Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1729
Chapter 654 Enlightenment The old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said :you not to need so to be worried that the old man I have come to the life end, only if this Law of the Heaven and Earth changes, otherwise, the old man is wants the Nascent Soul exsomatize, Seize Body For Rebirth unable to achieve, because old man to continue the life, already has combined own Nascent Soul and body, if I the body die, that was advantageous is the dying [say / way] disappears. Mixes &\; Does not have. Shoots the window to be broad Considers) ” Zhao Hai still careful look at old person, has not spoken, the old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : to look at your appearance, before had certainly been deceived? it doesn't matter, you, and sits.” Zhao Hai sat according to the word in the old person opposite, the old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, was actually very satisfied, then his let out a long breath said : my Black Tiger clan, this was a Divine Beast clan white Tiger Race branch, finally actually reduced in this Cultivation World, Cultivation World here Spiritual Qi was thin, making our Black Tiger clan not have the means to practice some Cultivation Method of our clan, finally the older generation can only be relying on own strength, established this Black Tiger Group, was used to collect Strength of Faith, hoped one day to be able again returned to Immortal Realm.” Zhao Hai dull look at old person, the old person although words are not many, but let the Zhao Hai hear many thing, first, old person did not come in the Cultivation World native place, but came from another higher Interface, Cultivation World here regarding Zhao Hai, is Spiritual Qi was rich, but in the old person mouth, was Spiritual Qi is thin, he even also used to reduce to the Cultivation World such one type of view. Second is, old person is come from one place that called Immortal Realm, moreover he was a branch race of White Tiger clan, but White Tiger clan Zhao Hai has not heard, but White Tiger he was actually knows that China had the view of four directions Divine Beast, but Divine Beast that one of the White Tiger square god tigers, the lord fought. Third is, Strength of Faith can help them practice, even can make their returned to Immortal Realm go, if is really such, that also in other words, later he has opportunity to go to Immortal Realm there. old person these words made Zhao Hai know these thing, but old person has not wanted to hide the truth from Zhao Hai obviously, he looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : young man, my life must completely, I now only want to ask you to help me, our Black Tiger clan, in Cultivation World here remaining I, our clan for a lifetime was only impossible to go home, but Black Tiger Group was actually effort of our Black Tiger clan, I hope after you, can help me protect Black Tiger Group.”

Zhao Hai puzzled look at old person, deep voice said : Supreme Elder, the youngster strength is so bad , helping you protect Black Tiger Group?” old person look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : my Black Tiger clan, because is the white Tiger Race branch, naturally innumerable Cultivation Method, but Cultivation Method, actually most suits uses now, that is Enlightenment, this method is cultivator, can own cultivation level, in all Cultivation Method that adding on oneself learns, fills top another cultivator within the body, when the time comes, so long as that cultivator, can fall these thing digestion completely, on will have is not weak in his strength, before my present strength is big, but I. Own skill pours into to your within the body, can make you achieve Nascent Soul Stage in a short time, even can achieve Transcends Tribulation Stage directly, moreover simultaneously you can also obtain my practice attainment, what kind of? Can you want?” Zhao Hai look at this old person, to be honest, regarding the words that old person spoke, the Zhao Hai present person can only believe half, that part about his status, other Zhao Hai does not believe that especially that filled the top **.( Water radical elder brother The water radical elder brother selects) Fills the top ** generally speaking, is needs cultivator to another cultivator, has plenty is Master carries on to the apprentice, but was filled the person who top is the advantage is naturally many, carries on the person who fills the top, will have very big harm, therefore cultivator almost will not use this method. Before Zhao Hai although, had not heard that some Cultivation World here people use have filled the top **, but guesses that can also guess, therefore he also real don’t know must believe the old person words now. Has thought some little time, Zhao Hai decides to believe the old person words finally, because the old person strength is placed in there, do not look appearance that old person momentarily must die, his strength is not absolutely weak, if Zhao Hai did not agree, if old person real playing rough, Zhao Hai feared that does not have no rebel opportunity. What most important is, Zhao Hai does not think old person presently his Space secret, Zhao Hai very clear, if he wants to evade chasing down of old person, that must use Space, but that may not have what advantage to Zhao Hai, first did not say hides in Space whether to evade teacher, even if were he evades were also what kind, he later do not want to mix in Black Tiger Group, feared that will be will reduce finally also into one by Rogue Cultivator that Black Tiger Group chased down, this was Zhao Hai is not willing to see. Zhao Hai gains ground, look at old person said : I want, elder, so long as my day of person Cultivation World, I have also been protecting Black Tiger Group, and meeting wants completely all means that to expand Black Tiger Group, I guaranteed.” old person nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : must like your Heart Demon Oath.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but he is deep voice said : is, my Zhao Hai to my Heart Demon Oath, so long as my Zhao Hai also in Cultivation World one day, my one day is the Black Tiger Group person, guarantees Black Tiger Group to be safe, expands Black Tiger Group, such as disobeys this oath, making my Heart's Demon burn the heart dead.”

old person smiles nod, deep voice said : is closing the eye.” Zhao Hai has still closed the eye, however his actually somewhat is at heart in doubt. The hand of old person has put the head of Zhao Hai gently, then he also slowly has closed the eye. But Zhao Hai felt that at this time under incomparably powerful Spiritual Qi wells up toward his body, this Spiritual Qi although incomparably powerful, but actually very gentle, simply has not caused a point damage to the body of Zhao Hai. As these Spiritual Qi emerge, massive information, but these information are some in the information about practice, the personal sentiment has not clamped. In this moment Zhao Hai believes finally old person must carry on to fill really top to him, before old person let under him Heart's Demon great oath time, Zhao Hai somewhat believed old person \; first, because of Heart's Demon great oath, Heart's Demon great oath regarding cultivator, was really very important, any person not below Heart's Demon great oath easily, then to his later influence was very big, if old person must carry on to seize the shed to him, certain not by him under Heart's Demon great oath, if old person must carry on to seize the shed to Zhao Hai, was he seizes the shed success. Also will possibly be affected by Heart's Demon great oath. Second is Zhao Hai Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique, still had not felt that on the body of old person any hostility, this is Zhao Hai is most accidental. Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique is Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, because this is one type of auxiliary Profound Technique, no matter the person of any strength, so long as has the hostility to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can feel, but beforehand old person performance was really too strong, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that possibly was old person has used any method, making him not have the means to feel old person to his hostility. However he clear feeling, old person aura, has might as well fight now time, at that time old person imposing manner was similar to great antiquity giant beast is the same, making the person not dare to face, but now old person aura, actually reduction slowly, in other words, old person was really the life has possibly come to the end, in this case, if old person were planning him, Zhao Hai believes that he can certainly feel. However Zhao Hai does not have complete feel relieved, the old person that after all he faces, but don’t know lived many years Old Monster thing, Cultivation Method are innumerable, the strength is immeasurably deep, if old person is deceiving him accidentally, he goes to that to reason things out. Since old person delivers to the body of Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi and these information time, Zhao Hai has believed old person words, that Spiritual Qi very gentle, but these information say nothing, that is the old person tens of thousands years of practice attainments, regarding cultivator, perhaps these Spiritual Qi is not most important thing, instead to is these practice attainments and Mental Technique of old person is most important thing. Zhao Hai is guiding these Spiritual Qi hastily, is operating in own within the body, because Zhao Hai own situation is quite special, therefore after these Spiritual Qi merged his within the body, Zhao Hai felt that villain in own within the body congealed, moreover his within the body originally that Gold Core, with that villain complete dissolving about in together, later his within the body was not having Gold Core, only then congealed incomparably the solid golden villain. Along with the non- person beside, Dao Lotus has grown unexpectedly also up spiritual Rubik's cube on many, small head also in increasing slowly, absorption bit by bit old person is spreading to these information to Zhao Hai mind, finally is, the star light on small head, became is brighter.

Zhao Hai felt that old person spreads to energy of his within the body, looks like ocean is the same, how he digests the digestion no not to be different probably. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had felt finally in not having energy entered to his within the body, Zhao Hai then relaxed, when he transformed his Spiritual Qi all Spiritual Qi, after all information stored in mind, he finally has opened the eye. However this opens the eye, Zhao Hai cannot help but had a scare, because sat in his front old person completely changed an appearance, on the face of old person has covered entirely the wrinkle, a blood was white, the originally wisdom incomparable eye, confused completely, Life Force probably disappearance bit by bit. old person looked at Zhao Hai to awake, on the old incomparable face has revealed smiling face said : finally well, you compared with the rapidness of awaking I imagined, if you in did not awake, feared that could not see me finally at the same time, Zhao Hai, you were my disciple, remembered you comply with my matter, must protect Black Tiger Group well.” Zhao Hai facial expression somewhat complex look at teacher, then his fierce clenching teeth, the hand wields, received in old person Space directly. Before he had the vigilance to old person, had not received in old person Space, but old person soon died now, Zhao Hai wants to make this have old person that great large Gang helped to oneself, at the last minute of his life, can know he biggest secret. Nobody Zhao Hai understood that old person had to his help was bigger, Zhao Hai can affirm that his present strength, fully has reached the Nascent Soul Stage level, but his true fighting strength, actually be too more than Cultivation World here Nascent Soul Stage Expert, in adding on old person that tens of thousands years of practice attainments, these thing regarding Zhao Hai were an endless wealth. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;