Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1730
old person just one was received in Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently dead Monster Race, uses Law of Space to revive him, such as Host is willing to work as him to revive, he will recognize Host give priority to automatically, he can be Host provides the supine strength, can help the Host fight in Space, but actually cannot leave Space, otherwise meets immediately/on horseback to come under the influence of Law of Space, but the body dies.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then deep voice said : revives.” The voice falls, in Space immediately dodged white light, after waiting for white light to vanish, that old person has stood in there, the spirit seemed like much better. Zhao Hai stands in the old person front, old person immediately bows said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : What is your name?” old person deep voice said : returns to the Young Master words, I called Hu Dingshan.” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : Cai'er.” Cai'er immediately appears in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai to Cai'er said : Cai'er, has delivered the planetoid to come up Hu Dingshan, arranges, making him rescue a practice in Space, making him they enjoy same allowance with Grandpa Green.” Cai'er has complied with one, has packed off old person, Zhao Hai actually returned to in the villa, looked at a screen, now on the screen demonstrates, was the Black Tiger Group there situation, how Zhao Hai deep voice said : situation? Had I sat in meditation before how long?” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, your time sat in meditation had seven days fully, outside situation to was very good, Black Tiger Group to pass through attack of roaring flame sect repelling, now Black Tiger Group entered a time of type to calm. However because Zhang Feng their vice- was being repaired these Great Magical Artifact by iron Zhan Tian, therefore has to they say to iron Zhan Tian your situation, now you status in Black Tiger Group are not common, now you exit. Feared that does not dare to have bold disrespecting on noise-maker Zhan Tian to you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to say said that by my present strength, whom has not needed to fear in Cultivation World here, I must close up some time first, passes to my thing Hu Dingshan, digestion well, then.” Laura they naturally do not have any opinion, they also hope that the Zhao Hai strength the stronger the better. Therefore several people nodded, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, with does not need to give you to arrange a place, lets your closing up well?” Zhao Hai thinks said : well „. Arranges new background, do not make me disturb me.” Laura they complied with one, immediately have arranged to Zhao Hai, quick gave Zhao Hai to arrange, very attractive background. The there scenery is very good, does not have any to disturb Zhao Hai thing. Zhao Hai lets Laura they in that background, put all kinds of Magic Beast, this entered to that background in closes up.

This Hu Dingshan passed to his thing is really too many. It is not able to imagine to his help, because of this. Therefore Zhao Hai will receive in Hu Dingshan Space, moreover he like treating common servant treatment Hu Dingshan. Has regarded an elder Hu Dingshan. Green they in Space, highest level allowance that enjoys, they can be any matter that likes handling, they want to do research to do research, wants with the old friend slightly poly slightly poly, each and every one that to call free and unfettered to be comfortable. Person who however these old person cannot shut, each of them has own matter to do, moreover each and every one to is relaxed comfortable. But Zhao Hai has given Hu Dingshan same allowance, but he hopes that Hu Dingshan can in the person to Space carry on to educate, now the educational system in Space reached, moreover life form in Space, besides there specially assigned, other life form are almost practicing, the live time is very long, but Zhao Hai has also used Space Law, lets in Space all life form reproductive ability, received certain limit, they can give birth, but gives birth to actually very difficult, in adding on Space present background many matters, person who therefore now Space is dying is few, can still stay. However on the matter regarding cultivator, is not extremely numerous that Space understands, cultivator in Space, now mostly equivalent to Cultivation World this enters to build up the god time the level, too high did not have. Compares Space life form to come, these Undead Creature levels to are very good, because in Undead Creature present Expert are getting more and more, therefore practices of these Undead Creature, was certainly directed, their practice are also getting quicker and quicker. The although these Undead Creature strengths are very strong, can direct these person of cultivator, but practiced ten thousand years of Old Monster thing to compare actually with Hu Dingshan this to fall far short, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make a fellow in Hu Dingshan direction Space well practice. Zhao Hai although makes Hu Dingshan live now, but Hu Dingshan does not have the means to exit from Space, but this is also good, later he did not use in worried for outside matter, moreover in Zhao Hai Space had such level Expert to assume personal command, he will also feel security. What is most important, Zhao Hai after a time shuts, can use own many method, others will not suspect that his there method the person who came from there, he can one push greatly toward the body of Hu Dingshan. A Zhao Hai alone person sits on planet, he is controlling one's breathing Spiritual Qi in within the body, while digests Hu Dingshan to fill thing in his head carefully, this does not look at don’t know, looked that also really had a scare, Hu Dingshan fills thing in his head also is really many, some are practice Cultivation Method, some are actually the attainment of practice, the Zhao Hai careful reorganization, then digestion bit by bit, completely has been forgetting outside time. Hu Dingshan to Zhao Hai head thing, is very useful, all kinds of Cultivation Method uses, Monster Race practice some Cultivation Method, even some should not belong to Cultivation Method of this world.

Zhao Hai when digests these Cultivation Method, in using these Cultivation Method compares with the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art that oneself study, this compared with him present, the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art that oneself study, does not give his Cultivation Method difference compared with Hu Dingshan unexpectedly, that Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, looks like an inexhaustible buried treasure, along with the promotion of Zhao Hai strength, level of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art unexpectedly also in promotion slowly, what most important is, Zhao Hai presently in the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art the one type of most major characteristics, that has absorbed Level Up unexpectedly. This Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art can absorb some Cultivation Method unexpectedly, then carries on automatic evolution, such ability extremely in going against heaven's will, Zhao Hai really some not understand, this set of Cultivation Method what's the matter. This set of Cultivation Method such goes against heaven's will, why can appears in Lower Realm that place? What secret does the here surface have? All these regarding Zhao Hai are a mystery. However Zhao Hai also knows that now does not think these matters time he, he is research well, advantage that oneself obtain. First his present strength arrived at Nascent Soul Stage, moreover his available Law Idol, has achieved astonishing 108, these Law Idol although like the Hu Dingshan Law Idol congealing reality, actually have not achieved metallography degree, if he goes to his Law Idol release, his fighting strength will be higher. But Hu Dingshan leaves his advantage not only also these, many attack with defense Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai did not have the complete digestion, so long as Zhao Hai digests these thing, he can achieve boundary, looks like Hu Dingshan is the same, raises hand to step, will agree without consultation Heavenly Dao, the transformation of attack and defense momentarily can carry on. However these thing are not good to digest, even if Zhao Hai spiritual force is now formidable, a short time could not digest, was good also has that patience because of Zhao Hai, his digestion bit by bit these thing, were digesting one type of Cultivation Method every time, his cultivation level will have certain increase, but his spiritual force will have certain increase, his spiritual force increased, his digestion degree also along with increasing, Zhao Hai will immerse during this feeling slowly, he don’t know these time has closed up has how long. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had sobered finally, but the Law Idol quantity that now he can use has achieved astonishing 360, but first Law Idol also one set can form a complete set Cultivation Method of use, this lets his fighting strength, comes compared with general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is silk does not see inferior. Moreover Zhao Hai can also now own Liquid Silver natural caused with, before Zhao Hai does not dare with own Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver extremely in going against heaven's will, even if were he tells others, Liquid Silver cannot use to others, feared that is also nobody believes that therefore before , he did not dare Liquid Silver to take to use, feared that was coveted, now he did not fear that because he had that strength. Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, in his eye is flashing radiance of wisdom, the look was profounder, the entire body, is dispersing the aura of one type of wisdom, looks like a learned wise. Zhao Hai grew in the mouth to be mad, then fierce inspiration, on him that aura unexpectedly vanished in in the blink of an eye works unceasingly calmly, looked like probably an ordinary incomparable person.

Besides this ability, Zhao Hai can also see that now others' body included the strength of many letters, meanwhile can oneself Strength of Faith, complete restraining. Zhao Hai has stood, has moved own body, the personal appearance moved appears in Space Villa, arrived in Space Villa the team to stare, because of him the Space Villa sky, unexpectedly were also presently many a planetoid, Zhao Hai dull look at that planetoid, entered somewhat unable to respond. At this time Cai'er they ran from Space, several people one threw the suspicion of Zhao Hai, has been hugging them who Zhao Hai also made an effort, on Laura their faces was bringing the tear stains. Zhao Hai knows own this time closing up time was not certainly short, takes the big effort to be good several woman appease, Zhao Hai surrounded by their, returned to in Space Villa. To the villa, Zhao Hai has then sat down to Laura their said : Laura, I closed up how long, outside to be how many a planet?” Laura white his said : added that this time you close up unexpectedly are ten years, is really, hundred Spirit Tree there had already borne a lark fruit.” Zhao Hai stares, muttered said : unexpectedly ten years, this really has also complied with those words, day above on the 1st, world by hundred years of that.”( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;