Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1738

~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ But eternal on innumerable demonstrated black that is very deep, almost soon turned into the black, this is representing, eternal innumerable simply is impossible to transmit spiritual force, will have certain restrain to do to use to spiritual force. The raging fire has believed the Zhao Hai words, but he was also simultaneously excited, [gold/metal] earth attribute, can restrain spiritual force, this absolutely be efficient instrument of close combat, if roaring flame sect here everyone can use this made of metal near military strategy, that fighting strength will certainly promote many. Raging fire some are not calm, his although is a crafting grandmaster, but he is not one does not understand the ways of the world, wholeheartedly is only thinking crafting person, in fact raging fire although looks like sloppy, probably somewhat not bothers about trifles, but understood the people who raging fire know, the raging fire absolutely is not one person who is good to deal with, this family handles matters very smoothly, just his crafting talent fantastic, this makes him a crafting grandmaster, if a talent poor person, do not say that into crafting grandmaster, will be becomes Crafting Master also exempting will be very strong. Because of raging fire such disposition, therefore he in many people with roaring flame sect has the relation, he because of deciding hires oneself that person, but he opened mountain gate/entrance Core Disciple there to eat in several very much opens, moreover Sect Master of roaring flame sect also very regarded as important him. Reason that the raging fire can maintain this good relationship with these many people, cannot separate with his ability, he is a crafting grandmaster, but each crafting grandmaster, is , the although raging fire that these Core Disciple win over is not necessarily loyal to them, but maintains good relationship with the raging fire, for them has the advantage very much. But the raging fire also will certainly have repaid to these people, he is a very intelligent person, his very clear, these people settle on is his ability, is the position that he is at now. Raging fire position, the contact ore are many, the has plenty ore is very precious, he when presently these ores, this information, will tell to these Core Disciple, or reported to Sect Master, the remaining matters gave them to process, without his anything matter. Regarding the raging fire, this is the matter of a few words, but is important regarding these Core Disciple, cultivator wants to stiffen, what depends is what? Naturally is all kinds of commodities, but good Magical Artifact regarding cultivator was saying that possibly means the second choice life, therefore all cultivator, very clear, good Magical Artifact, needed the good material to make, but the good material, was not easy to obtain. The speaking thoughtlessly a few words of raging fire, can actually make these Core Disciple obtain some good materials, this is very important regarding these Core Disciple, because of this, therefore raging fire in these Core Disciple at heart, has the component very much. Now raging fire present eternal innumerable this high grade material, naturally will not let off with these people pulls closer relationship opportunity, his immediately told eternal innumerable information all with Core Disciple that he gets to know each other well, even also reported Sect one, this is Sect Master knows that eternal innumerable information revealed that also will not look for his trouble. The raging fire handled such matter is not the first time, he experienced , after that person must tell first that person wanted tells, he divided very clear.

After the raging fire passes on information, his also immediately started own work, his present work only then, that helps the Zhao Hai handle wrap refine. The although raging fire will have eternal innumerable information to tell these Core Disciple also to have Sect Zhao Hai in hand, however his labor of duty he will complete. Moreover he does not give Zhao Hai refinement glove not to be good, because of the request of Zhao Hai, material of reporting, already on record, if he does not give the Zhao Hai refinement glove, instead to material staying behind, that later roaring flame sect Lipa will be nobody will come crafting valley here crafting, that loss will only meet even bigger, when the time comes will fear is the people in sect will not let off him. In fact not only raging fire, crafting valley here other Crafting Master, is similar to his procedure, they the information revelation of good material to these with the person who oneself will be friendly, but they will build similarly also up Magical Artifact, this will be a Crafting Master personal integrity. To build up Magical Artifact, especially one type of special point Magical Artifact, is not that easy, the request that Zhao Hai set was, must refine the glove that can the close combat use, but the glove brought to want light and convenient to be flexible, the ability of attack and defense must be very strong. Wanted to make a such glove with made of metal not to be easy, especially after join was eternally innumerable, is not easy, eternal innumerable component very heavy, this point can use on attack, but was heavy and flexible, slightly became the opposition. You want heavy attack to discard flexible, wants these two characteristics complete unions, that must look at the Crafting Master strength. Magical Artifact that appearance of glove, in the glove uses, in in hand also needs to add these materials, these are the work of Crafting Master, but Zhao Hai after putting out eternal innumerable and handing over contribution points, must do waited for that Magical Artifact was refined successfully. But what raging fire don’t know is, his all movements under the surveillance of Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai sees the raging fire to put out that many signalling jade swords, then after release goes, he knows that the raging fire is surely giving who to deliver information, but this is also he most wants to see. However because these jade swords fly toward various General Hall or mountain gate/entrance of roaring flame sect, therefore after Zhao Hai and don’t know these people receive the jade sword, is what response, in fact, roaring flame sect Li, all receives the person of jade sword now, somewhat could not sit still. In cultivator there, is ten-thousand realms battlefield there, so long as you used to be OK flying sword, if you used flying sword very good, various Magical Artifact operate were also very good, might rush out various air/Qi in ten-thousand realms battlefield there very much. However in Cultivation World here, if you pay great attention to operate Magical Artifact, you fear are can not live on much longer, cultivator there, you want single-mindedly, can be mixed the positive result by oneself. In Cultivation World here, request of cultivator actually comprehensive, must master many skills while specializing in one is good. In Cultivation World here, each cultivator, must meet some Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, because in cultivator here, if your not Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, shortcoming, but in the same level boundary situation, has shortcoming cultivator, is falls to exterminate by match capture opportunity very much easily.

Looked like the people often said that a wooden barrel can keep off how much water, what looked was the shortest that plank, but cultivator was also same, is a cultivator fighting strength height, must think his weakness very obvious, if when the weakness in obvious, he was extremely lower than level the match also to say him to that may not expose, so long as met with him the match with level, their shortcomings on by infinite enlargement. But in cultivator, besides some specialized Body Cultivator, more people, but regards Body Cultivator is one type of auxiliary practice method is using. However also because of this, therefore the ability of many cultivator to close combat is very careful, after all that their weakness, any cultivator, makes up for own weakness that can want to conceive, but at this time, one type of to the close combat very advantageous material, naturally triggered the attention of cultivator. Therefore these Core Disciple in roaring flame sect, he knew that Zhao Hai in hand has one type of to let the close combat ability big promotion the material, naturally will pay attention. The material in Zhao Hai Space were too many, therefore his simply has not thought that these materials regarding cultivator were to say importantly how. Zhao Hai in hand has existence of Liquid Silver, his simply does not need to worry for this matter, is naturally impossible to understand the ideas of these cultivator. These Core Disciple and Expert of roaring flame sect, after seeing the jade sword of raging fire, there are to have not the small vibration, their very clear, if own Sect can large-scale equipment use near military strategy of this material, fighting strength big promotion in their Sect. Therefore in the Zhao Hai don’t know situation, Wei Tian early morning this name, by tall Hou of roaring flame sect paying attention, High level of roaring flame sect and these opened mountain gate/entrance Core Disciple, in going all out the material of Zhao Hai, they want to look( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Room. Quickest renewal.) looks, is Zhao Hai this person the security. The Zhao Hai present status is Wei Tianchen, this status naturally does not have any issue Wei Tianchen to be locally born, the roaring flame ancestor, his status naturally is very safe, how as for his moral behavior, that roaring flame sect not to go to manage, so long as Wei Tianchen with other Sect it doesn't matter, with own match relationship intimate, this were not enough regarding these Core Disciple. In Zhao Hai eternal feeds in the second day after crafting valley innumerably, Zhao Hai is observing crafting valley that situation in Space, when making the map of crafting valley, suddenly Cai'er reminded his said : Elder Brother Hai, outside Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion came the person, said that the request saw you.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately responded, nodded said :well, my immediately/on horseback exits, Cai'er, makes the crafting valley there map, proposes fifth with emphasis, is that secret passage, has a look at that passage to there. Cai'er nodded, Zhao Hai then flashes body leave Space, returned to Cave Mansion, just arrived at Cave Mansion, does he hear outside Cave Mansion to transmit sound said : „to ask Wei Tian early morning Senior Brother? Please come out to see.”

Zhao Hai walked hastily, presently out of the door is standing Inner Disciples, this Inner Disciples wears a roaring flame sect standardized red cultivator clothing/taking, looks like very young, but the strength actually arrived at Gold Core Stage, does not allow to look down upon. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to this cultivator hastily said : „below Wei Tianchen, has seen the Lin Ling younger brother.” Zhao Hai knew that this person, truly said that is original Wei Tianchen knows this person, but this person actually not necessarily knows Zhao Hai, because of this Senior Brother Lin, is one of the Sect Master entering the inner rooms disciple, is Sect Master is smallest, most well-respected entering the inner rooms disciple, how such character Wei Tian early morning possibly did not know that but the opposite party does not know him. Lin Wantu look at Zhao Hai, nodded, deep voice said : Senior Brother invited, Sect Master summons Senior Brother to go, has the matter the news.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lin Wantu said that cannot help but stares, then person of excited said : „is actually Sect Master summons, naturally does not delay, Junior Brother please guide.” Lin Wantu nodded, turn around flies in the roaring flame sect General Hall direction, Zhao Hai follows hastily. ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;