing one like the eagle claw same claw. This only Malicious Ghost appears . immediately shout ferociously, eight claw move together, have grasped toward the body of iron Zhan Tian, these two just fought, respectively left killing strike. Zhao Hai in Space is stern-faced look at their fighting, although they did not have true bumping into a piece now. On imposing manner that since they fight can analyze, these two must be too more than him. That seems like strikes conveniently, actually fully strikes him is more fearful. At this time outside iron Zhan Tian with horse wind exchange hands, a ghost tiger, two giant shadows, has been killing in ripping that in midair kept. But at this time other people also moved began, some Ma Clan although also Expert, but these Expert, actually simply is not Hu Liang early morning their match, during comprehensive stalemate of Ma Clan to was passive at once.

In this time Ma Clan Cave Mansion, suddenly was spreading several astonishing imposing manner, this imposing manner, in the entire battlefield all people, cannot help but shake, because these imposing manner were too astonishing, unexpectedly is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Felt that these imposing manner, Hu Liangchen complexion changes, then his sharp roar said : good Ma Clan, actually the Expert ambush of Wandering Soul Group in here, to keep you not to, the Black Tiger Group audiences obey orders, kill off the person of Ma Clan.” Really, as Hu Liangchen voice falls, several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, have killed from that Cave Mansion, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, the body is Ghost Qi is dense, looks is not a Black Tiger Group people, moreover their imposing manner very formidable, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, understood at a glance that is not easy with it generation. However these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert appears , had been blocked by Black Tiger Group several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert levels, then more and more Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert join to regiment. Iron Zhan Tian that fights with the horse wind is looking at this situation, is coldly snorted one, roars said : horse wind, your this Wandering Soul Group dog, I must open you today exactly! Tiger's roar wooded mountain!” Fist Technique of iron Zhan Tian use, actually when Black Tiger Group is not specially profound Martial arts, but is Black Tiger Group advertisement Fist Technique, Black Tiger Divine Fist, this set of Fist Technique almost all Black Tiger Group disciple will get two, but must learn the profound place this big Fist Technique , is actually few. Iron Zhan Tian this Black Tiger Fist Technique, has achieved counter- returned to original condition plain, greatly skillful unfair boundary, raised hand to step , the agreeing without consultation fist said that but this tiger's roar wooded mountain one move, is in Black Tiger Divine Fist killing strike. An iron Zhan Tian fist strike leaves, on him that old tiger phantom probably was also only big several points, fierce proceeding throws, this fierce tiger throws, although looks to throw simply, probably is your has plenty method can avoid him to be the same, when you meet fierce tiger truly actually presently, fierce tiger throws seems like simple, actually gave to block all your escaping routes, you can only stand in there meet his this move hardly. horse Feng now is this feeling, he felt that iron Zhan Tian this strikes, has given to block his all escape routes, he can only spell with iron Zhan Tian now hardly, to be honest, this is the one type of way that he most does not like, because iron Zhan Tian is Body Cultivator, spells with Body Cultivator hardly, absolutely is not the wise choice, but he actually has to spell with iron Zhan Tian now hardly. horse Feng also knows that today he does not go all out is not good, the iron Zhan Tian strength, leaves that he has imagined, he thinks that iron Zhan Tian these years in the Gang Master position, has manipulated strategically with various Great Clan, certainly will affect his cultivation level, has not actually thought that iron Zhan Tian cultivation level has striven probably, this is horse Feng has not thought. However horse Feng is not easy with it generation, his two eyes one severe, calls out said : demon to swing Ba Huang!” On the horse wind that Malicious Ghost phantom has also shouted wildly one, before eight claw extends, grasps toward iron Zhan Tian old tiger, a ghost tiger, bumps into directly! In process that old tiger in throwing to strike, right palm fierce proceeding wields, one that eight claw of Malicious Ghost patting the one side, then tiger's head proceeded to search, bit in the head of Malicious Ghost. This looks like although is a tiger ghost is fighting, however the real situation is actually, iron Zhan Tian has bullied horse Feng the side now, a fist has blocked horse Feng the offensive, a fist strike on horse Feng the body.

Before is horse wind such that thinks, spells with a Body Cultivator frontage hardly, absolutely is not the good matter, he has had profound understanding now, before although with the liveliness that iron Zhan Tian hit, but had not let iron Zhan Tian nearly his body, he has been entangling iron Zhan Tian with the fight way, because of his Malicious Ghost, attack was not weak, therefore iron Zhan Tian has not wanted the risk defeated him. However Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert appears of Ma Clan that several hideaway, iron Zhan Tian removed the anger of bottom, he has not thought that Wandering Soul Group and Ma Clan have made such arrangement unexpectedly, Hu Liang early morning their suddenly defected, with the words of his peace talks, this Black Tiger Group was really dangerous. Because of this, therefore iron Zhan Tian these time has used killing strike finally, tiger's roar wooded mountain, this is killing strike in Black Tiger Divine Fist, the this move fierce place lies in his Intent Domain, the tiger's roar wooded mountain, hundred beasts keep silent, Naha air/Qi this move Fist Intent is. But old tiger attack time, often throws, then a fist overthrows prey, then bites on the vigor bone of prey, bites to death prey directly, that unprecedented aggression, is makes people scared. But horse Feng Malicious Ghost although also very fierce, but the ghost finally is cloudy, fight can also make into an evenness with iron Zhan Tian, if the frontage spells hardly, he was not the iron Zhan Tian match. Is adding on the Black Tiger fist that iron Zhan Tian uses, was belongs to Yang Attribute Fist Technique, the tiger itself to just to positive life form, wind Malicious Ghost, therefore the horse wind this resulted in the frontage to spell to the belt by iron Zhan Tian hardly, one had been broken through the defense by iron Zhan Tian, fought with the fists in his front. Sound of the bone split transmits, a horse wind blood has then spurted, in that blood is actually clamping the internal organs, he knows that he could not live, but Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that formidable Life Force, lets his also strength of striking, his two eyes stubbornly stared at iron Zhan Tian, the front muscle is falling toward, gripped the fist of iron Zhan Tian, then both hands fierce struck toward the head of iron Zhan Tian. His strikes, but spells to try, if this were struck to the compaction, even if iron Zhan Tian such Body Cultivator is also difficult to run away dies. The iron Zhan Tian also understand horse wind must do, this situation he met is not once or twice, iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted, in the hand Qi Strength vibrated, his fist, one has been separated from the horse wind converging attack, simultaneously a personal appearance revolution, has made the horse wind this strike, the horse wind exhausted fully struck, falls the vacancy. After the iron Zhan Tian personal appearance transfers, in the cerebellum of horse wind numerous strikes, horse Feng the hole simultaneously spouts the blood, the personal appearance downward falls, died cannot die. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;