Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1726

Chapter 651 defense line dangerous situation Zhao Hai opened the eye slowly, Zhang Feng several people have been encircling in his side, Zhang Feng they have controlled one's breathing to complete, several people were giving Zhao Hai Protector.( -&\; 1 t \; >\; - network point) If before Zhang Feng, settled on the Zhao Hai decomposition synthesis ability, that passed through this service, Zhang Feng has held in high esteem to Zhao Hai completely. The person who Great Magical Artifact, can manipulate are many, actually many Great Magical Artifact, when designs most from the beginning, is the simplification of entering quantity, for is the convenience controls Great Magical Artifact person control Great Magical Artifact, letting Great Magical Artifact can make the corresponding response immediately, in the battlefield, your response is quicker than on for one second the enemy, the final result possibly is you lives, but the enemy dies. Person although that Great Magical Artifact can operate are many, the person but who is skilled in the Great Magical Artifact operation truly are not many, the operation of Great Magical Artifact never may be a person, therefore some big Sect, will train some to control the Great Magical Artifact person specially, these people will control Great Magical Artifact compared with the person who generally combines temporarily on quickly many, generally such person will be one after another, moreover being popular very in various Great Sect. Naturally, like Heavenly Sword Sect, increases own saber, then regards Sect that Great Magical Artifact uses, only then Heavenly Sword Sect, Heavenly Sword Sect often is not in fact dry, Heavenly Sword Sect also has own Great Magical Artifact, there is an own Great Magical Artifact operation team. But Great Magical Artifact control ability that Zhao Hai displays, was really astonishing, can the Great Magical Artifact operation free like own arm, such person, no matter places that one Sect, that may be the treasure. Zhang Feng to does not have surprised Zhao Hai to have this ability, he looks up this Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai when hundred treasure there, become famous by good at using Great Magical Artifact, when adds on Zhao Hai to operate Great Magical Artifact, what uses is own Undead Creature, therefore this operates Great Magical Artifact, he naturally very adept. However also because of this, therefore Zhang Feng such settling on Zhao Hai, in his opinion, Zhao Hai can Great Magical Artifact operation good of such, this in his hand be a trump card, has not looked just, gave Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert kills. Now the fight of Ma Clan here had ended, Wandering Soul Group runs up to the here person, could not have been inescapable, all was butchered, now Hu Liangchen is arranging the person battlefield cleanup, but Treasure Ship here actually nobody disturbs. Today Treasure Ship performance all people watched, these people unconscious on the person to Treasure Ship, has had a respect. Treasure Ship in this fight, alone discarded five ghost's face ships, is Wandering Soul Group sends out the ghost's face ship total about half, such fighting strength was really too astonishing, they have to match to take the person on Treasure Ship. //- &\; 1 t \; >\; -//( -&\; 1 t \; >\; - entire writing) Cultivation World here although compared with cultivator Advanced level, but in the final analysis they are also some people of practice, their similar worship strengths, similar respect Expert. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai to get up, how hastily to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what do you feel? All right?”

Zhao Hai smiled said : First Senior Brother not to need to be worried that was just fight was too intense, somewhat did not have the means to adapt at once.” Zhang Feng nodded, then makes an effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : great, your youngster is really great, has not thought that this Great Magical Artifact to your in hand, will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, this may really be too rare.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to take these Undead Creature advantages, there are these thing, my thought that they can complete, I was driving Treasure Ship on equivalent to, the nature drives Treasure Ship compared with everyone/Great Clan together comfortably.” Zhang Feng nodded, turns the head to look at scene said : „the present to make these fellows cleaning on the spot cleanly, but these Great Magical Artifact must turn over to in the gang finally, when the time comes feared that wanted your make a move, was right, these deceased people I made them keep you, did you also want? Do not burn has resulted.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to want, Undead Creature has many me to want many.” Zhang Feng has referred to toward side, Zhao Hai looks , the corpses of Wandering Soul Group these people placed there, Zhao Hai immediately turn into Undead Creature to receive in Space these corpses. Zhao Hai here just processed Wandering Soul Group these corpses, Hu Liangchen arrived on Treasure Ship, after Hu Liangchen arrived on Treasure Ship, looked at Treasure Ship one, turns the head to smile said : to Zhang Feng Xiao Feng, your youngster is really fierce, this Treasure Ship fighting strength is good, when has the time, that crafting Grandmaster that you know introduced that knows to me?” Zhang Feng smiles said : Uncle Hu, you praise me? Whose don’t know your Hu Clan Crafting Master is became famous in entire Black Tiger Group, my under the hand/subordinate that several people, do not make them come out disgracefully.” Hu Liangchen knows certainly that Zhang Feng is impossible to take own in hand treasure, he spoke thoughtlessly a saying, now one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to consider as finished, your youngster was dishonest, these Crafting Master of our family , compared with that you knew, feared that pulled on shoes to the person does not wear, did not say that this, just received information, the Gang Master there situation was not quite good, making our immediately support, let's go.” Zhang Feng heard that is iron Zhan Tian has the matter, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, has organized a servant, early morning they their there has hurried to toward iron Zhan Tian with Hu Liang. Iron Zhan Tian they are fighting with the Wandering Soul Group person in Black Tiger Mountain there now, Black Tiger Mountain there has resisted Wandering Soul Group frontline, in entire Black Tiger Mountain is divided into Black Tiger Mountain and outside Black Tiger Mountain two connected mountain range. In Black Tiger Mountain is Black Tiger Group Encampment, is the Black Tiger Group headquarters site, but outside Black Tiger Mountain, usually was called the Black Tiger Group defense line, there the place that Wandering Soul Group borders on, sometimes had the conflict to live.

But now the Black Tiger Group defense line here situation is not good, this Wandering Soul Group got down the initial capital to cope with Black Tiger Group, altogether sent out about 70 Great Magical Artifact, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to have several hundred many. although iron Zhan Tian they already received information, knows that Black Tiger Group this time must cope with them, but they have not actually thought that Wandering Soul Group attack unexpectedly such formidable, the preparation of Black Tiger Group somewhat is insufficient, the defense line once became serious. When iron Zhan Tian thinks that must the Wandering Soul Group person breaks through the defense line, Hu Liang early morning suddenly information tells him, the fight of Ma Clan there had ended. Rapidness that such fight of Ma Clan there can finish, is iron Zhan Tian has not thought that his very clear, if discussed the strength to come, Black Tiger Group came compared with Wandering Soul Group, was in the difference many, the Black Tiger Group strength was not weak, however the Wandering Soul Group strength was stronger. Before although Wandering Soul Group, was collaborated to give to defeat one time by various Great Sect, lost own domain, but also lost many important thing, but the inheritance of Wandering Soul Group most important has not actually lost, is adding on that formidable inside story, making them come to a stop in Northern Divergent Province here quickly the foot, became Northern Divergent Province here could count Great Sect. Wandering Soul Group after destroying completely some small Sect, finally unfolded the Black Tiger Group nearby own influence, but Black Tiger Group in Northern Divergent Province here was also a talent sign influence, although is not strongest, but was not weak, Wandering Soul Group wanted to destroy completely Black Tiger Group, was almost impossible, because they could not bear such loss. Finally Wandering Soul Group has used another one type of method, that is they slowly splits up Black Tiger Group, lets Black Tiger Group from the internal split, then they in Black Tiger Group several influences since the prop, this can control Black Tiger Group slowly. This plan was conducted also calculates very smoothly, they also trained a Ma Clan such influence, but has not actually thought that Zhao Hai appears , making Zhang Feng suddenly rise, but rising of Zhang Feng, one destroyed their plan, then they have to enhance to Black Tiger Group begin, has not actually thought that instead to Black Tiger Group compelling, held one group to cope with them. Now Wandering Soul Group has to use copes with Black Tiger Group fully, even also drew in roaring flame sect together to begin, they must destroy completely Black Tiger Group at one fell swoop, at the worst after tidying up Black Tiger Group has been tidying up roaring flame sect Hao. It looks like in Wandering Soul Group, their three groups of army are uneven, Black Tiger Group there also does not have what protection, must tidy up became extremely weak Black Tiger Group, that is also not relaxed incomparable, actually there wants to obtain Black Tiger Group already to prepare, their frontages attacked to encounter the Black Tiger Group full blockade hardly, they cannot take the Black Tiger Group defense line to the present, this made Wandering Soul Group people feel to feel ashamed. Naturally, what most important is, now enters in that surprise-attack forces to Black Tiger Group center, lost the contact, this only then one type of explained that surprise-attack forces were finished. This makes the Wandering Soul Group person more anxious, is mad, therefore the offensive was tighter, iron Zhan Tian here is also surrounded by perils, iron Zhan Tian worry, why he is also worrying Hu Liang early morning their reinforcement, if Hu Liang early morning their reinforcement, they were dangerous.

Now Black Tiger Group defense line here had several places, by Wandering Soul Group Great Magical Artifact washing away, if in this way, Black Tiger Group defense line here definitely could not defend. Wandering Soul Group after revealing own strength, iron Zhan Tian knows that Wandering Soul Group fierce place, is only Great Magical Artifact has 70, but he presently in hand Great Magical Artifact, only then about 40, be only the half of opposite party, naturally cannot block the attack of opposite party. What most important is, he must branch out these fellows who part of military strength block the roaring flame sect now, cannot deal with the Wandering Soul Group person fully. But lets the iron Zhan Tian worry is, even if Hu Liang early morning they supports him, his in hand Great Magical Artifact quantity also more than 20 point, missed compared with Wandering Soul Group much, wanted to repel Wandering Soul Group not to be easy. The fight projects on the present, Great Magical Artifact of both sides mutually has the damage, iron Zhan Tian originally in hand has 40 tiger ships, but actually only remaining 19, lost half to be many now. But Wandering Soul Group does not certainly feel better, they carried on the Black Tiger Group defense line with Great Magical Artifact, Black Tiger Group defense line here already by Black Tiger Group arranging massive Might huge formation and Magical Artifact, under these help of formation and Magical Artifact, the attack of Wandering Soul Group was also not that easy, their 70 ghost's face ships, only remaining more than 40 can also use now, lost is not smaller than Black Tiger Group, even also even bigger some. When both sides still in the dogfight, Hu Liang early morning they finally arrived, this time Hu Liang early morning they altogether came eight Great Magical Artifact, originally they to have 13 Great Magical Artifact, however lost five in Ma Clan there, now only remaining eight. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;