Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1727

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month o7 date ~ Chapter 652 batters Zhang Feng stands on Treasure Ship, look at defense line there, in the unscrupulous impact the defense line, Zhang Feng complexion cannot help but is sinking, coldly snorted said : these fellows, but also thinks really they won, Little Hai, your situation by type? Now on the ship all people listen your, gives me to teach well these fellows.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is, First Senior Brother feel relieved.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Treasure Ship overran toward the Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship. Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship immediately present Zhao Hai they, in that ghost's face ship immediately departed a jade sword, immediately/on horseback another two ghost's face followed in behind of that ghost's face ship, has compelled toward Zhao Hai. Three ghost's face ships were undergo the coordination of long time obviously, became a delta, encircled toward Treasure Ship came the sea to look at that three Treasure Ship one, coldly snorted, Treasure Ship one mentioned quickest, simultaneously the Treasure Ship bow in the airborne slight adjustment an angle, had overrun toward a left ghost's face ship. That three ghost's face ships have not thought obviously Treasure Ship unexpectedly so flexible, they have been able to see Treasure Ship, Treasure Ship can also in the in midair optional adjustment angle, this be unexpectedly the ghost's face ship cannot achieve. However that three ghost's face ship immediately have also made some changes, the middle and right ghost's face ship to speed up in addition, and adjustment angle hits toward Treasure Ship, but left that must face the Treasure Ship ghost's face ship, actually immediately sped up, on the ship mentioned quickly. Zhao Hai look at this situation, corners of the mouth have actually shown a smiling face, after the computation of Cai'er, if he such overruns left side the hit that ghost's face ship, behind that two ghost's face ships will hit similarly on Treasure Ship, when the time comes Treasure Ship by three sides pincer attack, the situation as good not to go to as there. However Zhao Hai actually does not prepare such to do, when he quickly when bumps into with the left that ghost's face ship, suddenly Treasure Ship Treasure Ship looked like by incomparably huge nail/saboteur sewing in void was the same, the bow one drew back, because of the formidable inertia reason, was adding on on the ship also to carry on control to the ship's rudder, therefore Treasure Ship was making a mistake this momentum, took the bow as the center of circle, looks like the baseball bat that a velamen wielded exits is the same, flung straight toward right. But this stern flings, actually happen to hit in right that ship ghost's face on the ship, how regardless of that ghost's face ship has not thought that Zhao Hai will use this move, he flushed away toward Treasure Ship, now Treasure Ship comes such, happen to hit in the side side of ghost's face ship, one hitting deviated the route the right that ghost's face ship, got down to hit toward the middle that ghost's face ship, among that ghost's face ship has not thought that Zhao Hai can such a move, simply without enough time make any response unexpectedly, the directness on is given to run upon by right ghost's face ship. The Boom! two ghost's face ships hit in together, the middle that ghost's face ship these was also given the deviation of hit the route, straight hit in left side that ghost's face ship on, three ghost's face ships, came a chain collision, that scene seriously was be exciting. But this has not ended, one makes three ghost's face ships hit in together Zhao Hai not, therefore satisfies, but after lets Treasure Ship transferred, one on appears in the rear areas of three ghost's face ships, then Treasure Ship opened fully the horsepower, full hits toward three ghost's face ships.

Boom! Boom! Boom! three loud noise, three ghost's face ships by Treasure Ship hitting, these is ruthless enough, was adding on three ghost's face ships because of the beforehand hit, protective shield broke, these by Treasure Ship to running upon truly, three Treasure Ship immediately was crashed most probably, downward fell, completely lost the ability of fight. But Treasure Ship is also stern there mild damage, was adding on bow there appears some dents. Treasure Ship after crashing three ghost's face ships, immediately flushes away toward another ghost's face ship. Treasure Ship with three ghost's face ship short confrontation, actually in all people by battlefield noting, the Black Tiger Group outside Black Tiger Mountain defense line is very long, but of this Wandering Soul Group main attack, is not very long, because the Wandering Soul Group person also knows that they impossible outside Black Tiger Mountain all defense lines to entire Black Tiger Group to carry on Zhang to strike, they must to expose the surface, so long as breaks through defense line one, that entire outside Black Tiger Mountain defense line also on being finished. Because of this, therefore outside Black Tiger Mountain defense line here, genuine battlefield area is not very big, in battlefield fresh anything, cannot hide the truth from Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of both sides. Treasure Ship unexpectedly at so slight price three ghost's face ships tidying up, this really stems from unexpected of these people, can achieve this point, feared that has nine Great Sect Magical Artifact, other people are impossible. Iron Zhan Tian face excited look at that Great Magical Artifact, he has not thought that such good that Zhang Feng the Great Magical Artifact uses unexpectedly, this lets his too happy. But at this time Treasure Ship already with Wandering Soul Group other Great Magical Artifact exchange hands, Wandering Soul Group ghost's face ship although very formidable, but actually is also not the Zhao Hai match, one after another by Zhao Hai tidying up two ghost's face ships. Naturally when this Treasure Ship also received some damages, specially right broad side, because Zhao Hai mean has completed with the right broad side several times attack, therefore the right broad side is damaged is quite serious. Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert could not sit still finally, several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert throw toward Treasure Ship, but Black Tiger Group here also several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator threw toward that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately harnesses Treasure Ship to withdraw from the fight, fell outside the Black Tiger Mountain defense line rear area, then immediately made Undead Creature come out to replace the Treasure Ship starboard. Treasure Ship broad side not like other Magical Artifact overall, but is piece by piece, in the storeroom of ship, replaces, therefore before long Zhao Hai broad side trading. The Zhao Hai first successive makes Undead Creature replace broad side, at the same time to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, the on the ship fitting are not many, feared that is can only in carrying on a fight of time large-scale, later cannot use, moreover we now have become these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert target, your a while must coordinate me, a while I let everyone/Great Clan Spiritual Qi pours into to Treasure Ship in the time, everyone/Great Clan immediately pours into Spiritual Qi to Treasure Ship, like this has met Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert on the place, we have strength of the spelling.”

Zhang Feng nodded, before they had destroyed completely Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert with this method, he naturally believes words that Zhao Hai spoke. Waits for Treasure Ship in appears , in battlefield, immediately has brought to these Transcends Tribulation Stage attention, without the means that these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert does not pay attention to them not to be impossible, some Treasure Ship originally damaged starboards are unexpectedly complete such as beginning, if these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert could not have paid attention to this point, they did not need to mix. Iron Zhan Tian naturally is happy, because of Hu Liang early morning their arrival, in addition was having Zhao Hai they one to destroy completely the enemy five ghost's face ships, their here pressure one was smaller, although was unable to carry on to counter-attack the front to Wandering Soul Group these people, but depended upon Black Tiger Group defense line here formation, blocked the attack of Wandering Soul Group not to be a problem. But in turn, the Wandering Soul Group present situation is not quite good, not only along with Great Magical Artifact that Hu Liang early morning they arrive, a batch Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, original Wandering Soul Group are less than Black Tiger Group in the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert quantity on many, now also some Hu Liang early morning their join, naturally take Black Tiger Group not to have the means. Treasure Ship appears , Wandering Soul Group some Great Magical Artifact noted, immediately/on horseback Wandering Soul Group branched out five ghost's face ships, welcomed toward Treasure Ship, but these five ghost's face ships was not quick, looks like some cautiously. The Wandering Soul Group person does not have means that fighting strength that Treasure Ship shows was really too formidable, they have to deal with carefully are good. But Zhao Hai at this time, making Zhang Feng they pour into Treasure Ship own Spiritual Qi, Treasure Ship has promoted immediately a big truncation, was not only quick, Treasure Ship strength even bigger, had also overrun toward that five ghost's face ships, hit to fly a positive ghost's face ship directly. Then Treasure Ship starts to batter in the battlefield, no matter faces cultivator facing Great Magical Artifact, Treasure Ship straight collision in the past, the place visited, Great Magical Artifact toward discarded, but cultivator, so long as is Transcends Tribulation Stage following cultivator, is difficult to run away dies. Treasure Ship such doing faction, naturally remarkable, all people noted Treasure Ship, Wandering Soul Group in one time have extracted Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator to block Treasure Ship. But Black Tiger Group also sends out Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator similarly, wants thin Treasure Ship. Entire battlefield slowly, is revolving Treasure Ship to fight unexpectedly. Zhao Heran also knows this situation, but he has not said anything, but command(er) hundred treasures are flying to fly in the battlefield, since he changed the broad side, so far, he has made the Wandering Soul Group seven ghost's face ships lose fighting strength, has killed Nascent Soul Stage Expert five, other Wandering Soul Group cultivator were killed many by him, he already don’t know. Wandering Soul Group looks at Treasure Ship such running amuck, finally could not bear, in one time extracted Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to come to intercept, but Black Tiger Group came compared with Wandering Soul Group, the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert quantity wanted on few some, therefore this time cannot block these Transcends Tribulation Stage iridium, making three Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert direct Treasure Ship throw. Zhao Hai also noted that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, his objections did not have the words, turn around walk, but that three Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert very fast, was also adding on their Law Idol to shine, finally two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert overtook Treasure Ship.

Zhao Hai looked at this situation, after immediately let Zhang Feng their full own Spiritual Qi input Treasure Ship, then Treasure Ship in one time has raised, withdrew toward the Black Tiger defense line. That two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert originally follow Treasure Ship, a Treasure Ship in addition, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert somewhat could not follow now, look at Treasure Ship helplessly rushed to the Black Tiger Group defense line deep place, pursues it to be inferior. Roar! When Zhao Hai they just entered to the Black Tiger Group defense line, suddenly spreads heaven-shaking the sound of tiger roar from Black Tiger Group, sound very enormous of this tiger roar, entire Black Tiger Group defense line here hears clear. In this tiger, is bringing the endless aggression, person who therefore hears this sound, probably is feels that old tiger of anger, is face upwarding to roar, to demonstrate that own anger, but all angers his person, must pay the price! !( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;