Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1724

Chapter 649 fights to start Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai puzzled look at iron Zhan Tian, they really hope that iron Zhan Tian knows Zhao Hai status, is not guesses, but is the iron hawk tells him, if he guesses, then has on the representative, Hu Liang early morning they possibly also will know the Zhao Hai status, then regarding Zhang Feng is not the good matter. However Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai were actually doomed disappointedly, iron Zhan Tian look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : you not to use in installing, in fact guessed correctly the Zhao Hai status person not only my, Hu Liang early morning they feared that also guessed, Zhao Hai in Lower Realm, was Space Divergent Warlock , but Li Lin actually after Zhao Hai appears , suddenly braved, he was also Space Divergent Warlock , wasn't this too strange? Therefore we have naturally guessed correctly the Zhao Hai status, but Hu Liang early morning their don’t know Little Hai also another one type of Divergent Technique, therefore Xiao Feng you do not need to cover-up now, became Little Hai Level Up Inner Disciples is directly good.”. Zhang Feng has complied with one, deep voice said : that well, tomorrow made Little Hai restore the true self to follow to be good because of my side, was right, Martial Uncle, did not see valley there you unable the faction people to go.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, beckoned with the hand said : you to go, Xiao Feng, you have remembered, after this time matter, you were one in Core Disciple, moreover you compared other Core Disciple strength formidable, does not need in that the fear the tail, Hu Clan their several, these time has made very big concession, it seems like their understand Black Tiger Group show to their importances, like this was also best, what you did not use in being worried about, the feel relieved bold demonstration own strength, your strength was formidable, I more was well speak for you.” Zhang Feng has complied with one, leading Zhao Hai to walk, returned to above Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly, to Zhao Hai said : this thinks we did is flawless, has not actually thought that made these old foxes present broken temporarily, but this was also good, you can open and aboveboard appears in my side, good Little Hai, you went busily, but also the has plenty matter wanted you to be done, has done well these Great Magical Artifact first, can this several days time do well?” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to have the issue, First Senior Brother not to need to be worried that I guaranteed in the shortest time does well.” Zhang Feng nodded said : well, person goes, this time do not go not to see valley there, your status exposure, certain has plenty person does not see the valley there observation, you go to other place cultivate.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „ the Black Tiger Group domain is very big, in the domain some barren hills are also many, finds a person twists rarely to the place not to be difficult casually.( Water radical elder brother The water radical elder brother selects point) ” Zhang Feng nodded said : you, and goes, after waiting, I will give you to open Cave Mansion specially, but must wait for this time matter in the past.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around walked, actually Zhao Hai said that the place he had already found, there to does not see the valley to is not far, there remote, moreover Spiritual Qi thin, nobody wants.

Zhao Hai arrived at that mountain valley quickly, that mountain valley there spatial ore, does not see valley there also to push some trash, that mountain valley there besides some Stone, anything does not have. Zhao Hai has manufactured simple Cave Mansion in that mountain valley there, then immediately returned to Zhang Feng there, then that several damaged Great Magical Artifact, has prepared in own Space to bring. Since knows after Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , Zhang Feng regarding Zhao Hai Storage Space big, was not interested. Looked like Zhao Hai said that his Space Divergent Technique did not have too many energy actually, had the difference, on Space passage, can let he went to any him to go to the place equally, another was Chu Wu, in Zhao Hai Space has almost not packed, but this ability, regarding Zhang Feng, the use also was really not very big. After Zhao Hai to that mountain valley, immediately entered in Space, the repairs of these Great Magical Artifact naturally were the inadequate any issue, Zhao Hai now the attention centralized to that several Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature on, these Undead Creature entered Space, feeling immediately/on horseback in Space was invariable. That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature can Strength of Faith that Zhao Hai provides, compared with previous several hundred Immortal Stage Expert, moreover they can provide to Zhao Hai, not only Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai, when with the person to the war, they can also provide the spirit strength to Zhao Hai, they can the spirit strength pay to add to Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai assigns in Space, then makes Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert control Magical Artifact to attack the enemy on equivalent to, lets Zhao Hai attack strength formidable. Provides Strength of Faith and Spiritual Qi besides Zhao Hai, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, are very helpful regarding the practice of Zhao Hai, Cultivation World here practice way with cultivator there some different, especially in the use of strength of training, has refined, but these cross time Expert, they regarding the use of Strength of Faith, have reached the one type of very high level, Zhao Hai asked that these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, in use about Strength of Faith and other issues, the replies of these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, truly were profited by Zhao Hai significantly. These five days of Zhao Hai except for looking like several Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature consult the issues in some practice, is observing Black Tiger Group here all. Black Tiger Group here all very normal, outside in loosen tight, full preparation, but this several days time, Zhao Hai besides must cultivate Great Magical Artifact, duty, that sends the letter to Wandering Soul Group there, the punctual going letter on time, reported that the black tiger helps the here situation, cannot let Wandering Soul Group presently the incorrect place. Original iron Zhan Tian has not thought of this point, but Zhao Hai has actually thought that he knows from these Undead Creature there that Wandering Soul Group regulation, has let wind and in Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, on time sends the letter to Wandering Soul Group, if not send the letter, explained that their here had problems. But in this letter must have horse Feng and Wandering Soul Group that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert spiritual force, if no their spiritual force, that Wandering Soul Group person will not believe.

In this case, this to seal|confer Yujian only then Zhao Hai can, because others simply does not have the means to imitate their spiritual force. Five days of times quick on the past, arrived finally with Wandering Soul Group sees true facts the time, two days ago Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact has given Zhang Feng, making Zhang Feng give iron Zhan Tian, let some originally also worries iron Zhan Tian complete feel relieved. Iron Zhan Tian very clear, this time matter regarding entire Black Tiger Group is very important, Black Tiger Group this time has put out all qualifications, if this time were losing, that Black Tiger Group was really removed the bottom had been finished, for entire Black Tiger Group, this weaponry they can only win, not only need win, attractiveness that but must win. Iron Zhan Tian knows that do not look now Hu Clan they move with his together, listen to his command(er), one because of his command(er) fault, lets the words that Black Tiger Group suffers a loss, that Hu Clan their possibly immediately gets angry with him, even compels him to abdicate directly, at that time Black Tiger Group feared will be troubled. Because of this, therefore iron Zhan Tian these days, pressure very big, he has almost not rested time, is handling various matters, but also often inspection in all directions, fears a point mistake. Because the tense atmosphere before this war, therefore the Zhao Hai status publicizes this matter, has not caused too many attention in Black Tiger Group, regarding people, but is Outer Disciple sends in Inner Sect , compared with the war of immediately arrival, missed far. Five days later, Zhao Hai stands in Zhang Feng, their sides also with other people of Zhang Feng department, Zhang Feng this are besides him, several Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, the strength in Core Disciple is also strongest, now troops of Zhang Feng department are centralized to Treasure Ship on, look at horse Fengjia that garden that two eyes decides. horse Feng Clan that garden in fact had been dismantled, only remaining huge Transmission Formation, that Transmission Formation can Transmission Great Magical Artifact come, but Zhang Feng they now in his Wandering Soul Group Great Magical Artifact. Time past bit by bit, quick to 8 : 00 am, this is also the horse wind they and Wandering Soul Group agree, eight o'clock just arrived, on that Transmission Formation flash of white light, then giant shadow appears on Transmission Formation. On this Transmission Formation the appears shadow Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship, this ghost's face ship appears in Transmission Formation, immediately flew, then second ghost's face ship also immediately appears on Transmission Formation. appears of this ghost's face ship, without any gap, probably somewhat impatient must fly to be the same from Transmission Formation, before long ten ghost's face ships already appears sky over the Ma Clan yard, but Great Magical Artifact that at this time Wandering Soul Group person dull look at four periphery came, in the head somewhat cannot respond at once.

Reason that Wandering Soul Group such worry , because they think Ma Clan here complete does not have the issue, moreover evening that they fear, by the Black Tiger Group person present, therefore their impatient Transmission from Wandering Soul Group, is wants, when Black Tiger Group has not responded, transports all military strength, then the abdomen of full looks like Black Tiger Group thrusts. However they have not thought that the Black Tiger Group person was already waiting for them when there, therefore front these ghost's face on the ship people are not presently right, wants to remind the following person, late, ten Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ships, entered in Black Tiger Group. When that ten ghost's face ships enter to Wandering Soul Group, Ma Clan that Transmission Formation actually with a bang sound explosion, then stood in tiger on the ship Hu Liangchen shouted: Kills!” Being ready in full battle array Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact immediately overran. In all Great Magical Artifact, Zhang Feng Treasure Ship is quickest, he almost in mentioned instantaneously quickest, then Treasure Ship fierce proceeding clashes, with a bang sound, collision in Wandering Soul Group ghost's face on the ship. refinement method although of that ghost's face ship is special, but after these , the ghost's face ship that refines, has the difference with the ghost's face ship that Wandering Soul Group originally becomes famous, can say that absolutely does not have what commeasurability, was adding on these ghost's face ships just appears , on the ship protective shield energy had not promoted to high, was hit fully by Treasure Ship, that ghost's face ship on with a bang sound, had been dislodged large hole from the middle by Treasure Ship immediately, downward fell directly, cannot use. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;