Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1741

Reason that Zhao Hai wants with such method, delivers to crafting valley there Liquid Silver , because he regarding these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert is deep dreading. Zhao Hai sees the fight of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, although he has the self-confidence to oneself very much, but a little Zhao Hai is actually very clear, that is he now is also not these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert matches, he most can under Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack, in does not understand in the Space situation, protect own poor life, must say that defeats Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, that is impossible. Because of Zhao Hai to these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert dreading, therefore he must ahead of time the Liquid Silver arrangement in the crafting valley, in order to avoid when the time comes he directly puts Liquid Silver from Space toward the crafting valley, will be given by these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert presently, if made these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert present Space secret, that troubled. Based on this consideration, therefore Zhao Hai will want to get so far as crafting valley there Liquid Silver in this way, such these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert will not suspect. Zhao Hai arrived at his mountain gate/entrance with Xu Jinlai, Xu Jin mountain gate/entrance is not small, just like the Phoenix's cry peak, is a mountain peak, but Zhao Hai paid attention, he here person, Xu Jin under the hand/subordinate person is presently bad, simply few can take the make a move person. After Xu Jinling Zhao Hai was entering mountain gate/entrance, immediately looked for good Cave Mansion to Zhao Hai, let Cave Mansion Zhao Hai, Xu Jin then said : Little Hai, later here was your Cave Mansion, had any need, although told me.” Zhao Hai looked at this Cave Mansion one, to be honest, this Cave Mansion compared with originally Wei Tianchen that Cave Mansion. But being better many, area is also very big. Can look, Xu Jin very attaches great importance to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to thank Senior Brother, here was very good, nearest/recent my practice appears some issues, when crafting valley there my Magical Artifact delivering, me must exit to gain experience, Senior Brother thinks that can be good?” Xu Jin listened to Zhao Hai to say. Cannot help but slightly can said : such quickly walk? Good, and you in here wait a minute, I take to select thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, Xu Jin turn around walks. The Zhao Hai look at Xu Jin back, cannot help but sighed at heart, to be honest. Xu Jin this person is not repugnant. In order to obtains eternally innumerable, he can look for Zhao Hai personally, and makes Zhao Hai enter to his mountain gate/entrance, if Zhao Hai is really Wei Tianchen, he will also comply with Xu Jin the request, after all entered mountain gate/entrance to have the backer on equal to, this to his later practice advantageous. What what a pity is. Xu Jin is always his enemy, treats the enemy, Zhao Hai appreciates him, will not have any politeness, he can want completely all means to defeat him. When Zhao Hai is thinking these, Xu Jin returned to in Cave Mansion, his in hand was taking a Space ring, he has given Zhao Hai said : day the ring early morning. This gives you. You have a look enough, if insufficient. I manage me to want, was right, inside also one set of protective armor, that wrapped protective armor is I a few years ago refined, has been useless, if you did not shut out, took away to use.”

Zhao Hai received that Space ring, spiritual force searches toward in saw inside thing, inside is entire 30 Strength of Faith, but also has plenty medicine pill, what most important is, inside also has one set of protective armor. The service of 30 Faith, regarding Inner Disciples, are very many, even if regarding Core Disciple, are not few, Zhang Feng previous time one time has also given Zhao Hai 100 Strength of Faith, but Zhao Hai in Zhang Feng status at heart, flickers Wei Tianchen be much higher than in the Xu Jin status, obviously this Xu Jin to Zhao Hai is very natural. But Xu Jingei Zhao Hai these medicine pill, is some high grade medicine pill, these medicine pill is is very big to the Gold Core Stage cultivator help. But finally that wrapped protective armor to be extraordinarier, that was one set looks like somewhat simple protective armor, did not have the hard helmet, only had the chest, dorsal Gauntlet, protected the elbow, the kneepad and boots, moreover these protective armor, is made by the scale of pieces, looked like probably is the defense capability is not very strong, however Zhao Hai is an expert, he looked at this set of protective armor don’t know, this was protective armor that was made by one type of defense strength very formidable the scale of Monster Beast, defense strength absolutely very astonishing, naturally, this set of protective armor, you were all right did not need to put on, this protective armor was can the income to the dantian. nourishing, so long as when opposes the enemy or has the danger, is taking to use. Xu Jin the gift can be said as very precious, especially regarding Gold Core Stage cultivator was saying that after Zhao Hai received this gift, immediately shipped out a grateful appearance he, a face excited to Xu Jin said : thanks a lot Senior Brother, this gift was too precious, the little brother cannot want.” Xu Jin is actually beckoned with the hand said : to take, this is you should result, was good, you rested well, have any matter to tell me directly, I went back.” Zhao Hai hastily Xu Jinsong, this returned to in Cave Mansion. To be honest, Zhao Hai now regarding the feeling view that Xu enters is really very good, Xu Jin this treating worthies and scholars with courtesy, moreover very big side that displays, if Zhao Hai is really Wei Tianchen, with a such person, will not be absolutely wrong. What a pity, Zhao Hai was not Xu Jin, Zhao Hai sat in Cave Mansion, the hand turned, has thrown into that Space ring Space directly, has given Laura them, thing in ring gave Laura them to process, but Zhao Hai has not actually entered Space, but sat cross-legged to sit in there started the practice. Reason that Zhao Hai has not entered to the Space city , because he fears by Xu Jingei present, Xu Jin although performance ten points straightforward natural, but generally speaking gets up, Xu Jin he is cultivator, has ambition cultivator, only remains the straightforward natural person, is impossible becomes one of the ten big Core Disciple, therefore Xu Jin certainly will have with his status corresponding method, is Xu Jin presently Zhao Hai not in Cave Mansion, that was troublesome. In Zhao Hai honest dull , in Cave Mansion practices, roaring flame sect there actually appears certain vibration, but reason of this vibration because of Xu Jin. Xu Jin really like Zhao Hai thinks, after obtaining these was eternally innumerable, his immediately a large part of eternal has delivered to crafting valley there innumerably. With these eternal innumerable, when the material refined Magical Artifact.

But Xu Jin such action, has naturally brought to the attention of several other Core Disciple. In any one Sect, Core Disciple is mutual competition relationship, but Xu Jin in this competition, notably was in the upper hand. Later these Core Disciple know that Xu Jin looks for Zhao Hai unexpectedly, and drew in him own mountain gate/entrance, this made these Core Disciple while giving scolding Xu Jin sly. Also was sighing Xu Jin vision. Zhao Hai entered Xu Jin mountain gate/entrance, the entire roaring flame sects knew, the manner of Sect Master to this matter did not have anything, to be honest, even if were Zhao Hai in hand has some are eternally innumerable he also to look does not glance, the roaring flame sect these many years accumulations did not crack a joke. although said that eternal innumerable is the one type of rare crafting material. However must say his complete cannot substitute is not impossible, but gathers together Zhao Hai to enter mountain gate/entrance regarding Xu Jinjie, Sect Master will not say anything, Core Disciple pull people enters mountain gate/entrance, this originally is a ten points calm matter, no big deal. Zhao Hai although has sat in his Cave Mansion, but the roaring flame sect here fresh matter he knows. He to does not have any expression, in fact is not one's turn him to have anything to indicate that he is an unimportant person, if no eternally innumerable, feared that them Core Disciple like Xu Jin, will not look at his one eyes. Now Zhao Hai must do is, when the crafting valley there handle set delivers to him, he can leave roaring flame sect here. Now roaring flame sect here anything has not attracted gravitational force to him. Must say that the crafting technique of roaring flame sect also is really very formidable. In Zhao Hai enters to mountain gate/entrance that in Xu enters does not have several days, he received the notice of crafting valley there. Let him go to crafting valley there to lead his Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai immediately went to crafting valley there, although he now is Xu Jin under the hand/subordinate, however their people come to be free relatively, there goes not to need with Xu Jin to greet. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at crafting valley there, after entering stone building, Zhao Hai arrived previous time has delivered the eternal innumerable hall, was still that stage, behind stage female cultivator has not changed. That female cultivator looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately has stood, saluted said : to see Senior Brother to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai returned a courtesy said : Junior Sister to be polite hastily, I am take my Magical Artifact today.” That female cultivator showed a faint smile said : is Senior Brother prepares.” Said that she has put out a wooden box from side, is putting two gloves in the wooden box.

Zhao Hai is sizing up this glove, what this glove refines is very good, superficially is the one type of shading yellow metallic color, is not very big, looks like is also not very special, to is appears very low key, very ordinary. Zhao Hai has taken up the glove belt in the hand, this handle set of belt in the hand, the Zhao Hai feeling is different, this glove unexpectedly very light, moreover although is made of metal, but does not have the hard feeling, the opposite belt will make unexpectedly also you feel that somewhat soft, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. That female cultivator look at Zhao Hai is sizing up the glove, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Senior Brother to outside to interview this glove, look comes in handy.” Zhao Hai nodded, expressed gratitude to that female cultivator, this brought glove turn around to leave stone building, this stone building was not far from the raging fire valley, besides several stone building, did not have what construction, Zhao Hai to find a place casually, can experiment the glove. However Zhao Hai is not near to stone building, but has arrived to a stone building quite far place, then input in Spiritual Qi the glove, Spiritual Qi input to the glove, that glove immediately left one layer faint yellow light, because was near military strategy, therefore Zhao Hai patted directly toward nearby a piece giant stone on, that giant stone had more than five meters fully high, a Zhao Hai palm patted the past, on hearing with a bang sound, the giant stone under one on was patted unexpectedly crushes. These to is makes Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought that Might of this glove unexpectedly such huge, this made his crafting technique to the roaring flame sect cannot help but produce a curiosity. Zhao Hai takes off the glove, received in Space, making Cai'er go to research, but his actually returned to Xu Jin mountain gate/entrance, he knows, is leave time.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;