Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1732
Zhao Hai hears iron Zhan Tian to propose that has gawked, he has not thought really wants open the entrance, therefore his quickly said: Gang Master, this is not quite good, my although is Core Disciple, but cannot divide equally the minute of non- attending to mountain top, like this others will gossip, I look at this, I lived before live in do not see valley there, Gang Master do not see the valley to apportion me to be good, is good to facilitate me to handle affairs.”

Zhao Hai knows that iron Zhan Tian they know he will decompose synthesizes the Divergent Technique matter, therefore he will propose that this requests \; first, because does not see valley there is Black Tiger Group Wasteyard, is actually facilitating the Zhao Hai conduct, second is because there because is Wasteyard, Spiritual Qi is thin, therefore Zhao Hai can want there. One hear of Zhao Hai said that iron Zhan Tian cannot help but stares, then his knitting the brows head of: Does not see valley there naturally to give you, however that time Spiritual Qi was extremely was really thin, to your practice was very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Gang Master not to need to be worried how I in said now was also Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, the Spiritual Qi shade regarding me, affected is not very big, I need a chance now, making me break through, did not see valley there although is not good, but was actually suiting me.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that has hesitated, nodded said : well, from now henceforth, did not see the valley is you, without your order, anybody can not enter the valley at will, did you look to be good?” Zhao Hai smiled said : so thanks a lot Gang Master.” Iron Zhan Tian beckoned with the hand, laughs said : to be good, and you go busily.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. Said goodbye leave with Zhang Feng together. Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, iron Zhan Tian cannot help but turns the head to Hu Liang early morning said : Old Hu. How did you say this sub-?” Hu Liangchen shows a faint smile said : Supreme Elder vision alone [say / way], this sub- strength is extraordinary, what is rarer, his thoughts also very prudent and meticulous, later my Black Tiger Group has him, was no lack of successors to carry on.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, deep voice said : is so best. Matter that however these time copes with roaring flame sect, do you look to have the several layers stratagem which ensures success?” Hu Liangchen knit the brows said : this not to say, must say the stratagem which ensures success, if the plan success of Little Hai, our stratagem which ensures success were big, if plan fail. For those not stratagem which ensures success does not have.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded. deep voice said : good everybody, asked everyone/Great Clan to go back to prepare, if we can the roaring flame sect extinguishing, to our Black Tiger Group advantage, but were many.” The people nodded, the meaning of their also understand iron Zhan Tian this saying, are naturally many regarding the Black Tiger Group advantage, are naturally many to their these Great Clan advantage. Iron Zhan Tian that meaning must let their outputs well. In fact these Great Clan, are very careful regarding the attack roaring flame sect, because of the roaring flame sect there person, the alliance Wandering Soul Group person attacked Black Tiger Group before, this lets Black Tiger Group the loathing of Great Clan to roaring flame sect ten points.

Since Black Tiger Group has been more formidable than roaring flame sect, even if when Black Tiger Group is most chaotic, roaring flame sect and Black Tiger Group to war, is wins few defeats to be many. Therefore Black Tiger Group person, regarding roaring flame sect. Inborn has the one type of superiority feeling, in their opinion. The person of roaring flame sect, is Sect that one crowd of anything can't compare with their cultivator compose, such Sect, really does not have anything to be worth them paying attention. Because of this, when the roaring flame sect attacks Black Tiger Group with Wandering Soul Group together, the Black Tiger Group person, regarding hate of roaring flame sect, is more than Wandering Soul Group. This is also the person long sentiment, the person who if you were been stronger than you by one bullying, you will possibly hate him, but actually also has to recognize, the opposite party truly be, you will try hard to enhance itself, finding the way to defeat him, takes defeating him as the honor. Person but who if you were been weaker than you by one bullying, then regarding you were the one type of shame, the ordinary people could not bear this shame, will never forget to this matter. cultivator is also the person, the idea of normal person they also has, because of this, therefore Black Tiger Group cultivator, regarding the hatred of roaring flame sect, is more to the Wandering Soul Group hatred. But various Great Clan in Black Tiger Group, were deeper to the feelings of this matter, although said that Black Tiger Group is comprised of innumerable cultivator, but in the final analysis, various Great Clan because of relationship of inside story, some elites in Black Tiger Group, more or less has relationship with these Great Clan, these Great Clan can also calculate that did is the mainstay of Black Tiger Group. The previous roaring flame sect dares to get the gate unexpectedly, this makes these Great Clan feel discontented, even if for the benefit, they do not want to teach the roaring flame sect well, do not say that extinguished the roaring flame sect, but can also bring the huge advantage. Black Tiger Group to produce various medicinal herbs and refines the Monster Beast pill give priority to industry, but the roaring flame sect by the crafting give priority to industry, is actually adding on them to make the raging fire valley, has inexhaustible Earth Fire available, this Earth Fire although can't compare with pill fire, but also was natural production one type of True Fire, Magical Artifact that this Fire Refining made, was very good, Magical Artifact of roaring flame sect refinement, in Northern Divergent Province was also very famous. If Black Tiger Group the roaring flame sect extinguishing, the crafting method of that roaring flame sect naturally also fell their in hand, this very much has the advantage regarding Black Tiger Group, when the time comes their these Great Clan naturally also meet the advantage to be many, therefore they are naturally warm-hearted. Iron Zhan Tian looked at people one eyes, nodded, beckoned with the hand, making the people draw back, after people leave, iron Zhan Tian then let out a long breath, muttered said : roaring flame sect, when I to have a look at you also to jump over.” After Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng leave General Hall, on immediately Treasure Ship, after Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng brought his in the room Zhao Hai, in the ten years passed, Zhang Feng to did not have what change in the Treasure Ship room, but had been many something of application, could look, Zhang Feng regarding Treasure Ship was very satisfied. After they sit down, Hao Xing and Zhang Hao come up to salute upon meeting to Zhao Hai, several people naturally turn chat, after some under the hand/subordinate when Zhang Feng these years receive newly give Zhao Hai sees to deliver the betrothal gifts, Zhang Feng in the room has left behind their four people, Zhang Feng then open the mouth and said: Little Hai, Martial Uncle must let your open the entrance today, how don't you open?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present is also not the time, said it, I open open the entrance unable to be what kind, I do not want to struggle Gang Master this, the commodity of practice does not lack regarding me, open the entrance must deal with this and that matter, I am not dry.”

Zhang Feng shook the head, has smiled bitterly next step: If makes others know that your such idea, feared that will be is certainly irritated, these people want open the entrance opportunity not to have, you had such opportunity, actually gave up.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : has resulted, First Senior Brother, do not say these to me, raises one's wine cup with quickly, our drinking well one cup.” In this time, suddenly outside has been transmitting huge sound speaking sounds: Drinks? How to call me?” Said that a person did not wait for Zhang Feng to call to push the door to walk, Zhao Hai looked, was the iron hawk. Zhao Hai has stood hastily, has seen iron hawk Senior Brother to iron hawk gave a salute said :.” The iron hawk laughs, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, comes back well, come, and sits down to drink several cups.” look at iron hawk said : that Zhang Feng not bears First Senior Brother, you are atypical, comes my here to rub the liquor to drink, I did not have how much liquor.” The iron hawk laughs said : I not to come your here to drink, but can also go to there to drink, hurries, do not put in order uselessly these.” Zhang Feng not bears, must make Zhang Hao take the liquor, several people drank to heart's content turned. How many glass of liquor after continually has drunk, the iron hawk then turns the head I to know to Zhao Hai said : that your youngster comes back, Master greatly will definitely use you, you come back, immediately/on horseback in the gang had in a big way acts, I received the order of Master, must begin to the roaring flame sect, finally your can youngster be busy? Then, has anything to want Elder Brother I to help.” The iron hawk is not a fool, he does not like striving for the power, because he knows some others don’t know matters, therefore Zhao Hai comes back, iron Zhan Tian must to the matter that Black Tiger Group begins, he also knows that is why. Because before iron hawk, shows good will to Zhao Hai, made Zhang Feng with his relationship nearer one layer, therefore the iron hawk also knows that Zhao Hai will decompose synthesizes the Divergent Technique matter, Zhao Hai the ability, in Black Tiger Group High level, was very enormous secret, knew also only then iron Zhan Tian and Hu Liangchen and other small number of several people, but these person of each and every one were the old foxes, their naturally very clear, Zhao Hai the ability, regarding the Black Tiger Group importance, therefore all people aware gave to forget this matter. The iron hawk is also so, but sees the order of iron Zhan Tian, he knew what's the matter, therefore he can such asking Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : iron hawk Senior Brother feel relieved to be good, I dealt with, to iron hawk Senior Brother you, that Great Magical Artifact has used how? Hasn't gone bad?” HaHaHa, Little Hai, this time you were asking, iron hawk Senior Brother to that Great Magical Artifact, that cannot result, year after year must carry on an overhaul that liked, let alone has gone bad, now that Great Magical Artifact, feared when was the ratio gives him was new, but also was easy-to-use.” Zhang Feng laughs to say.

The iron hawk likes Great Magical Artifact, cherishes the Great Magical Artifact matter, passed on Black Tiger Group for a joke, the iron hawk also thinks little, still sticks to one's own way of doing things. Now one hear of Zhang Feng said that the iron hawk does not care, but shows a faint smile said : that to have anything, most at least my ghost's face ship starts to hit.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to carry on overhaul fixed time to Great Magical Artifact to, Great Magical Artifact is different from other thing, if not inspect, to making war may have problems, I looked iron hawk Senior Brother does is very good.” Iron hawk one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : to hear not to have, Little Hai understands me.” Zhao Hai looked at iron hawk one, shows a faint smile, turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, I think that should say one to Gang Master, making in the gang as soon as possible establishes one set of perfect Great Magical Artifact overhaul work, was inferior that Wandering Soul Group that in this point our Black Tiger Group does is good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, this matter looked like should be done, I will find the time saying that to Martial Uncle, the matter that this Little Hai you must handle but were many, you were more laborious.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has held up wine glass, tossed down.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;