Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1733

The roaring flame sect Outer Sect Transmission Formation square, here is a roaring flame sect busiest place, in this Transmission square here, everyday will have innumerable roaring flame sect disciple to pass and out in here, therefore relatively speaking, the Outer Sect Transmission square here defense capability is lowest. In common Transmission Formation, flash of white light, goes out of red roaring flame sect standard equipment from inside, appearance very ordinary cultivator, this cultivator looked at all around one, has chosen a direction, walked without consulting anybody. Transmission square there is crowded, nobody will pay attention to such an ordinary person, although this person is a new face, but like roaring flame sect Great Sect, Outer Disciple are innumerable, you are impossible to guarantee that you know everyone, therefore sees new face not anything specially. Quick this cultivator arrived by Transmission square duty to locate there, obviously he same came here to hand over duty with other cultivator. cultivator was to arrive at duty has located there, has put out a piece Jade Token and a jade box, gave duty to locate the there reception clerk, deep voice said : „No. 133 duty completes.” That received staff to receive Jade Token , has put on nearby formation, on formation flashed with brilliant rays, demonstrated that the content on Jade Token , this was a piece Jade Identity Card, Jade Token Master calls Jiang You, was Outer Disciple of roaring flame sect, but No. 133 duty that this time he met, was looks for one type of to practice herbal medicine that pill used, this herbal medicine although specially was not easy to look, but also was not very difficult looks, what naturally will not have danger, so long as flowered time on can, therefore the reward of duty was not high. In the roaring flame sect has many like duty one don’t know of day. That receives staff with crossing the river by the jade box, opened the jade box to look at one. Nodded said : is day of star grass, duty completes.” Said that has manipulated on Transmission Formation, that Jiang You the contribution value on Jade Token , toward rising high several points. Then that receives staff, has given back to Jiang You Jade Token , received the jade box, Jiang You then takes Jade Token to walk outward. Then seven revolutions of eight revolutions, returned to in own Cave Mansion. This is very ordinary Outer Disciple Cave Mansion, is not very big, only then two rooms, is used to make the restroom, another is actually used, when quiet room uses. After Jiang Youjin Cave Mansion. flashes body on vanish from sight. This river by naturally is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai after going out, in all Great Magical Artifact Black Tiger Group fixed, then left to arrive at the roaring flame sect. Now Black Tiger Group there announced the Zhao Hai Core Disciple status, and definite orders turn over to decide, does not see valley there to belong to Zhao Hai mountain gate/entrance, anybody does not pass through permission of Zhao Hai. Do not optional nearness. This order naturally has caused a great disturbance in Black Tiger Group, the people to do not hope that Zhao Hai becomes Core Disciple, Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if was unable to become Core Disciple, the request of that Black Tiger Group was too high.

What the people are startled, Zhao Hai unexpectedly or will see valley that place, nobody suspected that some people will be plotting against Zhao Hai, because of their very clear. But Zhao Hai Supreme Elder leads person, such status. Even if iron Zhan Tian does not dare to move Zhao Hai easily, do not say that plotted against him. If makes Supreme Elder know really that some people dare to plot against Zhao Hai unexpectedly, that finger erratically can have any matter. Also because knows that Zhao Hai impossible to be plotted, therefore the person in Black Tiger Group will be startled, does not see valley there is not the good place, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai actually wanted such place to work as own mountain gate/entrance, this was too strange. However nobody felt to feel strange quickly, Black Tiger Group still threw the trash to does not see valley there, but did not see valley there solidly firmly became Forbidden Land, because of there appears large quantities of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature, so long as saw that some people approached, immediately/on horseback will carry on to drink to stop, if came the person also to keep, their immediately met attack. The although these Undead Creature strengths are not very strong, but quantity actually extremely numerous, moves tens of thousands Undead Creature together to send out, lets all person headaches. These cultivator looked that Zhao Hai enters to does not see the valley, then does not come out on for a long time, and has sent the massive Undead Creature guards, on deceased person slowly, nobody slowly in paid attention not to see the valley there situation. Now Zhao Hai person although in roaring flame sect here, but does not see valley there still to have the Undead Creature guard, in adding on does not see the valley in Black Tiger Group, therefore the security is not a problem, some people do not know that Zhao Hai in did not see valley there. Naturally, besides Zhao Hai, several people enter do not see the valley not by attack, Zhang Feng their several in this case, Hán Bùlí, Zhao Hai have been very naturally good with Hán Bùlí relationship, after ten years of practice, Hán Bùlí now is also person of Nascent Soul Stage Expert, because his status is quite special, therefore has hung a name in Core Disciple there now, everyday still busy does not see the person's shadow. Zhao Hai these time comes out, naturally also told Zhang Feng them, but Zhang Feng they now actually full preparation, so long as Zhao Hai there prepares, they can immediately/on horseback to roaring flame sect Bing. When must go to of roaring flame sect, Zhao Hai had designated target, this target is Jiang You, Jiang You is in the roaring flame sect ordinary Outer Disciple, because the appearance is ordinary, in adding on the strength is not very strong, the manner is also quite eccentric, the person who this wants will not have the too big prospect in any one Sect, but gathers Zhao Hai officially. Zhao Hai directly this Jiang You butchering, turned into Undead Creature, then after having queried Jiang You all situations, this by river by status to roaring flame sect Li. In the river stayed one day Cave Mansion in later, Zhao Hai arrives at duty to locate here, this time he is the preparation meets duty, Jiang You is only Outer Disciple, in the situation regarding roaring flame sect is not completely understand, Zhao Hai wants an outside Inner Disciples status, walks in the piece roaring flame sect.

But reason that he must meet duty, the excuse facilitates his leave, simultaneously he can also open and aboveboard in the roaring flame sect runs all over the place in all directions, but will not be suspected. The roaring flame sect here situation, Zhao Hai knows that he does not dare to make the Liquid Silver needle enter to the roaring flame sect at will carry out reconnaissance, Expert in roaring flame sect are also many, if lets them presently, causes their vigilance not to be good. Therefore Zhao Hai can only use this quite stupid method, butchered the person of roaring flame sect, then braves his status to move in the roaring flame sect, this is good. However now Jiang You the status is obviously insufficient, Outer Disciple, does not have what status in the roaring flame sect, the has plenty place he cannot go, therefore Zhao Hai needs a higher point status now. Located there to transfer in duty some little time, Zhao Hai had designated finally duty, this duty did not have anything actually specially, was hunts and kills snake-shaped Monster Beast, obtained the balls of this only Monster Beast, was used for the dispensing. This Monster Beast level is not very high, fighting strength is not very strong, complete meets the Zhao Hai condition, although contribution points are not many, but Zhao Hai does not come for contribution points, naturally will not care. Met duty time very smooth, Zhao Hai has led duty, after having registered Jiang You the name, this leave duty has located there, sits Transmission Formation to go, roaring flame sect, Luye mountain there. Luye mountain by huge mountain of roaring flame sect, this mountain very enormous, in this mountain, not, only then the person of roaring flame sect hunts and kills Monster Beast on the mountain, other Sect people, the Black Tiger Group person will come here to hunt and kill Monster Beast. The entire Luye mountain, about 1 million heads, stretched across most Northern Divergent Province, there are innumerable Sect to hunt and kill Monster Beast on the Luye mountain, collects medicinal herbs, but these cultivator will not walk is too far, that mountain range that but is in own Sect moves. Because Black Tiger Group and roaring flame sect Li is quite near, therefore on this mountain, two Sect people, will often meet, naturally, this conflict cannot avoid. But reason that Zhao Hai comes to Luye mountain here , because here is chaotic enough, he will then butcher Inner Disciples simply of several roaring flame sects not to have any issue in this. Now Zhao Hai has used the river by the status, gave to clarify the roaring flame sect Outer Sect situation, so long as to use roaring flame sect Inner Sect and General Hall there situation gives to find out, that coped with roaring flame Sect more relaxed.

Moreover the river by this status also advantage, that is he can Transmission Formation of optional close roaring flame sect, when the time comes he can relaxed gives seal activated Transmission Formation of roaring flame sect, simultaneously he can also optional arriving in Outer Sect of roaring flame sect, so long as he found a good place, in prepare Transmission Formation, that coped with roaring flame sect to come to be relaxed. The roaring flame sect in the surrounding of Luye mountain, Transmission Point, there several Transmission Formation, comprised of several places of practices, the Transmission Point surrounding has arranged massive formation, even if Nascent Soul Stage Expert wants to break through here also to need some time, is adding on the Luye mountain the surrounding, does not have too strong Monster Beast, therefore this Transmission Point is very safe. Zhao Hai sits Transmission Formation to this Transmission Point, has not remained in here, immediately hurries to toward the Luye mountain, not long after, Zhao Hai already appears in the Luye mountain, but the surrounding of this Luye mountain does not have any great Monster Beast, is some level very papers, strikes back to remove Monster Beast that beside the skin and meat are not useful, to is not worth him coping, like Monster Beast, only then does not have handymen disciple of what strength, will get some goes back to hit to have a sumptuous meal, other level strong cultivator, is looks does not glance. This Luye mountain very high, on the mountain has been covered with all kinds of trees, various Monster Beast hideaway in, sometimes even also will meet some grown Dryad, naturally, cannot meet these thing in the surrounding of Luye mountain, these formidable Monster Beast and Dryad, only meet appears generally in the Luye mountain deep place. Before Zhao Hai, has not come this Luye mountain, cannot help but feels very curious to here, his administrative enclave in midair, four looked at one, does not have presently any cultivator, this cannot help but makes him feel very strange, Zhao Hai four sweeps with spiritual force, the place that immediately present has not actually suited, in this Luye mountain, spiritual force of person received very big limit unexpectedly, even if by his present strength person, spiritual force searches less than beyond ten thousand meters, because he now is in forest above flies, he presently own spiritual force unexpectedly does not search to forest, this by Zhao Hai green this. The Luye mountain, cannot help but felt that was more curious.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;