Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1740

~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ Um?” Roaring flame sect Sect Master semi-closure eye one has opened, is he staring Zhao Hai said : don’t know? Can your this ore come from there? Why you can feel relieved builds Magical Artifact with him?” Zhao Hai felt that a huge pressure, the overhead has pressed, this pressure although does not have anything to do to use to him, but he lowered the head, a frightened appearance, his present status after is Wei Tianchen, but Wei Tian early morning is Gold Core Stage cultivator, is naturally impossible to stand up to a Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert pressure. Gingerly said : of Zhao Hai performance returns to the Sect Master words, that ore is disciple snatches, disciple when goes to the Luye mountain to seek for the cold ice grass, has run into a Wandering Soul Group person, he probably is also Wandering Soul Group Inner Disciples, he begins to disciple first, disciple struck to kill him, found that ore that from his body, disciple found that ore the time and don’t know use, presently that Wandering Soul Group disciple Magical Artifact is afterward good, was only on Magical Artifact has spiritual branding of that person, disciple thinks to be a pity that on placed together that ore and that Magical Artifact, prepared the belt. Comes back, but after and other disciple came back, presently, that person kept spiritual branding unexpectedly vanish from sight on Magical Artifact, disciple felt very strange, afterward disciple presently that ore has probably been short, disciple suspected that possibly was related with that ore, after disciple carried on several times experimented, really with that ore is presently related, that ore can broken go to spiritual branding of person, therefore disciple wants to build Magical Artifact with him, disciple were true, does not dare to have half a word lies absolutely, invited the Sect Master intelligent apprehension.” The roaring flame sect Sect Master look at Zhao Hai appearance, arrived at heart believes the Zhao Hai words, although said that now the roaring flame sect is good with Wandering Soul Group relationship. That is because they want together to cope with the Black Tiger Group reason, even roaring flame sect and Wandering Soul Group person very clear. Their treaties of alliance, that is very frail, might anytime burst. But two Sects Sect's Disciples, lives some conflicts is also normal, but is the Wandering Soul Group person first attack Zhao Hai, is Zhao Hai sneak attack Wandering Soul Group cultivator, roaring flame sect Sect Master did not care. He cares is the eternal innumerable source. Outside Zhao Hai this lie can say him to be flawless, runs into the Wandering Soul Group person in Luye mountain there is not the strange matter, placed together that ore and Magical Artifact, Spiritual Imprint on Magical Artifact vanished, this will certainly bring to the attention of Zhao Hai, therefore roaring flame sect Sect Master to did not suspect the Zhao Hai words. He nodded said : so that's how it is. Good. And you go.” Zhao Hai complied with one, bow the body has been drawing back, to outside of room, he let out a long breath, then going downstairs of slowly, returned to own Cave Mansion. Waits for a Zhao Hai leave room, roaring flame sect Sect Master to turn the head to forest late Fig. said : late chart. You said is true or false that this Wei Tianchen said?” Lin Wantu deep voice said : „, this forest late Fig. although said the moral behavior to be not much, borrows him several courage he not to dare to deceive Master you, moreover all sorts of procedures before him, he to my roaring flame sect is loyal and devoted, therefore I believe his words. Sect Master of roaring flame sect nodded said : I also to believe his words, if that ore Wandering Soul Group there obtains, to is nothing unusual. Wandering Soul Group is established Gang, in the gang a little Heaven and Earth Treasure does not have anything to be quite strange. However as the matter stands, we must guard against Wandering Soul Group.” Lin Wantu nodded said : „. Wandering Soul Group is ambitious, ten years ago they must cope with Black Tiger Group, the Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder make a move words, feared that was Black Tiger Group has troubled, if made them swallow Black Tiger Group, feared that was next target is we, Master, my understand, why initially we do not comply to form an alliance with Wandering Soul Group?” Sect Master deep voice said : of roaring flame sect because of domain too small of our roaring flame sect, the strength of our roaring flame sect, quick of these year of exhibitions, can say for ten years ago our strength, came although to miss a point compared with Black Tiger Group, but will actually not miss on are too many, if we collaborated to swallow the Black Tiger Group domain with Wandering Soul Group, had the advantage to our later exhibitions very much, at that time Wandering Soul Group attacks Black Tiger Group Main Force, but the Black Tiger Group these fellow I was finding, the Black Tiger Group these people were some Lunatic, they are will not go well by Wandering Soul Group easily, if they put together life and death, we. Can seize the opportunity profit, so long as we have occupied the Black Tiger Group domain, when was calling Wandering Soul Group is incapable of attacking us, unfolds, we can become the Northern Divergent Province famous big influences, when the time comes we naturally did not need to be worried about Wandering Soul Group, what a pity, this plan finally by Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder stirring, has missed a good opportunity.”

Lin Wantu then understand, in sect hits unexpectedly is such scheme, to be honest, Lin Wantu very trusts own Master, reason that because of his very clear, the roaring flame sect has today such strength, is the result that because his Master painstakingly plans, to the matter that his Master handles, he naturally will not oppose. Sect Master of roaring flame sect sighed said : not to think, in Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, the previous time matter our roaring flame sect was the advantage has not fished unexpectedly, but also has annoyed a show, but I think that Black Tiger Group a short time did not have the time to attack us, I already checked, Black Tiger Group in previous time with wandering soul in the war, Great Magical Artifact lost seriously, they were impossible to have the strength to attack our, therefore these days, we must show diligently, by formidable to fearing Black Tiger Group, only then we will be like this safe, the late chart, arranged, Let the person in latent Wandering Soul Group, gives me found out that ore the source, that ore is we cannot obtain, cannot let Wandering Soul Group equipment of People quantity, otherwise was too big to our threats.” Lin Wantu complied with one, turn around walked. But Zhao Hai returned to Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, was sitting in Space at this time look at roaring flame sect Sect Master and Lin Wantu the dialog, now the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver needle entered General Hall of roaring flame sect, therefore the there fresh matter he all knows, moreover his Liquid Silver needle also by fast is inserting in roaring flame sect Lichuan, believes soon, the entire roaring flame sect has the shadow of Liquid Silver needle, his duty has also completed. Now reason that Zhao Hai is not fearing by these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert presently the Liquid Silver needle. Is because he can become the Liquid Silver needle now smaller, slightly to is similar to a grain of dust. Before he could not achieve this point, but nearest/recent his strength has been increased, therefore he can achieve this point, before he had not adapted to his ability, now he adapted, therefore he can the release this miniature Liquid Silver needle, this Liquid Silver needle general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert be is impossible presently. Moreover Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. He is impossible to pay attention to oneself all around situation with his spiritual force frequently, in that case, even if Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot bear, so long as Liquid Silver needle shrink arrives at a certain degree, cannot present. After hearing roaring flame sect Sect Master and Lin Wantu the dialog, Zhao Hai cannot help but sigh these becomes the Sect Master person to Laura said :. Really does not have one to be good to deal with. Sect Master although of this roaring flame sect seems like is probably shiftless, fellow of seeking ease and comfort, but this planning, feared that also wants on the strong several points compared with iron Zhan Tian Gang Master, great.” Laura shows a faint smile, has not spoken, instead to is Megan said : Elder Brother Hai. Listens to the meaning of that roaring flame sect Sect Master, the strength of this roaring flame sect, feared that is our imagination, matter that these time copes with the roaring flame sect, but can also succeed?” Zhao Hai deep voice said :will certainly succeed, but I ~~-&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Net. Renewal ~~ must think means to clarify the crafting valley there situation first is good, moreover we must destroy crafting valley there, if certainly wants the means. crafting valley there cultivator, many killing as far as possible. Only by doing so, Black Tiger Group copes with roaring flame sect Laicai with ease. ” Several females nodded. Cai'er deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, do we want exploring the Earth Fire source matter, are on the agenda?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should.” Cai'er complied with said : that I to prepare, when the crafting valley there handle wrap gave to send, we left, this people will not suspect you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Cai'er ran to prepare. Zhao Hai they actually careful the roaring flame sect there map, records to jade slip, these maps must deliver in returned to Black Tiger Group, therefore Zhao Hai makes very careful.

The map on although screen is clear, but Zhao Hai is clear, he impossible not to pass through a points beautification directly to deliver in returned to Black Tiger Group the map on screen, because that map was really too clear, will cause the suspicion of people, he must that clear the map like the satellite map, turned into the map of simple version, then in delivering returned to Black Tiger Group. When Zhao Hai is making the map, suddenly Cai'er walked, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, some Cave Mansion outside people looks.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moved, acts in Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, he just appears in Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, transmitted sound speaking sounds on hearing outside: Wei can Senior Brother in? Xu Jinqian visits.” Zhao Hai one hear of this names have cannot help but gawked, because this Xu Jin he really has also heard, Xu Jin is one of the roaring flame sect ten big Core Disciple, his rank comparison, is tenth, is in ten big Core Disciple, strength weakest. However is his strength in weak, he is also ten big Core Disciple, will run up to Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion to visit unexpectedly personally, it seems like that eternal innumerable lets his moving very. Zhao Hai welcomed hastily, outside Wei Tianchen Cave Mansion, is standing cultivator, this cultivator looks like over 30 years old, is having the small beard, looks like very natural, Zhao Hai Xu Senior Brother came to Xu Jin said :, quick please come in.” Xu Jin shows a faint smile said : Wei Junior Brother, Senior Brother takes the liberty to communicate, hopes that Junior Brother should not be offended is good.” Zhao Hai quickly said: there there, Senior Brother was too polite, Senior Brother can come little brother's Cave Mansion, is being honored of little brother, Senior Brother quick please come in speaks.” Xu Jin not polite, showed a faint smile, walked. Zhao Hai looked at outside one, presently this Xu Jin is comes, moreover does not have the belt including Great Magical Artifact, has not led anybody, is secret comes evidently probably. Zhao Hai although is somewhat puzzled, but with Xu Jinjin Cave Mansion, after inviting Xu Jin sat down, Zhao Hai opens the mouth to see the mountain said : don’t know Xu Senior Brother to come little brother here, has any instructions? Xu Jin look at Zhao Hai appearance, before showing a faint smile said : „, I and Junior Brother unusual dealings, to was Senior Brother has neglected, asking Junior Brother to excuse me, today sees Junior Brother, actually only then a point, wants to ask Junior Brother to come to help me, whether don’t know Junior Brother did deign to accept a post?” Zhao Hai stares, then pretends the pleasantly surprised appearance, stands thanks a lot Senior Brother to promote to Xu Jin said :, the little brother followed Xu Senior Brother, after the saddle lead horse, does not have the complaint certainly.” Xu Jin laughs said : well, has Junior Brother these words to be good, Junior Brother, heard that your nearest/recent did result in the one type of ore, don’t know your in hand has been possible also to have? Senior Brother I am preparing to refine Magical Artifact, wants to use some of your that ores, invited Junior Brother feel relieved, Senior Brother absolutely not in vain with your, this was some thing that I prepared, you had a look at Junior Brother you whether to like.” Zhao Hai one hear of Xu Jin purpose in coming to stares, he has not thought this Xu Jin hits unexpectedly is such idea, but this is also understandable, Xu Jin is only last in ten big Core Disciple, he wants himself to get so far as that ore is very difficult, might as well looks for Zhao Hai to want directly, if Zhao Hai in hand has, that is best, if Zhao Hai in hand does not have, he does not owe, after all drew Inner Disciples to enter to his influence , was also one type of expands to his influence.

The Zhao Hai intention phonograph, immediately thinks point that understand Xu Jin has such made, his immediately/on horseback Senior Brother was polite to Xu Jin said :, that ore little brother in hand also has, Senior Brother must use, takes away is.” The hand turns, in hand were many Space Bag, then careful has given Xu Jin said : Space Bag Senior Brother, the little brother in hand also remaining these many, don’t know can Senior Brother be sufficient?” Xu Jinna crossed Zhao Hai Space Bag, Divine Sense has swept toward in stares, because Zhao Hai gave his eternal innumerably is really too many, then a big pile eternal innumerable, feared that was manufactures several hundred Magical Artifact to be OK, Xu Jin has not thought really that among Zhao Hai in hand however so many eternal innumerable, he was taking Space Bag, face excited look at Zhao Hai said : was sufficient, thanks a lot Junior Brother, Junior Brother, and came with me, went to my mountain gate/entrance there, some Senior Brother also thing must give to you.” Said that has stood, then Zhao Hai outward walks, Zhao Hai had not declined, walks with Xu Jin outward, actually Zhao Hai to Xu Jin these many eternal innumerable also has the point, these eternal innumerable, majority are only the cover is eternal innumerable, inside is actually Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai gives Xu Jin these Liquid Silver, the main point is crafting valley there. Zhao Hai wants to cope with crafting valley there with Earth Fire, must first achieve, that is when Earth Fire moves, the crafting valley there person cannot be inescapable, but wants to give to seal up that several accesses of crafting valley is not that easy, but Zhao Hai to has thought finally a point, that is Liquid Silver, seals up the crafting valley with Liquid Silver difference, such crafting valley there cultivator was wants to run could not be inescapable. After Xu Jin obtains these is eternally innumerable, certainly will deliver to crafting valley there refines Magical Artifact. Because his under the hand/subordinate strength is weakest, he needs these Magical Artifact, so long as his these eternal feeds in the crafting valley innumerably, has fed in the crafting valley Liquid Silver on equal to, when Zhao Hai must move, can make these Liquid Silver seal up the crafting valley directly the access, that crafting valley there cultivator was finished. ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;