Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1743
The city of Chapter 668 Fire God Quick Zhao Hai obtained the answer, but answer that Zhao Hai obtains, is makes him stare slightly, because in this magma river, simply does not have no life form to cope with him, reason that these magma attack he, complete stemming from the one type of instinct, has any thing probably, does not want to make Zhao Hai know to be the same. Zhao Hai receives such information also to feel very puzzled, but these magma have regarded the person on one's own side him now, naturally cannot in attack he, Zhao Hai immediately receive in Space Yama Ship. Zhao Hai received Yama Ship Space, really these magma not in attack they, Zhao Hai then slowly touches toward the magma river, dives toward below, Zhao Hai while has the contact with Mastering Infinity Profound Technique with all around magma, he wants to know really that the below of this magma river is any thing. This Mastering Infinity Profound Technique is the wondrous use is seriously infinite, these magma have not wanted attack at a point his meaning, for this reason Zhao Hai has also performed an experiment, his optional has put out the a piece metal from Space, then makes Undead Creature be attached to that metal Divine Sense, he is throwing the metal, that metal immediately received magma attack, moreover is downward, that attack is intense, finally that very hard metal, unexpectedly has become by relaxed ripping the fragment. This to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, he felt, is downward, that magma attack is violent, each attack equivalent to Nascent Soul Stage Expert full make a move, this is very result. What most important is, these magma simply don’t know are tired, they can such attack get down, this is the most fearful place. Zhao Hai more and more thorough magma river, simultaneously his long eyebrow arhat Law Idol, full carries on communicate with magma of all around, Zhao Hai present, is the thorough magma river, he gets up with these magma communicate is easy, this did not mean his Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, because these magma became intelligent. Mastering Infinity Profound Technique can the communicate myriad things not be false, that is because Buddhist Sect believes the myriad things to have mystical powers, the myriad things have mystical powers, therefore he can with myriad things communicate, but the highest of all creatures also has the division of height, long of artificial ten thousand spirit, therefore person communicate method has plenty, but animal must lower on First Grade compared with the person, all person and animal communicate will get up difficulty, the grass forest also will want on compared with animal First Grade, therefore communicate got up on more difficult. But Stone looks like does not have life form thing like this probably , has mystical powers, his spirit level is just lower, if will get up with his communicate becomes difficulty. These magma are also to put it bluntly similar to Stone, superficially does not have any Spiritual Sense thing, gets up with these magma communicate naturally is also very difficult. Zhao Hai has been used to it with former these magma that communicate ways, he must make the big effort to be able with these magma to establish the relation, Zhao Hai knows in heart. When he is downward the magma river dives, he felt that got up to be easier with these magma communicate, probably was these magma becomes intelligent. Does magma become intelligent? Feared that is only then Zhao Hai will have such idea, other people will not have thought that but this is really the Zhao Hai real feeling. However these magma although do not have attack Zhao Hai, has regarded the person on one's own side him, but still has not told Zhao Hai, why they can attack enter the person to magma river, according to are having achieved nothing Zhao Hai to the present.( Water radical elder brother The water radical elder brother selects)

The Zhao Hai don’t know present penetrated into the magma river in has many deeply, he has estimated that feared that was not lower than ten thousand meters, this digit let Zhao Hai being startled, he has not thought really that this magma river in so will be unexpectedly deep. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling a incomparably powerful pressure, from the below of magma river slowly has compelled toward him, Zhao Hai stares, immediately stopped, he resembles the chart to carry on communicate in this pressure, but was actually defeated. This pressure very formidable, even if in Hu Dingshan Zhao Hai had not felt that has been to the so formidable pressure, but similarly, this pressure also appears very inflexible, this pressure is not a living creature intends likely, he is more like the one type of instinct. This instinct did not mean is one type of living thing instinct, but is the instinct of one type of pressure, probably this pressure originally belongs to very formidable Expert, this Expert constantly not to four directions is carrying on the pressure, pressure slowly unexpectedly became one type of instinct like existence, after that Expert vanished, this pressure also, him looks like the procedure that was recorded, only according to the content revolution of procedure, not change a little. This strange feeling, lets the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he does not have the means to carry on communicate with this pressure, he wants to try the strength of this pressure, he to wants to have a look, this pressure fierce. The quick that pressure has pressed the body of Zhao Hai, but lets a Zhao Hai time, he except for can feel that beyond this pressure, point other feelings do not have, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai stare. Before long that pressure has been abolished unexpectedly slowly, but Zhao Hai is still matter also no standing in there, the look at front, he presently that pressure although is useless to him, but to all around these magma is actually very useful, these magma probably very fears that pressure, when that pressure sweeps, Zhao Hai can feel, all has these magma of relation with him, has the feeling that one type of submits, that is one type of unconditional submitting, is one type of carves submitting to instinct. But why Zhao Hai also understand these magma want attack to enter the people in magma river now, certainly because of this pressure, what thing but this pressure is presently comes? Why can he make these magma submit to? Zhao Hai was more curious. After that pressure vanishes, Zhao Hai then under toward diving, simultaneously he also present, all around magma returned to normal, just when that pressure raided, that flash, Zhao Hai thought all around magma already solidify, when the pressure vanished, these magma in one time moved. This feeling makes Zhao Hai feel that being startled, must know pressure thing although sounds to throw a bluff on, but to put it bluntly, he is one type of imposing manner, a person for a long time occupies the top digit, the body will naturally have imposing manner, he cannot say itself to have the how big authority specially, but every word and deeds can actually completely expose his status, this is imposing manner. The pressure can be said as the one type of imposing manner Level Up version, imposing manner sometimes only then the performance of one type of instinct, but the pressure is to have the one type of performance of attack situation, in other words, the pressure to put it bluntly, is initiative oppresses others with imposing manner. Regarding a gang of person, coming imposing manner to oppress others, but stares, the ha-ha person, will not have the big injury to the person, but regarding a Cultivator person, the matter was not simple, like Zhao Hai now this, he basically could offend somebody with the pressure, builds up the god time cultivator, if meets Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai with the pressure, can let be injured, naturally that wound only very slight. But Zhao Hai has seen, best cultivator that the pressure uses, is Hu Dingshan, Hu Dingshan coldly snorted, can make Wandering Soul Group lose innumerable cultivator, that is actually the one type of pressure and sound wave attack is used, light with sound wave attack, he impossible one to kill that many people, considers with the pressure, he is impossible to achieve, therefore Hu Dingshan unified the pressure and sound wave attack, has created that effect. But Zhao Hai felt in the magma river the pressure that also want on strong some compared with the Hu Dingshan pressure, why has not gotten up to do to use to Zhao Hai as for this pressure, is very simple, because this pressure is the choice, this pressure only gets up to do to use to these magma, does to use to other thing.

Also because of this presently, therefore Zhao Hai curious, he wants to know that this pressure is any thing comes out. Also has downward dived about the kilometer, intelligence that Zhao Hai presently the here crag river jumps over, moreover these magma also became flowed like water same easy, simultaneously he also felt that the here temperature was higher, Zhao Hai had one type of to feel that he soon went to the place. When Zhao Hai dives fully, front suddenly he feels, all magma vanished unexpectedly, he arrived at World of Fire. Not wrong, is World of Fire, here is burning, but these are burning the flame, turned into a giant cover probably, these magma separating outside, but Zhao Hai intrudes in this world now, all around the feeling is flooding strong fire element, other any elements had not existed in here, here has the one type of element, then on is fire element. Zhao Hai takes a broad view to look, presently here is actually a incomparably huge architectural complex, this architectural complex looks like looks like a incomparably huge city, in this city, has the landlord who commoner is occupied by , some palace garrets, in the surrounding of city, are big incomparable city wall, entire urban very enormous. In this city is piece able to move unhindered, the cities of four square shapes, look like look like a incomparably huge Chinese chess checkerboard, but Zhao Hai present has the position, is outside this urban city gate. The entire place city has four city gates, each city gate three main gates, six vice- gates, the so-called main gate is the quite big gate, the vice- gate naturally is the quite small gate. This city high of city wall, complete left the imagination of Zhao Hai, this city wall best pupil has about the kilometer, but each Main City gate altitude, has been about 900 meters, but the construction of this in the city, is not shorter than city wall, the entire city looks like looks like a residence of giant. Moreover the entire city builds all over the body with one type of red Stone, these red Stone, are dispersing the astonishing quantity of heat, even Zhao Hai can from these Stone, see that is burning the flame. Zhao Hai dull look at this is burning giant city, he is really the difficult imagination, in this world will really have the so giant city, is so huge, such hot city, that is what person can live? Quick Zhao Hai by same thing attracting at present, that is not other thing, but is a piece monument, a piece incomparably huge monument, this huge monument is only shorter than on some not to be many city wall, in the monument positive night three large characters „the Fire God city, these three large characters, each is having about 200 meters high, imposing manner is extraordinary. Sees these three characters time, Zhao Hai probably saw an ancient times god baffled, he stood says among Heaven and Earth, waved, the full Heavenly Flame sea, all kept off in his front person is reduced to ashes. Also only then so the character can be called Fire God, matches to be admitted to such city. These three aggressive boundless characters, are representing this urban Master status, the city of Fire God, the Fire God residence! Zhao Hai mind complete by these three large characters shocking, this makes him unconscious slowly reduced own flight altitude, finally complete falling to the ground, has gained ground look at that huge monument, looks like the most reverent follower the pilgrimage is the same.

A while Zhao Hai let out a long breath, recovers, but Zhao Hai could affirm, this city certainly is on Gu is the almighty residence, will otherwise not have such imposing manner. Zhao Hai was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to monument, expressed respect to this antiquity almighty, this slowly changed to Stone behind, changed to monument behind, article of Zhao Hai immediately behind by monument attracting. Captures the Zhao Hai attention first, is the name of that this article, name each character about ten meters of this article high, naturally this does not have anything, after all this monument very enormous, what makes Zhao Hai surprised is, the name of this article, is unexpectedly broken! But this name broken very strange, but the first character of article name was given dug, has left behind a hole of four square shape, but the name of this article, should be three characters, now only remaining two, the following two characters are, god bestowed on two characters. Zhao Hai does not need to guess knows that this article called certainly the Fire God tax, because the opening of article wrote said : husband Fire God to be built on among Heaven and Earth, the beginning was the ancestor of civilization, warmed in the person, the wisdom in the will of the people, gave the person by the prepared food, the helping other by resist the enemy, the merit covers Heaven and Earth, benefitted the century!” If saw that these Zhao Hai have not known this writes the Fire God article, he was an idiot, the content of this article, but praises Fire God, Zhao Hai surprised was also not this, but was that Fire God bestows on three characters the exhausted that character, if Zhao Hai has not misread, he can affirm that exhausted character, on is putting in roaring flame General Hall Great Hall now, before , that fire character that Zhao Hai saw! A simple hot character has let Zhao Hai controlled the hot ability to increase, obviously the source of that hot character was not certainly simple, but this giant city, saw likely is not the simple appearance, that hot character was appears in here, did not have what well strange. In order to determine own idea, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved to fly, arrived at that huge monument top, the place that look at that was dug, this looked at his affirmation, that hot character in roaring flame sect, dug certainly from this monument. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, then his hand extends, in hand appears a long sword, has then exhausted fully, a sword strikes off toward monument! The Clang! Zhao Hai long sword was shot to fly directly, but on monument is a point trace does not have, Zhao Hai look at trace no monument, the puzzled color in eye was stronger! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;