Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1723

Chapter 648 points out frankly the status horse Feng died, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert fallen, but fights is still continuing, that several Wandering Soul Group person, but also is fighting, they will not fight can only wait for death, fight also will possibly exchange scapegoat, therefore they must fight. However in the face of the absolute strength, this rebel obviously is such futile effort, Black Tiger Group by one group of strength, full copes with Ma Clan, is adding on Wandering Soul Group several Expert, completely is the overwhelming superiority, that several Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert , is making fighting of trapped|sleepy beast. The Black Tiger Group person does not prepare these Wandering Soul Group to live obviously very much today, these Wandering Soul Group people, each is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, this places any place, is the strengths that cannot be estimated lightly, if lets these Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, ambushes in Black Tiger Group, when Black Tiger Group moves with Wandering Soul Group really began, these people in suddenly appears , that consequence cannot imagine. Now these fellows have become sleepily were beastly, if did not give to tidy up them at this time, that iron Zhan Tian thought one really a little were unfair to itself. Iron Zhan Tian has destroyed completely horse Feng, naturally can turn around cope with that several Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Wandering Soul Group that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, each strength is out of the ordinary, therefore Hu Liang early morning their a short time also really takes these people not to have the means that iron Zhan Tian to look that presently he now wants to meddle could not insert, he will be meddles will not change any result. Iron Zhan Tian looked at situation one in battlefield, coldly snorted, turned the head to look at situation in a battlefield, Wandering Soul Group cultivator that except for that several resisted, other people had been killed. Less than one hour, the fight had ended, You Bang that several Transcends Tribulation Stage were killed completely, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert although strength formidable, but cannot support the Black Tiger Group person to be many, that many Expert cope with them, even if their strength formidable, cannot block. When the fight had ended, iron Zhan Tian looked at all around one, deep voice said : iron hawk, brings few people battlefield cleanup, cleaned to me cleanly, these corpse people did not need to manage, naturally some people tidied up, restored the original design to me here, other people came with me.” At this time Zhao Hai suddenly appears , hand had wielded, these corpses by black gas wrapping up, among in the blink of an eye these corpses vanished. Zhang Feng also saw Zhao Hai at this time, he has flown the Zhao Hai side hastily, to Zhao Hai said : Li Lin, you just went to that?” Zhao Hai face calm said : First Senior Brother, the fight of here I cannot help, therefore first hid. Please keep firmly in mind

Zhang Feng nodded said : well, all right, this situation is not quite truly suitable you to participate, walks, goes back with me.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, their round trip walks with Zhang Feng. Iron Zhan Tian they also know that the Zhao Hai ability, saw Zhang Feng such spoke with Zhao Hai, has not said anything, but nodded to Zhao Hai, leading the people to fly toward the Black Tiger Group headquarters. Iron Zhan Tian their this actions are to have no intention, they know Zhao Hai, knows Zhao Hai ability very formidable, will therefore nod to Zhao Hai, but this movement looked in other cultivator eyes is actually not that a matter. What is the Zhao Hai present status? Existence that Li Lin, in Inner Disciples does not lose face, is the nearest/recent Zhang Feng crest of wave ratio competes, therefore some people know existence of Li Lin. Regarding these cultivator, Li Lin is a lucky fellow, unexpectedly early has hired oneself Zhang Feng, not, but his strength, even if in Inner Disciples, that is also existence of setting the base. However now looked that iron Zhan Tian they treat the Zhao Hai manner, cannot help but lets their greatly surprised, they have not thought that iron Zhan Tian they actually know Zhao Hai, moreover so was polite to Zhao Hai, this lets them cannot help but to Li Lin that Zhao Hai snatches, changed some attitudes. Zhao Hai does not have what idea, but with iron Zhan Tian their returned to in iron Zhan Tian study room, in iron Zhan Tian study room, besides iron Zhan Tian, various Hu Liangchen and Great Clan Patriarch, Zhang Feng, the iron wing a person of their several iron Zhan Tian departments, is original several Core Disciple, because iron Zhan Tian they had not announced that resigns five Core Disciple quotas, therefore originally that several people of Core Disciple, attended this time conference by ten big Core Disciple status. After all people sit down, iron Zhan Tian then deep voice said :in the Ma Clan family really has Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to assume personal command, before this is me, has not thought that was good has also made the completely safe preparation because of our here, has not made the matter be separated from our control, this time we extended in the claw to our Black Tiger Group cutting Wandering Soul Group, Wandering Soul Group these fellows will be will certainly not do, now has several matters to do, first, blocked information, cannot passes on absolutely by the Ma Clan extinguished matter exits, from now on, anybody outside signalling jade sword toward helping, disobeying orders. In order to revolt to help the crime punish. Second, the alert, cannot to Wandering Soul Group bold opportunity, let them in time capturing to our Black Tiger Group in fully. Third, Xiao Feng, this must think your, I looked that today the iron hawk has used a ghost's face ship, before is you , that snatches? Heard that ship had been given to destroy by you, do you find the person to fix? Your immediately please help, all fixes in Great Magical Artifact that in the Ma Clan fight damages, any condition, asked the opposite party to raise. Fourth, Li Lin, has performed to you, said that obtained any information from these Undead Creature there. ” Iron Zhan Tian has aimed at Zhao Hai the vision finally.

Zhao Hai not polite, now what because he plays the role is Li Lin, but Li Lin this person most important characteristics are cold, therefore one hear of iron Zhan Tian said now that his immediately/on horseback said : is, returns to the Gang Master words, in having about five days, is Wandering Soul Group officially attacks our Black Tiger Group day, their this attack preparations are two groups advance in unison, kills from Ma Clan there Transmission Formation, by ten ghost's face ship give priority to, in adding on 15 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, in adding on Ma Clan five Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert and horse Feng and other people., Their strengths are very formidable.” Stopped to here Zhao Hai, he looked at all around one, then said : „the second group, is based on 20 ghost's face ships, gathers in Wandering Soul Group majority of fighting strength, from Wandering Soul Group there direct like the Black Tiger Group attack, inside and outside converging attack, our Black Tiger Group difficulty.” Zhao Hai spoke of here, iron Zhan Tian their complexion changed, they have not thought that this Wandering Soul Group used such big strength to cope with them unexpectedly, this was really they have not thought. Zhao Hai looked at iron Zhan Tian one, then said : besides these two groups of army, Wandering Soul Group also has contacted with the person of roaring flame sect, prepares together to begin converging attack Black Tiger Group, like this they can form three groups of army, together begin to our Wandering Soul Group, situation bad risk.” Iron Zhan Tian they frown, complexion is cloudy, they have not thought really that the matter was in this situation unexpectedly, some little time, iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted said : our Black Tiger Group to become Bang for these years, any storm has not seen, these time is two schools attacks, can be what kind of us, everybody, does not want to cover-up now, shines the family property, if Xiao Feng can fix these Great Magical Artifact, I can put out 15 Great Magical Artifact, naturally, includes Xiao Feng Treasure Ship, the ghost's face ship and Ma Clan of iron hawk ghost's face ship and tiger ship., Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, my here can also transfer has about 15.” Hu Liangchen listened to iron Zhan Tian saying that knows iron Zhan Tian must shine the family property, he not polite, deep voice said : Hu Clan can put out six Great Magical Artifact, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, my Hu Clan can leave six.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, he also knows that Hu Clan these time feared also put out the family property to come, moreover Hu Clan these six Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, feared that strove to excel compared with general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert on many, Hu Clan Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, was Dual Cultivation, six Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, were three pairs of these six people, if to previous six ordinary Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, that were certain battle winning side. Several other Great Clan also said the complete strength that oneself have been able to take, before Black Tiger Group , not the bright family property returned don’t know, this bright family property to gave to have a scare Zhao Hai, Black Tiger Group these family properties, truly were many, if Black Tiger Group real going all out, coped with Wandering Soul Group and roaring flame ancestor's attack to is not a problem. After waiting for all people to shine family property, iron Zhan Tian nodded, deep voice said : „the present the enemy altogether has three, one, from the Ma Clan Transmission Formation there Transmission Formation ten ghost's face ships and their Expert, this gang must annihilate, does not annihilate them, we difficulty, two, the roaring flame sect, the roaring flame sect will not cope with our Black Tiger Group, these time comes with Wandering Soul Group together, feared that is grabs the bargain, Expert that comes are not necessarily many, on the other hand, I looked roaring flame this to is good to cope some, third on most formidabe, The Wandering Soul Group main attack force, this team of people are most formidabe, my meaning, deals with that enemy who puts from Ma Clan there by Hu Clan and Si the family, must tidy up them within the shortest time, takes Han Clan as, is leading four Great Clan, copes with the roaring flame sect, do other people, all along with the person of roaring flame sect I do cope with the frontal attack, everyone/Great Clan have the opinion?” The people also know that Black Tiger Group arrived at the crucial moment, therefore nobody opposed that all people shook the head, indicated not to have the opinion, iron Zhan Tian then to nod, he turned the head to look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, what you had to say?” Hu Liang early morning their also look at Zhang Feng, to be honest, Hu Liang early morning they very regards as important in Zhang Feng, can under suppression that in ten big Core Disciple collaborate, but can also create, if big enterprise, this is not the average person can achieve.

Zhang Feng deep voice said : did not have, all hear of Gang Master told.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : well, that asked everyone/Great Clan each one to prepare, came the date we to with other Gang fight to the death.” The people complied with one loudly, turn around walked. Iron Zhan Tian kept Zhang Feng alone, naturally, together remains also has Zhao Hai, the iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : „you are Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng stare, Zhao Hai Li Lin the status, Zhang Feng has not told iron Zhan Tian, now iron Zhan Tian has actually laid bare with one word, is the iron hawk tells iron Zhan Tian? Is unlikely? Iron hawk that person looks very heavily regarding spirit, the Zhao Hai status, will not constitute anything to threaten to iron Zhan Tian, in this case, the iron hawk will not tell iron Zhan Tian. Is iron Zhan Tian presently? &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;