Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1734

spiritual force has more than enough, Zhao Hai fell in the ground on in midair, fresh mountain in slowly walked, Zhao Hai body very formidable, climbed a mountain regarding him naturally is not anything, walked toward the mountain on, Zhao Hai while was paying attention to all around plants, once for a while plants received Space some have not seen, even if were these has seen, he also received in Space some, what wants to have a look at plants of these plants in Space to have differences. However this Zhao Hai to was somewhat disappointed, these plants were some ordinary very thing, in Space had, Zhao Hai also gave up in receiving the plan of plants toward Space. Zhao Hai gradually proceeds, but has actually used Cosmos Profound Technique, although he in jungle, but this jungle actually cannot block Zhao Hai Cosmos Profound Technique, he seems like strolling to be the same, but is actually very fast, general cultivator sees him, will only see together faint phantom. More walks toward the Luye mountain, forest is luxuriant, various Monster Beast were also many, but these Monster Beast Zhao Hai somewhat could not have had a liking for, also has not received toward Space. Walked about two hours, by Zhao Hai, he in very thorough Luye mountain, this all the way he also has met several cultivator now, but these cultivator cultivation level are not high, Zhao Hai has not thought must disturb them, has circled from their side, by the Zhao Hai ability, these cultivator is impossible presently his. In Zhao Hai hurries along in low spirits, suddenly front has transmitted with a bang sound, then a beast roar transmits, Zhao Hai stares slightly, place that because this sound conveys. Left his spiritual force searching range, therefore Zhao Hai and don’t know there lived anything. However hears the Monster Beast cry, feared that is not a weak fellow. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, hurries to the direction that the beast roar transmits, some little time Zhao Hai felt that Monster Beast there situation, that is bull shape Monster Beast, does not pass away very tall and big, has about five meters fully high. Green wool, two huge ox horn curved, understood at a glance that is not affable. But with cultivator of this only Monster Beast Niuxiangdou, is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, that unexpectedly is female cultivator, he puts on one with the emerald green color cultivator robe. A pitch-black head. One ring-like Magical Artifact set outside her body, is protecting her, but her also command(er) green flying sword, with that only bull shape Monster Beast fight in together. Monster Beast of that monster not only own very formidable defensive power, the attack strength is not weak, but also meets control surrounding plants, the strength is not no less than Gold Core Stage cultivator. Does not understand at a glance affably. But that female cultivator, strength is also Gold Core Stage, two Magical Artifact that she uses are not good to cope, but Zhao Hai has not come up the help, in cultivator, you, if saw that a stranger copes with Monster Beast in there, even if were he falls on leeward, do not help. Because that is taboo. In cultivator here , helping the person at will busily is not the good deed. cultivator that especially does not know, you, if comes up the help. Does not do well that cultivator to think that you are snatch his prey, he not only will not thank you, will also regard an enemy you, if you do not want to become enemies with the opposite party, should better not to help. Zhao Hai looked at that female cultivator one, presently that female cultivator wants to kill that only bull shape Monster Beast, feared that must need some time, moreover can kill also two to say. Zhao Hai will not go to the tube that female cultivator life and death, he is just about turn around leave, suddenly feels that not far away by him came cultivator, that cultivator is also the Gold Core Stage strength, a fiery-red cultivator clothing/taking, unexpectedly is disciple of roaring flame sect, but Inner Disciples of roaring flame sect. In various Cultivation World Great Sect, Gold Core Stage cultivator, generally is various Sect Inner Disciples, some even possibly are Core Disciple, therefore Zhao Hai looks at that person unexpectedly is Gold Core Stage cultivator, immediately can determine that he certainly is Inner Disciples of roaring flame sect, because a Core Disciple person will not rush to this place. Zhao Hai can affirm that Inner Disciples of that roaring flame sect presently he, he just had not restrained the aura, he when the restraining aura, do not say Inner Disciples, even if were Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert also presently he.

Zhao Hai paid attention to Inner Disciples eyes of that roaring flame sect, cannot help but dark said : „is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come all not to spend skill, this fellow looks like to that female cultivator harbors evil intentions, a while has tidied up him, used his status to be good.” Also about a half hour, that female cultivator and fight of bull shape Monster Beast was also near the end, that Ox Monster finally does not only beat that female cultivator, the body had many wounds, must support shortly does not live. That female cultivator situation also very arrives at that to go, was more tired much the perspiration to be dripping, has panted, but she is still insisting, finally capture opportunity, a sword result that only bull shape Monster Beast. When she just relaxed, suddenly, fiery-red flying sword often she punctures. That female cultivator has not thought will obviously have at this time some people of sneak attack, was adding on her to be very tired, wants to hide was impossible, by that the red sword, was pierced the shoulder directly, she shouted one tenderly, fell down. HaHaHa, Li Cuiyun, you have today.” Was saying cultivator of that roaring flame sect while has appeared the personal appearance. But Zhao Hai one hear of he said that actually stares, he has not thought that cultivator of that roaring flame sect, actually also knows that female cultivator, moreover it seems like also has a grudge. Green clothes female cultivator Li Cuiyun looks at cultivator of that roaring flame sect, cannot help but complexion changes said : Wei Tianchen, unexpectedly is you, your this mean villain, dares to plot against me unexpectedly, don't you blame our medicine Wang Feng's retaliation?” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Cuiyun said that this understand Li Cuiyun's status, Li Cuiyun unexpectedly comes Northern Divergent Province medicine Wang Feng, this medicine Wang Feng is one is not inferior in the Black Tiger Group influence, mainly by refining various medicine pill give priority to, medicine pill that they refine, in entire Cultivation World very famous, will apply medicine Wang Feng there often to help other Sect cultivator refine medicine pill in in addition, therefore they in the Northern Divergent Province here person Yuan will be very good, Northern Divergent Province general cultivator. Hears the name of god of medicine sect, will give them three points of Bo Mian. Li Cuiyun. You are not very arrogant, HaHaHa, after I must be deceitful you today first, kills.” Wei Tian early morning look at Li Cuiyun, inexpensively said with a smile. Li Cuiyun complexion changes, her clenching teeth maliciously, look at Wei Tian early morning said : Wei Tianchen, your this domestic animal. initially my Master helps medicine pill that you refine, how you possibly become Gold Core cultivator, do you unexpectedly dare now like this to me?” Wei Tianchen laughs said : Li Cuiyun, you were too naive, good, is medicine pill that your Master helps me refine. Make me Gold Core Stage cultivator. However initially you actually should not such to me.” Li Cuiyun look at Wei Tianchen, cold sound said : Wei Tianchen, your initially sexually harasses me at the back of my Master, I have not told me Master this matter, puts your horse, you also dare unexpectedly such to me, is known by my Master. He will not let off your.” Wei Tianchen laughs said : Li Cuiyun, you are really naive, where do not forget here are, you died in here, who can know, said it, even if knows that you died in here, there is who knew is I does. However your feel relieved, I will make others know that you die in here. Moreover will make them know that you die in Black Tiger Group cultivator in hand. I am very clever in front of your Master, I believe that he will certainly believe my.” Li Cuiyun complexion immediately becomes very difficult looks, perhaps others don’t know, but her actually very clear, this Wei Tianchen, in front of her Master, absolutely is a mild-mannered and cultivated appearance, therefore her Master early morning trust of very Wei Tian, because of this, therefore initially Wei Tianchen after sexually harassing her, she has not told her Master this matter, because she is only one in her Master numerous disciple, is not being favored, feared that is she in her Master weight at heart, might as well committee day of early morning. If Wei Tian early morning really gave to kill him, then advanced others' body, her Master believes certainly that Wei Tianchen, she died must also be used.

Oh!” In Li Cuiyun heart such as dying embers time, suddenly sigh transmits, ten points suddenly that this sigh transmits, had a scare Li Cuiyun and Wei Tianchen. Li Cuiyun is good, just Wei Tian early morning that sword had sealed up her Spiritual Qi, she could not feel that some people come to be also normal, but Wei Tianchen feeling is different, Wei Tianchen has alerted in the entire gods, but is this, where he does not have that sigh from transmit. Wei Tian early morning complexion changes, the personal appearance moved already appears in Li Cuiyun's side, then deep voice said : who? Comes out to me!” I wanted to kill your, but your just words, making me also many to kill your reason, the person of roaring flame sect, was really some mean and shameless villains.” Said a person's shadow slowly walked out from forest, is very slow, but, actually gives people who he walks gradually the one type of very steadfast feeling. That person walked to arrive early morning about ten step places to stop to Wei Tian, Wei Tianchen then saw the appearance of this person, this person of appearance very ordinary, a black cultivator clothing/taking, aura restraining, simply could not see clearly his strength, but was this, Wei Tianchen careful, this on behalf of the opposite party strength possibly strong he. Wei Tian early morning look at that person, deep voice said : „is your excellency who? Do I and your excellency have a grudge?” That person shows a faint smile said : not to have enmity, we today are first meeting, how possibly to have a grudge.” Wei Tian early morning puzzled look at that person, what that person of this saying said is serene, does not have Fire Qi, probably was chatting to be the same with a good friend, but before him, said that must kill itself, misunderstood? That person of look at Wei Tian early morning the puzzled appearance, shows a faint smile said : to introduce oneself, below Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai, knows why now I do want to kill you?” Wei Tianchen listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then complexion changed, he stared at Zhao Hai stubbornly, said : has not been thinking that you unexpectedly were the Black Tiger Group person, Zhao Hai, this name have I heard in there probably?” Zhao Hai look at Wei Tianchen shows a faint smile said : ten years ago, your roaring flame sect is in conspiracy with Wandering Soul Group to attack our Black Tiger Group, became our Black Tiger Group biggest shame, Gang Master has the command, the person who so long as sees the roaring flame sect, must kill.” Wei Tian early morning the look at Zhao Hai appearance, sneers said : „to kill me, that must have a look at you to have that skill.” When knowing Zhao Hai is the Black Tiger Group person, Wei Tianchen knows that today's matter cannot be friendly. The Zhao Hai look at Wei Tianchen appearance, shows a faint smile said : nobody to have does not let your rebel, if you can kill me, that calculates the skill of person, if you had been killed by me, that calculates that you have bad luck.” Wei Tianchen has cannot help but gawked, then he cannot help but laughed too right...... spoke of here his foot that said : you said to move, then punctured toward Zhao Hai fiery-red flying sword, ten points suddenly that this got down, on moment he also exhibited one to with the appearance that Zhao Hai spoke, next quarter actually already under Assassin to the Zhao Hai pain.

That while flying sword punctures toward Zhao Hai, this Wei Tianchen body, suddenly appears Leo same wild beast Law Idol, Wei Tian early morning the personal appearance proceeded to move, that only huge Leo throws toward Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai look at Wei Tianchen movement, in the eye killing intent flashes, grasps with the left hand, one on capture that red flying sword, but his right hand is actually proceeds to extend, then giant hand shape Qi Strength flew from in his hand, straight capture Wei Tianchen neck, Wei Tian early morning Law Idol immediately vanish from sight. Wei Tianchen has not died now, but face look at Zhao Hai with amazement, he really has not actually thought that he unexpectedly is not the enemy of Zhao Hai gathering, this makes Wei Tianchen feel the unprecedented shock. Zhao Hai looked at Wei Tianchen one eyes, deep voice said : you are really mean, but this is also good, I have killed you, you later cannot harm others.” Said that Zhao Hai makes an effort, pinching has broken to pieces Wei Tianchen neck, feared that is Wei Tianchen has a dream has not thought that his Gold Core Stage Expert, can be such one type of cause of death unexpectedly. Has killed Wei Tian after early morning, Zhao Hai wields, Wei Tianchen entered in Space, became undead, but Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to see Wei Tianchen, but is the look at ground Li Cuiyun who sits, Li Cuiyun before by Wei Tianchen sealing up Spiritual Qi, she prepared self-exploding Gold Core, perishes together with Wei Tianchen, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai suddenly appears , gave to save him, now Wei Tianchen is used to seal up his Spiritual Qi flying sword, had been grasped by Zhao Hai in in hand, her Spiritual Qi naturally also on restoring. Spiritual Qi is very important regarding cultivator, had Spiritual Qi, Li Cuiyun has been able to stop the blood on oneself shoulder, restored own injury. Li Mengyun looks at Zhao Hai look at she, struggled to stand hastily, Li Cuiyun apologized Black Tiger Group Senior Brother to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, today Senior Brother make a move, I murderous scheme of that evildoer.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be polite, the people of all roaring flame sects, are our Black Tiger Group enemies, I kill him am only because he is the person of roaring flame sect, saves you to be convenient, but I hope that Junior Sister you can forget this matter, forever forgetting, you when today's matter has not lived, has not seen to Wei Tianchen, has not seen me, does not know whether Junior Sister does comply?” Li Cuiyun although is puzzled, but deep voice said : all depend on Senior Brother to say.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, remembers words that you spoke.” Said that personal appearance flashes, vanish from sight, only kept Li Cuiyun to stand in there dull.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;