Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1736

Chapter 661 underground factory The roaring flame sect raging fire valley crafting base entrance, the raging fire valley crafting base, was roaring flame sect Hua several hundred years of time, a base that improvement slowly, formed finally. Please keep firmly in mind This base has five accesses, four in bright, in dark, in dark that access, only then a small number of people know that other four accesses, are public. The four public entrances of raging fire valley crafting base, in a building, this four big construction are almost exactly the same, is ten layers high stone building, outside looks like square, without any special place, but the people of some roaring flame sects know, these four stone building very great existences, in stone building, has plenty formation, these formation Might very big, not only can be used to defend, can be used to counter-attack, what most important is, provides energy to these formation, is not Crystal Stone, but is Earth Fire in raging fire valley. Earth Fire in raging fire valley unceasingly, this gives these four stone building to provide the strength that using did not end all the year round, therefore these four stone building although seem like not very beautiful, but the use is actually very formidable. Zhao Hai falling slowly before stone building, he presently this stone building is pounds by one type of cyan big stone, looks like very firm. Has sized up stone building one slowly, Zhao Hai then walks toward stone building, just arrived at stone building in front of the door, Zhao Hai felt that a resistance kept off in his front, this resistance getting bigger and bigger, if he must rush hardly, although possibly rushed, but the time needed feared that will be will also be very long. However Zhao Hai also knows that he does not need to rush now hardly, this protective shield is stone building has protected Great Formation, is used to keep off the bystander, regarding the person on one's own side of roaring flame sect, this stone building will not prevent. He put out Wei Tianchen Jade Identity Card, immediately felt that the front resistance vanished, he very smooth entered in stone building. Enters to stone building first floor, Zhao Hai stares, this first floor is a very enormous hall, the has plenty person is busy in here, around the hall, has several very enormous counter, has cultivator to sit in inside. Zhao Hai paid attention, these come here cultivator, has Outer Disciple of roaring flame sect, there is Inner Disciples, these people come to the here point to have one, comes crafting. In roaring flame sect here, so long as you have contribution points, can arrive at here to come crafting, only crosses, if you provide the ore, your crafting colored contribution points little, if you make in the sect give you to leave the ore, your colored contribution points will be many. Please keep firmly in mind Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these cultivator, has arrived at counter there without consulting anybody, sits young female cultivator behind counter, this is also being used to row that various Sect lets, various Sect lets have some Crafting Hall or the refining pills hall, such place uses for cultivator crafting or refining pills, no matter Crafting Hall or the refining pills hall, has the reception desk, but female cultivator in Sect, general in the reception desk there work, naturally this is voluntary, Sect provides duty like this, female cultivator can meet duty like this, can ordinary male cultivator not make likely duty. Has to recognize, Wei Tian early morning the appearance of this fellow to be very good, is dashing, mild-mannered and cultivated, is asks for the girl to like very much.

Zhao Hai to counter inside female cultivator, shows a faint smile said : Junior Sister hello, I want crafting.” That female cultivator by the Zhao Hai smiling face confusing small face one red, quickly said: Senior Brother is good, what way person must with come crafting, is provides the ore, set the request, if were provided the ore by Sect, oneself have put forward the request?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to provide some ores, oneself were setting the request, Ok?” That female cultivator nodded said : naturally to be OK, Senior Brother takes the ore, is writing down own request, I will carry on depending on estimating, then deducts your contribution points.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, but nodded, meets to begin to turn, release a small pile eternal innumerable in counter he, has put then out a piece jade slip, has given that female cultivator said : Junior Sister, the ore that I provide and refines the request of Magical Artifact, wrote in jade slip, asking Junior Sister to help to look.” female cultivator nodded, received Zhao Hai jade slip, spiritual force searched toward , after having looked at inside content, female cultivator complexion cannot help but changed, this female cultivator continuously in the crafting valley here work, regarding various materials, but very familiar with, but Zhao Hai takes eternal innumerable, this material is actually his first time heard that her very clear this on behalf of anything. female cultivator has put down jade slip, turns the head Senior Brother to excuse me to Zhao Hai said :, the ore that you provide I am first time heard that this situation, is not, asking Senior Brother that I can process to wait a bit, I asked the elder to come out.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to had not opposed. in the room of female cultivator immediately behind toward counter runs, before long is leading old old person walked out, this old person figure is not tall, but actually very sturdy, a chaotic head, skin dark, looks like somewhat sloppy. old person has arrived at counter there, first looked at Zhao Hai one, had not looked that anything comes, shifted counter that small pile the vision eternal on innumerable, he has sized up first carefully eternally these innumerable, then put out a hand to grasp toward the a piece scrap sand. Zhao Hai takes now these eternal innumerable is not best, each sand has the finger size, naturally, the component is actually full. old person took up this sand, on the face has cannot help but shown the surprised expression, muttered said : to be so heavy?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : elder, before this is one type of me, has not seen ore, is I obtains, this ore can the disappearance energetic seal, can keep spiritual force in Magical Artifact to give to scatter the average person, moreover component very heavy, I want to use this ore to be the foundation, manufactures glove that a close combat uses, you look?”

old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then startled said : you were said that this ore can broken go to the energetic seal? You suitable?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I have tried, when breaks the energetic seal, has the consumption to the ore itself.” old person deep voice said : your requested me to know, this duty I received, the specific situation, after I needed the smelting trial, can know, and you went back and other information, waited for Magical Artifact to build up, I will give you to send the letter.” Said that old person moves, has taken away that small pile eternally innumerably, then turn around walks, in has not spoken with Zhao Hai. But female cultivator that is responsible for receiving actually smiles said : Senior Brother not to need to care to Zhao Hai, the raging fire elder is such temperament, invited Senior Brother feel relieved, the matter that the raging fire elder complied with, will certainly achieve, asking Senior Brother to remain your name, when Magical Artifact built up, we will inform your.” Zhao Hai has selected to said : so on thanks a lot Junior Sister.” Said Wei Tianchen name registration, then on leave stone building. The Zhao Hai book thinks that he with also eternally innumerably comes, can enter to the crafting valley, has not actually thought that but this by simple gave to hit him, he will certainly not demand must enter the crafting valley, that only by the person of roaring flame sect present, to was not instead beautiful, but he does not have what good worry now, during these were eternally innumerable, he has interpolated a piece Liquid Silver, so long as that raging fire elder, led into this Liquid Silver to the crafting valley, in that crafting valley all, could not escape his eye. although Zhao Hai cannot enter to the crafting valley, but he had certain understanding regarding the crafting valley there guard strength, first did not say that stone building defense capability, light said that raging fire elder, is not a simple character, his strength although is only Nascent Soul Stage, but can actually look, he is not good to deal with. What most important is, the place like crafting valley, such as raging fire elder same Expert don’t know has many, the crafting valley here strength, absolutely compared with wanting much stronger that Zhao Hai expects most from the beginning. Zhao Hai returned to in Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, the flashes body entered in Space, immediately sits before the screen, to Laura said : how?” Laura smiles screen said : you to have a look, the crafting valley there picture received.” Said that has referred to the screen, on the Zhao Hai present screen appears a incomparably gigantic underground factory. This underground factory very enormous, inside has been divided into many small rooms, said that is the small room, actually each room is not small, some rooms have ten thousand square meters size fully, is not absolutely is the small room. But such room, compared with this underground factory, truly was small, this huge underground factory, was almost the hole the raging fire valley construction, in side of raging fire valley, has completed one with the raging fire valley and other labor of the great huge mountain factories.

In the entire factory altogether has all kinds of room more than 1000, more than 400 are used for crafting, 200 are used to store up various materials, other places, actually use to the cultivator rest. But that more than 400 rooms, are more than 400 end all year round Craft Room, can simultaneously carry on the refinements of 400 Magical Artifact, this digit is very astonishing. In fact Black Tiger Group also wants to carry on crafting or refining pills using the fire of raging fire valley, but Black Tiger Group regarding the control ability of fire, missed compared with roaring flame sect to come much, Earth Fire in raging fire valley was not that good control, that was in Cultivation World most overbearing one type of fire, only then before roaring flame ancestor, some secret that kept controlled fire formation to be able the fire in control raging fire valley, Black Tiger Group simply control these fires, finally can only be looks at the fire to sigh. But the roaring flame sect is actually very good use these fires, finally has made into this huge crafting base, but this crafting base, became roaring flame sect here, most important economic pillar. The Zhao Hai optional point a room, the in the room situation is makes Zhao Hai stare, this room is not small, inside has plenty crafting formation, but in these formation middle, one group of flame big or small, this flame by roaring flame sect strong to in the room Earth Fire, this Earth Fire was introduced in the room from underground, then the system uses Magical Artifact, comes the control flame the size. Presently in the room roaring flame sect cultivator, is refining Magical Artifact, but could not have looked what they must refine is any Magical Artifact, but in the room cultivator is also not many, formation there also only then about two cultivator, entire room altogether 12 Magical Artifact, altogether have 25 position cultivator. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;