Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1735

Zhao Hai was going against Wei Tianchen status appears in Raging Fire Sect Inner Sect, he fully has understood Wei Tianchen situation now, including some Wei Tianchen before death customs, person who even he knew, in had Wei Tian in addition early morning Undead Creature reminder Zhao Hai of momentarily in Space, therefore Zhao Hai played the role of Wei Tian early morning, that may be able to confuse falsehood with the truth. This time Wei Chen goes to Luye mountain there, does not look for Li Cuiyun specially, runs into Li Cuiyun, absolutely is accidental, reason that he meets appears in there, must make duty, this duty is looks for unusual medicinal herbs of one type of known as cold ice grass. Roaring flame sect although is expert of playing with fire, but the prestige of Earth Fire is not general cultivator can withstand, but roaring flame sect all the year round has to do with Earth Fire, therefore has plenty cultivator, will infect on Fire Poison. This Fire Poison is actually toxin in one type of fire, the person meets the entire heat radiating from body, finally the blood of whole body can evaporation dead, very virulent. But the roaring flame sect these many year and fire has to do, naturally impossible few type of good treatment Fire Poison medicine, but in these medicines, needs join constantly special herbal medicine, that is the cold ice grass. This cold ice grass is one type of very special herbal medicine, he was born in the Luye summit, because the Luye summit Shan Gaoqi is cold, therefore Frozen, little does not have plants in there to grow all the year round, but this cold ice grass can actually grow in there, the environment reason that because grows, this camel plants the cold ice grass to pass all over the body white, Cold Attribute very intense, if ordinary eats up the cold ice grass, immediately meets the whole body blood to be frozen dead. However some overbearing herbal medicine, actually treat Fire Poison best medicinal herbs, cold ice grass that therefore the roaring flame sect needs certainly to brave every year. But these cold ice grass do not have the means to plant in the general place, that can only go to the mountain to pick. Therefore each year of roaring flame sect will put picks duty of cold ice grass much. But this time Wei Tianchen must pick the cold ice grass, has run into Li Cuiyun, this moved the evil thought that prepares to Li Cuiyun make a move, has actually met Zhao Hai, was destroyed completely by Zhao Hai conveniently. But this cold ice grass, in Zhao Hai Space also has exactly. So long as this herbal medicine upward junction, his duty has completed, because the duty reward of cold ice grass very high, therefore he can for a long time not use in making duty, like this he transfers the extension in the roaring flame sect in all directions, nobody will suspect. However for is not doubtable. Zhao Hai as Wei Tianchen. Transferred good long time on the Luye mountain, this descended the mountain with, grasped some Monster Beast to enter Space, then descended the mountain. When Zhao Hai appears in Inner Sect of roaring flame sect, naturally also will doubt his identity on nobody, will have with Wei Tian early morning close roaring flame sect cultivator, notified him. Zhao Hai naturally is also studying Wei Tianchen appearance, returns salute with these people. Must mention Wei Tian early morning this person, the plans are not very deep, he before the person is a mild-mannered and cultivated good-hearted person appearance, but at heart is actually sinister sly, but these years he does the misdemeanor time, continuously very careful, not by person present.

Also because he installs looked like. Therefore he staff in roaring flame sect Inner Sect is very good, with cultivator of many roaring flame sect. Can be able to speak. However Wei Tianchen does not have to regard the friend these people, he is on good terms with these cultivator. However to maintain own image. Therefore he could speak to these people, was gets to know each other well, but was not intimate. But Zhao Hai plays the role of Wei Tian after early morning , is the same with Wei Tianchen, going desirably has not been intimate with these people, before the person, continuously performance amiability of , the doing faction that conforms to Wei Tianchen. After returned to Inner Sect, Zhao Hai immediately gave duty to locate there duty of cold ice grass handing over, received some contribution points while convenient, naturally these thing regarding Zhao Hai were not very important, more importantly Wei Tianchen the status. Because Wei Tianchen could speak with many Inner Disciples, therefore he was all right, transferred the extension in roaring flame sect Inner Sect in all directions, will not suspect anything to some people. In the following several days time, Wei Tianchen Inner Sect random walk in all directions in roaring flame sect, naturally, for did not make others suspect him, he by visiting their names is doing, the effect is also very good, now roaring flame sect Inner Sect situation by Zhao Hai clarifying, below he must do only then last, has clarified the roaring flame sect General Hall there situation, as well as the situations in roaring flame sect ten big Core Disciple mountain gate/entrance. Roaring flame sect here Core Disciple, status of status in Core Disciple with Black Tiger Group is similar, Core Disciple of roaring flame sect can also open the entrance, can absorb other disciple to invest into his follower, can say in any one Sect, each can open the entrance Core Disciple, represent a strength in that Sect, does not accommodate underestimated. Also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai then wants an understanding roaring flame sect Core Disciple situation well, but obviously, this is not that easy matter. Core Disciple, especially can open the entrance Core Disciple, generally be Nascent Soul Stage Expert, these Nascent Soul Stage Expert, although is inferior to Zhao Hai, but each and every one also completely understand, spiritual force very formidable, if Zhao Hai is all right to run up to others mountain gate/entrance to go to the chaotic extension, certainly by these Core Disciple present, even if with the Liquid Silver needle, feared that is given finally also presently. To enter this Core Disciple mountain gate/entrance, is not that easy matter, moreover Core Disciple of roaring flame sect, each and every one is also very careful, their Jade Identity Card are also specially-made, if the person died, their Jade Identity Card breakage, but each Core Disciple in own Sect, will have a piece Divine Sense Jade Token , the person dies dead honorably, their Sect immediately presently own Core Disciple will die, dies Core Disciple, regarding any one Sect is the big matters, investigation when the time comes they can go all out, that on was troublesome. Inner Sect, Outer Sect this place, general Sect defense strength although is not weak, but is not strongest, but General Hall is different from various mountain gate/entrance, there is the one Sect core is at generally, defense strength very astonishing, Zhao Hai wants to investigate these two places, is not that easy.

Transferred for day, has not thought that the means entered to General Hall of roaring flame sect, Zhao Hai have returned to Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, then the flashes body entered in Space. Cai'er they were waiting for Zhao Hai in Space, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Cai'er their immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance said : Elder Brother Hai, but also to enter General Hall worried?” Zhao Hai has selected to said : „, if has not clarified the roaring flame sect General Hall there situation, later carries on the roaring flame sect, feared that will not be easy.” Laura look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, you have forgotten probably also a landlord, if the situation in that place you do not clarify, regarding entering the roaring flame sect does not have any advantage.” Zhao Hai said : where?” Laura smiles said : raging fire valley, you have forgotten, the roaring flame sect builds up by crafting, raging fire valley there is their crafting place, such place, don't they possibly send for guarding? Moreover I believe that there guard strength, is not certainly worse than General Hall, if you have neglected that place, will attack the roaring flame sect not to have any advantage to later.” Zhao Hai patted head said : also is really, you did not say that I to have forgotten, but raging fire valley there, since guarded very strongly, feared that was not so is also easy.” Laura shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, you have forgotten, you now are Inner Sect disciple, moreover on Wei Tianchen Jade Identity Card, contribution points, but are many, but these contribution points does to use, can be used to refine Magical Artifact, so long as you can put out the a piece nice point ore, then delivers to raging fire valley there, hands over certain contribution points, can refine Magical Artifact, moreover presses your request to refine, when the time comes can't you enter to the raging fire valley? Even if you cannot enter the raging fire valley, can put in the ore Liquid Silver, makes in the raging fire valley, when the time comes the raging fire valley there situation naturally also knows was clear.” Zhao Hai has selected to said : well, this arrives is a good method, Wei Tianchen these contribution points I keep a point with not to have, to might as well call the present, has used him, Cai'er, you said that what metal this time I with do go to be quite good?” Cai'er shows a faint smile said : eternally innumerable best.” Zhao Hai stares, thing that this eternal may Lower Realm obtain innumerably, he quickly this thing forgetting, actually not to have thought of that Cai'er makes him with eternal go unexpectedly innumerably.

Zhao Hai puzzled look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, this eternal innumerable does not obtain from Comprehend the world there? Should not be good thing? Goes with that thing, can have the component?” Cai'er white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this you may speak incorrectly, who said that eternal innumerable is not good thing, eternal innumerable , not only can broken go to spiritual force on Magical Artifact, what most important is, the eternal innumerable component is extremely weighty, is used to refine Magical Artifact, that is the rare material.” Zhao Hai nodded, then turns the head look at Cai'er said : that also to have a plan to be good, you said that what thing I do use to refine to be best eternally innumerably?” Cai'er shows a faint smile said : glove, is used to refine with the set well, in opposing the enemy, you can use the glove, grasps the weapon of enemy, cancels him spiritual force in Magical Artifact, is adding on the component to plant very much, near body fights also completely understand, this Wei Tianchen has certain close combat ability, but does not have easy-to-use near military strategy, you put out now eternally refine one to be used for the glove of close combat innumerably, certainly will not cause the suspicion of person, does not do well eternally this innumerable, will also bring to the attention of roaring flame sect High level, when the time comes does not need you to want the means to enter to roaring flame High level, They should look for you.” Zhao Hai thinks, truly is so, his eternal innumerable cannot possibly be regarded in own Space anything, however is the wondrous use is infinite in these cultivator eyes, must know that Cultivation World here cultivator, although has special Body Cultivator, but is ordinary cultivator, regarding ** the practice also very attaches great importance, general cultivator can several close combat Cultivation Method, after all the cultivator battle, nothing which is not uses it, if you close combat skill not, that but suffers a loss very much, easily by the capture weakness of enemy, the directness on giving to have destroyed completely, but eternal innumerable refinement weapon, absolutely. Is efficient instrument in close combat.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;