Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1725
Along with Treasure Ship and collision of ghost's face ship, the war has begun finally, Treasure Ship, when collides with the ghost's face ship, Black Tiger Group tiger ship also official with the ghost's face ship to. ghost's face ship although Might greatly reduced now, but generally speaking, the strength is not weak, but tiger ship although in Northern Divergent Province becoming famous, but puts on entire Continent, is not one type of specially famous Great Magical Artifact, therefore the tiger ship arrived with the ghost's face ship at once has fought well-matched. However these biggest variable is Treasure Ship, Treasure Ship after crashing a ghost's face ship, hits toward another ghost's face ship, these, because gathers the strength to be insufficient, the ship that therefore Treasure Ship had not been hit by him that is what kind, but changed the route of that ghost's face ship. But that ghost's face ship, originally wants to evade the tiger ship strikes, but this change route, happen to welcomed the tiger ship struck, under Treasure Ship and converging attack of tiger ship, that ghost's face ship was also damaged seriously. Put in an appearance to destroy two ghost's face ships, how this was Wandering Soul Group that this person does not have round has not thought that similarly, the Zhang Feng procedure also brought to the attention of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Wandering Soul Group came along with the ship, two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert suddenly appears in the above of two ghost's face ships, they have then called out one, several huge Malicious Ghost form appears on their bodies, these two uncanniness, three heads, four fingernails, one are four is being long four only long buckteeth, the pair of claws nail was likely long spear same long, understood at a glance that flushed attack to be extraordinary.. These two Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator Law Idol appears , immediately grasps toward Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng complexion cannot help but changes. However at this moment, Treasure Ship actually suddenly probably lost gravity, downward falls, has arrived soon at the ground time. Treasure Ship shook to stop. Then Treasure Ship suddenly has stood, the bow direct impact space, Treasure Ship looks like Fire Arrow that the buttocks caught fire is then same, on direct drills, with a bang sound, was hitting in ghost's face on the ship, that ghost's face ship on direct flew, then freely falling body downward fell. This like Treasure Ship, was intended control downward does not fall, but was collided and damaged , the third ghost's face ship reimburses. Then Treasure Ship actually like turning a somersault. Turns in Space, by compared with goes toward forward flight quicker direct retreat. Treasure Ship just a retreat, two huge Ghost Claw fell in the position that Treasure Ship was just, Treasure Ship unexpectedly is the danger dangerous has evaded two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack. Person dull look at Treasure Ship of player and enemy, this Treasure Ship operate. Simply on god, Treasure Ship, but Great Magical Artifact, can the Great Magical Artifact operation on such as the small Magical Artifact same spirit method, is this who does? These operate Magical Artifact person also too gods? But now Zhang Feng actually dull look at Zhao Hai. Because of his very clear, these operate are Zhao Hai completes. Before this fight, Zhao Hai told him. Must make him with his Undead Creature comes operate Magical Artifact, on the ship all from as centralized as the deck, other places give his Undead Creature. Why although Zhang Feng understand Zhao Hai such do not do, but stems from the trust Zhao Hai, he complied, after such being together of long time, Zhang Feng very clear, Zhao Hai with him is the same person, without grasping, he will not request like this, now Zhao Hai set such request, that only then an explanation, he has confidence better operation Treasure Ship. Some original Zhang Feng also worries, but changes mind thinks that he has also felt relaxed, but this Treasure Ship Zhao Hai makes, he naturally can a better operation. However Zhang Feng has not actually thought that Zhao Hai can operate this situation Treasure Ship unexpectedly, this there is operating Great Magical Artifact, simply on too monstruous talent. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, Treasure Ship fast withdrew has fought the circle, then immediately fell the ground, Zhang Feng being perplexed some look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, the hand wielded, deck suddenly near Treasure Ship left hand upturned, then the a piece giant metal plate flew from Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng looked then to note, this metal plate unexpectedly by some Undead Creature lifting. In the time that he was at unclearly, the Treasure Ship bow board, suddenly with a bang sound but actually, then these lifted metal plate Undead Creature to fly bow these, set up that metal plate in there, then bodies of these Undead Creature horizontal, then proceeded to put on, will draw in the future back, looked like turns into the each and every one human-shape hammer to be the same, heard ping several, that bow board had been stabilized well, then these Undead Creature distorted that cannot the bow board that in using has brought in the cabin, the entire process only used for ten many minutes, Treasure Ship on to restore. fighting strength of heyday.

After trading the bow board of ship, Treasure Ship in one time flew, in the direct battlefield flushes away, at this time the battlefield there situation, changed greatly, five tiger ships withdrew from the fight, but the ghost's face ship that can fight was only remaining two, moreover was scarred, seemed like momentarily must disperse to be the same probably. However with ten ghost's face ships, puts together five tiger ships, was killed in three situations before by the Zhao Hai person, such success can look at fighting strength of ghost's face ship fully. The Black Tiger Group person looked that Zhao Hai they flushed, cannot help but cheering, now the battlefield here lead changed into the person, no matter the tiger ship or the ghost's face ship, were Great Magical Artifact, but here had Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if made these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert destroying completely to Great Magical Artifact, that loss was big. Was adding on although to have the tiger ship and ghost's face ship has gone bad, however inside cultivator casualties were not very big, the cultivator strength was placed in there, their ** very formidable, general attack is really not for them useful. These lost Great Magical Artifact cultivator, is not point fighting strength does not have, naturally all jumped to rip to kill, therefore the battlefield here lead turned into the person. But the performance of beforehand Treasure Ship, is makes the eyes of Black Tiger Group all people one bright, so flexible use Great Magical Artifact, is actually their entire life only sees, therefore looks at Treasure Ship returned to again now in the battlefield, people cannot help but cheering. However Zhao Hai does not have the time to cheer, but is loud to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother. Let all people input the strength to Treasure Ship, quick.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said loudly: All people, input Spiritual Qi to Treasure Ship. Quick.” Along with his issuing an order, all people input in their Spiritual Qi Treasure Ship. On Treasure Ship immediately braved intermittent golden light, Treasure Ship was then unprecedented, flushed away toward a ghost's face ship, but that looked like the tattered ghost's face ship, flushed toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai coldly snorted, Treasure Ship enhanced several points. At this moment. The body of that ghost's face ship, suddenly has emitted one group of black gas, gets down to cover toward Treasure Ship, but Treasure Ship does not have any response. Then flushes away toward the ghost's face ship. black gas when Treasure Ship was braved by the ghost's face ship covering, ghost's face on the ship in one time lived the change, from the ghost's face ship, has emitted incomparably huge Malicious Ghost, this only Malicious Ghost unexpectedly compared with the ghost's face ship fearful. Sees this only Malicious Ghost. Hu Liang early morning cannot help but complexion changes, drinks said : not to be good, person ship, Xiao Feng. Draws back quickly!” Is Hu Clan Patriarch, Hu Liang early morning compared with more one that Zhang Feng knows. In the past Wandering Soul Group ran amuck world time, besides Cultivation Method and certainly Yanggu. A move gives up study, that is the person of ship and. So-called person ship, takes Nascent Soul Stage or Nascent Soul Stage above cultivator, takes own blood as to direct, uses own Nascent Soul as the base, unifies with the ghost's face ship, such ghost's face ship can big enhancement cultivator fighting strength, let cultivator Law Idol, unifies with the ghost's face ship, turns into one type of to be new, formidable Law Idol, this is the person ship and true deep meaning.

Naturally, this person of ship and is not side effect does not have, side effect is, user ship and cultivator, after fight, if won, cultivation level has also abandoned, if has defeated, feared that perished on the person dead ship. However since Wandering Soul Group was collaborated by several Great Sect gives to defeat, in Wandering Soul Group in also nobody uses the excellent ship, all Hu Liang early morning they from some ancient literature, sees the excellent ship and record, has not actually thought that oneself one day unexpectedly can also see the person ship and appearance. Hu Liangchen and don’t know, one in Wandering Soul Group truly is few individual meeting person ship and this Spell, because of present ghost's face ship quality cross the border, is not very difficult to use the person ship and comes, because the quality of ghost's face ship is not good, therefore user ship and request also changed high, before Nascent Soul Stage cultivator can the user ship, but now, Nascent Soul Stage cultivator simply in less than the person ship person, can the personnel ship, only then Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, so long as has used the person ship, that fight time only then two hours, after two hours, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert will exhaust on the life, Blood Essence exhausted, Spiritual Qi exhausts, the person naturally also died. Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, can only trade the two hours fight time, even if like Heavenly Sword Sect such Great Sect, not being able to withstand consumption, therefore now in Wandering Soul Group, few people meeting person ship. But a elder who in Wandering Soul Group this time and comes, actually the exactly meeting person ship, he also saw Treasure Ship beforehand fighting strength, when he wants to cope with Treasure Ship, Treasure Ship actually withdrew from the fight. However because has not arrived at the last minute, therefore that elder had not chosen a person the ship, but Zhao Hai they interpolated in the regiment, therefore that Wandering Soul Group elder, has used a person of ship without hesitation, in his opinion, in that on the ship certainly was the important personage in Black Tiger Group, otherwise that ship cannot be so strong, therefore he planned to put together that ship, that feared that was died, that also value. Therefore he saw Treasure Ship toward the time that he clashes, has prepared the personnel ship, but he has not displayed must choose a person the ship and appearance most from the beginning, because of his very clear, the opposite that on the ship person, arrived at the one type of superb level to driving of that ship, if lets the opposite person premature presently he chooses a person the ship, that opposite party might run away very much, one, but the opposite party will run away, that on was troublesome. He first with ghost's face on the ship was bringing Ghost Qi Treasure Ship covering, lets the person temporary not being able to see outside situation of Treasure Ship, was adding on Ghost Qi also to have doing of certain hindrance spiritual force to use, he can at that time, the relaxed user ship, at one fell swoop the opposite party eliminating. In Hu Liangchen voice just an exit / to speak, that only huge Malicious Ghost centered on ghost's face ship, stretched out two huge Ghost Claw, that the fierce racket in Treasure Ship was at rolls in black gas. Pa! a loud sound, probably is a giant is clapping the palm of the hand to be the same, in fact also similar, but that giant, is a Malicious Ghost appearance, this huge Malicious Ghost is clapping the palm of the hand. Not wrong, claps palm of the hand, he has not patted to any thing, but both hands strike mutually, left one obviously, Malicious Ghost stares, because of person ship with the reason, now this only Malicious Ghost actually on the equivalent to Wandering Soul Group that Transcends Tribulation Stage elder, he like ordinary Law Idol, does not appear the wood, probably is a robot is the same, therefore he can. Drilled from Dark mist on this time Treasure Ship suddenly, one hit when that huge Law Idol, Treasure Ship the whole body braves golden light now, when Treasure Ship hit on Law Idol, obtained inciting bang two, first inciting, was Treasure Ship has hit on Law Idol, that golden light has met Malicious Ghost Law Idol, looked like the heat iron, put on the butter to be the same, under one on gave to melt large hole Law Idol, then Treasure Ship really collision in ghost's face on the ship. These has stemmed from unexpected of all people, nobody thinks that Treasure Ship will hit unexpectedly directly in ghost's face on the ship. But in fact also not only so, Treasure Ship these time hits in ghost's face on the ship, not like before, but dashes or hits retreat the ghost's face ship, but is directly hitting crushes the ghost's face ship, that ** also one on vanish from sight.

Then the hull slight adjustment of Treasure Ship an angle, one has hit in another ghost's face on the ship, that ghost's face ship one was also cracked-up, Wandering Soul Group sends Great Magical Artifact that here comes, vanished completely. But at this time Treasure Ship also withdrew from fight, Zhao Hai one sat on Treasure Ship, the facial expression on face very exhausted, he turned the head to look at Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, making everyone/Great Clan control one's breathing, I think that now above cannot use us.” Just as was Zhao Hai said that above could not use them, Wandering Soul Group these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, previous time are been less than by these much better that iron Zhan Tian they destroyed completely, now was more than their Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to give surrounding by the population, suffering a defeat and fleeing was only an issue of time. But other ordinary Wandering Soul Group cultivator, were not the Black Tiger Group cultivator matches, but here Black Tiger Group, many Black Tiger Group cultivator, looked that here lived the fight to catch up, the although these cultivator strengths did not decide strongly, however also suffice these people to receive in one side sneak attack very much. Was adding on Black Tiger Group remaining Great Magical Artifact to idle, these Great Magical Artifact were not suspending attractively, although these Great Magical Artifact could not cope with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but was useful regarding these ordinary cultivator study, even if were Gold Core Stage cultivator, to Great Magical Artifact also very dreaded that in this case, Wandering Soul Group these ordinary cultivator, now already complete falling to leeward, share that only then waited for death. But Zhao Hai they now actually are really very tired, naturally, Zhao Hai is installs, other people are actually not, just finally that struck anti- own Spiritual Qi that Zhang Feng they went all out to input in Treasure Ship, the person who therefore they now compared with these fought needs to rest.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;