Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1739

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 11 th ~ Chapter 664 burns a day of palace Zhao first time enters to General Hall of roaring flame sect, General Hall of roaring flame sect is not small, reason that although on a mountain, will choose this mountain , because Spirit Vein under this, because there is this Spirit Vein, therefore General Hall of roaring flame sect, will construct on this mountain.( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Network shuhaige selects com On some constructions of entire mountain except for mountain, in mountain was to open cutting many Cave Mansion, almost gave to hollow out the entire mountain. Defense capability very formidable of this mountain, on the mountain formation are innumerable, incomparably powerful Mountain Guardian Great Formation, but the energy origin of this Mountain Guardian Great Formation, is Spirit Vein in mountain, can say, so long as Spirit Vein in mountain is not dry, this Mountain Guardian Great Formation has been useful, but Spirit Vein exists, calculates by for hundred million years, wants, when this Spirit Vein dries up, feared that was the Zhao Hai lifetime is very difficult to catch up. Zhao Hai sizes up General Hall here of this roaring flame sect with Divine Sense, Zhao Hai early morning there is knowing from Wei Tian, even if Inner Disciples like Wei Tianchen, this General Hall here he also only has come twice, moreover is Sect Master summons, does not get Sect Master to summon, the Inner Disciples status like him, cannot come General Hall here of roaring flame sect. The Zhao Hai first successive flies toward General Hall of roaring flame sect in Lin Wantu, the first successive careful release Liquid Silver needles, these Liquid Silver needles became by Zhao Hai extremely tiny, even if by Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert spiritual force, very difficultly presently these Liquid Silver needles, moreover motion of these Liquid Silver needles are also not quick, what most important is, because this Liquid Silver needle is too tiny, therefore appears very light, he is not flies, but is along with Shanfeng/mountain wind, in roaring flame General Hall here dispersing in all directions. Zhao Hai believes that only by doing so, the Liquid Silver needle can not by the person present, the words that but Liquid Silver needle fly, will produce energy, such words by some Expert present, but now this flies with the wind in all directions, at most by person naturally grey point, even if Immortal Stage Expert, feared that is nobody will have that time and experiences some frequently attention grey laws? Before quick Zhao Hai and Lin Wantu arrived at Great Hall on mountain, this Great Hall all over the body is fiery-red, distant seems, looks like one group of incomparably huge flame, Great Hall 9-storey high, outside Great Hall, is hanging the a piece giant inscribed horizontal tablet, submits a written statement to three large characters to burn heavenly palace! Burns the heavenly palace, General Hall of here roaring flame sect is, but this burns the heavenly palace is roaring flame sect all previous dynasties Sect Master the place of daily life. Zhao Hai look at these three large characters, actually sneer at heart said : big tone, don’t know your this burn the heavenly palace to burn the day.” At the same time is thinking actually entered to burn in the heavenly palace with Lin Wantu. Enters to burn the heavenly palace is Great Hall, inside actually only worshipped/Foreign Elder in this Great Hall a large character, a big hot character, this fire, writes above monument, but monument stands in Great Hall inside, in monument front, suspends a big cauldron, in the cauldron is inserting three arm thick fragrances now, the intermittent cigarette, making the person mind tranquil.

This fragrance absolutely is good thing, can good thing that helps the person practice, this fragrant known as Condensing Spirit/focus is fragrant, this Condensing Spirit/focus fragrant with more than 100 kinds of medicinal herbs, after strict allocated proportion manufacture, if general cultivator, obtains Condensing Spirit/focus to be fragrant, that carefully will certainly use, the fragrant ignition, everyday will not take fragrant, smells the fragrant flavor, has enjoyed infinitely, but in burning heavenly palace here, Condensing Spirit/focus regards fragrant ordinary is unexpectedly fragrant to burn, obviously this Great Sect inside story non- average person may compared with. However this Condensing Spirit/focus has not absorbed fragrant actually the Zhao Hai attention, this Condensing Spirit/focus fragrant although is precious, but regarding Zhao Hai, is actually not extraordinary thing, so long as Zhao Hai wants, he can make innumerable Condensing Spirit/focus to come at any time fragrant, because in his Space had too manufactures Condensing Spirit/focus fragrant medicinal herbs, truly those who attracted Zhao Haiyi strength was that writes to catch fire to write monument that. The monument all over the body height about ten meters, extended have been eight meters, 28 were just right for 29 numbers, in this monument, was carving a incomparably huge hot character, this hot character almost and monument was equally big. Makes people feel what is strange, this monument has not undergone any beautification, is only square a piece Stone, but this Stone all around, but also has the traces of opening cutting, probably this monument, that chisels from the a piece giant stone, moreover ten points that chisels hurried, therefore appears very rough. Before Zhao Hai, from Wei Tian early morning there is knows that this monument, according to legend this monument is the roaring flame sect founder obtains, because the founder of roaring flame sect view hot character, but must understand controls the technique of fire, finally established this roaring flame sect Ruoda base industry, can say that this monument is roaring flame sect the treasure of Sect Guardian. But causes Zhao Haiyi also that hot character, that hot character at first sight very ordinary, but you more are examine carefully more thought that in that hot character the package holds too many thing, from that hot character, you can see in society probably all fires, that hot character is the source in society fire wants probably. Zhao Hai mind in that flash, complete by that hot character recruiting, him felt that hot character one turned into a fire flame, has flown into directly in body. However Zhao Hai absent-minded is only the flash, because when Zhao Hai felt that fire flame flies into the body, in Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: „The [say / way] of source of Host comprehension fire, controls the hot ability promotion.” This time one Zhao Hai awakening, his immediately has tidied up the mind, follows in the forest late chart, walks toward Great Hall. Because living of matter is only the flash, therefore Lin Wantu presently the change of Zhao Hai, he still has not taken the lead, Zhao Hai still follows on the heels, after their getting a light from another light character tablet does obeisance three have done obeisance, from the hot character tablet changed to Great Hall behind. Great Hall behind, is actually a giant conference room, but in this conference room and nobody, Lin Wantu is leading staircase of Zhao Hai by following conference room, walks toward the building, before long they arrived at second floor, second floor here has many rooms, each in the room has in the work, obviously here is a huge work room, but the middle of this work room, is Sect Master of roaring flame sect. Lin Wantu not in second floor Wang, on direct third floor, in third floor stairway there, is squatting two Monster Beast, these two Monster Beast are Monster Beast of tiger, is all over the body fiery red, one type of very hard to deal with tiger shape Monster Beast eats Huo Hu, this Monster Beast uses the fire as the food, takes the fire as weapon, very formidable. That two ate Huo Hu to see Lin Wantu and Zhao snort|hum, the immediately volt the body, left the low roar of intermittent warning.

Lin Wantu has not actually cared, but ate Huo Hu to drink said : to that two well the flame small flame, this person who was Master must see, do not frighten the person.” That two ate Huo Hu to understand Lin Wantu the words probably, received that to want the attack appearance, swung tail, squatted to sit. Lin Wantu shows a faint smile, the hand wielded two fiery-red medicine pill to fly, that two ate Huo Hu to see that two fiery-red medicine pill, the immediately body leaps, one has swallowed the belly medicine pill, probably very delicious appearance. Lin Wantu smiled, is leading Zhao Hai third floor, just on third floor, was a living room, a very luxurious living room of decoration, inside look at many chairs, these chairs were Red Wood make, looked like very beautiful. Also stands four to wear the red-clothed girl in the living room, these four girls stand in four corners of living room, saw that Lin Wantu and Zhao Hai came, four people salute said : to see Senior Brother Lin hastily.” Lin Wantu beckoned with the hand said : Master to see Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai has brought, asking that Elder Sister to go to circular one.” Lin Wantu does not dare to disrespect to these four girls, because of these four girls, besides is female cultivator and maidservant of roaring flame sect, they are roaring flame sect Sect Master concubine, Lin Wantu that dare to disrespect to his Master woman. Four women to do not have what arrogant expression, one to forest late chart luck said : is, asking Senior Brother Lin to wait a bit, my immediately notified.” Said that goes slender and wispy. Zhao Hai present, in side of that living room, Dao Sect, that is not big, moreover very covert that makes, does not pay attention not to pay attention him. Before long that female cultivator walks from gate, to the forest late chart and Zhao Hai said : Senior Brother Lin, Sect makes you go.” Lin Wantu nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to that female cultivator, this turns the head to walk to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, following cautiously after forest late chart, entered that Dao Sect. Enters that Dao Sect Zhao Hai present, in that unexpectedly is very enormous study room, in this study room interior decoration to is very beautiful, in the ground wipes to spread carpet that the Monster Beast leather is becoming, on all around wall, is putting all kinds of Magical Artifact, but in the study room innermost, is actually putting a table, behind the table is actually not the chair, but is a cot. Man sitting on the couch, in hand is holding appreciatively two fiery-red stone ball, these two stone ball fiery-red, are almost brightly lit all over the body, on the ball various vultures a dragon and a tiger, is rotating in in hand of that man gently, that a dragon and a tiger lives to want probably, tumbles in his hand. This man looks like about 40 years, red, handles very neat, fiery-red, has the gold thread to embroider the cultivator robe of solar design, appears magnificent incomparable, the stature somewhat is slightly fat, but complexion is ruddy, he relies on lightly on the cot, closes one's eyes, probably is among half asleep, half awake. The doing faction of this man, likely is not Cultivator Sect Sect Master, instead to is likely world of mortals powerful official others Patriarch, Patriarch that a pursue enjoys.

When Zhao Hai takes a look at that man, Lin Wantu has bowed to do obeisance next step to that man: disciple Lin Wantu, has seen the kind teacher.” Zhao Hai also hastily does obeisance said : disciple Wei Tianchen to see Sect Master!” Man light snort|hum, beckoned with the hand said : „, Wei Tianchen, I am called you to come today, must ask that your matter, were you couple of days ago to go to crafting valley there, can refine Magical Artifact of close combat?” Zhao Han sets example in reverential awe, said : is, returns to the Sect Master words, before youngster, several days went to crafting valley there, must refine Magical Artifact of close combat, is a glove.” That man um, said : „you have then given the crafting valley there raging fire elder one type of ore, before this ore you, obviously crosses? Names?” Zhao Han busy said : returns to the Sect Master words, disciple has given the raging fire elder one type of ore, this ore names disciple and don’t know, before disciple, has not seen this ore.” tp1endtips( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;